• Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-06-14
  • Current Version: 1.1.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 162.62 MB
  • Developer: PeopleFun, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 396 757


Get the incredibly addicting word game that everyone is talking about! Starts off easy but gets challenging fast. Can you beat the game? This modern game combines the best of word searching and crosswords for tremendous brain challenging fun! Never experience a dull moment once you have this most addicting word puzzle game! ► Escape from boredom and stimulate your mind by visiting the beautiful destinations of Wordscapes! ► Over 6,000 puzzles! ► Starts easy and becomes challenging! Wordscapes is the latest top rated word game from the makers of Word Chums, Spell Blitz and MixTwo.



  • Ads!!!!

    By AzGirl2
    Ads are before every game. They even pop up during the game. If you brush screen they pop up. The game is fun but not worth all the ads. And there is no way to turn off the sound of the ads unless you turn sound off on phone. I refuse to pay to remove the garbage.
  • Good Game, but Some Things Need Fixing

    By xvballmccarthyxx
    My brother got me into this game on a family vacation, and for the most part I love it. HOWEVER, this game heats up my phone so much and so quickly I can't play it for more than a few puzzles at a time before I have to stop and let my phone cool off. It also drains my battery very quickly, which makes me reluctant to play unless I'm near a charger. It also makes me concerned for my phone's health. I hope that these things will be fixed somehow. The other thing that I have noticed is the ads are excessive. It's the same two games that are always advertised and it's after every single puzzle. Sometimes there are two games that are advertised. I wish that could be cut back on.
  • Battery HOG !

    By SVOTA
    Unbelievable how much battery is lost to this app !!! Is it streaming a copy of my phone to their ‘data patrners’ every 20 minutes ??? Something is VERY WRONG with how this app chews power. Good game, but gonna have to dump it.
  • Too many ads

    By Raccoon25774
    The game itself is fun but not only is there an ad between each puzzle, they started playing during the puzzles. It makes the game unenjoyable now. The ads are also long and it’s faster to just close the app and reopen it.
  • Rolov

    By rolov123
    Good review
  • Mostly ads

    By GtownBruce
    There is an ad after every single level. Spent more time waiting to close the ads than playing the game. I thought it would get better the further into the game I got, it did not. If there were a “no star” option I would have chosen zero stars.
  • No bueno

    By randomtandom8283!:)37373
    Game randomly crashes a lot.
  • Annoying ads.

    By Reilyn
    The ad experience could definitely use some improvement. There are two ads in between each game, but it's very inconvenient because the x to close them out doesn't come up for several seconds and then you tap in an area to see if it'll come up and it brings you to the download page and you have to tap done and then hit x and you have to do this twice in between each game. The games don't take very long either. Just super annoying and I don't play this as much as I would if it weren't for this annoying experience. At least do a visible timer until the x button is available so I can see how long I have to wait or something.
  • Words capes is not tiring!

    By Clyde246
    Great game!
  • Love it!

    By WSmgr
    I try to find these words faster every time.
  • Snooze through the commercials

    By I355
    I have played this game for about six months and the ads and commercials are getting longer and longer. Be prepared to either fork over the monthly fee to avoid the commercials or spend at least 30 to 40 seconds after each game to watch commercials for anything from other games to yoga. By the way this company also makes the Word Stacks game app. So be prepared to endure the same commercials in that game.
  • Best game ever

    By Meli_rocks
    Love this game!
  • Does this cost money

    By shepppard7
    Does it cost money to install or is a monthly payment!? If so I don’t want it
  • Best game

    By 'rjfniiejviefjv
    Very good game if u turn airplane Mode on and Wi-Fi off ur good to go
  • Fun, but huge battery drain.

    By Mortito
    Please address the issue with battery drainage. It’s a disaster. Thanks
  • Wordsxapes

    By Gouther
    I used to have fun with this game when the adds were just for other apps and were quick. Now they are full on commercials. Yes I know that I can make an in app purchase to stop them.
  • Thought builder

    By Meb2849
    It is a wonderful game, makes you think and helps you spell correctly.
  • Addictive fun challenging

    By 1paddywack
    Great game time goes by fast
  • Ads, Bugs, and Crashes

    By CAD Programmer
    Way too many ads and crashes, severe lag (very bad), inaccurate finger tracking (frustrating), glitches, and incomplete dictionary resulting in valid words being rejected. Phone gets hot while running this app and battery drains from full to zero in about 10 minutes. Crashes at least once daily and that’s no exaggeration. Ads pop up spontaneously while trying to play the game, and poorly coded finger tracking results in a recurring glitch where tapping anywhere on the screen triggers the App Store (and the app must be shut down to restore “normal” functioning, untill it glitches out again a few minutes later). App resets/crashes whenever switching from another task, such as replying to a text, answering a call, or writing a one-star app review.....
  • Sueq

    By sueqsie
    Challenging but would like more tournaments. It is more about the competition than winning the coins.
  • App keeps crashing

    By Mhny96
    I’ve played this game for about a week now. Other than the app taking multiple times of me closing it out and reopening for it to actually work, the game is fun.
  • Thinking Game

    By LilRae69
    Love this game, it make me work my brain!
  • Daily Puzzle

    By Rubee Dee
    Please work on the daily puzzle. It is not skill based but rather guess based. As an example, the butterfly is in the first letter of a 4 letter word. Looking at the letters it could be rear, rare, bare, bear. Again, that makes this a guessing game. It makes it highly annoying when the goal of the daily puzzle is to achieve the three stars. As for the rest of the game, I believe others have touched on the main issues. Abbreviated words or slang. Also, some bonus words are not bonus words or puzzle words. Yet are legitimate words that would be bonus or puzzle words in a different level. Finally, why do you run the word contest on the weekend? I mean, I think I know why. However, why not have challenges during the week. This game is for passing the time. Weekends are not for sitting on your phone trying to add a few coins to your collection. Overall, game is great and fun. Just needs a little love to be a bit better.
  • Wordscapes

    By rukahs1
    Awesome fun
  • Tournaments are too long

    By Budman714
    Other than that it occupies the time and keeps you busy
  • Addictive

    By rule62.2000
    Love spending time unraveling words
  • Ads ads - even with paid version

    By PoppieRaleighT
    Paid for but still get ads. Don’t get sucked in to buying.
  • Repetitive and Misused Words

    By C.A.S.175
    This game is fun if you don’t think too hard about it. Nan is not bread (naan is), it’s a nickname for one’s grandmother. Wiles is actually a word, but it wasn’t recognized. Half the words I guess rarely or never come up in the puzzles, but “once” is in every other puzzle. Would be so much better if given any amount of thought.
  • 100 coin hint just disappeared

    By my100cents
    I used to love this game but I’m ditching it. You collect coins that you used to be able to use to get a hint when stuck on a word for 100 coins. That function just disappeared one day. Now you only have a 300 coin bullseye, which gives more letters than needed and uses too many coins. I wrote to tech support but no response. There are plenty of other games to play.
  • really fun

    By ls gang
    it is really fun and awesome and my parents don’t bring me to the library anymore
  • I quit

    By BiscuitTx
    I love the concept. I paid for the game. But the words they allow vary from puzzle to puzzle. Some Greek letter names are acceptable but others are not. Place names are not allowed. OK that's fine. Weird abbreviations are OK as well. But actual OED words are not always allowed. No consistency. I quit.
  • Need a way to disable animations

    By Writerevie21
    I spend more time waiting for the animations to complete than I do playing the puzzles. Need an option to limit the animations when a level is complete. Otherwise, game is pretty simple and straightforward. Great time sink for when waiting in line for something.
  • Videos unavaible

    By MMARY🤗
    More often there is no videos available and that is how you win the coins to buy letters so you quit playing....love the game when it is working
  • Disappointed

    By Ange Bee
    So I really loved this game ... I particularly found it legit that derogatory words or words with negative connotations were not recognized ... until yesterday ... some definitions shouldn’t make it. The funny thing is I didn’t initially put in the word because of the negative connotations associated with it. However, it was my last word and only viable option. I’ve posted a screenshot to your Facebook page.
  • Keeps me shahp!

    By Charity Sonshyne
    Challenging enough to keep me engaged but not so difficult that i want to throw my phone.
  • Paid for NO ads, still getting ads

    By sarahbellum74
    This game is fun. But the ads? Unbelievably annoying. So I payed for NO ads. Worked for a day or so and now? Back to all the time-sucking annoying ads. I’ve sent 2 emails to them with no remedy or response.
  • Heat issues

    By jayyykie
    Makes your phone Extremely HOT, otherwise great game. Helps reduce my anxiety at night and I sleep like a baby.
  • Love it

    By kevvo12
    Awesome game! I’m on level 1201!
  • If it’s not broken, don’t fix it

    By Bmarie1220
    Love this game but why did you guys change the background themes with the update?! The new themes look all fake & cheap...
  • I’m hooked, but also bored

    By HJF8x8
    The game is certainly addictive, as most online games are, but it’s also very repetitive in terms of the letter combos presented and the words being sought. Generally, the vocabulary featured is not that sophisticated. I’d like to see more variety with letter combos and more interesting vocabulary. The vocabulary doesn’t have to be esoteric, but it gets boring to keep seeing “deer,” “reap,” “era,” and the like. I’m also annoyed that it treats certain abbreviations, like “Rep” as a word, but doesn’t recognize certain standard words.
  • Disappointing

    By Bemp4972
    Loved this game until I got to level 200. Now the app quits constantly. Very disappointed.
  • Love, but....

    By Liza1029
    The daily challenging puzzles are great but the “level” puzzles are redundant, and that’s annoying. Therefore, I seldom play the “level” puzzles.
  • Good game

    By u͙n͙i͙m͙e͙r͙c͙a͙t͙
    I love the game, it actually made me think and it broadened my vocabulary. The coins are really hard to get though. ᙭O᙭O-- ᑌᑎIᗰEᖇᑕᗩT
  • Frustrating at best

    By Jeffjj9999
    At first what a great game then as you progress the words that you need to find get increasing difficult. Now if they used common words it would be so much better. They allow abbreviations but not other words. And the longer words are usually 2 words just because you say them together doesn’t mean they are a word. Update!! Now you simply cannot play without an internet connection endless repeated popups. And if you do happen to have an internet connection you can’t close the ads. Update 2 now you have to watch an ad after EVERY level cleared when it takes longer to watch the ad than play the level it’s time to delete the game
  • Ads

    By taptnua
    There is an ad after EVERY puzzle. Very annoying. Give us a break
  • Love this game

    By suzannepie
  • Fun, sometimes even challenging

    By Cap'n Swift
    What I really love is that they don’t constantly try to up sell you or make you buy things just to solve the puzzles. I truly appreciate that.
  • Help

    By Abeee26
    Got a new phone and for some reason it won’t download the app to this one but all my other apps n games came back n this is my favorite game 😩
  • Great, but daily puzzle bugs

    By Jaylove33
    I love this app, it has never given me trouble in the past, the ads are short and reasonable, and the game itself is relaxing and addictive. One problem I have run into recently, however, is that I can no longer play the daily puzzle because it is stuck on the date July 22nd and it says I have already played that day and to come back tomorrow. July 22nd hasn’t happened yet. I hope they fix this bug soon because I really want to continue playing the daily puzzles, I usually start my day off with it and enjoy collecting and unlocking the pictures.