Head Ball 2

Head Ball 2

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-04-22
  • Current Version: 1.100
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 180.31 MB
  • Developer: MASOMO LIMITED
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 62 183


Join millions of players in one of the most competitive soccer games ever created. Compete against other players in your league and play to claim your place at the top of the ladder. Experience the thrill of the online matches in Head Ball 2 with the voice of the legendary commentator John Motson! Upgrade Your Character to Become a Champion! Stand out from the crowd by choosing from hundreds of accessories to fınd your unique combination. Improve your characters’ skills to dominate the field. Progress to unlock new characters and cosmetic rewards and upgrade your favorite characters. Spice Things Up With Different Super Powers! Unlock 18 different superpowers and use them at the right moment to catch your opponent off guard. Your opponents can counter you with superpowers as well! Take Control of Your Soccer Career Progress through the unique career mode to unlock special bonuses, characters, and accessories. As you progress, rewards become increasingly difficult to obtain, do you have what it takes? Gather Fans and Unlock New Stadiums Increase your fanbase by gaining supporters after each win. Unlock new stadiums to fit your ever-growing supporters. Journey through 10 different stadiums as you walk towards glory! Share the Fun! Get social by connecting your Facebook account and play the most exciting soccer game with your friends, show them who is the best! Features; -Online soccer games against players all across the world. -5 competitive leagues with 15 brackets to play through. -Dynamic & exciting online gameplay with dashy graphics. -Upgrade your character, equip them with cool accessories and empower them with special powers. -New characters, items, and events added constantly! -Card packs to collect items and characters. -Facebook connection to play and team up with friends. Download Head Ball 2 to experience the thrill of the match and compete against millions! IMPORTANT! Head Ball 2 is free to download and play, however, there are some items in the game that can be purchased for real money. You can disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings if you don’t want this feature. Network connection is required to play.



  • So close to being awesome

    By Thanos15748
    This is a pretty cool game, but there’s one serious problem. If you have a good internet connection and you play against someone with a bad connection, the game lags out and gives the benefit of the doubt to the person who lagged. So you get some message on the screen saying your opponent is reconnecting, then all of a sudden the ga,Ed starts again and the ball is completely past you. Don’t punish the people with good internet, punish the ones with bad internet. Or reset the game so that neither had an advantage.
  • It’s Awesome

    By JohnathanS123
    Endless fun! A real competitive treat to play with friends
  • Pathetic

    By lukevvvvvvvvv
    What a joke of a game
  • Om

    By malik-O.XyZ
    I cant open the game why
  • Ads Ads Ads

    By JDP2017
    You have to watch an Ad just to see an Ad for anything and everything with this game! If I want to watch Ads I’ll watch TV!
  • Ads ads ads ads

    By Hilowwwww
    The amount of ads is ridiculous.
  • Trash

    By L0GAN:)
    people are literally lag switching
  • Yeeeess

    By BagleyBagle
    Wonderful and funny game
  • So LIT

    It is so well made that it is just so amazing I Totally recommend it to any one and or everyone
  • Nice game

    By bozaid30
    Thank you
  • BEST GAME!!!

    By Bat lover 75
    I don’t really like soccer but a youtuber(Jack Doherty) recommended it on his video so I downloaded it and it is addicting it’s soooo fun definitely get it.
  • Good for 30 mins and then $$$$$

    By baisjfbs
    I got it cause of the good reviews. After playing the game for 10 mins i got to a level of my super powers that made me use gems instead of gold to level up.... i thought maybe it was just cause it was one of the starter skills so i played more. Then after about 20 mins more of playing i tried starting a match and it came with a new screen asking me if i wanted to pay gems to resupply my super powers. Seems you can only use them so often even though they make you use them in the tutorial. I didnt think so many things would be behind a gem wall. I immediately deleted the game as to not waste anymore time on a game that has a f2p ceiling so early.
  • Bad

    By rulas1991
    Is not fun at all👎
  • Head ball 2

    By Dylan LeafShard
    The best game ever
  • Connection issues

    By Coolhood1
    This game is an excellent design with a lot to offer. However this game will only ever be subpar at best until people with connection issues are prevented. A simple fix would be to block players from accessing with an extreme connection numbers and pause a match if a players connection drop and kick them if it continues to be unstable penalizing said player. Don’t penalize the other player by pausing and then repeatedly un-pausing the match through out the entirety of it. I do not suggest any player spends money on this game until they fix that as it happens far too often and makes anything worth any real dollar a waste.
  • Great game, pool software integration

    By Hotelier750
    So often there is glitch in the game that keep momentary freezes(not the WiFi connection related)
  • Opa

    By El opa opa
  • Terrible

    By Jaycon1012
    This game was fun at first then it just became too much with people playing foolishly? The app crashing in between matches and the connection problem in every match also
  • Really fun game but 1 big flaw!

    By Baer-96
    This game is super fun but my only problem is that i get matched up with players that have horrible connection and it makes those matches totally unplayable.
  • BMM97

    By YamahaB
    Thanks best motivation
  • Nice game

    By luffdady
    This is a really good game
  • Real fun. Lots of ads

    By ab4juve
    I’m mean, a ton of freaking ads. 5/5 on gameplay. -2 for ads. Seriously
  • Fun, if you enjoy glitches

    By ModifiedItalian8
    All the reviews say the same thing, and most are still true. The glitches are horrible. You’ll go to kick the ball and you’re on top of it and it misses and the next attempt you’re a player width away and it hits. The matchup algorithm is horrible. If you spend money on in app purchases, you’re golden. If you don’t, you won’t play long. The servers are HORRIBLE. Won’t connect, lost connection or my favorite mid-match and it goes to the screen as if it’s waiting for a player to join. It was fun, while it lasted. I didn’t want to leave this rating. I tried to wait through 2 updates - I did and nothing’s changed and if anything it’s gotten worse. So here’s the review the game begged for. I’d also like to add - the ONLY way to win/play is if you spend money. Eventually you’ll get matched with players who very clearly get the exclusive characters and you have NO chance beating unless you too spend money. Don’t level up fast if want to play longer term. You’ll get frustrated. The few in app purchases madeI was able to get my money back for, as this app is clearly a gold mine - but not with my money. Update 09/10/2019 Since the update the lag is horrible. The matchup algorithm is horrible. I’m forever up against people 20-30 points more powerful. It’s horrid.
  • WTH!?

    By Luna.child
    What the hell?!!? I spent 100k coins to upgrade the fireball just for it to go MUCH SLOWER?! Did I really spend my coins for it to downgrade?!!! & I have the freezeball for 10 SECONDS so tell me why it unfreezes after 5 seconds?! You guys need to fix those stupid errors because what’s the point of upgrading & wasting your diamonds to DOWNGRADE your powers?
  • It lags SUPER BAD

    By Thatboy20
    It glitches and gives the other person a free point and sometimes the ball goes right through you which is super dumb
  • Not working

    By fireblaze12
    I’m starting to hate this game because I can’t add my friend and we have been trying to search the username from a week and it still didn’t work. I would like to know if this is a glitch or you can’t add your friends in this game. Thanks
  • Best game ever

    By liltoot12
    Head ball 2 is a really fun game but when you first start it seems weird but when you actually get to know it and play it more it is really fun.
  • Bed Hall 7

    By It's okay77777777
    I rate this one star
  • WOULD be 5 stars but....

    By JoelMath
    The ads are crippling. I don’t mind sitting through some ads for a free game. But these are out of control. And there’s no way to pay to get rid of ads, which I would be happy to do if the fee was reasonable. Too bad, cause otherwise it’s a great game.
  • Love it

    By bigerdaddyyy34
    Love this game
  • Bueno

    By kL3¥b3r
    Esta chido el juego
  • Way too many ads!

    By olyboy1994
    The game is amazing but you have to make a way to pay and remove ads that’s reasonable. I just couldn’t take it anymore and I’m regrettably uninstalling. I get ad revenue.. I get it.. right now it’s like watching a YouTube where there’s an ad every minute as opposed to going.. let’s be reasonable here.. I’m sure you’re killing it on as revenue but lost a customer for future releases.
  • Horrible

    By lagisnenod
    Game is horrible, ball goes through your player al the time. And other players just sit in their goal the entire game so you can’t score. And somehow they always win.
  • Bug or lag is happening?

    By Luisgarochoa
    Yesterday, sept. 8 i was playing with no problem, scoring goals, winning frequently. But today, sept. 9, it feels like my characters don't have any power or strength, neither kicking nor heading. What happened? Because of that i've been losing every match. Im not an expert but i was scoring at least 7-10 goals per game, but now only 1 barely 2 and getting owned by the opponent seems that something is wrong. Hope it is fixed soon. Great game nevertheless. Been experiencing this issue both in ios and android.
  • 4-stars

    By ChickenStripers
    This game is fun but it is not like real soccer so ya
  • Headball2

    By wakerdreamzz
    It a great game to play I love this game
  • Don’t get this game

    By yo moma boi
    I would recommend u don’t get this game it puts u up against cpu and then makes your guy do the wrong move and makes you lose the game
  • To be better

    By EnzoTheReaper
    Hey guys plz add more stadiums If you guys add it, it will be more enjoyable Tnx ✌🏻👍🏻🙏🏻
  • Fix the game

    By moose knucke
    I love this game. Don’t get me wrong it’s fun. The reason it’s not five stars is for several problems that never get fixed. Ever since the most recent update the lag is almost unbearable to play. It’s weird because before the update me being in the US I was playing people in Canada. About halfway through it would fix itself. Now after the update it says I am playing people in the US but the lag is insane. From someone that has been playing this for a long time I am disappointed in the update and how it made the lagging worse.
  • 😂😂😂

    By Baby Jakob
    This game is AMAZING! I was is 5th place on my 3rd time playing! I got 7 goals and then it said my opponent got scared and left the match! 😂😂😂😂😂 This game is 5 stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️! LOL, Oh, and by the way, my opponent had legendary stuff on him, he was probably a pro... :D Thank you for the amazing experience, this game is AMAZING!
  • Great Game

    By LuvChristJesus
    This game is great. Very creative. I would have given it five stars but it doesn’t have the option of buying out ads like so many other great apps have.
  • Matchmaking

    By NnnnnttttTttttgsjs
    I would easily gives this game a 5/5 but ever since the last update the game is unplayable. All of my opponents I get matched against have a ping of 200ms and are from Mexico. So the game pauses every 2 seconds. Then when it isn’t pausing the ball will phase through me or not trigger a goal when it clearly goes in the opponents goal.
  • Bugs until the eye can’t see

    By 37262grass
    Game has many bugs in it and will throw in AI players at times which is kinda sad
  • Good

    By moksha707
  • Ok

    By sewashoe
    Game is fun but the ads are unbearable. After every single match you are forced to watch stupid ads. Even though the game is fun I deleted it. I couldn’t watch the same ads over and over and over again. It’s gold harvesting for ad cash.
  • Head balls 2

    By TSM_Danslm
    This is the best soccer game I’ve played
  • Good game but too easy

    By Idhcidncjdnkdncoxnc
    I’m almost on a 20 win streak and I haven’t lost a single game. I started playing today
  • Garbage

    By Clanzier
  • Too many adds

    By adriantheone1
    I like the game but there too many add, After ONE game a 30 second add Pops up And some of them have a fake X button then I can get back to the game so I have to restart it There way too many adds