Google Chat

Google Chat

  • Category: Business
  • Release Date: 2018-02-28
  • Current Version: 1.0.78
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 119.42 MB
  • Developer: Google LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 7 074


Google Chat is an intelligent and secure communications tool, built for teams. From direct messages to team chat rooms, Chat makes team communication easy and efficient. Currently for G Suite customers only. - Group messaging that allows G Suite content sharing (Docs, Sheets, Slides), without having to worry about granting permissions. - Google search functionality, with options to filter for conversations and content that you’ve shared. - Ready for Enterprise, with the full benefits of G Suite security and access controls including Data Loss Prevention, Compliance, Admin Settings, Vault Retention, Holds, Search & Export



  • Rayjjonathan

    By texassweetest. betty
    Hey I’m lookin for you
  • No more switching between accounts

    By Jaycagey
    The old app used to allow simultaneous logins which meant you could easily switch between accounts and receive notifications for both. That feature is no longer available. Major downgrade in the app functionality. Happy to update the review when this becomes available.
  • Poor experience

    By Not a runner (yet)
    So far this transition has been forced with no lead time on it. Additionally the access of Hangouts was infinitely easier than trying to find acces to Chat. Make It Better OR go back to Hangouts. 3 Stars is being very very nice.
  • Terrible Experience

    By Shreyasarsenal
    Pathetic app. I can see why my company moved from classic hangouts to chat, there are a lot more features we can leverage on web. But the mobile app is really bad. Very slow with receiving notifications, messages lag before loading, no integration with iOS to share screenshots, I get random blue dots next to rooms (which means I haven’t read a message) when I’ve already read all the messages, I have a notification badge which refuses to disappear although I’ve read all my messages. Overall a very bad experience. This app hasn’t been tested before release. Classic google behavior.
  • Miss features form hangouts

    By jefftb78
    Couple things: -No read indicator -can’t save an image to phone that has been shared in a chat.
  • Love it

    By TTV_bitterend
    Can talk to friends on it
  • Wow

    By Possible User
    The fact that I just need this for chat capabilities any time I’m away from my desk to make sure I have access to my team, but can’t because it won’t allow me to even get there due to protection of “files” that are never shared this way, is just beyond dumb. I think that should be an additional add-on if needed, but to out the gate require it renders the app useless.
  • Frustration is growing.

    By Ashley in MN
    I cannot switch between my Google accounts in the app? Is this for real? This app serves its purpose fine, except that I can’t switch between accounts. (And if it’s possible, as a rather intelligent and tech savvy Google supporter, I can’t figure it out.) Also, why did you have to add this app? Plus Meet? Why so many separate apps? Frustration is growing.
  • Not an upgrade

    By RMD Anonymous
    So much function just to have a meeting, creat room, share and not even an option to change status??? Really??? Now I will have constant messages coming through. Yes I know there is a “DND” option but that means I would constantly have to change status every 30 min to an hr? So much work for a basic app! 🙄 So, what was wrong with Hangout again?
  • This just made everything worse.

    By Roller Coaster123
    I am very sad and frustrated toward google because my organization switched to google chat and my only good way of communicating was google hangouts. But I couldn’t access google chat on the computer so I cleared some cookies. It worked but on the IPad when I logged in to google hangouts to talk to my friends the google chat advertisement came up. I hit the x and it wasn’t working so I downloaded google chat and... STILL DIDN’T WORK!!! Now I can’t video chat my friends. Also my computer doesn’t have a camera or microphone so I can’t video chat my friends on there unless I don’t want them to hear or see me.
  • Gr8 but not so gr8

    By hi my name is wermy
    Gr8 but I don’t have access
  • Will not open

    By ricesconstruction
    Be nice if you could actually use this ap!
  • New app unusable

    By 738284$
    Because of the change, I am officially no longer able to keep in touch with my team via my mobile device. This was an incredibly crucial feature for us and the new application does not allow anything from desktop conversations to be taken mobile temporarily. You’ve literally made my job harder and taken away a vital tool for which there is no replacement. Very very very short sighted and illogical move on Google’s part. Definitely no longer considering any of their mobile devices. Was going to make the switch but if they can even get messaging right.... sad
  • Worst messenger

    By Abdullah Al Rahi
    How it can even replace hangouts! Unusual UI, very unfriendly options!
  • Basic

    By joshtransient
    Personally appalled that I’ll now need three separate apps (Chat, Meet, Voice) to handle all my Google comms when one Hangouts app serviced all three scenarios. If MS Teams wasn’t so god-awful on the desktop, I’d switch there. Whatever, cost of doing business for free. Not doing rooms yet until people come over, which will probably be next year. For now I’m focused on 1:1 chats, which have not crashed for me yet. I may as well be using ICQ, though, with how basic it is. I previously assumed there were no typing indicators, but that is only for folks still on commercial Hangouts. However. No share sheet support, no “seen” indicators, and no dark mode makes no sense for an app that has been used in G Suite for years. This is the least colorful app, and y’all didn’t have the budget/time to just switch from black-on-white to white-on-black?
  • Missing Essential Features

    By Mrichter1
    A very BASIC chat app. I’m stunned that it doesn’t support split window or slide over on iOS!?! An app that uses full-screen only severely limits the usability of this app. Another poorly coded app by Google!
  • Latest update is awful

    By Chris David Miles
    The latest update makes it basically unusable on iOS. I expect Google has plenty of IT department customers to test it - anyone already using Google Apps who was desperate enough to save money would be willing to switch over since it's part of Google Apps. Chat was released broken and totally unfinished. That being said, Hangouts Chat has slowly gotten progressively better. And it's interesting to see the features they prioritize. They aren't trying to match feature parity with Teams or Slack, they're doing their own thing. But this latest app update is horrible. It's harder to see what's unread and what's not. And reading a message won't actually mark it as read most of the time. I've moved away from using my phone for chat and now just miss work messages. This update has made it much harder to communicate at work and much harder to work from home.
  • It won’t

    By jazzaey jada
    It won’t let me call anyone on it
  • No ability to attach google docs, what?

    By Coach Laz
    Love Google and all that your company allows us to do. That being said...I cannot understand for the life of me why there is not an option in the Google Chat iPhone App to attach a google doc from Google Drive. Teams and Slack have the option but not Google Chat? You all see the need for this option on the computer app but not the iPhone and I cannot get my mind around that. Thanks again for the freedom your products bless us with, Godspeed.
  • Team update

    By de_Martinez
    This app allows our team to communicate in this different rooms depending on the subject matter. It has been a welcome addition to our Google Suite!
  • Dark Mode?

    By Randomuser13211
    Where is the dark mode?
  • No connection

    By 2020572
    I was using this app for school then one day I got no connection and it wouldn’t work I tried everything and nothing worked so I signed out of the app and tried to sign back in but it said I didn’t have access to it and it was very frustrating
  • It’s so useful!

    By Night Owl🦉
    It’s so useful because you can group text and it have the conversation from your emails so it’s right where you left off!
  • Notifications won’t go away

    By GreenPigsAreAnnoying
    This app is great but even after all of my chats are read, notifications still appear on the app! I have to sign out and back in the clear them out.
  • May 2020 chat update breaks app

    By BrianCanFixIT
    The recent update stops marking threads as “read”. It also uses randomly colored “rooms” now which make it harder to sort through the cruft.
  • Terrible iOS support

    By ldj5000
    For a chat client to not support side-by-side with other apps on the ipad is pretty egregious. We know Google is not wanting for development resources so this crippling of ios apps is frustrating and I suspect intentional, that google services will always work a little better on android. Sigh...
  • Group

    By ncjpuho
    For the most part I like Chat but i am having difficulties finding any group chats from my cell phone.
  • Students

    By periodt_tehe
    Let's all rate it to one star to get Google Chat removed. I don't like this and I know multiple other students hate it too.
  • Does not take full advantage of the iPad!

    By BoBbYrOxX
    Please update your apps to include split view and slide over, as well as cursor/trackpad support! And keyboard shortcuts!
  • 😂😂😂

    By Mr Snickerdoodle
  • No Upgrades

    By .sri
    I have been using this app from past 1 year I haven’t seen any updates on the app it is the same from day1. I thought it would be a competitor for slack and teams. There is confusion in message that are show one u see another instead please separate it left and right which used to be in old hangouts When some is in meeting it even doesn't showed that he/she in a meeting which is a basic in any enterprise chat application Hopefully the apps gets better and will be at lest a good but not a competitor. There is lot to improve 😌disappointed with the app
  • Good app, but lack of features, and not a good UI

    By ponukri
    Overall I liked the chat functionality. The UI change with new update is very disturbing. I kind of liked the older UI than this one. I am hoping this would improve eventually and hopefully good features to search things in chat rooms are added(hint:Slack🙂)
  • Review

    By Emma112908
    It’s cool
  • Can’t handle files

    By Salim Chain
    Every update is even worst. There is no way of saving pics, pdf’s, any kind of files, there us no way of sending pdf’s, sharing files from files app, drive app, nothing.

    By Cam30118
    As a communication tool, it really astounds me that you can’t use split-screen on the iPad for this app. I’d see that as an integral part for any communication tool, so you’re not constantly switch back-and-fourth between apps. This seriously should be addressed as soon as possible.
  • Amazing app chat

    By TheStringbean
    Amazing app to talk to each other
  • So many things missing.

    By DemianSH
    There are still so many things that work better on Hangouts than this. Why does everything comically space out on iPads instead of showing the list of people next to the chat like on the regular Hangouts app? If you’re going to not make use of the screen space available, WHY does this not support split screen? Isn’t this supposed to be a productivity work app? Why don’t images wrap and instead the app shows SCROLL BARS to see the whole image? Why can’t I see all people even those not in the same domain? I can’t use this program as it stands right now, please get it together Google.
  • What are bots?

    By AandJgaming
    Hi, I just come to say that I really like this app. I like how you don’t need a number to communicate; one question, what’s a bot? it says that you can texts “bots” if you can please let me know what it is and how to text bots then please let me know. Thank you.
  • Group chat not working

    By Jb-mbmb
    The group chat is not working on my iphone after the lastest update. It was working just fine two days ago, and now I can only respond to people directly. It says I have to update the app version. Everything has been updated, and it still does not work...
  • Absolute garbage

    By MysticMaven
    Doesn’t even support split screen on the iPad. Google is absolute garbage of a company.
  • It won’t let me use it

    By PerfectNiyah
    So it keeps on saying that I don’t have access to it, it keeps on saying that my “organization” doesn’t have access to it but I don’t have an organization I just wanna talk to my friends around the world that have it and that sent me invites ugh this is so annoying
  • Missing iPadOS features

    By Accidental Angel
    Please support split view and/or slide over so that I can work on another app at the same time. Dark mode would also be nice.
  • No chat outside your team ( domain )

    By mas90guru ct
    This is Google’s failed attempt to compete with Slack and Teams. Pair it up with other abandoned Google apps like Keep and get a suite of paid abandonware for your organization. Google has no focus. Onto the next shiny.
  • No iPad support

    By 4926154052
    Like it runs on iPad but it doesn’t support the basics, no multitasking and it’s a giant phone UI. Not asking for much, but just a few touches to make it worth installing the app
  • Google chat

    By Hello it is ME :)
    One problem the FaceTime thing does not work. The rest is great!
  • My Review

    By jdhfhnhgn
    I think this app is amazing, especially during this time because you get to chat with your best friends and have a video meeting!
  • Basic iPad UI is missing

    By trifonovg1
    One only have to look at the way the app looks on iPad to make you question the whole premise of what Google is doing here. It’s been beta quality for TWO YEARS since it was announced. On a screen that’s almost 13 inches in diagonal it has the same UI as the phone app. It is SO HARD to add multiple column UI? Do Google developers not know that the iPad exists? My god.
  • Needs split screen support

    By Ziko24
  • Helpful, but primitive

    By MrSteveee
    Google Chat is a useful tool for communication with staff. I like the integration with Google Admin, Apps, and Meet. However, this app *still* doesn’t support anything except full screen mode, so it can’t do side-by-side or SlideOver. Those are absolute musts on the iPad app. It would also be nice to be able to pin or highlight messages, and integration with the iOS share sheet would really help it shine!