SmartLine Second Phone Number

SmartLine Second Phone Number

  • Category: Business
  • Release Date: 2017-04-28
  • Current Version: 4.20.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 70.18 MB
  • Developer:, LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 18 326


Add a second phone number to your iPhone. Great for adding a business line to your existing smartphone. 2 numbers for 1 phone! Try us free for 7 days, just install the app to get started. KEEP YOUR PERSONAL NUMBER PRIVATE – protect your personal privacy by giving out your second phone number. ANSWER YOUR PHONE LIKE A PRO – know when a call is for business, so you always sound professional. SEND TEXT AND PICTURE MESSAGES – send and receive text and image messages from your second phone number. CUSTOMIZE VOICEMAIL GREETING – having a professional sounding voicemail increases the credibility of your business. VOICEMAIL TRANSCRIBED FOR YOU – get your voicemails transcribed into text and sent to your email. SET BUSINESS HOURS – choose the hours that your business line rings or goes to voicemail. PICK YOUR OWN PHONE NUMBER – select a local U.S. second phone number. CALLER ID – shows your dedicated business number. PORT YOUR NUMBER – already have a 2nd phone number? Bring it with you by porting it to SmartLine. HOW IT WORKS Choose your new business number and link your phone number to your iPhone. When someone calls your second number, it will ring on your mobile phone. SmartLine uses your cellular signal, so the call quality is the same as your personal number. START CALLING & TEXTING IN 5 MINUTES 1. Install the SmartLine phone app for iPhone 2. Create a GoDaddy account or sign in 3. Confirm your SmartLine Unlimited Subscription 4. Link it to your smartphone 5. You’re ready to call & text! Requires a GoDaddy SmartLine subscription to use the app. SmartLine is currently available only in the US. Install the app, sign in/sign up to subscribe to SmartLine Unlimited for 7 days free with your iTunes account. After the free trial, SmartLine Unlimited will automatically renew at $9.99/month via iTunes, unless you cancel 24 hours before the free trial ends or before the end of the current billing period. Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. You can easily manage and cancel at any time through your iTunes subscription settings. Subscriptions automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Terms of use: Privacy policy:




    By Onesillyduck
    This app is total trash. I have no idea how it has a rating this high - I suspect there are A LOT of fake reviews. This app barely works with iPhone. It regularly tells me I have a notification then when I open the app nothing is there. I have to uninstall and reinstall the app for it to show me my text or call. It also sends my vm to my personal vm with some regularity and I have accidentally called clients back on my personal line (which is literally the entire reason I have this stupid app to NOT have my clients have my personal number). I have called support multiple times and once the lady said “uhm have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling.” Infuriating- I would get rid of it if the phone number wasn’t on EVERYTHING for my business.
  • Best Option for 2nd Line

    By fast_reader
    Love the service. One of the best virtual phone number apps. Recent update looks great. However, please add option to alphabetize contacts list by first name in the contacts section. It auto alphabetizes by last name, and that’s annoying.
  • Real SCAM

    By PLBF&BE
    watch out. I was charged then could not access the app. Was told I had to call their support. What a waste of my time.
  • Bad customer service, and works half of the time.

    By Jerromyd
    Have had my second line for about a year. I would not recommend this, as it works half of the time.
  • Assigning business’s name to line needs to be addressed

    By Mr.e3913
    The app needs a separate folder for voicemail and one for texting conversations. Plus for the love of God, make it able so we can assign a name for the line that comes up on people’s caller ID that we call. That’s the whole point of a 2nd business line. If this detail is not addressed I, and many other users, will probably go elsewhere for service. Other than that and a few other nuisances, it’s pretty good. Thanks
  • I keep trying to cancel this subscription

    By BillyKoz1234
    It won’t let me cancel it , really stupid program
  • So far already having problems

    By nicknameangryalreadythanks
    I literally just downloaded the app on my phone and it won’t let me finish setting up my account after I’ve purchased the 7 day free trial then 9.99 a month. Sounded like a good deal but now I’m going to have to waste at least 30 minutes trying to figure out how to delete this app and cancel the trial period. I hate when companies advertise convenience and ease of use but when you try their product you get nothing but a headache for your money. Horrible. I’m getting angrier the more I write. Hope I can cancel. Don’t get this app.
  • Needs improvement!!!

    By Pinti85
    Update: I love this app’s concept but there are some glitches that are so annoying: The contacts only load once before I have to close the app so I can search again. This is time consuming. *this was fixed! The app icon shows unread messages when, in reality they’re all read. After deleting and downloading the app again I see some messages that were not previously there. This seems to be happening more frequently now and it’s been making me lose business!!!!! Also not able to receive attachments from some users.
  • SSCC

    By chris adp
    It’s awesome but there are a few bugs need worked out.
  • Glitches

    By bljbry83
    My only problem is sometimes it freezes & I can’t send & receive messages.
  • It’s ok but pricey

    By XmJames
    I wish was cheaper
  • Okay

    By tut7584
    No WiFi calling, or international, everything else is fine.
  • Awesome Sauce

    By LeLeauxx
    I have a Mobile Spa business and I am very happy with this app. It shields my personal information. Because there are definitely some crazy souls out there, preying on ANYONE. Only things I wish they had was group messaging and FaceTime. Other than that, it’s an awesome app! I expected to pay more for it but the pricing is completely affordable. Thanks GoDaddy! God bless your brand!
  • Nice

    By Robertoperezjr
    Go daddy created a good app with this here having a second line for your personal mobile phone I like the app and happy that I found it I gave it a five star.
  • Question

    By tonbjj
    The biggest challenge for military and federal employees over sea is have anything done in US, could I have a US number on my Japanese regular phone using this app ? If not you guys should consider that addition
  • Slow and delayed

    By Courtjohn916
    Calls and notifications are delayed. I won’t receive messages until sometimes hours later or the next day. Incoming calls are delayed and usually hang up by the time it starts ringing on my end. There is no call log within the app. That would be nice and the app is telling me i have 3 notifications but i cannot see any of them when i go into the app.
  • Worst App EVER!!!!

    By GL 1360
    I buy a lot of apps for my amity and myself and I have never been as disappointed until now!!! I can not cancel my plan.. I called and the kid could not help me, therefore, I’m still paying 10 bucks a month for something I am no longer using. The calls would mumble and echo and it was not good for business calls. I’ve always been happy w all apps I’ve purchased, never complained once... I can not believe this is happening!! Can someone please help me cancel this service!!!!
  • Priced well but certain features can be improved

    By natiak
    Connection quality is good for the price and the app design is user friendly. Taking away 2 stars because SmartLine doesn’t offer tracking of text message usage. Also, there’s occasionally a lag in receiving text messages. The names of the contacts will also disappear at times, making it inconvenient to figure out who’s texting or calling.
  • Wonderful app

    By catalourdas
    I’m a new customer an so far I’m very happy with my Smartline. I just started my own business and needless to say funds are extremely limited, thanks to GoDaddy’s Smartline I am able to afford a business phone number that is connected directly to my personal cell phone. Not only does that save me from having to buy a new phone but it also keeps me from having to carry two cell phones. Thanks GoDaddy for Smartline.
  • Keeps logging me out for my protection BS!

    By 11041992
    This app worked better when it was called sideline and was free! Every freaking day it’s something new. Get your program together and MAINTAIN IT!
  • Mobile business number

    By CaptainVerticle
    Works as expected, good second number, rings and identifies as a business call /texts coming in. Other private calls / texts on your main mobile number come in as normal cell.

    By OfficialKidC
    I recent downloaded for business number use and so far I have had a consistent number of called to my actual phone number, very annoying. I’ve had to get a new number. Lost may important call backs
  • Great feature!!! But app has major bugs

    By Gerome508
    Bugs galore..... I use this for business and all the time my contacts don’t update in the app so I have just a bunch of numbers , it’s 2019 we save people’s contact not remember every number. My notifications show I have messages or voicemails however I can’t access a lot of the time. Sometimes the text messages load blank. You click on your contact in the list of text but when you open the message there isn’t any previous conversation. Very frustrating as I use this for business and I need it to work.
  • Merlin

    By Merlin_6542
    Really good and it keeps track of the calls I make.
  • Scam

    By blacksstink
    It says it’s free but it also locks you into automatic billing at the same time. Other prs don’t do this and are cheaper. I don’t appreciate companies trying to pull a fast one
  • Glitchy

    By Lone Dragon
    This app is pretty good, however I have a few problems with it. For some reason for one text if my phone is locked I get three or four individual notifications from the app - which is very annoying. It also sometimes just won’t deliver an image and I’m not sure why...

    By Flacodanielon
    The app is NOT WORKING TODAY, I cannot call, because it feels like NOT WORKING. How can you have a business that relays on this garbage when it doesn’t work. Already uninstalled and installed, logged in, etc. GARBAGE.
  • Business AND personal

    By legleitera
    I really didn’t want to carry an extra phone for my business yet I wanted to able to answer calls and take voicemails differently then my personal account. What an answer to my needs! I really couldn’t have the professionalism I do with out it!! Highly recommend for people who use their personal cell phones for business!
  • Doesn’t Ring!

    By Quincy W.
    Phone doesn’t ring when receiving a incoming call.
  • GoDaddy Phone

    By Puinsai
    It works they way needed some SMS messages don’t work correctly, but that could be the other carriers as we all know that SMS isn't perfect, but is a must thanks
  • Great line...but...

    By Denarek
    I’ve had this line for my business for about 6 months. It’s great with a small issue. Every now and then, I’ll get somebody calling me saying that they had just gotten a call from this line and they’re calling back. Those are random people I don’t know. It happens about twice a month so it’s not a big deal but something to keep in mind. Other than that, great line!
  • Simply Amazing

    By Quemerdadeporcaria
    This app is too good!!! I love it and it helps me a lot with my business phone number.
  • Interesting opened this - My bank card got stolen!!!

    By conscioushealing
    So, this is the only thing I added this particular card too and with in 24-36 hours I had to shut down my bank accounts!!! Due to a FRAUD SCAM! Where they called me stating they were from my bank! When I called CapOne, the fraud department knew all about this scam. Needless to say - I’m canceling this!!!
  • Randomly calls my phone

    By Royshun T
    I love the app. It helps me keep from giving certain people my personal number, but it randomly calls my phone and then hangs up.
  • Perfect

    By D and E's Flawless Touch
    Perfect app.
  • Still needs work

    By nettles73
    This app is a great idea, but lots of flaws. First, when I called support, the tech was just as curious/said very little and hemmed and hawed s lot, as to how the app works as I was; literally we were both quietly trying to figure it out. I was supporting him and his cluelessness by commiserating so as to not make him feel bad. Second, when used with call forwarding there are too many rings and I’d like the option to adjust that. Third, it is not simple to change from and unlimited to a limited subscription- I have failed using the normal attempts via iTunes Store, fourth I can’t tell if I when I decline a call it goes to vm or am I hanging up in the caller(?!). Hoping it gets better :) help!
  • that is not a free!

    By nargola
    you should let us know before registration and all these long crap you are giving to us!!
  • $10 refund NOW

    By love it. it's a big help
    It works as intended but... I need a refund because I has a 7 day free trial and right after I signed up for it I got a purchase for $10 even though I had it for 1 day and cancelled my subscription the SAME DAY I need a response and a refund NOW... someone tell me why
  • Does not want app associated with my phone at all

    By pretyy blaq
    I no longer want this app associated to my phone at all I deleted the app the second day after downloading and I am still receiving calls from SmartLine how do you get rid of this app for good
  • Search Bar and Caller ID Improvements Needed

    By V, Esq
    Need to add a search bar to quickly find content within the call/text thread. Also, the caller ID needs to be improved. I had my smart line number saved to forward the contact info and every time a call came in, it appeared as if I was calling myself.
  • No ringing

    By 4lanie2009
    I continue to miss important calls do to the SmartLine not ringing. I am about to use my personal line again. To bad this number is in my business cards :/
  • The best

    By Gavin3106
    Very fast and efficient
  • Please add Texting for Desktop

    By jg123boy
    It’s great to be able to text through the app but for a business with many customers this becomes a bit tedious to only do so through a phone. Can we get something to use via website or software that is connected also to phone? Like Grasshopper?
  • Keeps showing “SmartLine Call”

    By cjonapple
    I loved it when I had it on Android but once I moved to Apple whenever someone calls me it shows up as “SmartLine Caller” I never know who I’m speaking too when someone calls me through SmartLine on APPLE until I always ask them “who is this?” It never shows the callers number or their caller I.D. through SmartLine! It’s awkward having to guess who I’m speaking to by the tone of their voice and I feel rude having to ask someone’s number I saved “who is this?” Smh... then I have to tell them I’m sorry this is a number I’m using through an app. Please fix this issue ASAP!!!
  • Its great but need better notifications

    By Jorchual
    The concept is great and it’s simple to use. The only and big problem I see is the notifications. I don’t get any notifications when I get a text to it or when somebody is calling it doesn’t show me the number. It just says smart line. As well as everytime someone calls it wont let the call go through completely, the call stops and I have to call back the client. I wish there was a way that 2 people can use the same number, in case I have an assistant helping to deal with the company. So a second phone with the same number would be awesome
  • Love it!

    By Krisd29
    This idea is genius! The fact that I don’t have to purchase an extra phone for my business, saves me so much money. I’m also happy that I don’t have to give my personal cell number to clients, vendors, etc.
  • Just what I needed

    By rccinstallations
    Love this second number especially the incoming Differentiation between business calls. Great job!
  • Text But No Calls

    By Ac77right
    I really like the Smart phone option for text but I can’t get calls. It goes straight to VM
  • Life saver!

    By shraina
    I love this app!! This has to stay around Forevvverr lol