• Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-09-19
  • Current Version: 2.2.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 197.34 MB
  • Developer: Playrix Games
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 262 211


Welcome to Homescapes! Help Austin the butler bring warmth and comfort back to his wonderful family's mansion. Come on in—adventures await you from the moment you walk in the door! Beat colorful match-3 levels to renovate and decorate rooms in the mansion, unlocking ever more chapters in the exciting family story along the way! What are you waiting for? Make yourself at home! The game features: ● Unique gameplay: help Austin renovate the house by swapping and matching pieces! ● Interior design: you decide what the house will look like. ● Exciting match-3 levels: tons of fun, featuring unique boosters and explosive combinations! ● A huge, beautiful mansion: discover all the secrets it holds! ● Fantastic characters: watch them live their lives and interact with each other in the in-game social network. ● A cute pet: meet а naughty and fluffy cat. ● Invite your Facebook friends to help you create your own cozy atmosphere in the house! Homescapes is free to play, though some in-game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this option, simply turn it off in your device's Restrictions menu. Enjoying Homescapes? Learn more about the game! Facebook: Instagram: Questions? Contact our Tech Support by sending an email to



  • nnce

    By fahad boodai
    its very nice game i like it
  • Needs a cloud save option besides FB

    By kct1216
    I love this game and got all the way to level 423. Unfortunately I just got a new iPad and discovered that the only way to transfer my game to a new device is by connecting it to Facebook. I’m no longer on FB and don’t want to be. I really hope another way to transfer games is added at some point. But until it is I guess I won’t be playing anymore. I’m giving my old device to my mom so I will leave the game installed for now in the hope that I will eventually be able to transfer it over. Otherwise this is a great game and I would give it 4 stars. 5 if you got more for your money when purchasing coins & boosts.
  • Fun game, but support is terrible..

    By ashleyantoinette
    I definitely enjoy the game, but I've had a constant issue which I've tried to contact support about and they refuse to actually help. Whenever I earn unlimited lives there always seems to be an issue & I'm never am able to use the full time I'm awarded. The most recent time I contacted about, I had about an hour left of unlimited lives. Played ONE level, so that took a couple of minutes. Didn't complete the level, but instead of having that remaining time of unlimited lives to play more, it said I had 0 lives. Support continually gives me scripted responses saying how you can't postpone unlimited lives. I have told them over & over I'm NOT trying to postpone them at all. It's not like I close the game & come back later expecting that time to still be there. I earn them & continue playing AT THAT TIME. Since they won't help, I'm not sure what else to do. I'd just like to be able to use what I earn & don't feel like that's a lot to ask for, ha.
  • Fun

    By CTMerrenE
    Fun for all ages. I love this game.
  • More Stars

    By Fun have
    I really enjoy being able to rebuild old things but I would love to gain more stars per level.
  • Homescapes

    By Chuucckk
    I love this game. Some levels get hard and you have to work them for days but it’s pretty cool. One thing I don’t like about the game though is you don’t get to choose what area of the house your working on.
  • Can’t stop

    By Bearwithit
    Addicted from level 1 I play it at work on lunches and breaks even
  • Addictive

    By ShellyBean2488
    Great Game!
  • Rewards are not comparable to effort to get them

    By Khumphries
    Rewards are hard to come by, and when you get them, they are very small compared to the effort it took to get them. I like the game, but will no longer invest time and effort to compete in the challenges. It’s not worth the payout.
  • Fun

    By *Nini 83*
    Love it

    By Marijane Linezo
    Me and my husband love this game! We play it faithfully every day and even have discussions about the game and the happenings hahaha.
  • Just wants my money

    By i887
    It would be fun but they won’t give you the coins you win unless you pay for them??
  • Home scape

    By Zafiro5
    Love this game my favorite!!!
  • Fun but it’s not fair

    By vee quinn
    It is very addicting and very fun but the difference between the coins you again and the coins you lose makes you just wanna give up and delete the game
  • Fun but really expensive

    By smc31613
    I like the choices in building the rooms. I’m on level 670 and have had to spend more money on this game then any other games I’ve ever played. I will have to stop playing soon because you need to spend money in order to move up levels and I just can’t stomach the idea of dumping more money into an app game.
  • Neat

    By rdtn32
    Very neato game
  • Boring

    By holidaybuster
    Some puzzles take too long to get past, game becomes boring at this point. Do not get enough rewards to help get stars. Can only play for a few minutes without more moves. Takes too long to get past a screen. Frustrated, still frustrated too long getting through some levels. Played over an hour and never advanced. Done with this game! Frustrating!!!! Stupid game 6 days on the same puzzle.
  • Nice and entertaining

    By Lori1975
    Glad I downloaded. Fun and love that there is a goal in mind
  • This is so much fun!

    By INCsMommy
    My whole family loves this game!
  • Disappointed

    By Cameron770
    You are forced to buy coins to get you to each level.
  • I ❤️ this game lol

    By Bigdaaveswife
    I’m hooked....
  • Updates

    By afy1015
    I love this games but when they do holidays it’s always buggy. Right now mine is still stuck on Halloween when I’m supposed to be able to play for Christmas tickets... I was real excited for the Christmas update to :(
  • appt 2370086

    By appt237
    pretty good but if you spent real money on playing would be too expensive
  • Awesome

    By allutoae
    I love this game
  • Ok at first

    By Viet2000
    Okay at first, but if want to make any real progress, you will have to sink money into it. Such a sucker job like many of these so-called free games. Get you hooked with early rewards and then try to make you pay to play. Delete.
  • Being charged

    By nichole2652
    I have an iPhone 7 Plus. Why am I being charged for a free game? I can’t update cuz I have no money on my account
  • Fun but....

    By RaginFin
    Some are the tasks cost to many stars when you only earn one star per level.
  • Fun game

    By Whitelightni7704
    This is a fun game that can be very addictive!
  • Patience

    By 2844
    Sometimes levels are difficult but eventually they are solved. Don't purchase coins etc. so it takes longer, but fun. Still enjoying but wish it would go faster even if you don't make purchases. Improving on rewards. Dec. 2018...rewards improved but still takes way too long to get through games to make progress in house. Wish this could be changed.
  • Call it yardscapes.

    By Professional Game Strategist
    Homescapes has so much of the game fixing up the yard it feels like I’m still playing Gardenscapes. Just change the name to yardscapes.
  • Love the game!

    By M270128
    Very rewarding and funny!
  • It’s fun, but it’s too hard to win

    By PennyMryCh
    It’s reasonable to have different difficulty levels for each game, but I think but the difficulty level is averagely too high. Most games takes multiple tries to win, but multiple lives’s reward is only 50, while it cost 900 to get an extra live, which will take about 15 wining games, since some games will reward 100 coins. I have been wanted to quite so many times, because there are many many times when I have to play 30+ times to win one game. I suggest the developer adjusted the winning system to keep the players.
  • Blah! Boring!

    By Deenkid
    Aren’t we supposed to be decorating a house? This game is just another version of Gardenscapes. Too much time spent on the outside and not enough on the house. Levels are hard to beat without spending money. It is too slow moving. There needs to be more rewards.
  • A Puzzle Game that I actually enjoy playing!

    By IthinkthereforeIam
    Out of all the puzzle games I’ve tried, Homescapes is the most fun in my opinion. I’ve gotten very far, spent a few dollars for those more troublesome boards. But it’s worth it. The storyline is great. Try it, if you haven’t, I’m sure you’ll be hooked too! 😊
  • Fun game but many issues.

    By Redgal1498
    I have had Homescapes for a couple of years and over the time the game would restart if I was running low on storage. This just happened again and I was on level 303.
  • Fun for the winter!

    By Captain21615
    Very fun game to play when it is snowing outside. Love this game!!!
  • Typical match game

    By Retired athlete
    This game was fun but like any of these match types of games they start throwing in twists and turns that just make it frustrating. Plus the amount of stars you get for one level makes it tough to do anything. The power ups cost way too many coins and the no lives for 30 minutes is ridiculous. Stop trying to make us spend money!,!
  • Sarah

    By artist Sarah
    It was fun all along but it was hard
  • Enjoyable game, but having to spend stars on menial tasks

    By Sonyaworld
    I started playing this because I wanted to decorate THE HOUSE. It took so many stars just to fix up one room. But then, it makes you spend stars on ridiculous tasks like frosting a cake. Then after the bedroom, entry room, and kitchen are done, and you think you'll finally move to another section of THE HOUSE, it takes you OUTSIDE. It makes you spend a bunch of stars on stuff you don't want to do. I want to go to the next room, that's why I played Homescape not Gardenscape. We should be allowed to choose the room we go to next. Sometimes I just want to delete the game out of frustration with this.
  • Enjoy but there are reward problems

    By mbarker12
    I have really enjoyed this game and it’s addictive but when you beat a level the coin rewards don’t match and you run out of lives really fast. Not to mention that on the side you collect coins in a vault but you have to pay money to get the coins, I paid once and regret it cause coins go fast
  • I’m almost done

    By Nepenna
    Costs too much to play. I’m competitive and playing the same level 30-50 times and not getting thru without spending money is nuts. I’m not playing as often and will eventually delete the game, sadly.
  • Great Game

    By little-king-79
    Awesome to play and keep fresh ideas on how to beat the game.
  • Rewards i.e. stars

    By Oi-Lan
    You get 100 coins why not get 2+stars and make us have to have to buy every little thing to renovate i.e. get a crowbar to open a door, open a package... I mean really it is a little unfair to not get a break from the little things. Other than that all good
  • Great game

    By Gamer12790
    Love this game. Relaxing to play and it’s fun to open new rooms.
  • Awesomely challenging

    By Jeff's Special Game
    I Love the challenge great for keeping my mind spatially motivated!!
  • Disappointing

    By Punk 301
    Fun but gets too difficult too quickly. You win less than 60-70 coins a level but can't beat the level without spending 900 coins. They obviously want only people who will pay real money to buy the coins & boosts needed to win.
  • Fun game,however...

    By Oldster66
    I love this game but it would be better if you could get more coins and stars for harder levels. When you have to pay 900 and then 1200 coins to win a level and you win 50 coins and 1 star, doesn’t seem too fair. Also you could sell just booster packages. They are very expensive. I worked one week on one level. You know who plays a lot. Reward those people with a bonus once in awhile. So many times I’ve been ready to delete. Also, there has been food on the table for a month for a dinner party that has never happened, really? I will say, when I’ve lost items it doesn’t take 5 days to get the problem resolved anymore, it gets done at a much quicker rate. Thank you for a fun game but help your customer out a little better! Merry Christmas
  • Annoying features

    By cajohnson5
    Update December 2018: Having trouble with game crashing, usually when I am doing really well with a level. Also, when your device goes to sleep, would it be possible to auto-save your progress? Initially gave the game 3 stars; have since lowered to 1 1) when you pass a level and the number of rewarded coins is being incremented, the game throws down unrelated pieces in the game i.e. teapots, to reduce the number of coins awarded. This along with other many other ways the game responds makes me feel that the algorithms are designed to encourage the user to spend real cash. 2) I find the costs to advance a level without winning it disturbingly high based on the rewards you receive for passing it. 3)watching a video to earn extra coins was a decent idea, that way we can choose if we want to be annoyed by ads. However to constantly be treated to the same ads, one right after the other, does not make me want to download that game. Lowered my review- game just froze with a hard level game in progress. Had to close the app; progress was not saved and no lives now available. Who has time for this?!? Update to review - uploaded the update and mid play the game used a boost without my selecting it. June 16, 2018- using iPad with game, fertilizing family tree the app has Austin watering the tree nonstop. I cannot exit or move on to playing. I tried force closing the app and reopening with the same result. I’m now installing iOS 11.4 in the hopes that resolves the issue.
  • Let’s See.

    By Cheeeeeese8
    It helps if you get your butts out into the public and actually do something. I can tell that this team can’t do anything together or even get out on a break and come up with new ideas. Sad. You build something but have no structure, foundation or motivation. Hence, making money off people may be your game. But what you put on the market should make the consumer happy. This program if off the charts bad.