Sfax - HIPAA-Secure Faxing

Sfax - HIPAA-Secure Faxing

  • Category: Business
  • Release Date: 2016-10-24
  • Current Version: 4.2.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 15.19 MB
  • Developer: j2 Global, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.4 or later.
  • Rating Count: 32


Sfax for iOS enables existing Sfax customers to send and receive HIPAA-secure faxes from anywhere. Compose faxes with image capture or upload from your document management system. To sign up for an Sfax account, visit www.scrypt.com/sfax/. Features: • Send faxes by capturing images with your camera, replying or forwarding a fax, or accessing files from your document management system —no fax machine needed! • Audit trail and activity tracking - A complete audit trail is generated for all activity that occurs on each document for full HIPAA compliance. • Faxes are protected by strong encryption within our SSAE16 Type 2 data centers. • Touch ID – Allows for quick and secure sign on • Securely manage faxes - our “Move” feature allows you to organize received faxes into custom folders Sfax is the only cloud fax service designed for the rigors of healthcare and other industries that demand business-critical security. Send, receive and manage faxes on the go. Sfax works on your computer, on the web, through our API, and on mobile devices – so you can start faxing everywhere. Thousands of customers in the US and Canada rely on Sfax every day. Replace expensive and troublesome fax servers and fax machines with a cost-effective and reliable service. There is an Sfax plan to fit your needs; from a single user up to an enterprise level organization. Sfax offers upfront pricing with no hidden charges, instant activation, and HIPAA-secure faxing on all plans. To learn more about our plans and pricing, visit www.scrypt.com/sfax.



  • Faxed

    By faxedup
    App keeps kicking me out. Talked to coworker and he stated he was having the same problems. Web based works fine.
  • Scam

    By Tony1626
    Canceled service numerous times since it didn’t work and they still charged me needed to contest credit card charge. Apple should remove them from the App Store they are a scam based on my experience and the reviews. Come on.
  • App Crashes! Good luck using it on your phone!

    By searchpartyinc
    The app crashes when you check your inbox. This bug hasn’t been fixed in months. I use Sfax for work and this glitch makes it hard to work unless I have my laptop at all times. Please fix the bugs!!
  • No support

    By 1980Bro
    Impossible to trouble shoot being locked out of my account. Wasn’t able to get any response from customer support and the forgot password feature wasn’t working - the error message displayed the need to contact support with no information on how to contact a support person.
  • Not working with new update

    By ElkinsLovett
    Great until now. Unable to open the app on my iPhone X. Will change providers if fix is not implemented soon
  • Went from good to very bad

    By Edrd001
    I have been a subscriber for over two years. The service initially was ok. The UI has always been bad. However they recently raised their prices and no updates to the app have been made. Oh yes, an update that now makes it impossible for the app to open on iPhone XS Max. I’m exploring other options and most likely will cancel my service with this company.
  • Reboot

    By renee10169
    I keep trying to view faxes in the app and every time I click the inbox the app closes. It’s driving me insane.
  • Can not open app any longer

    By Schlichaa
    This app will no longer even open. Needs update
  • Crashes

    By Tchemp
    Crashes every time I try to open a fax. Which was the whole point of my downloading the app.
  • Not been working well

    By Mother Goose, Jr
    The faxes take. A long time to go through and often end up failing!
  • App keeps crashing

    By Ctekin
    Web version works great and allows you to save frequently faxes documents however the app for iOS keeps crashing with updates to fix the issue
  • Ap rarely works to view inbox

    By RleePT
    I love being able to send and receive secure faxes digitally but I am on the run and often need this to work over iOS instead of just on the laptop. Over the past year, for whatever reason trying to open my inbox crashes the ap. There will be a brief update that fixes this, then when another iOS update occurs, it will take another 6 months for sFax to update theirs as well and during that time the inbox will continue to crash the ap. I have reported this in the past. The cycle continues and the delay in repairs is quite lengthy. The web service is worthwhile. The ap is not functional.
  • Crashes on IOS 12

    By zSandman
    Service too expensive, app doesn’t work. Move on to another service provider...
  • App no longer opens

    By Hghsjxjsosndjxd
    App fails to open. Used to work on my iPhone 6s. After switching to iPhone Xs, it won’t open.
  • No Face ID

    By God_of_Thndr21
    Upgrade the app to work with Face ID!! It’s still has Touch ID and the app crashes if you try to enable it.
  • Broken

    By itinerantmonk
    The app used to work. For the last month or so it crashes every time I try to check or send faxes. Customer service is abysmal-I have yet to find a way to get someone to respond. The web based product is solid-I’ve used it for a decade. I just work they would offer support for the app.
  • Terrible Customer Service

    By atty53214
    I purchased a fax account over five years ago with SFax and they eliminated the reasonably priced service plan I had. Still I wanted to keep my number so I agreed to take on their new costs. They goofed up and gave me a brand new account and I didn’t get my previous number. I had to call and get them to give me my old number and they gave me that and the old number and charged me for both. Twice. The refused to fix their error and refund me for all of the duplicative costs. I ended up being fb scammed hundreds of dollars because of the mistake they acknowledged making. Don’t use this, there are cheaper and more honest companies out there!
  • Updated review: App crashing, no updates for a year

    By NicknamesRAsinine
    J2, which bought sfax, has raised the price per month of the cheapest plan from $15/mo to $29/mo, instituted a page limit, overage charges, and changed the numbers to all toll free numbers. When they made all of these changes they also summarily cancelled my account, without notification that this would happen. I had a fax come in that I was unable to access because they cancelled my account--which was always paid on time and was used for legitimate business purposes at a number of pages far below their new monthly limits. For a service advertising to businesses that require privacy and legal compliance this is outrageous behavior on behalf of the company. Look elsewhere for a fax service. I'll never give J2 any of my money again. Original review below: App crashes when I try to open my inbox, even after deleting and reinstalling the app. There have been no updates for a year. sfax appears to have been bought by the same company that buys up so many of the online fax services, which is disappointing. When I first subscribed to sfax I was coming to them from a company that also got bought buy this same company gobbling up fax services and then deteriorating the services. I won't be renewing my subscription. As other reviewers have noted, you can't import documents into the app to fax from your device so the functionality is severely hampered. The app was only good for resending a fax that didn't go through or checking the status of a fax sent from a browser. Honestly, the browser interface is also subpar. The only thing I have liked about sfax is that it's HIPAA compliant.
  • The website app has much more functionality on the iPhone than the app

    By Procat
    The website app works better than this app on the iPhone. The app cannot import documents directly to the documents folder - it can only attach them while sending fax. Also, the app can only send a photo from the iPhone and cannot use pdf files. The app cannot use your cloud connections to add a file but only the ones owned by the sfax company. It's very clunky and klugy and hard to use with missing and limited features. Stick with the website app.
  • Sfax

    By AbdRahim
    They used to be affordable for the little person, but I guess we are not profitable enough. Way too expensive for the retiree, who needs secure faxing for a few documents 2-3 times a year.