Infinity Blade Stickers

Infinity Blade Stickers

  • Category: Stickers
  • Release Date: 2016-10-18
  • Current Version: 1.1
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 7.07 MB
  • Developer: Epic Games
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 123


The Deathless are invading iMessage! Heroes and villains from across the award-winning Infinity Blade Trilogy are now available as stickers for iMessage on iOS 10! Wield the mighty Infinity Blade, dress up as Isa or the God King, or send your friends a crying troll - the possibilities are...deathless. This pack contains 24 original stickers featuring characters, items, and icons from the Infinity Blade universe. Download Infinity Blade stickers for iPhone, iPad, and iMessage! You can get Infinity Blade, Infinity Blade II, and Infinity Blade III on iPhone and iPad today. Created by ChAIR Entertainment, the original iOS blockbuster is filled with adrenaline-fueled sword-fighting action, gorgeous visuals, and a thrilling story of love, betrayal, and redemption. Follow @Infinityblade on Twitter, Twitch, Facebook, and Instagram



  • Why?

    By AgentPig4life
    Why would you just decide to get rid of all 3 Infinity Blade games. Yeah I get it still has a good bit of bugs but still, it is like fallout 3 it is still available for you to buy and it has more issues than all of the 3 infinity blade games! I would ask of you to please put it back on the App Store...
  • Bring it back

    By ภ₮℘—͟͟͞͞Ⴢꪝꪁꪇ
  • You can delete it !?

    By JacobAntonio
    So not cool 😭🤯🤬😱
  • Rip our games

    By shadowex117
    Wow . Just wow. You took infinity blade 1 2 and 3 off the app store . I get why you did it but for some people who knew the series that didn’t get all 3 can’t play all of them . You idiots . Now people who play fortnite will never know where it came from , for the sake of all the people who loves the series. Put them back , not now but at some point put them back with new graphics. Ill be there when the time comes
  • Hahaha

    By box of rox 101
    I still have infinity blade 1, 2, And 3 they are so fun I'm guessing the old company seems to have been bought or went bankrupt out the I think there name is "lldc chair entertainment" company and is now owned and or bought and preserved by epic games but they might not be able to to bring infinity blade back now this is just my theory but I hope they bring it back for the community please epic games focus on something besides fortnight for once

    By Gam3Fan360
    I never got the chance to experience the second or third game. I don’t care about updates on the game or anything, just let me have the chance to play it!
  • Put Infinity Blade back

    By Mixed_Kid98
    Don’t need the stickers. Put the games back

    By Brothermeatious22
    For all of the people who LOVED the “Infinity Blade” series, ***IF YOU HAD ALREADY DOWNLOADED IT BEFORE YOU CAN REDOWNLOAD IT NOW!!!!!!*** I tried it and it works!!! I hope this satisfies a lot of you people who are wanting to play these great games once again. But I do agree that fortnite is NOT an “Epic Game”. My entire childhood was this game. Bring it back and make it public! I want the new generation of kids to understand what fun this game is/was. Epic Games, please bring this game back!
  • Please bring back IB Games

    By flumbod
    Please bring back IB 1-2-3, :(( they were so much fun, and good gameplay, to be what they were, i love the stickers bring back the games
  • We want our games back!

    By Skorge9753
    This review won’t be nearly as long as the others but it will follow the same routine, BRING IB BACK ON THE APP STORE. I had the first two on my iPad mini before they stopped making updates and it broke before I could get the third one, I never even tried it! I did every other game to 100% completion. I just want my childhood back.
  • Bring back infinity blade please!!!!!!!!

    By thefezhaslanded
    I loved the first game but I never got a chance to play the other ones, plus I still have yet to fully complete the first game so please bring it back, I need to beat them all and I want to so please bring it back
  • Please bring them back!

    By Alien People
    I am thankful that you still have IB stickers but please try to bring back the game so I can buy because I was gonna get for last Christmas until the day you removed it so please if you can return the series so everyone will have a chance to play!
  • Bring back ib 12and3!!!!

    By antqndeakn
    Bring it back!!!!!
  • Get IB back please ...

    By Chouwill
    I dun know why u guys remove IB from store? That was really nice game and i still loved it.. i also hope to get Ib 4 and IB is like GOW playing in phone.. hope u guys will bring back it on store.
  • What..

    By Legitperson5000
    Why.. is infinity blade gone.. 1, 2, and 3 The nostalgia.. oh god.. Please bring it back.. I’d rather grow up with IB than fortnite.. That was my entire elementary school years dangit! I’m sure others feel the same way.. I’ll support you in any way I can, just please bring infinity blade back again..I miss those games..
  • Just a old fan wanting IB to come back one day

    By blue the knight of old
    Amazing stickers brings back so many memories I hope one day that the world of IB would come back because when it does if it ever does I’ll be there waiting for it and ready to get back to my roots love the stickers keep up the good work and have a great year
  • Bring infinity blade back

    By the harshiando
    This comment is like ever other comment epic games hear us out please bring back the infinity blade games so 1. A lot of people enjoy IB. and 2. People paid money for these games and in some even paid in app purchase.
  • Infinity blade

    By I like cobbler
    These are some really cool stickers if you know about the game but people can’t get it anymore and its really sad. I relay want you to bring infinity blade back it was such a great game. All the young kids just think the infinity blade was mad because of fortnite but this is the IB’s real roots.
  • WhY YoU iS BuLly My FeElInGs

    By @("-")@
    I use to play infinity blade all the time when I was a kid. Why was it removed? During elementary school I forgot about it and just this year I remembered about this game. It took a while and eventually I found my ex favorite game ever... Gone forever. WHY?!?! I loved how you could choose you path to make it to the final boss guy and start over with better stuff to get and more challenging bosses to fight. My now only connection with the game is the trailer on YouTube that shows Parts from this great game. If anyone from epic games is reading this, PLEASE BRING BACK THE GAME! I know you need to focus on Fortnite’s updates and stuff, but I’m shure if you bring back infinity blade it would be just as popular. I’ve probably spent well over $100 on Fortnite already and I’ve been playing since season 4 and it was good in the beginning seasons but now... it’s not exactly the best game to play. Think about taking a break from Fortnite and try something to appeal the teens that are gamers. PLEASE CONSIDER BRINGING BACK INFINITY BLADE 🤞🏻
  • I speak for all

    By is gay
    Y just y did u get rid of the trilogy I SPENT a lot of money on those and if u don’t put them back I want a refund
  • Bring It Back

    By Skullkart
    I understand why Epic would remove the games, but it’s upsetting. Such a good game that I loved is no longer available for me to play, despite having payed for it. That would upset anyone.
  • 5 star quality amazing love u epic

    By GrAySoNdOg
    Please bring back gold pumps they were my favorite gun
  • HELP

    By THSwags
  • Bring back infinity blade

    By a normal hooman
    Hey these games were my childhood they were great I loved them to the point to where I would literally play it for like 3 hours straight please epic we know u can u are releasing new games on your store why not work on these games

    By please put ingame
    I speak for everyone that the infinity blade trilogy was amazing, but some people are sad because you guys got rid of it. I’m just asking you guys this one thing and is, PLEASE BRING BACK THE INFINITY BLADE TRILOGY PLEASE!!!
  • Bring the back

    By 0 friends 😡
    Best games on mobile
  • All por favor

    By castroroberto
    All por favor
  • Great, bring back IB

    By EnderDude2234
    I’m going to start off by saying that the stickers are great. I currently have all three games, and the stickers are incredibly accurate to the familiar faces I’ve seen throughout my playthroughs. The animations are quite creative as well. One request of Epic Games: Put IB 1, 2, and 3 back on the App Store! And stop milking Fortnite so much. Thank you for your time. |~•¥A fan¥•~|
  • Why take it off the app store

    By Eathridium
    Why take it off. It was the best game ever. And they didnt even address why they did. Please bring back our once beloved game back to our hands so we can play it once more. And i bought this game for the nostalgia and the pictures of our once loved game
  • I get why

    By Weirdo chicken
    I understand why you guys removed IB from the store. But please, bring them back some day. All the little kids playing fortnite won’t ever understand it’s origins and what a great game it was. This game was my childhood. The sword fights, the loot, THE STORY. I lost my mind when IB3 was announced. Kids won’t get to experience that. Now all they get are loot boxes. Revamp the game for PC, console, whatever. I don’t care. Nobody does. We just want our game back.
  • No game

    By betterthanmayweather
    No game found
  • BrInG Bak Infinity Blade trilogyyyyy

    By SizarTheFighter
    U friccs is it even that costly for you guys to have these apps here? U have friccin fortnite and you guys deleted the trilogy,thanks to you guys, payed for nothin
  • Adding to the list...

    By MrVonHatred
    So many people already have expressed their disdain, their concern, and their sorrow for the masterpiece that is Infinity Blade. My comment will be but a drop in the lake of tears shed for the removal of the trilogy from the App Store, but I still want to give it all I’ve got. Back when infinity blade first came out, I begged and pleaded for my parents to get me an idevice that we really couldn’t afford, just so I could get my hands on what would inspire me to become a game developer myself. It was all my brother and I would play, and we even shared an iPad just to play it. Needless to say, the IB trilogy was important to us, and after 3, we just wanted a sequel. We didn’t care if it didn’t follow Sirus or Ausar or Isa or even someone totally different. We didn’t care if it costed $50. We’d have bought it in a heartbeat. I won’t lie, I hate Fortnite. But when I saw the infinity blade make an appearance in it, I instantly downloaded it on my PlayStation and forced myself to get decent at it just so I could get the blade. I don’t know what I’m getting at really, I guess I just wanted to say thanks for the memories. It’s a shame you didn’t want to do more with the game, and I’m probably going to switch to Android because of it tbh. Oh well, even if you’ve abandoned your art, just know that it’ll live on with the fans for the rest of our years. Thanks again for inspiring a generation, and pioneering a new type of game altogether. -VonHatred
  • Bring our Infinity Blade Trilogy back!

    By Wang Yulin
    This great trilogy influenced whole mobile game industry, removing those games from App Store is NOT we wanted. Epic has NO responsibility for those legendary art works. We, lovers of IB, hope Epic would restart this project. PLEASE: Enhance the graphic, and adapt to the latest devices.
  • Stickers are here and yet...

    By GooieGreen
    They pulled all of the games. Was it that costly and wasteful to them? Such a shame.
  • Bring it back please

    By Markkiller44
    The game was so good then they take it away.
  • Bring it back please

    By DarkEclipses
    I have played the trilogy of infinity blade for six years now with my little brother. We were going to redownload it for my brothers new iPad and we found out it was off the App Store. A game we have played (especially me) since I was 9, would be such a great thing to have back. Screw the fortnite trend it shouldn’t cause you to get rid of something you spent time on.

    By Creepsten9
    IVE BEEN PLAYING INFINITY BLADES FOR YEARS AND YOU DO THIS JUST BRING IT BACK AND FORGET ABOUT FORTNITE but I could sell my phone for money because I still have the game I have 1 2 3 so please bring it back or I get money
  • I want the games back

    By Smitts mom
    These game in the series got me and my brother close together and also when my my dad was alive now I have lost to things I loved. PLEASE bring them back
  • Sad

    By Enderrival
    I’m just disappointed in epic games all the money got to their head.
  • You can still download infinity blade

    By Danystarr
    Bro chill you can still get infinity blade but only if you already own it. Go to your purchased games to download it
  • I cannot believe ...

    By RacerX2005
    ... that you guys removed the Infinity Blade game trilogy from the app store. I get it that you would not provide updates, i.e. bug fixes, new features, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr screen size compliance, etc., then again to remove it altogether? why? you could still make money selling them, right? those 3 games are great, I still play them all daily ... this is really frustrating ...