SmartLine Second Phone Number

SmartLine Second Phone Number

  • Category: Business
  • Release Date: 2017-04-28
  • Current Version: 4.11.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 71.23 MB
  • Developer:, LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 15 131


Add a second phone number to your iPhone. Great for adding a business line or a second personal phone number. 2 numbers for 1 phone! Try us free for 7 days, just install the app to get started. KEEP YOUR PERSONAL NUMBER PRIVATE – protect your personal privacy by giving out your second phone number. ANSWER YOUR PHONE LIKE A PRO – know when a call is for business, so you always sound professional. SEND TEXT AND PICTURE MESSAGES – send and receive text and image messages from your second phone number. CUSTOMIZE VOICEMAIL GREETING – having a professional sounding voicemail increases the credibility of your business. VOICEMAIL TRANSCRIBED FOR YOU – get your voicemails transcribed into text and sent to your email. SET BUSINESS HOURS – choose the hours that your business line rings or goes to voicemail. PICK YOUR OWN PHONE NUMBER – select a local U.S. second phone number. CALLER ID – shows your dedicated business number. PORT YOUR NUMBER – already have a 2nd phone number? Bring it with you by porting it to SmartLine. HOW IT WORKS Choose your new business number and link your phone number to your iPhone. When someone calls your second number, it will ring on your mobile phone. SmartLine uses your cellular signal, so the call quality is the same as your personal number. START CALLING & TEXTING IN 5 MINUTES 1. Install the SmartLine phone app for iPhone 2. Create a GoDaddy account or sign in 3. Confirm your SmartLine Unlimited Subscription 4. Link it to your smartphone 5. You’re ready to call & text! Requires a GoDaddy SmartLine subscription to use the app. SmartLine is currently available only in the US. Install the app, sign in/sign up to subscribe to SmartLine Unlimited for 7 days free with your iTunes account. • After the free trial, SmartLine Unlimited will automatically renew at $9.99/month via iTunes, unless you cancel 24 hours before the free trial ends or before the end of the current billing period • Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase • Easily manage and cancel at any time through your iTunes subscription settings • Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period • Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal • If you didn’t purchase SmartLine through iTunes, you can manage your subscription through the GoDaddy website. Terms of use: Privacy policy:



  • GoDaddy useless

    By helmuthmora
    Expensive and useless...
  • Lacking so many features - and buggy!!

    By WhyIsntItBetter
    Can’t send videos on texts? 1000 other deficiencies.
  • Good but still needs work

    By humanbraininrobotbody
    I have a love / dislike relationship with the app. I have installed / uninstalled/ reinstalled several times in the last 6 months: :: It keeps making a new contact every time I get a call. Solution: uninstall/ reinstall :: Goes straight to voicemail even though Do Not Disturb is turned off. Solution: uninstall/ reinstall :: Caller ID quits working: Solution: uninstall/ reinstall I hear the devs are working on these issues, please keep at it. Overall a convenient and inexpensive solution to having a second line, keep those updates coming!
  • Better than google voice

    By AndieHP
    This app I love because it separates your actual phone from this phone and you know where the call is coming from. I love this app also because it doesn’t say anything, it just rings so people won’t think you’re calling from a fake number. I love it!
  • Wow

    By Pools N Spas
    Great tool
  • Cost me jobs

    By stoptellingnamesaretaken
    I used to recommend this app to friends. Now I have to warn them away since many also have an iPhone 6 (customer service is ‘pretty sure’ that’s the problem). It worked so well at first that I used it on my resume. I’ve been wondering why I haven’t gotten any call backs and why I seemed to have been stood up for a (scheduled via email) phone interview. Now I know. Godaddy has cost me several job opportunities now. Once I finally manually checked the app, I saw a host of ‘answered calls’ that I didn’t answer. I uninstalled and reinstalled, making sure my phone was updated. Nope. My test caller said it rang once and went to VM. It never rang on my end and there is no indication of a VM. Customer Service told me, “ least the phone number is easily ported to another service.” Considering how many paychecks I’ve now lost because of this- yeah. I’ll be doing that.
  • Doesn’t work

    By Khan Hannan
    I wanted a 2nd line for the business account and thought this was inexpensive enough and could work well. After downloading it I see that most times it wouldn’t ring phone. So what good is a phone number that doesn’t ring? Well, no use - for that reason I’m uninstalling it and getting out of this service. Moving to an actual physical phone that works. 2 star is for the interface which looks decent.
  • Much Improved

    By Kuphjr
    I used to have some issues with bugs in this app, but since then they have fixed all of these issues and it works exactly as advertised!
  • CSLEWIS & Associates Insurance

    By Cslewis0805
    This a great app. Business in my hand!!
  • So far so good

    By jaegee112
    Would love to be able to take a picture or a video inside the app
  • Solved my problem!

    By nycneo1
    I dont know what else is out there, but this solved my problem of needing to txt clients and not getting a second phone or giving out my personal cell number. I even found a phone number that looks like a business number! Very happy. This is a real review from a lawyer in NYC.
  • I’m losing business

    By Thelove21685
    I’ve had this app for about four months now and besides all the incoming call for the wrong person/number and robot calls, I’ve lost so much business due to the many features missing from this app. There’s so badge notifications to even let me know that I even have a text message waiting for me, there’s absolutely no way for me to set a distinctive sound for my messages or a way to raise the volume. My clients count on me to respond to their text messages in a timely and professional fashion, I just checked the app and I’ve already missed 4 new clients from yesterday, I shouldn’t have to check this app every five minutes out of fear that I’ve missed a clients message. The voicemail greeting feature on this app is a joke, I recorded a greeting but it never saved and it won’t save. What’s the point of having that feature if it won’t save the recording?? I have had it with this app!! If there are no changes made soon I’ll have to take my business somewhere else.
  • Doesn’t ring

    By Makeupstallion
    Missed calls’s slow and lags
  • Awesome

    By Jeandygano
    It’s great.
  • Caller ID STILL not working.

    By jimmy_pop89
    The caller ID bug is starting to become a real issue. The developers are refusing to acknowledge that it’s a problem on their end even though it was working correctly for months before a recent update. Calls are coming through as “SmartLine Call via SmartLine” instead of showing a name or phone number. I have no idea who is calling me before I answer which has caused a HUGE headache for my productivity. I’ve reinstalled the app, my phone is updated to the current iOS version, I’ve contacted customer support multiple times. If this isn’t corrected SOON, I will be forced to explore other providers for this service.
  • So awesome!

    By NewKotaMan
    Rather than pay for a 2nd cell phone, I can separate business/personal life with this service! So far I have no complaints!
  • Would love to see....

    By RebaHundt
    I would love to see a way to “Name”/Label a phone number other than my phone’s personal contacts! Unless it’s already there & I just haven't found it yet
  • Great feature!!!

    By Gerome508
    Really has made it easier for business transactions.
  • Ms Shan Tae

    By ms shaunte
  • Bugs

    By Arellano1999
    Like the features but every time I try and make a call I have to press the call button and wait 2 seconds for the call to actually go through
  • Deserves 0*

    By Johnny5321
    A completely pointless “2nd phone for business” app, and GoDaddy should be ashamed of this worthless app. Most crucial to any business owner is the fact that there is no ability to change the “SmartLine” caller ID to your business name. Support suggests changing the name “SmartLine” in your Contacts to your business name, and that works until you use your new business line to call or text someone: every contact associated with the routing number immediately changes back to “SmartLine.” Phone calls are routed through a third number so quite a noticeable delay before phone rings, before Voicemail, etc. Since a noticeable pause before connecting is the sign of phone numbers being routed overseas, to spammers, etc, that’s not a good thing for potential customers to hear. Since Phone calls are routed through a third number, “Unknown Name” shows up (with no phone number at all) as Caller ID. The phone number I chose showed up as coming from a city notorious for its spammers & robo-callers, so when I called my wife, she said, “No calls. Just a spam call from SpamCity,” which would be seriously bad for any legitimate business. You cannot actually call or text from your “phone”: you call and text from within the SmartLine app on your phone. Basically, you have two phones, with everything separate, but on one device. To make calls or send texts, you go into the app, hit the + and then choose Call or Text, and the call or text goes through as “SmartLine.” To read texts, see Notifications, or see calls, you go into the app: they’re not with your native iOS texts/messages or phone calls. I tried a one-month free trial but it took me less than an hour to see all the disadvantages and very poor design of this “business phone number,” and I cannot think of a single reason to keep the app & phone number. (iPhone Xs iOS 12.1.2) And to all those reviewers who are upset that they got charged after deleting the SmartLine app from their phone: deleting the app from your phone dies not cancel SmartLine. To cancel your 30-day free trial and avoid automatic charges, you must go online to your GoDaddy account, not to iTunes or Apple, go to Products, scroll down to SmartLine, and Cancel from there.
  • Its great but need better notifications

    By Jorchual
    The concept is great and it’s simple to use. The only and big problem I see is the notifications. I don’t get any notifications when I get a text to it or when somebody is calling it doesn’t show me the number. It just says smart line. As well as everytime someone calls it wont let the call go through completely, the call stops and I have to call back the client.
  • 🖖🏾

    By gretzky777
    Does what I need it to do!! 🤙🏾🤙🏾
  • Cassandra

    By SassyCassyCat
    I’m getting charged for this and I don’t even know what it is. I have been charged for the last 3 months. I want a REFUND!!!
  • Caller id problems

    By d-rae19
    When I get a call it says from SmartLine and like 46 others
  • Good, but could be better

    By tw5139
    The only thing this is lacking is the ability for me to have a secondary message specific for this line & ideally I would like to be able to customize my caller ID with my business name vs a number people are not familiar with & leery to answer.
  • need to work

    By User cv9876
    The problem is when someone calling your smartline number i am unable see the incoming number need to fix that issue
  • Missing texts!

    By Franappuser
    There have been a couple instances where a text message will disappear for no reason! As a business owner who relies heavily on this app I can’t afford to miss certain texts from my customers. Time to find a new app!
  • Incoming caller ID does not work

    By yamanickrr
    Incoming caller ID does not work. Customer service can’t help and say this is a known issue with iPhones. If that’s the case, this shouldn’t be a paid app in the apple store. Unfortunately, I didn’t cancel on time and was billed. The app sounds great in theory but is useless to me if it does not function as advertised.
  • Does the job but not what it’s cracked up to be

    By sjbeck4
    Me and 3 staff use this service and even when we are logged out, some of us still receive calls, but aren’t able to answer them, and others of us, even when logged in, cannot see or accept calls. Some voicemails go to my personal inbox and others are transcribed to the SmartLine app, so I miss some voicemails because I can’t open and listen to the ones that go to my personal VM for some reason. There is usually a very poor connection and a delay, so it is hard to hear the client, and we talk over each other due to the audio delay. Also, before I agreed to purchase this service for a year I asked if I would be able to send mass texts and the GoDaddy rep answered “yes.” But that is not true. I can only send one text at a time. And only one image at a time as well.
  • Great ideia , but unreliable!

    By Giliard
    I got this and created an account started using it to test before i use it for business .My worry came true , it’s unreliable , 2 weeks after using it one day i open the app and its asking for me to create an account or to sign in , So i tried to sign in and it’s asking me to choose a number i liked . “ What happened to the one i already had and what if my costumers had it “ i asked my friend to call me on the smart line , on my phone i see the smart line number on the caller ID instead of my friends number . Weird but enough for me not to try and run a business on this . It clearly will aggravate the life out of me and make me loose business . Canceling it now !
  • Nice business line

    By Islands in
    This is great to have as a business line and look professional with potential and current clients. The only thing is I would like for the notifications to be more consistent, as I sometimes miss them and it is a while before I know I have a message or text. Otherwise it is a good tool for the price.
  • Ok

    By turnkey414
    The apps works good but I wish there was an option to have an extension!
  • Works great - such a good price

    By hcgchica
    This works so great and is the best price out there for my needs with a biz number esp on my cell phone - thanks!
  • Best one yet!!!!

    By Bentech✌🏻
    I’ve tried a few that’s on the market and to none equals up to this one.
  • Not ready yet

    By pop-nc
    I tested the app as a trial and it worked great. Then I requested my number be ported. It was a cluster. Now I have been using it for about a month. I have probably spent 8 hours talking with support and still have issues. The big thing I am still waiting on is caller ID. It worked in the trial, but after porting it has never worked. I don’t get a phone number or contact name. It only says SmartLine call. The last support call said that it is a known bug and will be fixed in future releases. I have gone through 2 updates since then an still no caller ID. Frustrated.
  • Good Service

    By smallbiz2018
    I really appreciate this service for our small businesses needs. However, I would like an easier way to be able to text.
  • No longer displays Caller-ID

    By Beer_zaygy
    SmartLine no longer displays the name on the incoming call. It just says SmartLine and I have no way to identify who the inbound call is from
  • Not competitive

    By Tekkie79
    No group messaging. Forces to use telephony gateway. No option to place voip calls. iPad app is horrible. Just a shrunk iPhone app in a tiny window that doesn’t even work. Any calls from iPad are routed to phone. Unusable solution.
  • Great app!

    By Uhhdhkigcj
    My only points of contention are that it does not allow for group text messaging and you can’t see who’s calling once the phone rings because your own cell phone number will display instead of the caller’s information. Aside from that, GoDaddy has worked out a ton of kinks that make this app efficient and easy to use.
  • Stole $10 from me but didn’t work

    By Bree179
    Very disappointed it took the $10 from my bank account but I never got past the choose a number screen. Waste of money. Wish it worked.
  • Duplicate Contacts

    By PRS sales
    The app is ok, but needs work. Contacts are being duplicated within SmartLine.
  • Useful

    By She Done
    This app is very useful for keeping my business separate from personal. I was having an issue with it going straight to voicemail without ringing on my Samsung G7 but since installing on my new iPhone 8 Plus it has been working fine.
  • Smart Move Having SmartLine

    By DiTanya G
    As a business owner working from home, I use to allow my clients and future clients to contact me using my personal cell phone number. I found that many enjoyed texting and calling often and most times during VERY odd hours. After choosing SmartLine, I can control when I receive calls and if I want to receive texts or not. I really love separating business from personal calls and my attention and time is without constant interruption.
  • App does not work but charged me, support impossible to reach

    By Sunshine78
    The app will not get past the registration screen. But it did charge me and set up the subscription. Apple will not help and just directed me back to GoDaddy. GoDaddy put me on hold and it hung up. I’m frustrated! I have not even gotten started and there are already issues that I cannot solve. I would be concerned down the line when I need the number to function for business and it does not and reaching someone is impossible.
  • Versatility at its finest

    By Kay5678
    This app has been AMAZING! I began using it as temporary work line. LOVE that it allows texting too, in case you miss a call, and how you can also see a transcript of the voicemail immediately to avoid wasting time listening to non-urgent VM’s. THEN once I decided to move to another state, I needed a number to use for my property listings, so I wouldn’t have my personal number on all “For Sale” signs. Not only was I able to use the number that I’d been utilizing as a work number by simply changing the VM recording, I was able to create a VM recording specific to prospective buyers to let them know they could leave a message or text me for more info!
  • Needs improvement!!!

    By Pinti85
    I love this app’s concept but there are some glitches that are so annoying: The contacts only load once before I have to close the app so I can search again. This is time consuming. The app icon shows unread messages when, in reality they’re all read. After deleting and downloading the app again I see some messages that were not previously there. I called support and they guide me through some troubleshooting but that didn’t help.
  • Great app

    By GiEC12345
    I love this new app Being able to have two lines on my cell is awesome! They need to come up with a way to do call with a caller ID with a name when you make a call. Not just the phone number ID. Also sometimes the line is not that clear and it delays and echoes. I’m sure they’ll improve it.
  • Keeps creating contacts!!!! JUNK app! Do not BUY

    The app keeps creating contacts each time you open it!!!!! I now have a bloated contact list contact list because of the app. This is such a scam I now I have a HUGE contact list because I of this junk. They should refund all users for this poor service and misrepresentation.