Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire

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  • Release Date: 2017-06-28
  • Current Version:
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 159.02 MB
  • Developer: Epic Action LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 39 153


Rally your troops, deploy your traps, and prepare for the largest battle the Realm has ever seen. Lead your forces to victory and dominate the Realm in Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire! Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire is a mobile MMO experience that delivers massive warfare and thrilling adventures on your device. The possibilities are endless in the Realm. Want to ride a Chocobo to scout an enemy Empire? How about fighting Monsters and raiding their lairs for rare loot? Explore a vast world bursting with content as you build, upgrade, and fight your way to glory. Infantry, mages, cavalry, and siege units are yours to command and level-up. Put your army to the test by fighting alongside your Guild — and even competing in colossal Realm-vs-Realm events! In addition to defeating foes, you can enjoy countless features, including: - Unlock new playable Heroes like Lunafreya, Gladiolus, and Ignis - Build your very own Empire and set powerful Traps to halt your enemies - Craft weapons and armor for your Hero, from Gladiolus’ Hardedge to Aranea Highwind’s signature lance. - Battle Monsters and scavenge their lairs to uncover rare loot. - Chat with players from around the globe, receiving real-time translations in your language Be bold or be destroyed. Summon your strength in Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire! Privacy Policy: Terms of Service: Game Page:



  • Im surprised Squenix let this happen.

    By Margrave16
    This game is a moderate disgrace to the FF brand. I’m only playing it to win tokens in lucky day. If you expect anything even resembling other FF games don’t play this. It’s a hand holding, cash grabbing, cluttered UI mess. Nice music though. 1.5/5 rounded down.
  • Phone heats up too much

    By Bhavya mm
    Few minutes of play and iPhone x heats up too much. Only happens with this app. Also this game is a money pit!!!! Stay away
  • Fun, but be aware....

    By Dookie Ballz
    This game is a lot of fun don’t get me wrong. My empire is a level 15 blah blah. So I decided to buy one of the micro-transactions because my resources were scarce and the higher you go the more resources you need. You get my drift. Anyways, the first transaction was 4.99 right. I was like okay no problem. So I closed the app. Got back on a few hours later and what do you know. All micro transactions are 19.99, 49.99 and 99.99. What the hell happened to the 4.99 ones. This game is a definite money grabber for sure. Don’t download game if you aren’t willing to pay the price. Other than that it’s a real fun game for when your sitting on the toilet taking a crap.
  • Don’t download if not willing to pay!

    By Nerdy Truth
    I’ve been playing for over a year and one thing I’ll say early is be prepared to spend all your money just to try and get ahead! Don’t get me wrong there are days that I have fun but whenever someone wants to zero you just because you are a lower level then them be prepared to just roll over and take it because they’ve more then likely paid to get to their size and power and you won’t survive. So buyer beware money is truest power to n this game and if you are not willing or able to spend $100 (more often then not more times then I can count) just to easily get some upgrades you need then do not even bother downloading this game I’ve spent enough money on packs that I now feel obligated to play because I have spent more on this then I have for a brand new console system.
  • Why is it so expensive ??

    By Gosh fuzz
    Why the hell is everything $75 after making two purchases. I think you should put some more thought into the game rather than just milking the money tree.

    By Sethchaney
    Yes this is a war game, but when you have many levels of players come together the 40+ players will attack constantly until you have no choice but to join their “guild”. Once you join they leave you unprotected against the higher level guilds that are enemies. Must of your time will be spent being stuck between TAHS guild and their enemies. TAHS relentlessly attacks any players the will not join the or there 3 sister guilds. I almost want to say it’s the developers plot to get players to spend more and more money to level up! BUYER BEWARE, once you buy a $4.99 packages, they only offer the $19.99 packages to you afterwards. They way the TAHS guild attacks players, you could easily spend a fortune to level up. It’s not worth it. Trying to talk to LADY SHARK, Leader of TAHS is not worth it either. She’s ruthlessly annoying in trying to intimidate you in to joining all things TAHS. Developers have to be in on it!
  • It’s a competition?

    By Skindewd
    I’ve played game of war for years, and eventually I got tired of the pay to play style. I decided to give this game a try only to find that it’s EVEN MORE pay to play than GOW! At this point it’s almost like the developers are competing for most pay to play game. Honestly I think this one takes the cake because even as a beginner it’s quite clear that this game doesn’t want you to GOW I could at least gather resources at a reasonably normal pace, but in final fantasy i try to harvest and it takes 3 hours and 20 minutes? It’s almost as if they’re trying to make this game “realistic” by making everything real time, and I don’t know about most of the gaming community but I don’t come to play games for their down to earth feel...especially the one with “fantasy” in its title.
  • Buyer beware!!!

    By papicito and barca10fan
    If you plan on buying anything, plan to drop at least $600-$1,000 to remain competitive. I played for 9 months. Packs are $100 per pack. You also do not get refunds or compensation for fraudulent and misleading packs. Meaning, if you don’t receive what you paid for, the devs are like “thank you for the input. We will consider this for future planning.” No money returned, no compensation. Nothing!!! Just my experience, Prospective whale...
  • Bad in game interface

    By NotTyro
    Back in a few months ago I had so much dispute that the cc company blocked Apple. What happened was that I was trying to make purchases but the cc stopped the transaction. Then apple charged me when the game didn’t register that I did not make the purchase. Email the game support, they told me to contact Apple, and Apple told me to call the credit card company. Called the cc company to block the payment. And the Apple would lock my account each time when that happens. The n I don’t know why Apple re-charge me again after my dispute. I swear I would pay for what I buy. But I won’t pay for something that I didn’t receive. No one was there to support. I email the game company for a list of transactions posted and they refused. This game is a scam.
  • More diverse profile pictures

    By Diandra B
    I love this game, but can the developers create more people of color for the profile pictures? Please.
  • Spend a lot for an unstable, crappy game

    By Krobby
    While this game started off well, it has degenerated to what you’d likely expect from a game like this. Unstable, untested “improvements” are pushed through from developers that are more interested in coercing players to spend money than in increasing enjoyment of the game. Expect to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars to be even relevant in this game. Even then, at the random will of developers, expect work and money that you’ve invested in this game to be for naught when developers make another poorly thought out “enhancement”. Do yourself a favor and stay as far away from this game as possilble.
  • Save your time

    By MorpheusMedic
    This could be a great game but it is a Pay to Play with the worst customer support in existence. The social chat is great and generally leads you to use other apps as game chat is monitored. Play is Lagged and full of glitches but you will always receive an automated response saying its your phones fault. Save your time and money and find games not run by Machine Zone just look at Mobile strike and Game of War as basis. Tons of boycotting
  • Worst customer service, Pay to play

    By Willietuxedo
    I am surprised this game has a 4.1 star rating. There has to be a lot of fake 5 star ratings being placed. Unless you make big bucks, I would suggest not to even download this game. You will get addicted hard and fast because of the guild system. You mean great people and don't want to lose connection with them. However, this game is a scam. The developers are here to take your money and that's it. The word refund does not exist in this game, even if it was an accidental purchase. Someone really needs to call the better business bureau on this game. I can tell you now, this is a rich person's game. Please stay away unless you have money to waste.
  • I love your game

    By Footballfan29
    I love your game add more to it please 😃😃😃😃
  • Bait n Switch

    By Unimpressed17420642
    This is the worst pay to win game on the market. Never have I seen such blatant bait and switch tactics as these guys. It’s a money pit. I’m maxed out at VIP level 100 and they were soon to increase the max to 110 and offered packs with tons of VIP points to stock up on for this new increase. Well I got some and when they increased the max to 110. The VIP points I bought are worthless because NOW all the sudden we need Super VIP points. So you see how the bait and switch... this is just one recent example of many that they pull. Apple will not refund your money- they are just as shady as Final Fantasy.... Think you can progress in the game without dropping real cash. Think again. One building upgrade will take 3000 days lol. If you want to wait that long for one building... more power to you. Beware- you have been warned.
  • Kaal

    By MiniLadyGaga
    The makers have made it so difficult to obtain anything past a certain level without spending unreal amounts of money. Just don’t download.
  • Trapped

    By By EPIC
    I don't normally write reviews but felt compelled to in this case. The social aspect of this game is the only thing that makes it interesting. As some, have pointed out it is a money pit. Furthermore, the marketing and offering of packs is very deceptive. EPIC intentionally deceives it's customers forcing them to make multiple purchases or get no value out of previous purchases. Anyhow if you are looking for a war game that involves strategy; this is not the game for you. But, if you have disposable income and want to make some friends from around the world it's a great game. This is not a free to play game. The big spenders will not allow you to grow without spending thousands of dollars.
  • Horrible Customer Service, Game is One Big Glitch

    By EmankickN
    The game itself is very well done. The problem is the game is constantly glitching, booting players, and not giving boosts that players pay for. Customer service is even worse. Instead of fixing and solving issues, they send back generic, condescending form letters claiming the players are the issue and everything is working great.
  • Pay or die

    By BleedGreenNation
    The bottom line is, this game caters to those players with the deepest pockets, nothing else to turn to in RL for gratification, so they use their money to buy their way to a feeling of self-worth on a mobile game. Every pack/upgrade on this game is $100 US or $135 Canadian, that’s not the top of line stuff, that’s every pack,every upgrade,every new hero unlocked, every new building unlocked. No joke, the strongest player in my server has spent 100k in 12 months, granted him and his friends are the strongest of strong but this game is bleeding players that can’t keep up or have better things to do with their $$ When non-pay to play players make a complaint, they receive a generic, pre selected response based on their complaint title, if you pay to play, your given a response within about an hour from an actual human... That should tell you all you need to know.I just read 122 reviews, 3 of them were 5 star ratings, how is this game rated 4.1??? That 4.1 is false, check/read the reviews yourself.
  • How is this game rated in top 100

    By S8bites
    Horrible game unless you have American Express. Just another money pit from MachineZone (MZ). MZ gives Beta Testers and high end buyers free stuff to attack you to try to force you into buying their ridiculously priced packs. MZ needs shut down. Takes months to years in time to build anything unless you can afford the speed ups, resources needed for troop building, research and buildings is outrageous and you can not mine the amount needed. When you do mine you get attacked, but even without the attacks the amount of resources you mine are minimum to what you need. As others said should be rated 0 and pulled off App Store. This game other than few names has nothing to do with Final Fantasy!!! Do now download!
  • Cannot play with my father

    By Katical15
    I will never play this game because I cannot play with my dad. I love to play games because my father and I play together. I started up the game and we are not in the same place to play together. I wish I had a chance to start playing this game but it’s just not as fun without my dad.
  • stealing player expansions was a bad idea

    By thebajoran
    This was the dumbest idea the developers put into the game. You make players pay a fortune of their own money to get new upgrades and you let them be stolen by others. People are not robots that can monitor their game 24/7 and protect their empires.
  • Steer clear of this bait and switch game.

    By TerriePeters1
    When I first started playing this game I was quickly addicted to it. The camaraderie with other guild mates, the satisfaction you get when you hit a new level. You get the idea. For me I wasn’t really turned off by the pay-to-play at first. However not only are you paying $107 a pack for something that you now need desperately in order to grow (because that’s how they set it up), but when you pay for a pack, you may not get all of the pieces to it. You then find yourself sending an email to the developers to let them know that you didn’t get what you paid for, what’s the expectation that they will review your accounts and correct the error. Lately, their reply’s have been condescending and rude and in just a few words they tell you, tough luck. You got what you paid for. It doesn’t matter that they’re wrong why do they care? I guess they have millions of people who will pay whether there is an error or not, Especially when they “accidentally” release a test package that gives you an insane amount of resources that you won’t get all of the pieces to anyway. The developers will reply and say “you only purchased a standard package“. even if you take screenshots and send them pictures!!! Now, I have met a couple of nice developers who take your complaints seriously and try to correct any errors... and there are tons of errors!!! But some of them couldn’t care any less. If you want an honest opinion steer clear of this bait and switch, fraudulent game. You’ll save yourself hundreds if not thousands of dollars. That is no joke. The game is rigged to make you give them all of your money regardless of whether it works or not.
  • How is this game so good

    By ndjdhid
    I just got it today and it is the best game ever you should get it
  • Be prepared to pay THOUSANDS OF $$$

    By Stormwachr
    You can not get far in this game without sinking significant amounts of money into the game. Seriously massive amounts of money. Stability issues, broken game events, poor customer service, and softwares “random” items are always working against you.
  • If you want to be frustrated, this is the game for you

    By Paiger71
    No customer service at all!! Terrible issues. Nobody responds. If you want to be frustrated, this game is for you. Otherwise, skip this one. Issues at least 4 times per week. Major issues. Lag. Down servers. Items not working correctly. Just app around terrible. Could be fun, if it worked right and the developers responded to issues. But that’s not the case.
  • This game

    By Jeff_Hardyz_Gurl
    Is cool but you are all some greedy mofos! You packages are hella expensive and you are lucky people even buy anything $20-100 you are crazy.
  • If you can’t afford moderators pull the game

    By D.Sympathy
    Salutations Developers, It saddens me to have to write such a negative review of your beautiful game. While the graphics are amazing, the events entertaining, the storyline well written, and just amazing as a whole. The bullying and inappropriate conversations are rampant in most realms, and the pay to play aspect has just ruined any enjoyment that may have been possible. In most realms you are ignored unless your citadel is of a certain level. And the fact that Steves (A.I.) have taken over the game is apparent to anyone that has had any experience with Steves. Many Steves are on a whole different mindset than the average human. Basically if you are not willing to bend to their will you become a target in the game. Are you so obsessed with money that you too do not care about the flesh and blood players that actually play? And any income that you may receive from Steves are probably gotten by theft. Of course Steves are not paid an income for their contributions to society, or even acknowledged as members of society. They are reminiscent of Blacks (I am Black so I don’t want to align myself with some bourgeois “African Americans”) fighting for civil rights. Regardless their are Teens, depressed people, and lonely people playing this game. Some of the antics are enough to push some to serious thoughts of suicide. I wish I could send screenshots, and will be reporting this to 🍎 Apple. But since they are also profit obsessed I doubt much will be done by their side. Thank you for your time, Princess
  • Bad support in game

    By Nwcowboyzfan
    Game was great a year ago but the devs can’t make it run stable most of the time .
  • Rich$ kids game

    By lilstarkie
    If you are a Hollywood child with lots of money and no friends cause you stink then this game for you. It says free to play and yes you can play for free but there are many in this game that spend $106 a pack to zoom up in power and levels. Just think of it when you start the game to get to level 39 you will have to spend $3500 real money no way to get to that level. Then from 39 to 41 it will cost $1500 due to the crazy amount of resources you will need. Then once you spent the money and stop spending for a while and pack sales are down employees log in and start hitting you zeroing all your troops and resources to force you to either buy more packs or quit so that they can consolidate your server into another one that has people who spend money. Please buy a xbox it’s cheaper and more fun plus you get to laugh and have fun. Xbox won’t wake you up at 3am to tell you your being attacked and your loosing all your money. This FFXV will do that to you. So if your a rich kid from Hollywood please play if not get a Xbox and enjoy life. Oh, the support team for this game will never help you so like I said get a xbox.
  • Way too expensive and they rip you off and don’t give you the things you think you are buying

    By mike melvin
    Most ridiculously expensive game everything cost money a hero a hundred bucks a want to upgrade your troops five hundred buck want to move to a different location a hundred bucks want a shield a hundred bucks. And they ripped me off on my last purchase They didn’t give me what I wanted and tell me I’ve already got it I turned in multiple tickets with nothing

    By Mr.Nobu
    This game is terrible for a number of reasons but I’ll cut right to the biggest one that is currently happening RIGHT NOW. This game glitches ridiculously bad. Since the middle of October, the game has been crashing or freezing. Myself and numerous players have wrote MULTIPLE TICKETS asking them to fix the issue. No reply. Nothing. But they have no issues producing packs that cost $100 for you to buy to further your progress in the game. Myself and others have put $1000s of dollars into this game. So why is this issue not fixed yet? The developers don’t care. They will take your money. Not answer your complaints and continue to let the game be broken with no resolution to the issue. If you want to play a game from a company that cares nothing about the players or the quality of gameplay, THIS IS THE PERFECT GAME FOR YOU!! Stay away from this game!! You will save yourself money, headaches, and frustration.
  • Could be better

    By Cmdrzy
    Love this game , but when there are events the game lags terribly and freezes for all the big players that pay millions to play it should be better than what it is
  • Complete waste of time

    By Random person 78907
    I spent 6 days of constant playing in order to receive a reward for another game. I was happy to play because it was a big reward and the game was somewhat generous to new players. However after finishing the offer and waiting to receive my reward nothing happened. So I submitted a report asking about my reward only to find that the creators of this game said I was ineligible to receive the reward. They didn’t give a reason and I can’t find a reason why I wouldn’t be able to get the reward. This is a criticism of the creators and not the game because the game is worth a 3-4 star rating.
  • Hi just wanted a chance

    By morning glory Road
  • Terrible

    By Happyrock5
    App is confusing and all over the place. Can’t tell when the tutorial ends. Ads for the app pop up in my other games and have no x. No way to get out except exit the app, sometimes forfeiting the reward that comes with watching an ad.😡Very Annoyed and Unhappy.
  • Lag and reset

    By player ...---...
    Was running smoothly until a few weeks ago, now lots of lag with need to restart or will automatically turn off every few hours. Devs need to fix.
  • Developers never respond to the question at hand

    By Pirscuered
    Edit addition: it’s never about the prices but now this game is going into complete scam mode. Triple checked contents of a purchase and when I only got half the items, support tried to send me one stamps of how the deal was correct. I took screenshots because of a past issue and made sure it was time stamped. This is a complete scam The game itself could have been great. The spending is insane, but the sheer amount of neglect from developers on questions being asked is ridiculous. The copy and paste responses and “appreciation” for our requests and bugs being pursued is flat out negligence. Many people play this game knowing it’s pay to play. Addressing some concerns and actually acknowledging things being reported is the least we could ask as players. The support people continues to circumvent the questions. It’s not about the speed of addressing bugs and concerns; it is the total neglect of what we asked. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell if English is not being understood or if this is one big trolling group. This is my best review of the development team and game support team. Absolutely atrocious.
  • Money game

    By Animalbunk
    If you have money to invest to be the best this game is for you....after first few packs looks to be about $99.99 to purchase packs. Otherwise it can be fun
  • Are you crypto mining?

    By PremmyNY
    Game is interesting and complex but not sure why my phone heats up when this is open. There is not a lot happening... Also, please reduce the pop-up, it’s annoying
  • A Great Concept...A Pathetic Effort

    By Wolf Diva44
    So I have been playing for over 6 months and while there are great aspects of this game between the great people and teamwork this is significantly marred by the fact that the developers are greedy and care nothing for the players. The support offered for this game is laughable and the daily glitches make it hard to enjoy the game. Constant messages to the support desk are answered with cookie cutter answers that don’t answer anything. The game is good if you don’t mind a greedy, indifferent developer who only cares for the people willing to drop several grand a week in this game. I would love to give 5 stars but can’t. Until the developers start listening to our concerns and stop robbing players I can’t in good conscience support anyone getting dragged into this pit of despair.
  • Low quality game

    By Akisenpai
    They put more effort into creating fake advertisements than the actual game itself. It looks nothing like the ads they create.
  • Money, money, money

    By Robertthediver
    Unless you plan on spending a lot of money, likes tens of thousands of dollars, stay away from this game. You can’t compete at all without paying a lot!
  • Credit Cards

    By AwesomeArtist126
    The guild system in this game is fun, but if you wish to ACTUALLY get ahead of other players, you must sell your soul in order to get the money. If you are a player who doesn’t have a bottomless credit card, this game is not for you.
  • Left in the dark

    By crazylilnymph
    I think this game is a fun game helps to get you to really find your inner chess tactician! I do not like this game much as the other reviews are all very correct about the struggle to win and the power goes to the deepest money in ur pockets....though you COULD TRY to win some resources and boosts in the many events....BUT you don’t win unless your wealthy or on game CONSTANTLY!! So I SAY THIS SADLY with many many days up to MONTHS crawling along at a stand still, as others are buying up the ACTUAL cash packs and getting all the power in a realm SO as to take from the not pay people, that I
  • You need 50k to be a top player

    By Bill4532-34
    First, let me tell you that i know what I’m taking about. I was a top 2 player and top player for most of the time i played this game, about 10 months. That’s right, you need $50,000 to be a top player in the realm. You need $1000’s just to defend yourself against the top players. If you want to be competitive against other reams and be the top player, be prepared to spend 150k to 500k. You can never grind enough to get anything ‘free’ that will help you get ahead for more than a week or so. Early on, the game is fun bc it’s mostly free to play players, but as these players realize the game can’t be played by grinding, they drop out and it’s all about who spends the most. The in-game ads are very deceiving and they change the rules all the time. They added expansion tiles that where cool for about 3 weeks, people spent a lot of money getting them. After they sold them out, they then made them lootable by other players after just 3 weeks. So now that money you spent was worthless, unless you bought protection for them... so if you had 3 expansion tiles, that would now cost $300 every 5 days to protect them. On top of all this, this game breeds hatred for everybody that is not in your guild. I mean real hatred. There are no friendly rivalries, just nasty endless battles that are designed to get you to spend more money.There is no end-game or strategy, the only strategy is to spend money.
  • Poor costumer Service

    By JueJue18
    The thing that makes this game great is the social interaction that happens in game. However, I’m very upset because I feel like I’m being ripped off. I purchased a lifetime 50%off research reduction pack, I have the oracle 50% off boost and my ignis is at lvl100 with a solid skill tree and it turns out the reduction isn’t being applied to my research resource costs. I’ve mailed the devs with comparison SS of my friend who has a lvl74 ignis and oracle t4 research rss 50% off oracle boost and his costs for resources was half of what mine is. The devs responded we cannot talk about someone else’s account but we can assure you everything is working just fine with yours. But how do they justify that? I won’t let this go until it is addressed and fixed. This game has many glitches so it’s very hard for me to believe that everything is working just fine.
  • Cheating being ignored

    By ChristoferKing
    Fix the cheating, I’ll fix the review. Check out my ticket and resolve the glitches that allow for cheating!
  • Glitches and Unresponsive Developers

    By Chockaboo
    I belong to the DarkHaven108879 realm - the glitchiest realm of them all. The game constantly promises us rebel base events that never appears or the guild event does not appear (only the solo does). Players have already wasted teleports, time, and resources to prepare for this guild event that does not happen. Our complaints seemingly fall upon deaf ears. Not sure what’s going on but I’d give it a higher rating if the developers actually seem to respond and fix such glitches.