Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen

Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-05-05
  • Current Version: 3.7.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 134.65 MB
  • Developer: ELEX Wireless
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 42 876


ACHIEVEMENTS More than 100 million players world-wide ALSO FEATURES Designed focusing on dressing up, with high image quality and interesting game-play. Bringing stereoscopic gaming experience to girls. Dedicated with miracles and dreams to girls. Interesting story-line The protagonist Nikki will embark on a magical journey across seven nations with different designing styles, and develop various stories with designers and stylists from these seven countries. With nearly 300,000 words'dialogues and descriptions, the plot is comparable to that of a novel! Tens of thousands gorgeous outfits Daily fashion, European style, antique beauty, dream-like fairy tales, neutral handsome, futuristic sci-fi⋯Almost all dressing styles are covered. Players can collect new outfits and enrich their own closets by completing in-game tasks every day. Supported by a fantastic artists' team, we consistently add new outfits on a monthly basis, making sure that the game keeps up with new trends. Hundreds of different styles for free design In our free design mode, players can freely style and design outfits, hairstyles, makeup, accessories and even change the backgrounds and layouts based on their own preferences. Personally tailored By collecting different colored dyes, players can freely change the color of their clothing. By collecting outfits patterns and decomposing redundant outfits, players can personally customize clothes and upgrade simple clothing into more elegant and fashionable outfits. Designer dress up battle Players can compete and battle against designers from all over the world under different dress up themes. More than ten different 'abilities' can be used in dress up battles. Use your 'abilities' at the right moment to turn the tide! Playing with your friends Players can play the game with their Facebook friends. You can also make new friends by joining in various in-game activities. Facebook Fan-page Follow us - Love Nikki - on Facebook and you can regularly receive free game benefits. There're also many interesting online and offline activities on a daily basis waiting for your participation. Like us on Facebook: Our Service mailbox:



  • Game

    By Hi World I Hate You
    This game is fun
  • Fun

    By Koreantiffany
    Fun dress up game
  • wholesome addicting fun

    By Bre3456677
    lots of fun, super addicting, and you’re not required to purchase anything. a really good and satisfying waste of time
  • Great

    By Jbug008
  • It was good but it started to glitch...

    By heyyy cat lady hahah
    It is a good game in all but sometimes I get clothes and they are invisible so they don’t show up and that’s really annoying 😂 so plz fix that
  • Fun, Addicting, No Adds

    By mrs.votbot
    This game is honestly amazing! No adds and its very addictive and when theres no adds its WAY more enjoyably

    By user267890
    So I just downloaded this game today and I have been playing this so long! It’s a great game I would like the panda thing to be easier to craft though over all amazing game.
  • Great

    By eliyoongs
    Fun game to play
  • Awesome

    By write a eeveiw
  • Won’t open

    By Ayaelyon
    Can’t even open it, it gets stuck on a load screen
  • Nikki

    By mr surlion
    Hi, I’m daina I love you game so much and once I was getting some new coins for about cost and I limited addition fury boot and I just wanna say thank you thank,& you
  • Gg

    By BB.Buns
    100% recommend
  • Great

    By Opisjejhxhajzhejakxbe
    great game
  • Surprised How fun it is

    By kaymay29
    I thought this would be just another basic dress up game but I was actually really surprised to see it was more than that. It’s a really good game and I love how everything in it looks and that they give a lot of opportunities to win clothes for free.
  • Cool game but takes too long to progress

    By エエイコ
    Really unique and fun game but it takes too long to progress when you absolutely HAVE to have certain items, which can only be obtained through very long processes. You have to save tons of coins by replaying levels over and over AND for random item drops and use all your stamina doing that. You then you wait some hours to get more stamina. After that you realize some items can only be made so you need to purchase a blueprint and then collect those materials by replaying levels for the money and random items. And then some items need to be customized so you have to compete against users to get special coins for cloth and dye but you can only do that 5 times a day @.@ And sometimes the rating system is unfair. You can win by putting random stuff together that don’t really fit the theme if the category labels on the clothes “match” the theme. A sheer white dress showing off a girl’s legs isn’t considered sexy? Lol, ok.
  • Cheated me out of like $9

    By MelanieC2009
    I payed for like 3 different boxes but the game didn’t give me what I payed for. Other then that I like the game.
  • Yes

    By LumiiLulu
  • Fun, Addicting

    By Victoriana12!
    Originally I deleted it but then I downloaded it again and definitely going to keep it this time it’s really good recommend
  • It’s pretty good

    By ktgmaes
    I just started so I’m a little confused by all the special events and stuff but it seems pretty fun
  • Good

    By Piece of dog crap 411
  • Definitely wasn’t expecting to like it

    By Xemokidx
    Saw someone comment on a fb ad saying that the ads don’t portray the game so I gave it a shot. Now I’m addicted
  • Love Nikki!🌺

    By Maddie_0212
    I really like this app, it isn’t like the others because it has storyline to it and beautiful outfits to choose from, and unlike others were you’ll get stuck on one level and then just get tired of the hole game it actually makes you want more, that is just my opinion though, but the Swan Lake part is just a tiny bit hard for us non paying noobs,but I love it anyway! 💯👍
  • Best Game Ever

    By | PixelsAJ |
    The game is one of my favorite games ever. 18 Chapters (By the time I am posting this) Events are super easy to get items. Starry Corridor to post your own outfits and end up on the Hot List. Diamonds are really easy to obtain, by completing Daily Quests. Some events cost real money (sometimes the suit[s] are cheap), and some cost diamonds. Some events are really heavy diamond spending (Called hell events) to get suits. In the stylist association, Battle NPC’s and get parts to complete suits with other online players. Stylist arena you can battle online players to a theme. No ads in the game, internet connection is required to play. You can also sign in with your Facebook account! Overall, best game ever 5* recommended!
  • Amazing

    By Aaron Abuel
    So good
  • Review

    By serafina666
    I really like the game, is fun, is entertaining. Although previously the game has throwed me out and erased everything. I really like them and hope they have fixed that problem
  • Horrible

    By Sophina348
    At first it was really really fun but when you get to 2973 coins it makes you pay for everything.And it won’t let you win until you take momo’s advice.I am really disappointed.😡
  • Pay to win

    By Hajshjjansjsjksklaoaoaoall
    They have a lot of events where you have to spend at least $15 to get a suit. There’s even events where you can spend $50 and you MAYBE might finish the suit but there’s no guarantee since you get a lot of repeat items. NO REFUNDS. You can play the game without spending money. You just won’t get far. Easy game though with a boring story line.
  • Cute Game

    By Hikki1
    I like it
  • Kinda like anime

    By maczattack007
    It has no ads, and it’s a fun game.. what I like is the characters look like anime characters that can customize.
  • Good app but slight problem

    By Candy_Cookies
    This is an amazing app, but one mission is impossible and unable to pass through because it purposely makes you lose and there’s no way to get passed so please make it more fair. When I was on the level I only got 1800 for score. I’ll rate it higher if you fix it. Thanks. -Ana
  • My favorite mobile game!

    By Rosythecat~
    I love this game so much! Aside from occasionally glitching it’s great! It’s unique and really cute, and you don’t have to pay to win, BUT when you do pay for things it’s still worth it! Love it so much, it’s probably the only app I’ve really paid much for. 😂😂😂❤️
  • Love it

    By sisiFUKu
    Very fun and challenging!
  • Yaaaasss Queen.

    By Twrexx
    Best dress up game I’ve done ever! I would play it all day if I could! All in all, get this game!
  • Hapy

    By Infinity nigro
    The game is nice and easy no complaints
  • It crashes everytime I open it.

    By 12432123432123()
    I have the 7.1.3 update and it keeps crashing and crashing and crashing AAARRRRGGHHH! Its so frustrating. I uninstalled this app so many times and still can't play it.
  • Great game

    By にかくちつ
    This is a really fun game I play it almost all the time
  • this game rad

    By Bingusoda
  • Sooo fun but...

    By cuteykitten
    Hi I personally love the app but I wish you didn’t need the pajamas to move to the 3rd act,I mean why’d they do that if it’s so impossible to get the second shirt 👚??? But otherwise it’s a really fun and addictive game-Stormy the elf 🧝🏼‍♀️
  • Amazing!

    By arg! my youtube name is taken!
    I ABSOLUTELY! Think this game is amazing! There’s nothing wrong with this app I mean like the title of this the games AMAZING!!!!
  • 💜💜💩

    By GamerGirlForever
    Overall good game had some flaws

    By lmt01
    Unlike Covet Fashion ( never buy that game) you are able to buy clothes a lot. For the money that you have the items are reasonable... Also there’s NO ADS!!!. I have only experienced 2 problems with the game and they’re minor. Problem number one the game can be a little slow. Number two the Momo the “sidekick” is makes me upset because I get 14942 points and Momo says “good job but you can do better” that bugs me because my opponent only got 4394 points... now I don’t have to read his “rude comments” but they should be more positive. So overall the glitch is just a little bit slow and you don’t have to read the comments momo puts out,the game is sooooooooooooooooooooooo FUN

    By Manatee1500
    I just got this game and I was expecting you to have to wait hours to do anything or not have any diamonds to do anything but I was surprised it is very addicting and super fun my friend told me to get this game
  • Favorite

    By kcolson1015
    Absolutely amazing. I love it
  • Love nikki

    By Rograk
    This is an amazing game!!! It just passes by your free time I am on it for hours! Get live Nikki today
  • So much fun

    By EKM_Bug
    This game is my favorite game ever! It’s free and you can have tons of fun with all of the fashion battles and buying new clothes. My favorite part is how you can get a free pack every Day and put your own outfit in the competition area.
  • Great game!!

    By hhdinf
    I was very pleased with the designs and amazing graphics.
  • :)

    By Woohoooooo!
  • Entertaining

    By RayRayFromBombay
    Keeps me fun and entertained for hours. Very addicting and eye catching.
  • Nice

    By PokemonMaster15