Google Hangouts Chat

Google Hangouts Chat

  • Category: Business
  • Release Date: 2018-02-28
  • Current Version: 1.0.64
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 97.02 MB
  • Developer: Google LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 3 761


Hangouts Chat is an intelligent and secure communications tool, built for teams. From direct messages to team chat rooms, Hangouts Chat makes team communication easy and efficient. Currently for G Suite customers only. - Group messaging that allows G Suite content sharing (Docs, Sheets, Slides), without having to worry about granting permissions. - Google search functionality, with options to filter for conversations and content that you’ve shared. - Ready for Enterprise, with the full benefits of G Suite security and access controls including Data Loss Prevention, Compliance, Admin Settings, Vault Retention, Holds, Search & Export



  • Absolute garbage

    By MysticMaven
    Doesn’t even support split screen.
  • Hahaha half an attempt. Hi

    By wolfmansbro
    Lame attempt from Google to create any sort of chat platform. Long way until this has any resemblance of an Enterprise communication platform. Is this even a iPad app or just something scaled out from the iPhone? And why is the old google chat half baked into gmail still.
  • Could be better

    By gill👊❤️
    This app is used by a company with employees of all ages, which comes with some confusion when the “high-tech” features evolved such as video meeting. But the biggest concern is the arrangement of texts in the chat. Since there are various ways of responding in the chat, messages are not being shown in chronological order which allows for messages to get lost in the sea of previous messages.
  • No Read Receipts

    By Ronnie Burgandy
    The best part about Hangouts is being able to see when someone has seen your message. Why is that not happening in Chat?? Come on, Google.
  • Issues

    By zach123101
    It won’t even let me use it
  • Dark mode

    By Chris mr.
    Please please introduce dark mode! Thank you.
  • More features needed

    By mmehta64
    Now it’s time. - need support for multiple accounts - invite external person to join group - webhook supports - dark mode - menu arrangements needed to close to text box
  • Pretty useless with more than one account.

    By Dezl Snoodle
    Unlike the Hangouts app, Chat appears to have no way to manage having more than one account. Since I chat with people both through work, and personally, this makes this app pretty much useless to me. At least the Hangouts app still works.
  • Not good

    By pepi7839
    I just created a account and it don’t let me in 😒
  • Not bad

    By InnerBeastGaming
    @gnnbroadcasting: It was very new back then. Try now It's decent, but google still needs to take some time to further develop it. Right now I feel like hangouts was still better.
  • Not a total replacement for hangouts

    By cothalesr
    It needs read receipts and less complexity in “rooms”. The ONLY thing missing from hangouts was notifications for username mentions only. The rooms settings confuses people, frankly.
  • Stop asking me to rate your app

    By AnnoyedLJD
    See title
  • New update is GARBAGE

    By cfdilley
    Why can’t I choose to toggle between Individual/Groups and am now forced to have the separated? Strong preference for one screen and we should be able to choose.
  • Missing Features for iOS

    By mikebrodt
    The app reflects what Google Chat is capable of as a service. Though not as powerful as Slack, it works well enough for basic chat functionality. My rating is because it is missing support for iOS and iPadOS features such as the multi-window view, split view, app overlay, and dark mode. These are the types of features I would expect for such an application so I can have the chat window open as an overlay or split view if I’m working on a document or browsing the web, while chatting with someone.
  • Google product but the worst one yet

    By Svetarussian2003
    I am using iPhone 7+, and I have Google keyboard installed on this phone, when using all my apps I use Google keyboard because I like to swipe. On this app Google keyboard is not available which is odd because this is a Google product, also no emojis. Very disappointed.
  • My videos won’t send

    By Do not save
    This app is the only way our school allows students to communicate with their coaches. For my sport, the coaches want us to send them videos to prove that we are practicing at home. I try to send them the videos and the process takes forever. The videos will either fail to send, delete themselves, or sit there with a gray screen. Please get this to work.
  • Huh ? No access to Hangouts ?

    By mkunkel26
    I’m using a personal gmail account and the app says my organization has not authorized Hangout Chats. What? Says it for both of my personal accounts so that’s just grand...
  • Missing dark mode on iOS and macOS

    By N/A 1234
    When will you add dark mode???
  • I dont like this version

    By NiTiCutiE
    I think the original hangouts is better because it is way more simple, you can view more than one chat at a time, and it has all the neccesary items unlike this type of hangouts hwere it is really confusing to use, you cant use multiple chats, and it has a lot of things you don't really need
  • Can’t group msgs

    By Baskua
    Am I missing something? I cannot see any group chats or group messages under this app if they are created by others using Hangout app!!
  • Huge step down from Hangouts

    By angelawvt
    Not sure what direction Google believes they are going with the chat functions, but this is a giant leap backward in both the mobile and desktop worlds. For the app, i could manage multiple accounts in Hangouts and see a few letters of the last message on the user list. In chat, I have to sign out and back in to navigate between accounts, and there is no preview. This is the most basic function, so I’m perplexed on why the developers would just skip it. I can’t rely on this at all to be productive today.
  • Poorly designed and laggy

    By SirMaxxx
    Bringing up threads is laggy. Replying is beyond laggy. Cache gets corrupt and threads don’t show correctly.
  • You can’t censor us google

    By sandy81676
    You took hangouts away for THIS? You’re kidding right? We can’t go live on YouTube now using hangouts which is the stupidest move you could make. Streamyard is loving your dumb decision. I’m sorry you don’t like American values, namely free speech, but that’s not your call, you don’t get to censor people. We will go live while giving money to aniyher company instead. Bye!
  • Communication failure

    By [Hamlet]
    It is really short sighted that google wants everyone on their platform but then starts to neuter their offerings. We encouraged our clients to choose gmail and gsuite for their business. We used to use chat and hangouts with them, and this new app is for our company/organization only. We can not communicate with our clients, friends, or colleagues who are under different organizations even if they are also gsuite users. This is just blockheaded.
  • Gboard compatibility

    By Hkstylo
    I can no longer use Gboard in Hangouts or chat. It does work in all other apps including chrome.
  • Slow

    By iman1200
    Takes a while to load and much slower than hangouts
  • Data

    By Towpsa
    It spends way too much cellular data..
  • Need Chat in Email and easy to create Groups

    By Love the search and engage
    Impossible to use without Chat in Email Creating a room versus creating a group is super clunky
  • Not quite there yet

    By kuhnboy
    No multi account support. App may freeze at times and allow scrolling of the chat history but not allow any keyboard input. This has a long way to go. I find myself having to swipe-close the app multiple times a day.
  • Really would like a reply to a comment feature

    By jeedward
    Really would like a reply to a comment feature Would also love a more robust way to see or switch into multiple accounts.
  • Why the hell does this app use so much space?

    By Robby
    I like the app and the service but it’s using almost 8 GB on my phone. Why?! Clear out the document cache once in a while, that’s ridiculous!
  • Good ideas; what about multiple accounts?!

    By jacklantic
    With hangouts going away in october 2019, I tried this new chat app. It’s good. Rooms and threads work well. But I am flabbergasted that I cannot log into multiple accounts at once. What is the plan for this come October? I have to use gsuite for work, but many of my friends communicate in hangouts in my personal gmail account today
  • Landscape View please!!!

    By RhoG87
    I use this frequently on a tablet for my work. Very difficult to type (with the screen in portrait mode) when I prop my device up to use the keyboard.
  • Hangout chat private

    By Joseph102336
    I think it’s so great y’all ofer such a site
  • More notification sounds please

    By Hooper aka smokey
    The lack of being able to pick a notification sound is literally driving me nuts.
  • Way to send more mixed messages about Google messaging

    By Palangestan
    Hangouts, hangouts chats, google talk, alo, duo,...!! I still can’t figure which is for what, horrible consistency. I’m giving this a 1/5 because messages sent from this new app won’t get delivered to the old hangouts app or gchat on gmail, but messages from the old apps get delivered to this. Also if you’re on Android you can send text messages from the builtin messages app but you’ll receive them from the hangouts app. The only consistency with google’s messaging scheme is guaranteed inconsistency and confusion across the board, on all platforms.
  • Feedback suggestions

    By jb_xjs
    1. Better push notification handling. When I receive a new message and I’m outside the app, I get a nice little banner notification, can see the content, and hit reply near instantly. But, if I then switch into the app, I experience a lag of several seconds as it downloads and renders that same message. This is frustrating because I know that you have already sent me the message - why is it then slowing me down as it downloads and re-renders the same message? It would be better if I could switch to the app, and immediately see the message. 2. Ability to share content from outside the app. I’m browsing in safari, see an interesting article, and want to share with my team. There is no activity extension from google chat, so I have to copy the URL, switch to google chat (takes several seconds to load) then paste it in. Slack lets me do this directly from Safari.
  • Terirble, small font, ugly interface

    By Fix these issues ASAP
    I am not sure why developers design terrible and unfriendly interface like this. There are many texting/calling apps and Google made the worst decision to create the stupidest one. Overall failure
  • Multiple Accounts and Font Size

    By mariojortiz
    Ehhhh! This app is useless if it can’t handle multiple accounts at one time. Also please enlarge font or an option to do so.
  • It’s like Google has never used this

    By xxdesmus
    Google Chat is like a program created by a machine. It is so deeply flawed in so many ways I can’t help but assume Google certainly does not use this app themselves. There’s no way their employees would put up with an app this poorly designed.
  • Auto Correct

    By julianaviola
    This is great! I just wish it had auto correct on the desktop app!
  • Anda pésimo

    By Pilsen26
    Inentendible la cantidad de versiones de chat que tienen, todas incompatibles entre sí, los grupos de uno no funcionan en el otro, las llamadas tampoco, (Google chat, hangouts, meet, hangouts chat, etc, etc), es como si 2 o mas empresas distintas, sacaran sus propios programas. Sino fuera porq en en la empresa la usan, jamás la habría usado, por suerte ahora vamos a pasar a usar slack.
  • Another failed google does not understand my needs

    By GnnBroadcasting
    1) do not have phone 2) want app handouts for iPad Pro not to see iPhone version is not acceptable on iPad Pro. 3) as disable veteran your iPhone app hangouts is not acceptable to work vertically . 4) what the hell happen to google that I loved? 5) still cannot do edits or delete emails accounts no longer have. Delete apps or account functions gone, where is customer support that did have before just gone with failed apps, give me my iPad Pro hangout app and delete functions in admin settings. 6) NOT CHAT FUNCTIONS FOR A CHAT HANGOUT APP, NO PLACE TO TYPE ANYWHERE ON IPAD PRO. 7) NO GOOGLE SUPPORT AS ADVERTISED ON THIS NEW HANGOUT APP , YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING NO CHAT MODE SEE NO PLACE TO TYPE AND SEE NOT HELP FUNCTIONS AS YOU ADVERTISED TO GET HELP USING CHAT MODE HANGOUT.
  • Awesome for work

    By Dor3s
    This chat is very helpful for my team
  • Missing essentials

    By Telyan
    - Gifs (2019, humans express pass words) - Quick reactions - Delete rooms - Speed is lacking (takes a long time to refresh chat) - Search is wonky (v surprising bc...Google)
  • Bad app bad product

    By Anon12211
    This app is terrible! We switched to gchat at work and this app doesn’t follow the notification settings I have set. I have all notifications disabled for the app in iOS and I still get them all night long. Google chat is a terrible tool and the fact that they are replacing hangouts with it is soooooooooo stupid
  • Not ready to replace Hangouts

    By Bee Nize
    There are still many, many features from Hangouts missing. According to Google G Suite users will be migrated to Chat on April 16, 2019. I cannot imagine Chat will be ready for prime time by then. I just hope users in my domain will be able to keep using Hangouts otherwise they will mostly likely drop Chat and replace it by WhatsApp.
  • Made for businesses not the consumer

    By 808Kamaka
    Made for business not the consumer. Not clear in downloads. Need G Suite account to use.
  • La misteriosa

    By la mistoriosa
    Michael morales verdecia