• Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2017-01-05
  • Current Version: 1.0.8
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 17.30 MB
  • Developer: Coursicle, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 221


Need to get into a class? Coursicle will notify you as soon as it has an open seat. Now supporting over 700 colleges. If you need to plan your class schedule or want us to add support for your college, please visit our homepage: *** Note for returning users *** We've had to replace our texting service with the app due to increased demand. Some of the colleges that are now supported on the app: UNC (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) UIUC (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) Clemson (Clemson University) Georgia Tech (Georgia Institute of Technology) Notre Dame (University of Notre Dame) USC (University of South Carolina) UNCW (University of North Carolina at Wilmington) W&M (College of William & Mary) UA (University of Alabama) Purdue (Purdue University) VCU (Virginia Commonwealth University) UGA (University of Georgia) Auburn (Auburn University) Appstate (Appalachian State University) UNCC (University of North Carolina at Charlotte) NEU (Northeastern University) ECU (East Carolina University) WFU (Wake Forest University) Truman (Truman State University) UT (University of Toledo) UNCG (University of North Carolina at Greensboro) Temple (Temple University) UTK (University of Tennessee) ... and hundreds more



  • Please add summer classes to watch a boy need to graduate on time

    By dfabian2
    Please add summer
  • Pretty good

    By KoolieoSnooty
    No exit or close button. UI needs some work, but it works.
  • Savior

    By Alondra Olmos
    This app saved my life, I quickly got informed when the class that I needed opened up and I was able to enroll! However it did give me false notifications of it opening up a couple times but it’s better to get too many notifications than too little. - a pre-med student from insanely impacted UCLA
  • Worse Than Useless

    By Paul Galagher
    The notifications were delayed so every time it told me a class was open I’d check and find the class closed. I would have been better off just manually checking myself periodically. In addition, the app lacks cross compatibility. I purchase a subscription on Android but couldn’t access it when I switched over to a new iPhone.
  • Actually works!

    By yourstrulykatie
    I had missed enrolling for a specific class by a few minutes & was bummed out by it. I was skeptical this app even worked, but I figured what’s the harm in downloading the app as a “back up.” I continued checking my school’s website multiple times a day & a day later I got a notification that my class opened up. I immediately enrolled in the course & am so thankful to the app for notifying me! I also easily sent a link to 3 friends who downloaded the app to get the premium feature so I could track two classes by that same professor I wanted.
  • Invaluable

    By Mansoot
    The objectively best ways get into contested classes. You could check your class every hour of every day, and still only have a one hour response time, or you could just use this. You are notified within minutes of the course becoming available. I got into the class I was trying for the very first day I downloaded Coursicle.
  • Bad

    By Dnnfbcks s
    I’ve tried this for two different classes on two different occasions, and my phone buzzes about every 7 minutes with coursicle telling me my class is “open” or “closed” but it is not true. I have sat at my computer and repeatedly tried to add the class that I have coursicle tracking, and all the while it is telling me the class is open or just opened, I’ve even tried to add it over and over while coursicle says it’s closed until I get the “open” notification, and, to nobody surprise, it’s still not open. Bad, phony app that does not work and lies to you.
  • Skeptical but then it worked

    By Yazennkk994
    At first I kept getting false notifications for open classes, but then it worked and I slipped into a class I wanted! Perhaps it's the 10 minute intervals that the campus course explorer needs to update its records? Thanks anyway. You da bomb
  • Great App!

    By Sar.174.
    Everyone I know at school likes this app! It’s great if you want to get into a class that is closed.

    By ncarc
    After being in the waitlist for my Econ class for the longest time, I got notified of an open spot and now am able to take the class thank you sooooo much!!
  • Great App!

    By _SamanthaIbarra_
    I really love using Coursicle for my classes! I paid for premium and I definitely think it was worth my money!!
  • This app really helped

    By zombiekillersaw
    I was skeptical at downloading this just because I would ALWAYS see ads on reddit, but I was desperate to change my schedule. This app helped me shift a 9AM class to a 10AM one and also helped me get a waaay better professor by letting me know when my target class opened. I recommend trying this app out. The only downside is that you can only track one class at a time, unless you buy the feature for multiple tracking. I never rate applications but this app did its job really well & I’m just happy that I got to change my classes quick.
  • This app saved me!!!

    By katharine12345
    Just pay the $4 and get the app. It’s less than a coffee. This app saved my butt when I was late to sign up for classes and everything was full. I got a notification every time someone dropped the class and I was able to get into every class I needed. It’s so worth it.
  • Was able to switch out of my 8AM and 9AM classes

    By Saxguy1337
    I waited all break to try and get out of my classes. I got out of my one 8AM class early on, but waited all break only to see a notification appear at 10AM for less than 5 minutes, during which the course opened and closed. Fortunately though, the same night I am writing this, the spot opened up once more for the 10AM class and so I got my perfect schedule. The notification that the classes open and close are almost in real time and so I was able to get on blackboard to add and drop the class within about 2 minutes. I am so happy to have spent the money on premium because I no longer have to deal with 8AMs or even 9AMs. I would definitely recommend this to a friend and would even suggest going premium to take full advantage of schedule optimization.
  • Great app

    By brianmasjedian
    Finally the app that I've been looking for. They charge $4.99 to add more than 1 course to the list or you can make 3 referrals and it's free. Very reasonable for an app like this. Works perfectly too
  • Open when it isn’t

    By chanbaekat
    It’s always notifying me my class it’s open but it never is, I check immediately and it’s still closed
  • Fantastic Service

    By JustRatingForStars
    I had purchased this for my classes (small fee but 100% worth it) at my university. I’m currently enrolled in classes that I wouldn’t have otherwise known had opened up to me. Their customer service is also fantastic and extremely quick. I had purchased the full version and suddenly it had said I didn’t pay for the full version. After contacting support, not only did they fix the issue but were also very friendly and assisted me in every way possible to make sure my experience was great. Highly recommend this app for seeing when classes open up and I will continue to use it for the rest of my classes during my college career. Thank you so much Coursicle!
  • Best app for college students

    By hejejjejdbdjwjsn
    This app saved me from having to delay my graduation. Absolutely worth the $5. Definitely recommend to anybody
  • Don’t get your hopes up

    By maddenmobileisnowtrash
    It’s an amazing idea and I wish it worked, but I have the class I want to take because it’s the only good professor out of like five for the class, and when it notifies me that it’s open, I go to register and the class is full. About two minutes later, the app tells me the class is closed. It’s almost like it’s a few minutes late as to when it opens and closes so it totally eliminates the purpose. I was pumped when I found out about the app, and I get my hopes up every time the class I want opens, but it’s a waste of time because it’s delayed and never tells me that it opens when it really does.
  • Great App! Worth $4.99 for premium!

    By DMNDpiviotscotch
    I didn't have another solution for checking classes other than taking time and individually checking each class to see if they're open. It was really exhausting, so I asked around for friends to help check while I was busy at work. One day my friend told me about this app called coursicle. He said it was really helpful for tracking classes. Thought I'd give it a try and for the free one track it was really helpful. Decided to buy the premium to track 10 more. This app is worth getting even the premium too. The Coursicle team are also able to help with questions and issues too!
  • Best app for college students ever

    By phyisEngr7
    With this app you are able to track the closed classes you want even if your college is not providing a waiting list. When you really want to enroll with a good professor and the class its full, there will always be someone who drops the class when the date gets close and this app notifies you. Best idea for an app, just amazing.
  • The App is Great But...

    By Abejaved
    This app is great for a simple situation. But let’s say that you are on a waitlist and there are people behind you too. It won’t notify you if you are next and if you want to know when how big the waitlist has gotten. That way you can see the position to are in the waitlist and this be more in the loop of how much of an argument you have when you go to the professor and tell them why you should be ok this class. “But I was next on the waitlist”
  • Awesome App!

    By Dent2023
    Useful app for tracking your classes and super efficient customer service.
  • Life saver

    By Aiziiiii
    Coursicle is a LIFE SAVER when it comes to getting classes during registration- I have been able to consistently manage to get the classes I need with the professors I want because I get immediately notified whenever a spot opens up- totally worth it! And, the one time I’ve had an issue with the app, customer service was excellent! Highly recommend if you have trouble with registering for classes

    By EimileOC
    So impressed! Had 0 classes signed up for going into the winter semester and got all 15 credits I needed because of this app. I never write reviews but every student needs this app if they’re looking for a certain classes. About 3/5 of my classes I needed were full so I signed up for premium and it was SO WORTH IT. It was only $5 and it’s a one time fee, and it automatically unsubscribes you so you don’t get charged again unless you sign up for premium again. I didn’t know this at first so I emailed them. IMMEDIATE RESPONSE to all my emails! So helpful, so worth it.
  • An Essential

    By diiana42
    I’ve started to use Coursicle when I started college and wouldn’t have been able to take the classes I am without the help of Coursicle. By the time I had to register for my semester courses, they were completely filled and didn’t have any alternatives. Coursicle allowed me to get a spot in the courses I need, notifying me the second a spot is open. I buy the premium to track all the courses I needed, but was told to purchase it again. I immediately contacted Coursicle about the issue and it was quickly resolved. College course planning couldn’t be easier.
  • Fullscreen

    By Kritikebyen
    No fullscreen on IPad
  • Amazing

    By AnotherNickNamePleaseeeee
    This app works and it really does the way it’s supposed to be. Literally keep you updated to seconds! I got my desire class thanks to Coursicle!
  • Amazing

    By Cellyyz
    Honestly this is such an amazing and so easy to use app! I have been trying to get the perfect schedule I want by inserting which classes I wanted to track in order to make it happen. It’s crazy how these last few days a lot of notifications I receive tell me the classes have went from a closed class to an open one. I encouraged friends to download this app and we are all in love! This is honestly the best app and a very helpful one for students looking into trying to enter a class.
  • Resolved Issues

    By Nfatwa
    This app is legit, you’re able to monitor the availability of any class without having to keep checking your school website. I also was having trouble with the app and the owner of the app(Joe) was quick to resolve the issues I was having.
  • False notifications

    By cmfarrah
    Very frustrating app Paid for the app and keep getting notifications that class has opened, and it NEVER is!!!
  • Worth every penny

    By Reviewer ✨
    I paid in order to track multiple classes at the same time and it was WORTH every penny. I go to a CUNY school where the classes fill up fast and getting a seat in a decent class is almost impossible, especially for certain majors. I can’t believe I got into all the closed classes that I thought would never open. Have your phone on you on you at all times, so that’s you’re the first notified when someone drops a class you want. I got into all the closed classes that I wanted!! I can’t believe it.
  • Better than other sites

    By AddictedGamer03
    This app works great after recommending a few friends! It lets you know immediately when a class open and closes. I also use course pickle but I never get notifications from that. This app has helped me add/drop classes way better

    By Disappointed snap chat user
    As a freshman, signing up for classes was very scary. During the process I got locked out of a couple of my options & I was dreading making a new schedule. This app saved my life!!! After referring 3 of my friends (who also were locked out of classes & needed the help of this app) I tracked all 3 classes, & within 2 months they all opened & I got the chance to quickly enroll. Definitely my favorite app & so so helpful in the enrollment process!!!!! You can easily search classes and track them once you refer 3 friends, & you get notifications as soon as a class opens up. Highly recommend it to all college students!
  • Wow!

    By Mstrippy
    I never take my time to write a review, but this app is amazing and does exactly what it’s supposed to do, tracks your class to see if it’s open and makes it easier for you to take the class you want to take when it’s closed.
  • Fantastic

    By Soccerdude77
    Can’t thank the developers enough!
  • Worth

    By Theokolo
    Gets the job done and if you share it you also get the premium.
  • Great App

    By Kiara ❤️
    It's a great app and it’s very helpful. To get premium for free you just have to refer the app to three people.
  • Got in!!!

    By jmbeus
    Was informed my class of interest was open, I logged in, enrolled, seconds later I was notified the class was once again closed. Extremely satisfying.
  • Got me the class I wanted!

    App is very accurate and got me the class I wanted and needed after a month of waiting!
  • Really smart and helpful !

    By ArdenArgo
    I found out about this when looking up apps that notify student of class openings. I found Coursicle and saw it worked for other schools. I then asked the developers if they could add my school. They are so gracious and attentive and have been in contact with me since my request for them to add my school. The app is so sophisticated and user-friendly. I am already spreading the word to my friends! Thank you guys!
  • Great service!

    By bribriaans
    I got the app, but contacted them when none of my classes showed up. They quickly got back to me and updated the courses so I could track my class. I see a lot of people giving low ratings because they charge a small fee for premium access, but honestly, there’s no other service that works like this. In turn, I would say that the small fee is worth it in the overarching goal of getting your classes and keeping up on your schedule to finish school.
  • Works as intended, clean application!

    By Andrew_64_MC
    Virgina Tech student speaking here! This app saved me from taking 8ams last semester and really helped me build an efficient schedule for the coming semester. Only downside is you can only track on 1 class at a time unless you pay $ or invite three friends.
  • Great App

    By Mynfjdbenduebdiebd
    This app was a life saver for me and got me into all the classes I needed for this and last semester. It’s a super good price for what they offer. I also had technical difficulty and Joe and the coursicle team were very helpful and attentive.
  • worth it

    By najooopajoooo
    this app just saved me so much stress, i’ve been literally refreshing my course planner 24/7 so i can get the physics course that i NEED for next quarter and now i feel SO relieved knowing i can rely on the app to tell me when the seats open. my friend used it to get her physics course and recommended it to me. also i had some issues getting premium and contacted the developers and they were sooo fast with their replies and helped me out asap.
  • Great App!! Best $4.99 spent toward my education.

    By Zachmarks
    I hesitate to share this because more competition with people using this app to monitor for open classes is not in my best interest. But I’m giddy with how easy it was to get into 5 different closed classes with really popular professors over the course of two semesters. $4.99 is worth it!!! You get a notification the moment it comes open and sometimes it’s just one spot. I quickly sign onto my university account and register for the class, then shortly after get another notification from Coursicle that it’s now closed again. I missed it being open several times because I just couldn’t get online right away, but just waiting it out paid off and it eventually opened up again. If you are patient, you will get the class you want with the assistance of this app.
  • Unbelievably Great

    By AlwaysIamCaesar
    Works flawlessly for UCLA. Helped me get into courses after having missed the enrollment deadline. It’s so great that I hesitate to write a product review and contribute to its popularity (since the more people use it, the harder it gets getting into classes). But, at the end of the day, the developers deserve massive props. Thanks for the app!
  • Game Changer

    By NickGervasio
    Wow I never write reviews for apps but this one deserves one. Such an amazing concept and idea by the creators. I hated my schedule that I had to make because the class I wanted to take closed up before my registration time so I downloaded this app and the second it opened up I got notified and got in. Amazing app thank you to the developers for this. A+ I highly recommend getting this if you’re a college student!
  • Shows that class is open when it isn’t

    By Leela00
    I downloaded this app and even bought premium in hopes of getting my classes, but every time I’m notified that a class is open and I run to my laptop to add that class, it shows that it’s closed. So much for $5... pretty disappointed.