AT&T Call Protect

AT&T Call Protect

  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2016-12-20
  • Current Version: 1.6.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 45.51 MB
  • Developer: AT&T Services, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.3 or later.
  • Rating Count: 302 837


AT&T Call Protect uses the power of the AT&T network to automatically block potential fraud calls, show warnings of suspected spam calls and gives you the power to add unwanted callers to your personal block list. Avail. for AT&T postpaid and business wireless customers with eligible wireless service. Excludes government and AT&T PREPAID. Compatible device is required: iPhone 6 or newer running iOS 9.3+ and includes AT&T HD Voice-enabled smartphones. Smartphones sold by other carriers may not be eligible. AT&T Call Protect: - Automatic Fraud Blocking: Detects and blocks calls from likely fraudsters, before your phone even rings - Heads up on Suspected Spam*: Warns you of telemarketers and other suspected spam calls so that you may decide whether to answer, ignore, or block - Personal Block List: Allows you to add unwanted callers to your own block list - Report Spam Calls: Help identify suspected spam and likely fraud calls. Your reports help us to continually improve our service for everyone AT&T Call Protect Plus (In-app purchase): - Custom Call Controls: Take more control by choosing entire Categories (Telemarketer, Political Calls, etc.) of callers to allow, send to voicemail or automatically block - Enhanced Caller ID*: Identify your incoming callers by name and location - Reverse Number Lookup: Enter a U.S. number to get caller details. Up to 200 queries per user within 24-hour period. *Available in HD Voice coverage areas AT&T Call Protect: Automatic Fraud Blocking: May inadvertently block wanted calls. Suspected Spam Warning: May allow service messages and/or other permitted calls. Personal Block List: Permits blocking of individual phone numbers (excludes unknown numbers). Manage all settings via app. AT&T Call Protect Plus: Subscribers pay $3.99/mo. Auto-billed every month through your iTunes account unless canceled. Subscription automatically renews and your account will be charged $3.99 unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. To manage your AT&T Call Protect Plus (“Plus”) subscription, go to iTunes. Once your Plus subscription is canceled, you will be downgraded to the basic free version of AT&T Call Protect. To remove the service entirely, you must cancel within the app or via myAT&T, once your iTunes subscription ends. Payments are nonrefundable (subj. to applicable law). Custom Call Controls: All call categories, except Fraud, are automatically set to allow. Manage all settings via app. Rates: Data charges may apply for app download and usage. Other charges and restr. may apply. For complete terms for AT&T Call Protect, see



  • Call Blocking

    By telemarkerters
    I’ve been receiving these calls for months now And finally I decided to do something about it So I decided to call you and find out what could be done about it,,,,,
  • Seriously?

    By AEtkind
    It’s not really blocking any spam and spoof calls on my phone. I think it caught and stopped three. Out of dozens, over almost a week. It identifies spam and spoof on hubby’s phone, but lets some of them through. And there’s no way to adjust settings. You have to block after the fact most of the time. NOT as advertised.
  • Doesn’t Block Much

    By ayampols
    It tells you what you already know — you’re being spammed. All it needs to do is respect your desire to block the robo callers and telemarketers it sometimes successfully identifies. But it doesn’t let you block them, so I fail to see the point.
  • Call protect Pro

    By BouvLovee
    Totally agree with another reviewer: $3.99 per month to provide scam free service is robbery! This should be AT&T RESPONSIBILITY. They have my number and should PROTECT it from unwanted calls.
  • Doesn’t work

    By formerlyblue
    Can’t get a pin.
  • Tons of telemarking call

    By best to avoid
    I downloaded this app and all of a sudden my wife and I are getting 9 to 10 telemarking calls a day. Coincidence. Maybe. It takes your contacts info.
  • Not registering all calls

    By Chef_kat
    I have numbers that call in that are nothing but spam- I go into call protect within 5 minutes of the call and they do not show any call coming in.
  • Jcprp011819

    By jcprp011819
    The phone calls are still coming in with Misleading names, how can they falsely use names and the people are not aware that there number is being used to call someone with miss leading info !!!
  • Worthless app

    By Tterwill
    I went from 4-5 spam calls a day to over 15+ when I downloaded this app!! Total crap! DO NOT DOWNLOAD!
  • Worked Amazingly Well

    By rlyle0951
    I’ve loved this app since I installed it on my iPhone 6s. It worked amazingly well. Since I upgraded to the iPhone XR, numbers that I show as Blocked are coming through. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app but that didn’t fix it. If the app will actually block all the numbers I’ve blocked, I would rate it 5 stars.
  • Blocked calls still coming through

    By Inspecman
    I have no complaints but all’s still getting through. Some with only a nine digit number. I am okay, but if I block a number how is it getting through.
  • Not the best

    By I fly Rc
    Still allows lots of unknown numbers which could be scammers.
  • can’t even login

    By Caylin Taylor
    keeps saying a system error

    By Swag7956
    I Don’t Like To Ever Give a Bad Review With 5 Stars And I Shouldn’t Have To Go Through What I’ve Gone Through The Past 10 Years Of My Life With My phones n Phone Numbers. I’ve Known What The Problem Was N Took AT&T Decade To For Someone There Saw What I Saw and My Phone Line Was Locked The Entire Time And AT&T’s Commplementaries only Left Me With Unbroken Statements Because I Never Received a brand new phone Only To have to call back again an Spend Another Emotional Dreadfull Hours On The Phone Or Online Chat To Have To Repeat Myself Time After Time To Hear That Yes There Was An Order And To go Through The Process Again To Receive A Refurbished iPhone 7 Which As Before The First Order That was Recognized had been lost undetermined I don’t know. My Phone Had Been Locked For My Entire Sons Growing Stages And From Pursuing My Goals To Nothing But RoadBlocks N Health Issues And when Your Watch can’t even monitor you for a simple heart rate because of the phone and number associated with that phone is absolutely blocking the most important daily lifestyle activities not able to retrieve Data Has Taken It’s Toll n when it comes to not being able to reach out for help if I was alone for emergencies due to heart issues n other issues become extremely scarey especially when you don’t have health insurance let alone no one could call or reach me anyway because I was BLOCKED FROM MY OWN PHONE!!! I HAVE THE PICTURES TO PROOVE IT!!! The Only Thing That I want to say is That I have proof of the year n with my phone number ONLY out of 3-5 Phone Number Lines including My cellular watch ON PAPER WITH A HIGHLIGHTED LAST 4 DIGITS ONLY JUST MYN!!! FOR A REFUND FOR SOMETHING THAT IS TOTALLY NOTHING TO DO WITH ROADSIDE SERVICE HERE!!!!! MY PHONE HAS BEEN LOCKED OKAY WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO TO WITH THE ACCOUNT HOLDER AND ROADSIDE SERVICE REFUND BECAUSE IVE MADE IT CLEAR IN REPORTS BEFORE AND I WILL NOT STAND FOR MY ABUSER TO BE REWARDED FOR SOMETHING THAT IVE BEEN NOT ONLY BLOCKED FOR MY PHONE IVE BEEN BLOCKED FROM HAVING A HAPPY LIFE AND MISSING OUT ON BEING THE PARENT I COULD HAVE BEEN MY POINT IS NO ONE WILL BENEFIT FROM WHAT THIS HAS CAUSED ME BECAUSE OF IT. I DONT HAVE ANYONE BUT MYSELF TO STAND UP FOR MY RIGHTS AND I JUST THANK GOD FOR GIVING ME THE STRENGTH THROUGH OUT THIS WHOLE MESS AND POWERS THAT SHEILDS ME TO BLOCK THE EVIL FROM ALL DIRECTIONS FROM DESTROYING ME AND THE COURAGE TO HOLD ON NOT FOR A SECOND NOT FOR A MIN OR JUST A DAY BUT A DECADE N GIVING ME THE PATIENCE TO GO WITH THE FLOW EVEN WHEN TO ALMOST DROWNING N THE WISDOM YOU GAVE ME LEAVING ME WITH THE KNOWLEDGE THAT YOU GUIDED ME THROUGH TO HAVE THE FAITH TO NEVER GIVE UP HOPE NO MATTER HOW HARD THIS HAS BEEN FOR MY LIFE AS A HUMAN BEING AND I THANK FOR THE CONFIDENCE OF WORDS THAT I SPEAK NOW THAT SOMEONE SOMEWHERE WILL FIGURE THIS OUT BEFORE HEAVEN CALLS FOR ME!!!! I also wanted to say that no matter the account holder or the service I’m the victim here n the funniest thing about all of this is the account holder is being rewarded a refund from the year my life stopped for roadside service with my phone number line???? Need ANSWERS P.S. THE THE SADDEST PART OF ALL OF THE IS THAT YOU AT&T MADE ME LOOK AS IF I WAS CRAZY N I THANK GOD FOR GUIDING ME THROUGH MY OWN INVESTIGATION ABOUT MY OWN IDENTITY NOT BEING ABLE TO CONFIRM ANYTHING THAT WAS MYN DUE TO AT&T’s EMPLOYEES NOT LISTENING TO ME N HAS BECOME MY WAY OF LIFE 😓😪🤧😮🤔😠😷😴💔 ITS BEEN NOTHING BUT A ROLLER COASTER CRASHING INTO ROADSIDE BLOCKS OF MY LIFE EVEN BLOCKING PEOPLE TRYING TO HELP ME N NOT ABLE DUE TO MY PHONE BEING BLOCKED ANYONE FROM CONTACTING ME!!!! DUE TO ROADSIDE SERVICES THROUGHOUT A DECADE AGO??? HELLO!!! I’M HERE IM NOT JUST A PHONE LINE!!!
  • Disappointed

    By Thank goodness it was free
    This worked great at first. The calls have started back. Now it looks like they want me to pay for extra protection. Why not fix the app?
  • Works great

    By JeremyDylanLugo
    Works great most of the time. It lets certain calls in that imo should be blocked but over all it works like it should. My only issue is that I have to pay for this. It’s not a lot but I’ve been with at&t since I was 17. Honestly think this should be included for long term costumers. Giving it 5 stars bc the app blocks any unwanted calls almost perfectly.
  • Blocked my own phones

    By 6dozen
    This app blocked my wife’s phone and my home landline while letting many spam calls through.
  • Works for some calls, but misses the mark often.

    By runsonios
    Perhaps telemarketers and scammers are now churning through outbound caller id numbers faster and faster. The app frequently does not warn you it’s a telemarketer or robocall. I am also not confident in its Caller ID data. Perhaps it can only show whatever info the telemarketer sent or shows who it might be if the caller id number has been spoofed. Perhaps I’m wanting technology that doesn’t exist just yet. I would expect a generic brand app to be a little off. I expect that if the AT&T is providing the app/service, charging me monthly for this service— that the reliability of the info, warnings, and flags be more accurate.
  • Duplicates mostly what my iPhone already does

    By dsdhjjad
    It doesn’t seem to catch the crap calls any better than I do by blocking the numbers on my phone
  • Save your $$$$

    By matts5656
    Tried paid version still get a ton of robocalls. Now they just include a number so the app identifies the number but still allows it through. Offers you the option to block it after you report it. So basically ur doing all the legwork for AT&T reporting all the numbers and paying them each month for the pleasure. Save your $$$ and just block the calls for free with your iPhones included block.
  • att call protect plus

    By indyfan88
    It’s worked great up until about a week ago. Blocked almost all unwanted calls. About a week ago calls from telemarketers and other unknown numbers stopped being blocked. I have to manually block them now. It also stopped showing notifications on the IPhone screen. I haven’t changed any settings. I pay extra for the plus and have called Att customer service and they have no answers to my problems. What’s going on?
  • Good app

    By Annoyed in AZ
    Works pretty well
  • Not effective

    By Wiseowltoo
    Your app is worthless because it only works after the call is received. A call came from a group called “Robocaller” and it came through without a problem. Now the app ask me if I want to block the call. Any one can predict the weather the day after it happens. Also why do you have to pay $3.99 more a month for a tele communication company to do its job and block unwanted calls. Give me a freaking break!
  • Not Impressed

    By ljsfunone
    It seemed to work at first, but now no longer seems to be blocking any calls. They still come in but now show AT&T Suspected Spam”....which is not helpful. I am getting anywhere from 3-5 unsolicited calls weekdays. If you block them with IPhone settings, they just call from a different number. Think I am going to try a paid service next. Not recommended.
  • Seems ineffective

    By unhappy rpm
    Don’t think this is working well
  • Works sometimes only

    By Debbeti
    Works sometimes only
  • Major regression in latest version

    By Anon12358132133
    Gave it one star review because it asked me to rate it after every tap.
  • Very frustrated

    By littlefoot586
    When I first down loaded this app. it worked great. Now I'm getting more solicitation calls then ever & this app isn't blocking any oh of them at all! I have to go into the app & manually block them. Very frustrating.
  • Did not work

    By ES5280
    This app does not work at all. Also no information re cost. I still get spam calls everyday with no alert.
  • Can’t sign up

    By Okieeyes
    Downloaded on the iPhone XR. Tried to enable the premium service. It says to push side button to confirm but nothing happens. Deleted and tried again. Still nothing.
  • What happened?

    By Mrshemperley
    This app worked great at first, but now it letting calls go through constantly. I’ve received 4 unknown caller calls today and not a single one was block. Seems like I’m receiving more spam calls since signing up for this.
  • Nothing gets blocks

    By skoelaodjend
    Nothing is getting blocked. It’s free so I’m getting what I have paid for.
  • Still lets obvious bad calls come thru - 00000000

    By boborojo
    Mixed review, now i am on version 1.6.238. App store says there is a higher-number version 4 months old but wont upgrade me to it. Just today, i rejected a call coming from ID 00000000 and it never showed up as an incoming call in this app. I can’t block a number that never shows in the app incoming call list. I use this app as an At&t customer. Some telemarket calls get blocked, i guess it guess it reduced bogus calls by 25-50 percent. I still get tons of bogus calls from fake caller IDs that match the first 6 digits of my 10-digit number. Often come in clusters of 2 or 3 a minute. Why can’t the telcos detect and prohibit false caller ids? They own the network and authenticate the point of origin for all calls, but they still allow any telemarketer to use a computer to originate fake calls with impunity.
  • Lo Chejuhhoru rh. Hi h

    By gefftt
  • Call stop

    By Jlmcker7
    It’s works for some numbers but to many local numbers being used now
  • “Call Protect Plus” should be free

    By johnsaboe
    It should also be possible to block local numbers that aren’t contacts - they’re all scams.
  • Only block 10%

    By Ranooooooo
    I had the plus one but still Receiving a lot of spam calls and it’s never stop the unknown calls and never stop invalid number very bad app
  • Not working

    By Rhemington
    Not blocking the calls
  • Giant waste!

    By like this stuff
    Before the new year, this was a great app. Now, this app is letting every known spam/telemarketer thru! 6-8 times a day I'm being bombarded by crap calls; even ones I have already blocked! I already pay enough to at&t that this shouldn't happen!
  • Only worked day 1

    By jess~~•
    It blocked 3 calls the first day and hasn’t blocked a single telemarketer or spam call since. I’ve had to ignore and manually block everything.
  • Using app for a week to block “unknown caller” solicitations.

    By Tecmando
    So far the app seems to be working good but I don’t understand why I can’t just block all unknown callers. I’m using the free version and I also don’t understand why I have to pay for the advanced features. Seems to me there used to be an option on my phone to block any number that did not have caller ID. Now that option is gone and I have to pay somebody for the right to block them? It frustrates me that the phone companies seem to be trying to find new ways to bill us monthly for things that should be provided as part of the service.
  • Not working well so far

    I have only use this app for the week and it hasn’t blocked a single phone call.. I was using a Robo killer which was great initially but updates were not compatible with AT&T iPhones.
  • Will not work on firstnet

    By Technogeek8905
    Error message on firstnet service. Will not work.
  • Doesn’t alert me to many spam calls

    By tiredoftelemarketers
    This doesn’t seem to work that well
  • Another gimmick

    By Anthonioj
    It worked fine until the last update, NOW? It doesn’t work without having “AT&T HD Voice”... deleting.
  • If I could give it a half star that would still be to much!

    By FedUp in Ohio
    I personally did not like the app. When a telemarketer called which have been bugging me for four straight months even when I tell them to put me on their do not call list they still call. I downloaded this app because it states it can tell you if it’s a “spam” call or a telemarketer. Well, all it did was the same as my phones caller ID, gave me state and phone number big whoop! I already had that I wanted to see more information than that. I deleted the app needless to say didn’t even use it for 24 hours. I’ve had this number for a long time and these endless marking calls just started happening. I for one think AT&T is selling our phone numbers thinking we’ll pay for this useless app. Thanks for nothing AT&T from a loyal customer who after 15 years is ready to switch carriers if you cannot put an end to unwanted calls. 12 hours a day they call 5 days a week. If I could pester them at home I would do it in a heartbeat to show them what it’s like to call someone from 8 to 8!!
  • Doesn’t work

    By Titans9307
    This app does not block calls. I’m constantly getting robo calls. Just got three more today.
  • Shows “AT&T Telemarketer Alert” but does not block

    By ams1234954
    Have it for more than a week now. First two-three days, I did not get any spam calls and was super happy with this this. Then these calls (mostly telemarketing firms selling health insurance) resumed. I get minimum three such calls per day which I manually block. I dont know what purpose this app serves!!!
  • useless

    By fhuytgcf
    Does not block robocalls or telemarketers. now it will not open.