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  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-03-30
  • Current Version: 3.6.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 170.62 MB
  • Developer: Easybrain
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 1 008 362


Solve sudoku puzzles, train your brain, and have fun! Thousands of sudoku puzzles to explore. Install to start now! Classic sudoku for beginners and advanced players. Whether you'd like to relax or keep your mind active – pass the time in a pleasant way! Get a short stimulating break or clear your head with Take your favorite game with you wherever you go. Playing on mobile is as good as with a pencil and paper. Choose any level you like. Play easier levels to challenge your brain, or try expert levels to give your mind a real workout. has some features that make the game easier for you: hints, auto-check, and highlighted duplicates. You can use them, or complete the challenge without their help – it's totally up to you! What's more, in each puzzle has one solution. Get an amazing sudoku experience: · Take notes to keep track of possible numbers. Every time you fill in a cell, your notes are automatically updated! · Hints can guide you when you get stuck · Complete Daily Challenges and get unique trophies · Take part in Seasonal events and win unique medals · View Statistics and track your progress · Color themes. Choose one of the three looks to play with more comfort, even in the dark! · Challenge yourself and figure out your mistakes, or enable Auto-Check to see your mistakes as you go · Highlight duplicates to avoid repeating numbers in a row, column or block · Express yourself with funny ninja stickers for iMessage! Challenge your brain with anywhere, anytime!



  • Sudoku

    By GIII of V
    It seems that I see the same games over and over!
  • Sudoku

    By krethrd
  • Sudoku

    By fairy portraits
    Very fun game but hard work lol
  • Time to delete

    By EfffffffffYou
    With the latest update, ads take over the screen mid move. No thanks.
  • ایران

    By Iman aa
    بسیار بازی جذاب و عالی هست.
  • A fantasy game, I’m completely addicted!

    By bennettzj
    I play several times a week!
  • Cül game

    By fyjdeyhg
    It’s a fun and dynamic puzzle game
  • Fun

    By WhoIsShe0101
    Fun game so far... we shall see how long this lasts
  • Sudoku!!

    By KatnissEverdeen2089
    This app changed my life! :D I love using it on the bus if I didn’t bring a book, or anywhere! Including road trips, for a challenge, and just to have fun! I really enjoy this app! There are some minor flaws, like the ads, but those come with almost every app so I won’t complain too much. The only thing I don’t like about this app is that I only get 3 mistakes. Whenever I win a round, I usually win with 2/3 mistakes! All I’m saying is that maybe if the developer sees this, they could maybe change the amount of mistakes you can make- or just take them away completely. That would be great! Other than the one minor complaint I love this game for something to do if I get bored! There are a lot of games that are so mindless and don’t teach you anything. Although this is on a screen, it is great for using your brain and thinking hard. Thank you for making this game because I absolutely adore it! :)
  • Too many ads

    By George W Tree
    There are so many ads for other games, I an certain the developers of this sudoku game don’t really want me to play it.
  • Excellent. Yes

    By usnt worth sending
    Very good and challenging yes
  • Brain Challenge!

    By fun in time
    Great for exercising your brain- concentration and. solving skills.
  • Overheating Resolved

    By Goldenbark
    Now that the heating and power issues are resolved, this is the best sudoku game I’ve played…and I’ve spent a good deal of my time playing it.
  • Love it!

    By thismapsucks
    This works so well! No more erasing.
  • Love!

    By Krw50
    I love this app! I’ve played it daily for over a year now. You’ll love it if you’re new to Sudoku, or a pro. Many different levels.
  • Freezes Often (iPhone)

    By CyrusX1
    TLDR: good game and app, ruined by frustrating freezing issues Pros: -simple straight-forward gameplay interface -puzzle is drawn full screen — useful for those of us with big thumbs -Sudoku is a fun game Cons and improvements needed: -Often freezes mid-game. When freezes, you usually have to wait awhile to restart or game will quickly freeze up again. Extremely frustrating. Likely, this is due to poor implementation of the embedded advertisements at the bottom of the puzzle. This is the main reason for the negative review. -game should have ability for player to shade in cells (for example, cells of known pairs) -hints/tips need improvement. “Bowman’s Bingo” (which is simply just ‘trial and error’ guessing) is usually not a practical strategy
  • App using cellular data even with cellular data turned off

    I have no idea how, but with IOS14 this app has started using my data with the cellular data turned off. This is freaky and you should be wary of downloading this if you don’t have unlimited data.
  • My daily brain challenge!

    By leeinsd
    Challenging sometimes, but always fun.
  • Great game

    By TXAGGIE83
    Best Sudoku out there!!!! Really like the different levels. Play it every morning without fail.
  • Always a challenge

    By sraCB
    I appreciate having only two errors before losing the game. It’s really honed my skills.
  • Worthy Challenge

    By Rossevrymn
    This sudoku expert level helps me improve my skill level.
  • Russ (artist/retired)

    By CanAmRuss
    Use Sudokus nightly to unwind working Dailey Challenge. Drop off to sleep quickly.......ahhhhhhh😍
  • Love

    By tlquarles
    Great pass time.
  • Please I am

    By beat ninja master
    Wonderful app guys
  • Sudoku

    By farmouter
    Website crashes so frequently in the middle of the game that frustrates players so much. Also it doesn’t come on when I clicked on the app to start the game. It needs to be fixed.
  • Fun

    Keeps working my brain to see how fast I complete a game.
  • Too easy

    By Burlgirl207
    I really enjoy the Daily Challenge, but it seems like most of the puzzles are easy or medium difficulty. It would be nice if the puzzles started easy on Monday and got progressively more difficul through the week - ending with expert on Sunday. I’d really like a challenge....
  • Enjoy this game

    By Annie.2000Tx
    I have played this game for several years now, it does not have crazy ads, and it is something I have enjoyed doing each day, it has started some different challenges and after each one is an ad, but not bad..But you do not have to play the challenges.. I do hope they do not change how they have it setup, and if they don’t, I will continue to play this version of game.. I see more of these games popping up, and did try them, but ads were just crazy.. This one is really better good, and don’t mind a ad here or there to support them.. I would say this one is the best one out there..
  • Super app

    By Monjeau1939
    Love this app. It lets you put in as many notes as you want. Not too many ads and they are informative.
  • Great game!

    By u/n : javonrabb
    I don’t know why everyone is complaining about ads. Just play the game in airplane mode and they won’t pop up 😂 unless you need an extra hint then you have to.
  • تساعد ع تنشيط الذاكره

    ممتازه انصح فيها
  • Adds way too long

    By golfer72a
    The adds are too long. Program locks up at times
  • Fix the Flickering Ads. Worse than ever

    By Nikkitytom
    Update ... the ads are worse than ever ... some not only flicker but scroll too! NO I'm not paying to remove them. You're deliberately scamming your players!! I've removed another star. It's a shame because it's a five star game without flickering ads! The flickering ads have returned. I've played this game for several years. I complained about those moving ads some time ago and they vanished. Now they're back full force! I gave you 5 stars originally. Now you've lost 3. An excellent game ruined by greed. Now won't purchase ad removal. I'll find another Sudoku. There are lots available! I'd give this game a five star if it weren't for the FLICKERING ADS. Ads are never popular but to use moving ads for a game like Sudoku is plain crazy. Be fair. Just be fair!👎 Apparently this problem has been ongoing for months with no response. I understand the need for ads to generate revenue for you. But to make them so distracting that playing the game is almost impossible is just plain mean. It's the MOTION which is wrong. The other gimmick is to place the ads so close to the letters that one hits them accidentally. Play fair!
  • Good game

    By Manpower2017
    I would like to know why I scored more or less. How are the points count?. When I finished the game I don’t see the score clear. I would like to see the ranking of my best scores, not just the last one, the best one and the average score.
  • Sudoku Game

    By Angelo G. Agnone
    The Sudoku game itself took me over 30 minutes to complete. It was a very rousing game! It’s also amazing!!
  • Too many ads

    By Ark_Fam
    The Sudoku game is fine. But this version has too many ads, they take forever, and they are ads for 3 year olds.good but too many adds
  • Very addictive!

    By Amy882
    Very addictive!
  • Like everything

    By bgrjkle
    like everything the people are sick of ads and ads ads ads and more ads that are way to long
  • Add the option to log in!!!

    By Avii16
    I love this version of sudoku. It’s helped me to not only learn how to play but also become an expert, which I have now been able to take on in handwritten expert sudoku game books. The only downside to this app is that you have NO way of saving the awards you’ve won! I’ve had to change my phone twice since first downloading this game, and both times I’ve lost my monthly awards. I’m even afraid of losing my event awards I’ve won on my iPad (which won’t translate to my iPhone!) I’m very proud of my newly learned skill, which continuously helps me through my PTSD, but losing all of my hard work twice now has been very saddening. Please, please add the option to log in and have the information saved. This app is my favorite, and I want to give it the full five stars it deserves but free for paid advertisements is simply not enough.
  • Challenging and satisfying

    By rbcbshp
    Doing Sudoku every day let’s me exercise my brain and helps me disengage from all the daily turmoil. I enjoy trying the different types and difficulty levels.
  • Thanks

    By TishTheWish
  • Soduko

    By Jajbjr
    Wife had been playing for years. I just found this and enjoy it sooooo much!🤭
  • Review

    By kenoette
    I would not be playing it if I didn't like it
  • addictive

    By Samy dany (im dany)
    addictive to play
  • Too money hungry

    By yrusogai
    Very long adds and when you make “3 mistakes” it makes you either start over or play an add and that includes Miss-clicks. The price to go add free is also high But otherwise good interface
  • Best game EVER

    By Susan7358954
    Love this game!!!!
  • Incorrect boards often

    By jazzyfish358
    Played on this app for years and successfully. But recently I started getting a lot of boards without a solution. Whenever I reached out about the incorrect boards to the help team, I would always get a response saying that it is impossible for their boards to be wrong despite me including a screenshot of the inaccurate answer board. I finally deleted the app after a few months of this. I think there is something wrong with this app and the “help” team was ineffective
  • Gracias por tan buen juego

    By Rene poeta
    La mente se fortalece con el uso y no con el descanso
  • Ejercita tu mente

    By CHB1963
    Lo importante de este maravilloso juego es que permite que ejercites tu mente igual que como ejercitas tu cuerpo en un gimnasio para mantenerte saludable