Dizzy Knight

Dizzy Knight

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-10-11
  • Current Version: 1.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 220.57 MB
  • Developer: Noodlecake Studios Inc
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 969


Grab your sword and start spinning! Dizzy Knight is a fantasy action game full of monsters, power-ups, bosses and more! Master the art of the spin as you defeat wave after wave of fantasy monsters in this one of a kind dizzying adventure. Can you reach the Spiral Throne and become the ultimate...Dizzy Knight? Features: - 3 Game Modes: Endless, Campaign and Advanced - Earn And Master New Abilities - Find Power ups to help your quest - 40 Stages across 4 different environments - A host of traps, enemies and bosses stand in your way - Wield 8 different weapons in battle



  • Good game but

    By bpro30
    A good game but the thing is it’s hard to control and even though the sword is all around me I get damaged if I run into an enemy but overall this is a REALLY good game
  • Good game

    By Grackene
    I first thought it would be like legend of Zelda but it was better
  • The best game ever made

    By princess110792
    Wow i wish there was a second game
  • Nice game

    By mickey the boi
    Nice game kinda makes no sense but it’s funny and fun 😺
  • Good, but outrageously annoying

    By Jerell 8
    The game is good and I see where they are coming from, a pretty nice and original but there was a one glitch where I placed a bomb while the boss was spawning and my character despawned! And another where I was holding the Sheild my than I had to, I got all the way to the third stage, barley any damage taken. So if possible PLEASE FIX THE GAME
  • Such

    By rex rexha
  • Dizzying

    By netra8
    Wow I like the graphics but dizzy? It is spinning like crazy!
  • This game is pretty good

    By gacha knight
    Honestly,I like the spinning action and all the boss battles are pretty hard but not at the point y u rage to death.i do recommend playing this game and if y u bought it play it more often it’s good
  • Rewarded videos after every round?

    By Benya24
    U guys serious? 🤔🤷🏾‍♂️
  • Neat action game. But it’s mobile so...

    By Radicalrick12
    You know it’s not meant to be fair. You can do very well rarely getting hit and destroying almost every thing and enemy it a level but you just won’t see health hearts or the special heal potions drop much after level 1. Spent 10 min destroying crates and pillars and not a single heart would drop. As I said it’s not meant to win just get as far as you can and maybe spend some cash to revive ?! Lol
  • It’s great

    By SirFlamingo5
    Its a game where your a spinning knight and you have to slay monsters. And there’s a traveling merchant who’s sells you weapons and power ups. And the only bad thing is, that there some glitches in the game but other than that it’s a good game
  • Poor rogue like. Not particularly good.

    By Bob-111-111
  • Broken

    By Chufmjft
    Fun idea, but this game broke on me. I was just playing the game and it fell apart. My first play a ghost which was the last enemy I needed to kill was in a wall. I couldn't kill it. I have a screen recording of this if you need. Kinda annoying but whatever. I started over and bought the shield upgrade. Upon activation it got stuck on, I couldn't get my sword back out. I also have a screen recording of this. I restarted again and to my surprise the shield ability was still activated, but my sword was also out. I couldn't take damage. More recordings if you need. I laughed and played through the game, the only damage I ever took was from traps. I bought the mace upgrade, it didn't work, but that didn't really matter. I got to the end of the game and the camera locked. I assumed it was supposed to be a cutscene, however it didn't load. I was stuck. I clicked on an item, which freed me, but the camera was still locked. I lucked into a frenzy potion and after using it, the camera unlocked. I found the merchant in the room, it just brought up the normal window. I closed it and couldn't interact with him again. I wandered around the room a bit, got bored and restarted. The shield God mode was still on, and I quit for good because I was bored. There's a screen recording of all this too.
  • 罗牛

    By 贴图区了
  • Has Potential

    By MrGVSV
    The game has a cool concept that could be really fun to play. What makes it not fun to play is feeling as though you have made no progress since (from what I can tell) it doesn't save. And the levels are super long too! So you spend the 378 hours just to get to level 2 and when you decide to come back to it another day, you realize that all that hard work is gone. The only thing left are your coins! It also struggles with some bugs. This includes buttons not responding well, or the second boss not even being a challenge due to a silly collision bug. The store also does not feature anything of any interest. All together I think this app needs work if it's going to be as fun as it could be. And I think it can be, as the devs have made other fun games.
  • Title

    By StavrosTheHun
    Game freezes when checking quests or returning to the main menu in the settings screen. I have to force quit the app and lose all progress when I do so.
  • Just fun

    By tenticleaction
    This game is not very hard or difficult but just fun with you getting to just kill things
  • Fun quests👏

    By philrides
    I love the dizzy knight!
  • A good challenge

    By gingergabi
    It’s a challenging arcade style game that demands well-timed movements consistently. Very minimalistic gameplay which is great for quick rounds when you have 2-3 minutes to kill. Though good, it’s personally not what I’m looking for. One bug I’ve encountered was after my very first run the game didn’t necessarily crash or freeze but the buttons were unresponsive while the app was still running fine which resulted me in force closing the application to continue.
  • Dizzy is an understatement

    By Tp3115
    I was super excited about this game and loved the graphic classic game feel. However, the dizzy concept ended up not working out for me. I don’t know what else I expected, but unfortunately playing this game was dizzying enough to make me feel actually feel sick with the hero spinning nonstop.
  • Love this game!

    By Astramina
    You are a constantly spinning knight that has to defeat all kinds of enemies on different levels. It’s super challenging and fun. I really like endless mode where you can just keep playing forever and try to beat your highest score. Definitely try this game!!!!