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  • Release Date: 2017-01-05
  • Current Version: 1.0.8
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 17.30 MB
  • Developer: Coursicle, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 318


Need to get into a class? Coursicle will notify you as soon as it has an open seat. Now supporting over 700 colleges. If you need to plan your class schedule or want us to add support for your college, please visit our homepage: *** Note for returning users *** We've had to replace our texting service with the app due to increased demand. Some of the colleges that are now supported on the app: UNC (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) UIUC (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) Clemson (Clemson University) Georgia Tech (Georgia Institute of Technology) Notre Dame (University of Notre Dame) USC (University of South Carolina) UNCW (University of North Carolina at Wilmington) W&M (College of William & Mary) UA (University of Alabama) Purdue (Purdue University) VCU (Virginia Commonwealth University) UGA (University of Georgia) Auburn (Auburn University) Appstate (Appalachian State University) UNCC (University of North Carolina at Charlotte) NEU (Northeastern University) ECU (East Carolina University) WFU (Wake Forest University) Truman (Truman State University) UT (University of Toledo) UNCG (University of North Carolina at Greensboro) Temple (Temple University) UTK (University of Tennessee) ... and hundreds more



  • So helpful!

    By cgray03
    I’ve used this app for the last 3 quarters of school and it has saved my life. I tend to have bad enrollment times at my school and many of my classes fill up before I can enroll. Coursicle has helped me get into at least 3 classes and I plan to continue to use it for my college classes in the future. The only issue I have with it, which is why it isn’t a 5 star review, is that the notifications are slightly delayed. The class opens a few minutes before I get the notification on my phone which is a pain sometimes for competitive classes. Other than that I love this app!

    By snap96
    If you want to get in your classes with the best professors, download the app. This app has saved me I got in 3 of my classes for fall because they were all full. You do have to pay $5 to add more then one class but if you refer 3 friends is free. Is honestly a great app.
  • Fantastic app

    By Jwats96
    Helped notify me when a very important class got an opening. Thanks so much.
  • Minor Errors

    By chelschels🤘🏻
    Should add more schools. Couldn’t select my university because the app was not familiar with it.
  • Great concept and customer support

    By Logan CC
    They emailed me back almost right away answering my question. Never had an issue with the app, the small fee for premium access is definitely worth it being that they will watch over any number of classes you need. That’ll save you time and hassle from going back and checking everyday. Overall, great work in all aspects.
  • Amazing!

    By Sweetheartnena
    This app has saved me from having a horrible schedule! I love it. They do have a referral program that I’m going to do in order to get unlimited premium for free. I just have to refer 3 people! Definitely a app I can tell my friends about. Or you can buy it for just 5. If you have unlimited premium it’ll allow you to add all the classes you need. It’ll give you a notification once that class opens up.
  • Great app

    By laura3333333333
    This app is great for college and university students ! It lets you know when a class opens up. Their customer service is great. When I reached out to them they were very helpful and resolved my issue.
  • Awesome app

    By Rish321
    This app is super helpful and is the only reason I got into the classes I wanted last quarter. The $5 for premium is SUCH a steal! Additionally, the support team is very responsive and sorted out all my issues in under a day from when I initially emailed them.
  • life changing

    By mangomochiiii
    honestly if it whereby for this app I wouldn't have gotten any good professors. My university is so big that they don't have enough seats for everyone in my class/major so this app is a must have for college students
  • Great app, great team

    By meglie7
    I love this app, it’s helped me get into the most exclusive classes at my school for the last three semesters. One tip I have is to definitely make sure you have coursicle turned ON in your ICLOUD, because if you don’t your subscription won’t get saved. I had this problem, I emailed their team, and they helped me fix it in just a few days!
  • App reliability

    By mr smooth operator
    Great app!
  • Saved my life

    By yl52
    By chance I always ended up getting the latest enrollment appointments which meant that all the classes I planned to take got filled up before I even could enroll. I relied on Coursicle to notify me whenever people above me in the waitlist dropped the class and eventually snatch a class as soon as it opened up.
  • Good I like it!

    By Eleth_Vine
    Messages are replied quickly and they are quite helpful! 🥰🥰🥰
  • This App Saved Me!

    By Karinadb_
    I was pretty late with getting holds off my account for the semester so when I went to sign up for classes they were all full and there was no waitlist to sign up for. Because of Coursicle I was able to get notifications of when a class I wanted opened and now I have the perfect schedule. I’d give it five starts but the $4.99 charge to track more than one class is excessive and it only lasts per semester, so come spring time, I’ll have to pay again. And now that I have the classes I want, I don’t use the app. It would be nice for the premium upgrade to at least last a year, so it feels a little more worth it. Overall, I love the app. It actually works (at least for my college) and helped me get the perfect schedule. But the premium should last longer for the amount they’re charging. It’s not like I use it everyday, or even for more than a month. I’d buy it again for the spring if I find all the classes are full again. But absolutely recommend for those who are struggling due to late registration or because you “really want that professor”
  • It Works.

    By Update the game!!
    Coursicle has been an absolute life saver in a big university where the popular classes fill up real fast and you are basically stuck if you don’t register and plan like a maniac. It takes a lot of stress off of me, so I can focus on more productive things.
  • Great!

    By e.hellz
    Love the app! Got into all my classes! The fee’s annoying, but worth it.
  • Good concept but still some flaws

    By 😢😩😔
    Everything is good with the app, however my school has this thing where some seats are reserved for some people. As a result, it causes the app to constantly show that the class is open even though I can’t get the seats because the classes are reserved. If this situation would be fixed I would gladly appreciate it.
  • Great customer service

    By Heyoh123454367
    I was having trouble getting the app to work and it seemed to be a little delayed, but multiple members of Coursicle team reached out to me and were very apologetic and kind and explained the issues I was experiencing. The app is very helpful and has helped me schedule a few classes. Thanks!
  • Coursicle

    By andrewstu
    Successfully have been able to enroll in popular classes that are typically closed. This app has been so helpful to me as a collegiate junior. Thank you!
  • Thank You

    By nadjahsierra
    This app is awesome. I needed 2 classes and got tired of constantly checking banner received two notifications that 2 of the classes I needed were open and got in !
  • Great App

    By gabalone
    All these one star reviews are not for the app itself but for the inevitable price (a very small fee) that helps the programmers support themselves for making such a great app. It works good, looks good, and actually does what it’s advertised to do. Which is to track a class at your school and make sure to notify you when it opens from someone messing up and dropping by accident.
  • Great!!

    By JulianneRo
    This app has helped me so much during the registration process when it can be difficult to get into classes! Being notified as soon as the classes I want opens is so helpful and much easier than having to manually check myself and risk missing an open spot.
  • This app is honestly amazing

    By JShimonov
    I’m a current freshman in college and it is honestly super hard to find classes when freshmen are the last people to choose classes for the next semester. I was trying to get a 300 level class for the fall but by the time it was my turn to enroll, all the good professors were gone. I heard from others that there would be people that would drop the class but to be honest, I’m not trying to sit in front of my screen reloading the page every minute to see if a class opens up. This app SAVED me! Just yesterday a person dropped out of one of the classes and I was finally able to apply for it. The wait was worth it. Get Coursicle!
  • Best app ever

    By Keylah Sosa💗🙆🏼💕
    Me and my friends literally LOVE this app. It’s the best thing ever invented for college students. I love how you can get premium if you refer three of your friends. Highly recommend it. :)
  • Referred 3 but only shows 2 and not able to redeem premium

    By ico130
    So is this a trap to have more downloads for the app???
  • Excellent customer support

    By cswizardx17
    Customer support replied to emails when I had an issue with Premium in a timely manner. I enjoyed that none of the emails were automated and was able to fix my issue within a day.
  • Best School App!

    By 043D1r3c7104
    This app is AMAZING if you have classes that you to be notified on when they open or close. The results are always accurate and I have been able to switch into almost every class I wanted which is great! The customer service is outstanding too. I originally purchased premium for summer courses but since they don’t offer it I emailed them and got a complete refund! Coursicle is definitely worth the $5!!!
  • Liars

    By shmeatboiiiiii
    They did not give me premium even after I referred five people who downloaded the app and selected their school.
  • Great app for anyone looking to get into closed classes!

    By Maddie Bates
    Honestly this is my first time reviewing an app, and it’s because Coursicle is a great app. I have had a hard time trying to get into closed highly popular classes through other methods. Coursicle has helped me so much with getting instant notifications when classes open up allowing me to sign up for them! Would definitely recommend Coursicle to anyone who is in college and looking to get into closed courses!
  • best app for college students

    By kendallhan
    I’ve been using Coursicle for about a year and a half now & I’ve had zero problems! Today I emailed the team about a question I had & received a quick and helpful response. Would 11/10 recommend this app to any college student. It’s a total lifesaver!
  • It's so satisfying beating people to get my classes.

    By Kevsandler
    At Virginia Tech we have course pickle which sends you an email when a class your tracking opens up, coursicle crushes the speed that course pickle has in regards to that class opening up. When I would get the email notification on my phone in comparison to the direct notification on my phone it's a vast speed difference which meant the difference between getting into Personal Health as well as my physics class with the non 8am recitation. This app is great and the people running it are incredibly friendly too. It's worth the $5.
  • Customer

    By kyigu
    This app allowed me to get into multiple courses that I originally couldn't get into. It alerts you as soon as spots become available, allowing me to sign up before its too late. Definitely recommend it.
  • An AMAZING app

    By Ninaa2fab
    This app has saved my life over and over again! I’m so glad I ran across it by accident. It’s a very easy app to navigate with! There is a small fee for premium but if you get your friends to sign up you get the semester free! (3 referrals). I would definitely recommend this to you even if you think you don’t need it, you definitely do! I shared this app in my universities Facebook group, I sent it to my cousins and my boyfriend who are all attending college. It’s a HUGE advantage to have when signing up for classes!
  • Great app but....

    This app is a life saver but I wish it would support all semesters including summer. Summer would be amazing to add on then it would be perfect.
  • Wonderful!!!

    By Jfjwhfmgnfn
    This app has been a life saver for both of my college students! Also, I cannot day enough about their prompt customer service in responding to my questions. Highly recommend to anyone needing to get into a specific course!!!!
  • Great App

    By eddieO99
    Great app, got all the classes I needed! Especially great if you’re a freshman or sophomore get the last seats in better courses!
  • Great customer service

    By kosulli6
    Had some issues with payment for premium access, but was assisted right away and was able to resolve the problem quickly. Found Coursicle customer service to be extremely accommodating, responsive, and friendly! Although the premium comes at a cost, I think it’s totally worth it. Setting up course alerts is made simple and seamless. Highly recommend this app to students registering for college courses.
  • Actually Works! (Refer your friends!)

    By tiffkers
    I had to track my courses for my upcoming registration date and I quickly asked three of my friends to sign up using my link. This works perfectly, and the fee of $4.99 is once a time!
  • Works Great!

    By KGJR123
    Actually works, and has saved me both semesters with classes being full and trying to get into them!!
  • Convenient App, Helpful Customer Service

    By Addicted
    I love this app, it makes it so easy to know when a class opens up so I can immediately enroll. This will be great especially if you are trying to get into a popular class! The app works great and any issue I have had has been responded to within 24 hrs and resolved ASAP. Highly recommend getting this app! It’s worth the $5 every semester.
  • Very helpful customer service

    By Aly Webb
    My friend told me about this app last semester, but I had already registered and didn’t get it until a few days ago. I literally waited until the last minute to register for fall classes and couldn’t find any open classes that I could take. I got the name of this app from my friend again to use, but was disappointed that I couldn’t track more classes without paying. But it does have a referral option, so if you get three people to download the app and choose their college using your link, you can get premium for free. I got 4 people to download it and all but it still wouldn’t work after like a day or two, so I emailed customer service. They checked to see if it went through their records but still didn’t see it, however, they took my word for it and still gave me the premium! I’ve already transferred into one class that I needed. Best app I’ve got for school stuff.

    By katebsnelson
    Okay seriously this app is such a lifesaver. I probably wouldn’t have graduated on time without it! Coursicle is so helpful. If you only need to track one class at a time it’s FREE and even if you need more than one it’s super affordable! I recommend this to all my friends and I work in the advising office on my campus so I’m frequently telling everyone else about it too. Such a game changer to help make the process of registering for classes smoother! 10/10 - can’t recommend this enough!!
  • Great app

    By ABRRKD5
    This app works great. And the small fee charged for premium is worth it because you can track multiple courses. And if one of them closes again before you can add it, you aren’t charged another fee to keep tracking it. Has worked great!
  • love it!!

    By vickmcd
    been loving this app for a few semesters now!! i’ve been able to track & get into classes with coursicle so easily.
  • So worth it!

    By Brittany Alexis
    I wasn’t sure when I downloaded it, but this app actually works! It helped me get into a class that I wanted this Spring, and ended up having great teachers. :)
  • Great app, works!

    By sobob123
    This app allowed me to see when a seat opened up in a class I really wanted to take and it worked because I got in that class through the Coursicle notifications! 10/10
  • When there is more seats available, this app still shows "Closed" status on that course

    By Solaireeeeee
    When there is more seats available, this app still shows "Closed" status on that course
  • Waste of Money

    By Manga Reader ^-^
    Don’t get this! This app is ridiculous. It doesn’t tell you anything except “processing” and if you don’t buy it you have to recommend people to download it. And they literally have to click on the link and download the app. Even then, whether you don’t purchase the app, or do purchase it. The results is fatal. You literally get nothing. This app doesn't work the way it used to and is a complete disappointment. Save your time and ask your friends or others for advice instead.
  • Very helpful

    By Weeloveeee
    This app was a great idea! I get notifications of when classes open immediately and I don’t have to go to the actual school schedule to check for open classes and potentially miss them. I am glad I came across this app. Great service!