Universe — Website Builder

Universe — Website Builder

  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2017-03-20
  • Current Version: 2.22.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 125.32 MB
  • Developer: Universe Exploration Company
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.2 or later.
  • Rating Count: 4 537


Apple: “Creating and publishing a super-stylish website using Universe takes all of five minutes. Really.” Universe is the first website builder designed for iPhone and iPad. Build the internet from the palm of your hand. You can design, edit, and publish sites with an amazing drag and drop editor that feels like you're playing with building blocks. No code or technical mumbo-jumbo required. Stand out from cookie-cutter websites and make something completely your own—for free. Universe is the easiest way to take your ideas and publish them to the web. Our grid editor will make you forget that you're building a website. Use it to... • Create a custom website for your business • Showcase your work and craft with an interactive portfolio • Elevate your brand presence and grow an audience • Sell your products with a custom online store • Build anything you can imagine. The possibilities are endless. Building a website has never been this much fun. What are you waiting for? :) — Subscription Details: Subscriptions are charged monthly or yearly to your iTunes Account after purchase confirmation. The subscription will auto-renew on a monthly or yearly basis, unless turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Prices vary based on which domain is chosen. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the period at the selected domain's price. To stop auto-renewal, visit Account Settings in iTunes after purchase. Any unused portion of a free trial, if offered, will be forfeited when you purchase a subscription, if applicable. By signing up, you agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy: http://bit.ly/universeterms



  • Awesome

    By Chrome Touch
    Just like wow...
  • Not sure what to do

    By lovinhair
    I’m confused
  • Amazing

    By clh13000
    This App opened a new dimension to my arsenal.
  • Pretty cool super easy to use

    By Snoz berry.
    The only downside is there’s no option to edit/access your site on a desktop.
  • Fast, easy and powerful

    By RMHennessey
    Making something feel “simple” is very hard. But Universe has figured out how to empower users to create websites from their phone. Intuitive, no-nonsense, and good looking, using Universe is a no brainer. As a Squarespace and Shopify customer, I am converting my design process and site launches over to Universe.
  • More options

    By marcustandrrson
    More options for adding live chats, video chat,etc
  • Great at everything

    By zfurbii
    This app is amazing for building your own website. Places like squarespace say you can make a site in minutes and you can but it is very clunky and not as easy to make your own. This app makes it easy as cake to make your own website how you want to. On a computer the website looks a little funny but it’s easy to fix that with a little more time to make it amazing. On top of that you only need your phone to get started so it’s convenient and it’s less that $10 a month for pro which includes a free domain. It also includes an explore tab so you can get inspiration from others. I love this app and can’t wait to keep using it
  • Easier. Better. Faster.

    By Bingo The Dancing Bear
    It’s freaking E.B.F. I absolutely love it.
  • Great app, just problems.

    By Fire alarm fan
    I love this app and have been looking for an app where you can make a website quick and easy. I made a website and it worked for a while, but later I decided to look at it and there was a 404 Error pop up and the website would not load. I messaged universe and they fixed everything, but later it started happening again. So I didn’t use the app anymore till later. I went back and thought maybe they fixed the issue. But it was still happening. It was really a waste of time and I was disappointed. I hope the developers can fix this soon.
  • Amazing!

    By Mermava
    This app is just AWESOME! Even if you do not have pro it is still fun and easy to make websites with. It lets you choose which kind of website you want (blog, business, store, etc.)and lets you pick the format of it too! I am really enjoying this app and I hope anybody who gets it enjoys it as much as I do!

    By Alonso supergamer360
    Just fricken awesome
  • Amazed

    By honolulu julu
    After I created my first review here, the team at universe got back to me and helped me work through the entire situation. Jessica has been as sweet as can be through it all and I cannot thank her enough. 5 stars just for the service!
  • Good... AT FIRST

    By Fearizac
    I had a project to do and I was trusting this app. I was great at first, but then it just froze on the loading screen. I hate this app now, I might trust if the EVER fix this. For now I guess I just got a bad grade!
  • Waste of time

    By Cait F.
    This app support is so bad and impossible to find. Adding any functionality to your website makes it so slow and they take your domain name if you cancel. hard pass
  • Awesome but ...

    By Zpipe
    As of right now, may 13th, my app won’t open/: other then that super solid.
  • Incredibly simple and beautiful

    By aberrantartist
    The tools Universe has make it simple and fun for anyone to build a website. It has been incredibly well designed and has a very nice interface with easy to follow instructions and concepts. I think that design and development are moving to more things like this in which we can create more naturally without needing to learn skills such as coding. Don’t get me wrong, coding is very helpful and I have been learning it for the past year, but the more we can move past it and make the computer work for us instead of us needing to work according to the computer, the better computing will become. There is a lot more that could be done with Universe however. It is still fairly restricted since you have to rely on the grid and their preset colors and options. This can certainly be a good thing for people who want that simplicity, but for people that are looking for more, there could be greater customization.
  • This is what I Needed!

    By ayeitssetty
    Really impressed with the customization and features available! Also, like that it’s on my phone! Going to keep using it!
  • Poor contact support. Don’t spend a penny!

    By Joellllll234345
    They literally took my payment and glitched the screen to where I couldn’t edit the site once selected a template. They lie about 7 day free trial yet they immediately charge $11. I admit they’re marketing is good but it’s a scam for small dollars effortlessly. Great idea
  • Worth Every Penny!

    By belcer15
    I seldom rate apps, but after using Universe for a few months, I’ve come to the conclusion that this app is absolutely unmatched! With other website-building companies like Wix, Shopify, and Godaddy, I believe this app deserves just as much recognition in the world of building your business. Whether it be for ecommerce, portfolios, or just for fun, Universe is developed for all levels on the platform. $10 a month is astonishing for the amount of features you have available; Whereas Shopify averages about $60 monthly and can be tricky to use. You’re given the chance to own your own domain, publish your website to other Universe users, and other countless features that would otherwise cost you thousands using other platforms. I, myself, am not very familiar with coding, but Universe provides the option to go the easy route (Using their grid!) or the complex route (coding) to offer everyone what they’re most comfortable using to build a beautiful website. It’s not difficult with Universe to create a professional website in YES, MINUTES. 5.5 stars out of 5, my go-to application for website building.
  • Best app ever

    By bhrista sifuentes
    This app is great!
  • First timer

    By whadat
    I’m using the “free”version, I cannot wait to see what the “Pro” version... I have never build a sustainable web site, the challenge is on... looking forward to surprise myself.
  • Easy breezy!

    By ChynadollBaby0401
    Pretty solid website builder! It’s very easy to use. Lots of options to create just what you want.
  • Great app but crashes when I open photo library

    By wpxi
    Any help would be appreciated.
  • Amazing

    By btabc
    I must say that this exceeds my expectations! I have been looking for something that I can use a multipurpose site. One for my drawing portfolio and other things. I lack the knowledge to create one myself and I don’t feel like paying to have someone else make one for me. This truly is customizable! Even with the “free” version you can do so much!! It’s enticing to want to pay for the extra “benefits” of getting your own address! I will be recommending this to my friends! This is great for anyone! If you make things and want to sell them, you can. If you just want to create a casual website, you can. Without the hassle of looking up code to see what isn’t working. This is a simplified blockly form of website! Keep up the great work!
  • Stunning, intuitive website creation

    By Cecelia Shao
    It literally took me 2 minutes to set up the website for my personal project and it looks WAY better and more modern than anything I could’ve created using another provider. The drag and drop concept is very easy and practical to use. Also love the flexibility of styling options for things like text + the array of blocks I can use. Keep up the stellar work! Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a website

    By Lupengaaaaaa
  • Universe

    By tpenny910
  • Unique

    By Ccrrwwnn
    I absolutely love this app, it is such a helpful tool especially when you have a business! After playing around on this app for more than 6 months it’s been amazing (I still have the free version) I enjoy all the feature this app has even without premium; I hope they keep those features! This app is really good just to try out.
  • Amazing

    By Eduardop1796
    -one suggestion. Add Apple Pay for payments. I’m sure you already want to do this. It would be great!
  • Pretty cool alt to Linktree

    By TrueHappiness
    Even the free version is very customizable. You can make a cool little website with all your links, video, photo gallery, an about page, even blog posts, payment buttons, etc. love this concept and can’t wait to share it with my followers.
  • Horrible customer service

    By sketch26
    My site has been down for almost 2 weeks unless I constantly reach out to them for an update I don’t hear anything back as far as why this is happening or when it will be fixed. I first reach out to them on March 20 it is now April 4 and this is still unresolved. I’ve never experienced anything like this before. All I keep getting as responses we're still looking into it we will get back to you tomorrow. Then 4 to 5 days later there is no response
  • Easy to use but buyers beware!

    By T.A.G.S
    This app is great I’ve been playing around with the free version for about a week trying to make different sites from scratch. The pro features make it undeniable for anybody trying to build a website solely on their phone. BEWARE: in the terms and conditions of this app. When you pay for the pro features you DON’T OWN your domain. The developer actually owns the domain even though you pay $2.99-$15.99/month Also the developers have a right to close your website, or deny access to their service at any point in time. Those two things in the terms of service is a huge CONCERN for me as I plan to be successful and would love to own my domain and be ensured that my website won’t be taken down at any time.
  • First time user

    By SharonV Blanco
    This app is awesome. I’m having a blast learning new things about it. It’s very user friendly. Thanks a bunch!!!
  • Love this

    By Rdabkibg_105501🤑🤑🤑
    This is the best app ever I love using this and enjoy it very much it’s really cool and really unique and you get to design the best website one out of 10 I would choose this causes the best
  • More Modern Design Elements, Please!

    By Jana Walters
    I really love the idea and premise of this app. I’ve been wanting something as simple as this for a while and I can’t wait to see how it evolves. I know you guys are super-focused on functionality, but the aesthetic could really use an overhaul. And probably a more feminine touch as well. Right now, a lot of the fonts and stylistic elements look like they’re from the 90’s... When I see your app previews and templates, they feel visually outdated. I’ve gone back and forth with using the app, but the thing that holds me back is how my site ends up looking. I would love to see more modern and beautiful fonts, higher-quality design elements, and more pleasing color palettes for the users of your platform. Thank you!
  • Why

    By MRhyenaYT
    Why do they put a store but you have to upgrade it to pro makes no scents.

    By TechnologyMaster8
    Why do I need a template?
  • Easy to create website to IG

    By VT trucker
    This app is the answer to my problems in IG. I love how creative you can be building your website and it’s instantly on Instagram . Thanks to whoever came up with this idea.
  • Perfect

    By Da Real Tequilla
    Perfect and easy! Exactly what I was looking for 🤗 mobile and simple
  • Too easy

    By Spanish 2nd Language
    User friendly, easy updates, perfect for blogging!
  • Dbjdkf

    By Blee3333
    This is amazing
  • Couldn’t review much.

    By Carlo gg
    I can’t say much about the app other than I sat 10 plus minutes after opening it at its loading screen looking at nothing but an icon and nothing else ever loaded. Seemed like a cool app but it doesn’t load therefore I deleted it, it was a waste of space.
  • Won’t stop glitching.

    By Jenny540
  • Pointless

    By Ryry12000
    It’s a website builder that wants to charge you. It is NOT an automatic cool site created linked with Instagram. Is it easy, yeah... but so are most. Is it tedious? Yes. It’s ok for what it is, but it is not what it claims.
  • Presidential Productions

    By eshanthaprince
    Thank u for all the great work u do
  • Great customer support

    By Dan Juno
    Great application for mobile website building. You can make multiple pages and their editing app is really easy to use. I’ve used dreamweaver in the past but their editing app makes a quick site so easy to build in comparison. Even had an issue and the support team member Jessica helped me. Her quick response made me really feel like this company cares about its customers and wants to improve issues. Therefore I also signed on for a pro subscription to reap additional benefits for the app. Great app 10/10.

    By y@142332
    Hello UNIVERSE you are the best website building app but there are some problems: 1/ I wanna edit the sort of my pages but that feature isn’t available. Please fix that !? 2/ You need to add an option to insert your minicons (site icon). 3/ In the code block I’ve inserted a code but it doesn’t be seen ,on the editing I can see it but on the website I can’t. Please fixe that!? You should fix and add those features. All in all, Your app is the best! ✅✅✅ Thanks for you service. And please fix the 3rd problem.
  • Great app, hard to find cost/info

    By nichollspete
    I was so excited to find Universe. It’s intuitive, fun and in minutes you have results. My big problem is that it’s not easy to find out how much everything costs and how the pricing works. The App Store tells us a domain is $3.99 but I think that’s the monthly cost of having a custom domain and the cost of the domain itself is extra. It also lists a BUNCH of other things you can pay for yet, in the “Pro” tab on the app it says “One subscription to access all of our premium tools.” Yet, there is no mention of how much this costs. You have to tap the “Start Free Trial” button. It doesn’t say how long the free trial is, either. I’ve also read a review of Universe online that said Universe owns the domain when you use one on your site. The review writer said they were able to read some fine print OnUniverse.com. However, when I go to OnUniverse.com, I can’t find so much as a FAQ. The fact that the prices and conditions are at all hard to find makes me very suspicious of the service. If I walk into a retail store and the prices aren’t easy to find I usually exit the store with a shrug. This is ultimately why I am deleting the app from my devices. Of course, comparing what little I know about Universe’s pricing and conditions to those od traditional hosting services shows me that Universe is also overpriced for what it provides. So I am worried there is some bait and switch in my future if I were to use the service.
  • Not a fan

    By Greatttt
    This app is very confusing and forces you to use paypal, i have tried to use cash app and it wont let me. Then certain thumbnails are not clickable and some are. Not pleased at all