LeapFrog Academy™ Learning

LeapFrog Academy™ Learning

  • Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2016-11-11
  • Current Version: 1.16
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 86.12 MB
  • Developer: LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 1 180


2,000+ Learning Activities with No Ads Our interactive educational app provides a well-rounded curriculum that helps build key developmental skills. Designed by educators and built by the leading brand in learning for kids, LeapFrog Academy™ provides learning games for kids ages 3, 4, 5 and 6 years old that explore a variety of skills that are important to development. Log in to your existing account or sign up for this learning app and get a 1 Month FREE trial. The program includes more than 2,000 of our best eBooks, games, puzzles and videos. Each Learning Adventure provides a well-rounded curriculum that includes traditional school subjects blended with life skills like creativity, problem solving and social-emotional skills. • Reading & Writing – Early reading, language and spelling skills build a critical foundation for learning. Become confident readers with lessons in the ABCs, syllables, uppercase and lowercase letters and rhymes. • Math – Skills like counting, comparing and sorting help young learners think critically and solve problems to challenge them at the right level. • Science – Explore scientific concepts including STEM skills, life cycles, human body, simple machines, observations and more. • Critical Thinking & Problem Solving – Develops memory and planning skills by exercising logic and reasoning. • Creativity – A strong foundation of music and art help children in their ability to create and imagine. • Health & Feelings – Strong social and emotional skills allow children to develop and engage with learning that they can bring to their daily lives. LeapFrog Academy™ Key Features: • More than 2,000 learning activities including eBooks, games, puzzles, videos, music and art across a variety of Learning Adventures that become more advanced as your child progresses. • My Learning Lab, which provides extra activities that offer additional practice in subjects your child needs help mastering or more difficult activities designed to keep them challenged. • Earn rewards by collecting marbles or completing lessons. Rewards include clothes, accessories, pets or pieces for their Collection. • Up to 5 child profiles included with your subscription. • The Parent Dashboard lets you choose and change your kid’s Learning Adventure and see what activities are offered in My Learning Lab. It also lets you see how your child is progressing, view your account, manage each profile and more. • No Wi-Fi, no problem! Play most of your favorite activities by adding up to 24 of them to your Favorites. Then, continue to play your favorite games without an internet connection. LeapFrog Academy™ learning app is a safe environment for children. There’s no advertising or ability for an external party to contact your child. Terms and Conditions: www.leapfrog.com/terms-academy Privacy Policy: www.leapfrog.com/privacypolicy Subscription Details: Upon downloading the app, choose your subscription plan and activate a 1-Month free trial. Cancel any time from your iTunes account and enjoy the app until your subscription plan ends. • While the app is free to download, one of three subscription plans is required to access the program. Choose from the following plans to get started: • Monthly Plan: $7.99/month • 6-Month Plan: $39.99 every 6 months • 12-Month Plan: $69.99 every 12 months • FREE 1 Month trial starts after you sign up for the subscription • Subscription fee will be charged on the first day following the 1-Month free trial and will be charged to your iTunes account • Subscription is automatically renewed at the end of each billing period unless cancelled at least 24 hours before the end of the current billing period • Subscription can be managed at any time via your iTunes account • If you have any questions, visit www.leapfrog.com/support



  • Needs to be fixed!!!

    By Cordero09
    My daughter keeps trying to play and when clicks on an activity says error and sends her back to main menu. I really want to love app but if this keeps happening what’s the point of paying monthly.
  • Hardly ever works

    By |Bigred21
    We haven’t been able to enter the app for several months now. It just stays on the loading screen for several minutes then crashes and freezes the ipad. We have continued to be charged monthly for it. I have tried several times on iphone and ipad to sign in to cancel through the browser, BUT IT REQUESTS TO DOWNLOAD THE APP TO CONTINUE!!!! The app DOES NOT WORK, so i can’t make changes/cancel account. Basically I am paying monthly for A CHANCE that the app will work. When it did work without any crashes it was very pleasant, if i remember correctly it may have worked flawlessly for about a week then the crashes and forever loading screen began.
  • Not works no on iPad

    By ShantiaC
    This app will not work on my sons iPad but work on my phone.
  • Can’t access anything!

    By jeanniemarie92
    I just signed up for this for my child tonight and I can’t log in to the parent dashboard because my whole password won’t fit! So I tried to login to the website and it isn’t letting me see my account info anywhere. I’ve searched every inch of that site and tried to reset using the password reset, seems like a ploy to make it so you can’t cancel before your trial is up. Which I wasn’t even planning on doing, but considering it now. Running around in circles and this is not cool.
  • Love the app

    By Acj1715
    My kids all love the app. I would love it too if it would stay signed in. It seems like every time they close out the app to play something else it completely signs them out.
  • Not free

    By nik05
    Has a monthly fee
  • Does not work on older devices

    By tomnmarg
    This game freezes and constantly reboots my iPad 4th generation. I never would have updated if I new this would happen. Should charge half the price since it works half the time. Will be cancelling subscription as well and trying ABC Mouse!
  • Great Supplemental Learning

    By Lol 95 :)
    The program is great and my daughter loves that it's like a game. The only complaint is that the program seems to freeze up a lot when moving between lessons.
  • Says subscription has expired

    By lintayhome
    Can’t access app at all despite having restarted monthly subscription. Doesn’t work and just wasted $7.99USD
  • Lots of issues

    By Amydoll21981
    First, my kids love this app. It just does not work properly. They have to log back in constantly. The app freezes all the time, then they get frustrated with it not loading and end up playing something else.
  • Great, when it works.

    By Jmw211
    My kids enjoyed the app the first time they played with it (according to them, it is way better than the educational app they were using before), the next time they tried to play, it was frozen. After doing some looking around, I found instructions from LeapFrog on how to fix the problem. Once again, my kids enjoyed the app. Unfortunately, the way we had to set it up makes it so other things we use the iPad for, don’t work. I don’t want to have to change the settings every time my kids want to do this app. Unless we can find away to make this work better, we won’t be subscribing.
  • Never loads!!!

    By ton2phil
    My kids love the app when it works. I have to delete every time they want to use it. It’s a waste of time and money.
  • This app is the worst

    By Jerseygirl1987
    I love the concept of the app but it never works. I’m not renewing my subscription. I don’t have time to keep deleting it and reinstalling.
  • Doesn't work more often than it does

    By haneyacademy
    When the app works, it is great. The problem is it doesn't work more often than it does. It looks you out repeatedly and then it resets the game specific age setting to 6+ every time even though your parent dashboard will show the age that you set. You have to change the age setting on the left of that screen every time. Most of the time after it logs you out it will freeze on the loading screen when the bar is full. Restarting the app or iPad does no good. You have to delete the app and reinstall it every time. We have two tablets and it occurs equally often on both. Will cancel subscription if this continues. Too bad. It would be a good app if it worked.
  • Leap Frog constantly freezes

    By kam1222
    I downloaded the app a few days ago. Since that time, I have deleted and uploaded the app multiple times due to the app freezing. Is there a bug fix for this problem? If not, I think I will delete and cancel membership. I hope there is a bug fix because my daughter loves the app when it’s actually working.
  • Terrible

    By GlenB175348
    I have a free trial for this app, when I downloaded it it only worked sometimes. Now I can't even get it to start. To make matters worse I missed the reminder to cancel it so now I'm paying for an app that won't even load. I cancelled it within an hour of getting charged, but evidently I can't get a refund. Don't waste your time.
  • Buggy App Very Frustrating

    By MonkeyDeathcar80
    Similar to others. My daughter loves learning on it, but it crashes nearly constantly and I have to delete it, reinstall, sign in, etc. If it’s not updated and fixed soon, we’re canceling.
  • Waste of money

    By Sarxyz
    I took monthly subscription and my kid only played couple of times in a month , rest of the time it never loads for him to play. Waste of money.

    By swtmnm
    The app was great, But the recent update won’t even let me open it now. What am I paying for??
  • Good concept-doesn’t work :(

    By Don'tTouchMyTouch
    I downloaded today and signed up for the free trial. The app crashed 3 times in the first 5 minutes of playing. My 4yo got frustrated and walked away. There is NO WAY I’m paying monthly for this garbage!!!!!
  • I REALLY wish this worked

    By jaykinlaikal
    I love everything about this app. I have a kindergartener and 1st grader. They love the levels. I love tracking progress. I love the read on my own option so I can listen to them read while I multi task but they have assistance when needed. BUT THE APP NEEEEVVVVVEEEEERRRRRR works properly. I’ve tried iPads iPhones android tablets and phones and the app crashes and freezes! I wish I could find a app that is equal but works. I’ve wasted sooo much money and my kids can only play it 1/3 of the time. I guess I am finally fed up and will be deleting the app and cancelling my subscription. Please update your technology.
  • It’s great, when it works.

    By amgals
    This app is great but only when it works. It logs me out constantly which means my 4yo can’t play whenever he wants. Every time I have to log back in, it never works, it gets to the LeapFrog screen, the loading bar loads completely but then it freezes, and even completely exiting the app and reopening does nothing. I pay for the monthly subscription for it to work occasionally. Disappointed because of how much my son loves it. Canceling my subscription and deleting the app.
  • Crashing

    By 2 People 1 Marriage
    My daughter loves this app, she’s super sad that she can’t play it because it keeps crashing. At this point it won’t even come on at all, it glitches then closes. Help developers if you can
  • Too many bugs

    By depecheroni
    I’ve been trying since yesterday to have my son play this, but it’s slow and glitches or just doesn’t even load. After 5 restarts of the app, he finally played a game for two minutes and then it stopped working again.For 8 bucks a month they better hurry and fix this. I love leapfrog stuff so I really hope I don’t have to cancel this.
  • Freezes every time

    By Dinomom37
    We love the concept of the app. My son loves building up to get a pet surprise but every time we play it freezes and we have to log out and back in. Sometimes that doesn’t work and we have to delete the app and install. This all takes time and definitely not worth it. How is he supposed to learn when it freezes every single time we play!! Want my money back!!
  • Freezes

    By gaile.ciria
    I just started my 3 year old on this app and it keeps freezing on us. And when I close the app/kill it to restart, the music still plays on. Annoying that when my kid is trying to learn and play I have to keep restarting it.
  • Very disappointed!!!!

    By Mfeldhen
    Great game, however, the game froze on the leapfrog opening page. My daughter was very upset that the game would not open. I even tried deleting the app to reload it but that did not help.
  • Leap frog - app freeze

    By Texraisef
    It’s great learning tool daughter loves it. But it freezes all the time and some times I have to delete and re download app. It’s not my device cause it’s the problem on both my phones. Fix that and it would be good
  • Freezes

    By KenRP
    I really enjoy the app and so does my son however it freezes every time he plays which is very frustrating. When it would open it was great but it wouldn’t open more than it would or it would freeze mid game. Making one grumpy three year old.
  • Wish it would work!

    By Monikrob
    My kids loved this app for the first few weeks, until it stopped launching properly! I’ve restarted my device, deleted the app and downloaded again, all efforts seem to be a temporary fix, if anything. I am VERY disappointed that it won’t function properly- waste of money!!
  • Was great till crashed

    By bdshou2
    We love this app but the game keeps freezing and crashing. Please fix this so we can renew our subscription. Till then, we're going to have to leave leapfrog.
  • Annoyed

    By DontGoChasingCars
    My 3 year old daughter is really liking this app. But it keeps freezing and she keeps getting aggravated. I hope there’s an update soon to fix this or we’ll probably unfortunately go back to abc mouse. She likes leap frog better.
  • Freezes constantly

    By Sierra2288
    So this app is great, the content is age appropriate and my son loves the games! I would recommend this app - BUT it constantly freezes! CONSTANTLY! The developer needs an update to fix this glitch or I will go back to ABC mouse........... This app is definitely more engaging and has better content, but the freezing are out of control! Once the app is fixed, I would be happy to rate 5 stars!
  • Only works half the time

    By mirh577
    I am very dissatisfied with this service. I can only get the app to upload and start half the time that I use it. The other half of the time, it freezes in the middle of my son’s lesson and we have to restart it. I haven’t been able to access the lessons for the last 3 days. Canceling my subscription.
  • Constantly freezes

    By Lexi197865432677
    Testing out the free month trial, the kids love it but it constantly freezes. Guess we won’t continue beyond the trial...bummer!

    By Jdkdinekdd
    Says free with “in-app” purchases but as soon as you open the app, it tells you to choose your payment option. No free version to see how it is before you make a purchase
  • Having problems to open leapfrog stays in loading

    By samyprincess
    I am having issues my daughter likes your app but when you open the app stays in loading mode and doesn’t move from there and I have tried to reopen and I have turn off my iPhone and it is the same.I have to delete the app and downloaded again everytime when she wants to play leapfrog can you fix these issue?
  • Last update has caused massive bugginess

    By HL Davidson
    Awesome app that is currently very difficult to use since last update. Please fix!
  • Crashes All The Time

    By BStoneEvans
    Leap frog should be ashamed that they put a great product out for learning and the app won’t stop freezing and crashing kids can’t stay focused when they can’t get into and learn.
  • Paid for, now crashes all the time. What a failure.

    By Effie C
    Subscribed to this, forced to update two days later and now can't even use.
  • Accessing Leapfrog Academy

    By schmid_f
    I have the apple parental control restrictions setup on my daughters iPad where I have the specific websites she can visit entered only. I feel that the “limit adult content” setting is still too much freedom for an 8 year old if she wanders to the internet and accidentally searches...As a parent, I just don’t feel comfortable using someone else’s interpretation of what “adult content” is where my children are concerned. My point in explaining this is that when I have the controls set up this way, even if I place this app under “always allow”, the app will not launch. The only way I’ve been able to get it to launch successfully is to select “limit adult content” under the apple restrictions, which I am not comfortable with. Has anyone encountered this and found a way to fix it? Do I need to enter the leapfrog website as an accessible website, and if so, what is the specific site or sites? I love the app otherwise.
  • Poor customer service

    By Fungamerville
    App down for multiple days - customer service only response is “it was communicated on our website & it is back up” - app still down. This is a PAID subscription, no offer for a refund or accommodation of any kind. Disappointed to say the least - can someone from customer service call and explain the situation to my 4 year old please?
  • App continues to crash

    By M_Bree
    App continues to crash, they make it extremely difficult to cancel your subscription due tot he fact the app crashes and you can’t get into your account. Would not recommend this app
  • Does not work

    By diana sule
    This app will not let me sign up. Half the time will not even open. I already put in my personal info, it will not charge me.
  • No sound

    By aimruss
    1st day of my trial and there’s no sound. How can a child learn to read without instructions etc for these games.
  • My iPad Needs Airbags ...

    By HolyPissPoorAppBatman
    ... for how often this app crashes. It’s ridiculous. And under In-App purchases, it says $7.99. I figure, “OK - $7.99 for a Leap Frog app with no ads? Sure.” But no, once you sign up, you find it’s $7.99 a month - almost $100 a year - for a kids’ app. No thanks.
  • Trash

    By schoolkid2018
    Keep crashing. Not worth the money paid for
  • High fees

    By CSisneros
    This app charged me $10.99 just to download! On top there’s a $7.99 monthly fee! This is insane and I’m not paying all this money for an app. No where does it say it’s $10.99 just to download. This is completely ridiculous. Totally not work it.
  • Really great... for awhile

    By Dr Mojo MD
    My son (5 years now) loved this, and it was really helping him learn a lot of useful tools for school. Small problem at first... his avatar was clearly female, and he could only ever earn dresses, etc., even though his profile was clearly marked “boy.” Not a big deal, though... we’re pretty gender inclusive in our family, so it was just a brief discussion, and he didn’t really mind after he understood that the avatar didn’t have to be him in the game. Small issues started creeping in: a lesson or two wouldn’t load, app would crash, or things would get stuck on opening... a bit annoying, but not a big deal overall. Then came the thing that ruined it for him... he was about 2/3 of the way through his lesson. He had earned all of the “collection” puzzle pieces... and he filled up all the available spaces for his collections. From then on, he only ever earned “certificates.” He lost all motivation to play, and being highly verbal, he clearly communicated that he did not want to play anymore because he couldn’t earn any more of the “statues.” I was able to re-spark his interest for about one more week by resetting his progress and starting him on a higher level... but once he saw that the puzzle pieces would build the same monuments, he angrily said “I already got those,” and stopped playing altogether. This is not a major design flaw, and other children might be motivated by earning more and more “clothes” and pets, but I figure that for $8/month the “My World” feature could be easily expanded to accommodate more spaces for what is a major motivating factor for some children. This game would EASILY be 5-stars (even with the subscription price) if these three simple issues were resolved.