Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen

Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-05-05
  • Current Version: 3.5.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 127.92 MB
  • Developer: ELEX Wireless
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 40 151


ACHIEVEMENTS More than 100 million players world-wide ALSO FEATURES Designed focusing on dressing up, with high image quality and interesting game-play. Bringing stereoscopic gaming experience to girls. Dedicated with miracles and dreams to girls. Interesting story-line The protagonist Nikki will embark on a magical journey across seven nations with different designing styles, and develop various stories with designers and stylists from these seven countries. With nearly 300,000 words'dialogues and descriptions, the plot is comparable to that of a novel! Tens of thousands gorgeous outfits Daily fashion, European style, antique beauty, dream-like fairy tales, neutral handsome, futuristic sci-fi⋯Almost all dressing styles are covered. Players can collect new outfits and enrich their own closets by completing in-game tasks every day. Supported by a fantastic artists' team, we consistently add new outfits on a monthly basis, making sure that the game keeps up with new trends. Hundreds of different styles for free design In our free design mode, players can freely style and design outfits, hairstyles, makeup, accessories and even change the backgrounds and layouts based on their own preferences. Personally tailored By collecting different colored dyes, players can freely change the color of their clothing. By collecting outfits patterns and decomposing redundant outfits, players can personally customize clothes and upgrade simple clothing into more elegant and fashionable outfits. Designer dress up battle Players can compete and battle against designers from all over the world under different dress up themes. More than ten different 'abilities' can be used in dress up battles. Use your 'abilities' at the right moment to turn the tide! Playing with your friends Players can play the game with their Facebook friends. You can also make new friends by joining in various in-game activities. Facebook Fan-page Follow us - Love Nikki - on Facebook and you can regularly receive free game benefits. There're also many interesting online and offline activities on a daily basis waiting for your participation. Like us on Facebook: Our Service mailbox:



  • LOVE IT!!

    By Xx_jason-Daigle_xX
    When I first got this game I did not like it much but when I started playing it more I loved it I would try to stay up late or faking sick so I could play it because school is tiring so you can tell it’s great a great app so I recommend it Sincerely,Love niki app user
  • Help

    By hi-im-a-potato
    I love this game and all but right now I was gonna play it but then it told me to login to Facebook so I did my original account so then i log in but I took everything away from me and it made restart the whole game
  • Glitch?

    By Cillabobilla
    One of the hairs (Butterfly Flowers) doesn’t go on the head properly, it instead goes far off the head, plz fix it! But otherwise this is a really good game.
  • Kinda confusing

    By Vinyl Scratch the dj
    Not gonna lie lol
  • Maintenance

    By Bronsonbella@gmail
    I love this app. I’m totally addicted. I got pretty far into the game before the maintenance activity this morning. Now it appears that I’m starting from the beginning again. I’m really upset about this!!!!
  • Great game but very frustrated

    By WinterTheWolf
    I’ve loved this game for so long. And I still do, but this morning both me and my sister’s progress got wiped. We were guest players and something happened with the new update and now we have nothing and are forced to start over. My sister had made such good progress and had so many amazing outfits she spend hours to get and now it’s gone. Help?
  • I’m so mad!!!!

    By LucaRamon
    I have been playing this game for months spent a good amount of money and today when y’all did maintenance it deleted all of my stuff that I’ve paid for and started me from the beginning of the game!!! I had tons of stuff I’ve paid money for ALL gone now!!!!!
  • Love Nikki

    By The monsters look sick
    When I first got introduced to love Nikki I really loved it and now I’m really enjoying myself with this game
  • Deleted my progress

    By Morrocca
    Ok, I LOVE this game. I have been playing for a year and a half- until I decided to link it to Facebook so I could play it on another device. Terrible decision. Deleted ALL OF MY PROGRESS. I have tried to get it all back, but it didn’t work because I made a huge mistake of deleting the app after it deleted EVERYTHING. I re-downloaded the app like five minutes later and signed in and signed out- to still have no progress. I am so mad right now, and if anyone is reading this and can help that would be absolutely amazing.
  • Nice

    By CatLovingAnimater
    Very fun and addicting game
  • Cool

    By lessthan30charactors
    Pretty fun, but a bit confusing a few times
  • Super😍👍👍👍

    By Lucy puzzle 2983
    Make more games like this PLEASE 🥺🥺🥺
  • Love this app!!!

    By uncoinrn pop
    Love this app!!!
  • Very calming

    By Shayna Tysor
    I love the music, the combination is more greatful
  • Beautiful!

    By Judith :/
    Such a great game! But why log in to Facebook?
  • Love it

    By Higirl1312
    I love this game it is really fun !!!
  • Fix this. I’m deleting.

    By Uxie0476
    It deleted EVERYTHING. I had 180 dresses and spent weeks on it. Do NOT waste your time making something amazing when it will delete everything
  • I LOVE NIKKI❤️❤️❤️

    By Unicorn cake🦄🍰🦄🍰🦄
    OMG FINALLLLLLYYYYYY I get to rewiew it!! It’s so cute and when you get to play it you just fall in love with it!!!
  • Great!

    By Ciara 😃
    Still a few bugs with loading and getting items, but otherwise it’s great!
  • Account Authorization

    By Ags0227
    I can’t log in to my account, I use my facebook account and every time I try to log in with it, it says Authorization Error.
  • Idk

    By 👉🏻👌🏻🖕🏻
    Annoy by it I had to uninstall it cause it won’t let me login in and now see what happen if I reinstalled it
  • Progress to waste

    By Progress to Waste
    I’ve been working on this app for close to 3 and a half months and was happy with it but I don’t have a face book account to link it to. But, today I got on the app today and it logged me out of the app so I lost 3 and a half months of work because of what I’m guessing is an update malfunction. I got on EVERYDAY!! Now the people in the association I’m in won’t know what happened to me and I’ll just get kicked out in a week!!!
  • Why can I get in Rosethewolfqueen

    By Yousobsd
    I’m trying to log in with my Facebook and it says your Facebook expired and i tryed guest and it said the same thing is there something wrong or is it me because I texted my friend and they said they have the same problem and u think it’s the app can you please fix it !!😭😭😭😭I’m really sad I can’t play and I really want to play so please fix it
  • There is an issue...

    By Todd's Turtles
    I had an issue with updates with this game before, but I was able to fix it then. This time, it is worse. Since this update today, I have not been able to play because it says there is an authorization error. I have tried everything (even restarting my phone) but it still won’t work. I’m not sure what to do now. Edit: Yes, I am still a dumba**. I did not see the “Game under Maintenance” pop-up. My dearest apologies for my negligence again.
  • Login

    By Mickalea
    The app will not allow me to login, every time I try to login it tells me Authorization Expired, Please authorize again and relog! And no matter what I do It will not Log me back into my account!
  • Nice game but...

    By cutie.racer
    This is a great anime game for all ages! I ADORE this game and play it every day. My only thing is that you keep putting the game under maintenance and I cannot play. Other than that, this game is the best. I have never written such a good report for a game. I also think we should be able to sign in with something other than Facebook because I’m a child and cannot have Facebook. This game is supposedly for 4+ so Facebook is kinda weird to have on there as our only member login. Thanks for reading this! I adore this game and will be downloading more by ELEX
  • Authorize?

    By CuteMacaron775
    I signed in with a guest login and have been sense this summer. I was logged out, and when I tried to log in it said “Authorization expired. Please authorize again and relog!” Please tell me how to fix this. I really love this game.
  • All gone wrong

    By Dudeslawoman
    Dude what the heck?!Your dumb game glitch and says,”No one can login!”Why why why why?!?! You just put out the most beautiful dresses!
  • My Goddd......

    By HebaInWonderland
    Ok so I’ve been playing this game for the longest right. I’ve gotten a lot of suits and a lot of diamonds and so the game wanted to update, I let it of course but when I went to log in again using my Facebook, it said sorry this account has expired???????? What??????? Are you serious??!
  • Entertaining

    By Ellie Rates Dis
    I would admit, this isn’t the BEST game but it’s quite fun! Especially towards younger kids and even older ones. However, one little thing, I’d like there to be more unisex clothes for a chance if any boys want to play at all. Cause’ I’m a boy and I still like to play 😂😅
  • Amazing, but there's a problem

    By Fun, except....
    I'm absolutely addicted to this game, and I can't stop. I got far into the game...but... it won't let me in anymore. I didn't have Facebook, so I signed in as a guest. When the game updated, I couldn't get in. Unfortunately, my friend was having the same issue! She has it on Facebook, so it seems it doesn't work either way...
  • Not working

    By D33333990
    This game is fun ! But recently I tried to play and it would not let me get into my account I deleted and got again I tried logging out nothing is working ... and I really love this game ... please let me know if I can play again. Thanks
  • Please fix this problem

    By hhhqqqqdddd
    This game used to be great and then all of a sudden it’s latest update came out and now I can’t sign in. I don’t remember the Facebook I used( ik that’s a me problem) but I also binded my email. I go to sign in as guest and it said authentication expired, so okay I will renew it but you have to show me how.
  • Updates

    By alfhebfjc
    Hi i was just about to play my favorite game when it said i can't login anymore and just about at the same time my login expired please fix like yesterday or i will delete this app!!!😡😡😡
  • Gorgeous and fun time killer

    By Photojournalist On The Go
    This game is gorgeous and well made. I even get inspired to re-work my own wardrobe. Beautiful game and I will recommend to my fashionista friends too.
  • 😞

    By Hannah banna pho phano
    I bought a gift box in the shop and I never got what it said I would get!!!! If that’s a bug can you please fix it! It was only a dollar but I still payed and if I don’t get it I would like my money back!
  • So addictive

    By simplygamelogical
    Really fun and cute!!!
  • Oof

    By Ooofer Gang waffles
    It’s a Nice Hame But I hope they can Fix the bug of the Birthday Gift for Nikki
  • Really?

    By Doughy5
    I got this game because the add looked “Oh why not it’ll be fun I guess!” Then I left my iPad on for TWO hours and it NEVER even loaded. Over all this game didn't look very impressive. I’ve seen many games that are FAR better. So when I left my iPad on for two hours, the battery ended up dying. And I knew this because when it opened up on that game IT WAS STILL LOADING!!!
  • ...

    By animationgur
    THIS IS NOT A BAD REVIEW. it’s actually good! So cute...oof. it’s just AMAZING.
  • Amazing

    By snwjjwnenr
    This is a very fun game good job
  • Love it!

    By Flitter345
    I love playing this game. It’s so much fun to express you creative mind. It lets you designed and make your own clothing. You get to compete with other people all around the world. This game is so addicting but in a good way. I love to see my limits on how far I can go and trying new things. This game is all-time the best!
  • Love it!!!!

    By meowvictory
    Very fun
  • Cute and Amazing

    By Awesoem tes
    This is very cute and awesome Nikki is so beautiful I love this game~~❤️❤️❤️
  • Best iphone game for me

    Love this gamee
  • It’s alright

    By Purpleartheart16
    I played this last year and I enjoyed it. The outfits and story line was really cute. However, sadly my phone broke and I played in guest mode. I contacted the support to see if it’s possible to regain the stuff I purchased like you can in other games. Sadly they said it is not possible, so now I had to start over with nothing. I learned my lesson, and I highly suggest that you not play in guest mode unless you wanna lose everything you invested in the game.
  • Great

    By QQSuiz
    Love it keeps me entertained
  • Cool

    By Yumi_Shin
    Awesome game very addictive
  • Facebook Login Issue

    By GrizzlyAttackz
    Love this game, I've had it for two years, but I've been inactive since the summer because I've been busy with school. Last time I was away this long, I logged in with Facebook no problem, but this time It won't let me. When i press "login with Facebook" I get a white screen that won't load. I've tried redownloading, but it's the same still. This is really irritating. Will definitely link my email when this gets fixed 😒