• Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-09-19
  • Current Version: 2.6.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 209.00 MB
  • Developer: Playrix Games
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 374 171


Welcome to Homescapes! Help Austin the butler bring warmth and comfort back to his wonderful family's mansion. Come on in—adventures await you from the moment you walk in the door! Beat colorful match-3 levels to renovate and decorate rooms in the mansion, unlocking ever more chapters in the exciting family story along the way! What are you waiting for? Make yourself at home! The game features: ● Unique gameplay: help Austin renovate the house by swapping and matching pieces! ● Interior design: you decide what the house will look like. ● Exciting match-3 levels: tons of fun, featuring unique boosters and explosive combinations! ● A huge, beautiful mansion: discover all the secrets it holds! ● Fantastic characters: watch them live their lives and interact with each other in the in-game social network. ● A cute pet: meet а naughty and fluffy cat. ● Invite your Facebook friends to help you create your own cozy atmosphere in the house! Homescapes is free to play, though some in-game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this option, simply turn it off in your device's Restrictions menu. Enjoying Homescapes? Learn more about the game! Facebook: Instagram: Questions? Contact our Tech Support by sending an email to



  • Algorithms

    By UncleSpunkle
    This could have been a pretty cool game but the movement options during play are WAY too limited. The puzzles are almost impossible to solve given this and the limited number of alloyed moves, then after you’ve played each one to the point of total frustration it gives you ‘power ups’ and after just a few moves its magically solved.
  • Can't move on

    By Ktstamps
    I enjoyed the game until I have paid too much money and can't move on. I have been on level 56 for over a week. I was on 55 for 5 days and spent too much money adding extra moves...this can be costly. I am frustrated with spending too much time on a level that I can't get out of. This takes away from the game. I love playing mix and match games but this has too frustrating for the money you will spend.
  • Homescapes

    By october_baby92
    It’s a great game
  • None

    By Dnae76
    This game is so addicting such beating levels to finish designing different rooms to see the finish product!!
  • Pay to win

    By Geeks 'n Freaks
    This game is easy until about level 50. At that point u need to pay to keep pace or slow your roll to the speed of molasses in January (in Minnesota)
  • Misleading ads

    By Hman817
    I like the game okay, but the ads for it are for a completely different type of game. I had no clue this was a puzzle game until after downloading it, and I was very disappointed. The interactive ads were more fun than the game itself.
  • I like this game

    By valdigreez
    I like this game
  • I Highly recommend that you do not download this game.

    By probably taken again
    This is a Stupid game.
  • Homescapes

    By Annette McKimmie
    The more I play this game, the harder it gets (even though you deny that it does) and the less I am liking it 🥺 You charge to much for the simplest things, like making a phone call or hanging a picture or answering the door and worst of all way overcharging for 5 extra moves 🤷🏼‍♀️ I’m really starting to get discouraged even playing this game anymore 🥺 7 of my friends have already quit playing for the same reasons that I just mentioned, so If it doesn’t get any better, then I’ll be leaving 🤷🏼‍♀️ I doubt you’ll even post this because I only saw one 5 star post 🥴
  • One of the greatest friendly game

    By Victoria0099
    This is great
  • Would give no stars, if it were possible!

    By _SVAJ
    Downloaded based on the advertisement. The actual game is nothing like the ad. Therefore, it does not meet my expectations at all. Very boring. Will be deleting.
  • Disgirl76✌️😏

    By Dianegirl1on1
    I enjoy playing this game only one thing that gets me is the amount of coins having to use just to try an finish one level which to me is way too much since it takes while to get the right amount to achieve. I like the game no doubt but wouldn’t it be nice if it was at $300.00, or so in order to be able to try again instead of having to wait just to get more coins that add up to $900.00? Thx in advance love the game so far just a suggestion. ✌️😏 Peace
  • Great game

    By _prettynae
    Love it
  • Scam

    By FixYourGame1750276
    The adds are so fake it’s not even real. The game is so different than all the adds shown all over. I went to download this game cause I thought that it was what the adds said it was, but I was let down and there for I will give it a 1 star for poor effort and clickbait.
  • Moves

    By bd's mom
    On numerous occasions I have not gotten all the moves that were listed remaining. The last time it happened it said I had nine moves left and the game ended.
  • Fun but Misleading

    By Heteru
    A good game with a fun story, no doubt at all. Only note I really have is that the add for this and Garden Scape should be changed- the adds for it you see in other games that entice you to download it make you think that it’s this puzzle game where you have to use tools to fix problems in a certain order or something, was a bit of a let down to find out it was just another match 3 puzzle game.
  • False Advertisement

    By CeriJ
    Downloaded after watching a few “demos” while playing other games. The game play in this isn’t ANYTHING like advertised. Classic bait and switch!

    By LRF79
    Can stop playing!!!!
  • False ads

    By blahbar
    Not as advertised
  • I don’t know bout this

    By duh_itz_brook
    I was playing BitLife and this ad popped up saying homescapes on how you can pick things to fix between options but when I download it it’s nothing like what the game video showed! I’m so upset and wish I never had downloaded it it’s just a rip off for me! If you saw the same ad and is reading this right now just know what I’m saying this game is a rip off I reappear a rip off other people might like this but it’s a rip off to what it said in the ad!😡😡😡😡
  • Dmd

    By Qweenhick
    This game needs to give more options to win lives, like watch a videos
  • Great

    By Richard w johnson
    It’s a great game I just wish I had some money
  • Cash In your Paycheck

    By Kentendo123
    This game is really fun and addictive however it is way too focused on micro transactions. Need an upgrade PAY FOR IT, need +5 turns PAY FOR IT, need a life PAY FOR IT.
  • Dumb game

    By puppieseatbacon
    Not even close to what the ad shows!
  • Stupid

    By llooplmnjjn
    Plan to spend actual money to advance in game
  • Very addicting

    By lkopgh
    Great game, challenging, very addictive!! Love it!!!
  • Not enough coins

    By homescapes is the best
    The game is awesome and I love it but on almost every level if I could have 1 more move I could win but I did not have enough coins I was just wondering if you could make a way to get coins by watching videos
  • Homescapes

    By wooooooohhohoooooooko
    Omg literally best game ever have been playing for hours I am so addicted I spent the whole night up playing this game omg soooooo addictive.
  • Hi

    By agbons05
    Best game ever
  • Yay!!!!

    By Snubber32
    So this ad came on another game and it looked like his kitchen was in chaos so you get to pick the right tool for the but you download it and it’s candy crush knock off and you just buy a couch or 2 when you beat a level 🤨 wouldn’t bother downloading
  • Not enough move

    By dryusx
    Whenever I play right as I’m almost done it says I’m out of moves and I had 20 stars and next day I had 0 glitch
  • Love this addictive game

    By NascarKrazy10
    To past time on flights I play this all the time and time flys when you’re having fun!
  • Frustrating to the max

    By mersadi
    The levels are too hard for what the task is....I have been More aggravated with this game than it is enjoyable. I have quit before and may needs to be updated with some common sense.
  • Much more fun now

    By KNaughton
    I had given up on this game around level 70 or so because it seemed impossible to beat a level. Whatever changes were made make it much more enjoyable again. The levels are challenging but not impossible. It’s frustrating that most of the tasks now take 2 stars instead of 1 - I hope that’s corrected in future updates. I play to have a mindless something to do for a few minutes - anything beyond that just feels tedious.
  • Addictive

    By sugercuky
    I just started playing and I’m addicted already.. Dang it. Lol Really makes you think
  • Needs work but fun.

    By Shucks6009
    It’s nothing like the add I saw. It’s still fun though. But I have played a lot of these matching games and never have the issue that this game causes -the wrong pieces move not the ones picked, which causes game losses. So annoying. Overall good enough to kill some time.
  • Advertising is a scam

    By sophiafavela16
    This game is fun but I would’ve enjoyed it a lot more if this was actually what the game was supposed to be. It’s adverted as a fixing and repairing game which is it but they mention absolutely nothing about the fact that you have to play a game to replace it. I don’t recommend playing this game if you watched the ads off of another game.
  • Do not understand?

    By Hannibulldog
    Maybe I’m not to smart but played to level 17. I have plenty of rewards but 0 stars. Can’t seem to figure out how to obtain and am tired of talking to the on screen character. I’m deleting it was interesting at first but come on.
  • Fun

    By Jenluvscatz
    Challenging game gives your brain a workout
  • Great game!

    By Selle40
    Love this! Been playing for a while, still love it!
  • False advertising, not a great game.

    By Jaqi Holcombe
    The advertisements for this game aren’t similar at all to the actual gameplay. This game is a simple puzzle game; you play the puzzles to receive “energy” or whatever, then you use that to fix up the problems in the house or add new furniture to the rooms. This games advertisements, which pop up on nearly all of the free apps and games I try to play, are extremely misleading. It makes it seem like you can drag and drop stuff into the rooms to fix minor problems. The ads say “why is this game so hard?” Well, maybe the game is “hard” because the advertisements are misleading. I’m just tired of seeing the same 4 ads for this game when they don’t show the REAL gameplay. How can I shut off advertisements on games I’ve previously downloaded and deleted??
  • Diffrent

    By hnhhbjuyh
    This game is like candy crunch but it's always different and I like how you can work to a goal but in candy crush you only play the levels
  • Great app

    By Key-Boston
    This game is very addicting the only downfall is that for some reason I’m not able to utilize the 12 kites special thatI have. This needs to be fixed immediately!
  • False advertising

    By BreAH81
    The ad for this game looked super fun. There was a room with lots of things wrong and you had to fix stuff. I’ve been playing this game for weeks now and have yet to experience anything like what was pictured in the ad. Instead, it’s been a puzzle game like bejeweled the entire time. I happen to like those games so have been playing anyway but this one is so hard you almost have to purchase boosts in order to pass the levels. The main character has a story line which is fine but there is no way to bypass some of the long pauses between plays and it gets really annoying. All in all, I’m getting tired of wasting my time trying to level up enough to get to the game I got this to play as I’ve yet to see any evidence it even exists.
  • False Ads

    By Jenn.Y88
    This is just another match 3 game.
  • Fun at first

    By Tyl67
    Game is fun and has a great storyline. But as the levels get higher, it gets harder. I gave it a very low review because the higher levels are not achievable without purchase of items and even with use of extras, not winnable. My recommendation, play it and enjoy and know when it is time to nix the app. This was the same for gardenscapes.
  • Game

    By Cabrera46
    Great game love to play

    By Death123$
    This game is a lie. It is NOTHING like the videos. Just another click bait game
  • Very difficult to pass levels

    By CW7963
    This game is good but it’s so difficult to pass some levels and it only gives one star and also just to start a new day it takes forever! I definitely prefer Gardenscapes over this game. I have tried one level and I have done it for three days and still cannot pass it