Actions by Moleskine

Actions by Moleskine

  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2018-02-14
  • Current Version: 1.4.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 63.12 MB
  • Developer: Moleskine Srl
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 1 977


Keep on top of everything in your head, whether it’s movies to watch or the details of your next big project. Designed for busy people who live by making lists to stay on track at work and home, the digital card based design is a clutter-free way to visualise everything that needs doing. Collect your thoughts in a calm interface with simple natural language like “Water the plants every Saturday” then let Actions take care of reminding you automatically. –––FEATURES––– • Create Action Cards to note things you do not want to forget. • Type naturally like “Post status report every second Friday” and Actions takes care of the scheduling, reminders and notifications. • Drag and drop your Action Cards into custom Lists to organise them intuitively • Colour code each list to further personalise your productivity system • Use the Schedule to see all of the Actions coming up • Swipe on Action Cards to complete them, delete them and set reminders. • Add free-form notes to Action Cards for extra details like phone numbers • Get push notifications, you can quickly choose reminders for the Morning, Afternoon, Evening or custom times • Create repeating actions with advanced rules like “Call Sam every second Tuesday in June” • Automatically and securely sync all of your Actions to the cloud instantly • To keep your lists manageable, Actions will automatically suggest Action Cards that should be rescheduled or deleted • Use the iOS Share extension to bring lists from other apps into Actions easily • Use Siri to manage your actions for hands-free productivity! Actions is a sophisticated app for getting things done, but it’s even more powerful if you have Timepage. With Timepage installed, your calendar events will automatically appear in the Schedule screen in Actions so you can see everything in context. In Timepage, you can see scheduled actions alongside your events. Master your calendar events and your to-dos with the ultimate productivity app duo! –––MEMBERSHIP––– Actions is a membership service with a free trial. Download the app free to try it out without restriction or registration. After the trial period you can choose to purchase a membership which allows unlimited use across all of your devices. Without an active membership, you can still use the app in read-only mode. • Unlimited access on all your devices. • Both monthly and annual options available. Price may vary by location. Subscriptions will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Your subscription will automatically renew unless automatic renewal is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. You can manage your subscriptions and automatic renewal status in Account Settings after purchase. Any unused portion of the free trial peri​od will be forfeited when you purchase a subscription. Privacy Policy: Terms of Service: –––QUESTIONS?––– If you’ve got a question or something isn’t working quite right, you can contact us directly from the Menu > Help > Contact Support. Got a feature idea? Let us know at –––THANK YOU––– We have put thousands of hours into creating Actions. We read every single one of your reviews. If you enjoy using Actions please take a minute to leave us a nice review, thank you!



  • Give it another year maybe?

    By Obesstrug
    This app is very nice, and I can imagine that in a year or so it will be worth 4 or 5 stars. But right now it’s just lacking a few basics to make it as a powerful enough tool. For example, a simple thing like not having a badge on the icon to show outstanding tasks is just a basic feature, and yet its missing. As a task manager, it really needs that. There are a few other small things, like being able to better organize and prioritize tasks, improving the natural language, and thing like that which need improvement. This app looks so great (trust moleskin with that), and I’m a little sad to give up on it. But maybe I’ll come back in a year and see what they have done! Good potential
  • I’m confused

    By nssyap
    I love this app... but I’m already subscribed to the calendar version, then I have to pay for it separately ? Make it so where if your subscribed to one that you’d be subscribe to the other ! You will lose downloads for this reason !!
  • Just the best!

    By Bill in Arizona
    This is by far the best to-do app I have found. The interface is simple and truly beautiful. Organize all of your different actions into different color-coded lists. It’s very easy to assign actions to today, tomorrow, or a specific date. Actions that you don’t finish roll into the next day unless you assign a different date. I suffer form ADD. This app is a life saver!
  • Beautiful app - worth the subscription!

    By charlybrwn
    Love the design choices made with this app. The UX of creating lists being different than viewing your day’s TODO is incredible. One piece of feedback is that when you reschedule a card for “later” the task tends to get lost in the shuffle. It would be great for all “later” tasks to automatically apply a “reminder” notification.
  • Love this, one feature request

    By Jadia S
    Love this app once I learned it, it does everything I’ve been wanting in an app for my very disorganized and easily overwhelmed mind. It’s really helping me get things done. I love the categories and that you can repeat tasks. There’s been a few little bugs with the recurring tasks a couple did not recycle onto the weekly list. But mostly it’s working great. There’s only one thing that I would love to see added! It would be great to have an Apple Watch app where you can easily see today’s list. I’ve used it with other apps and it’s really nice to have.
  • Works great for someone who easily gets distracted or overwhelmed

    By Dnelson405
    Not everything is for everyone but if you’re like me and you get easily overwhelmed by your ever growing to do list in the many areas of life and the minute details of your projects than this is the app that you have been waiting for. It lets you take the many projects in life, break them down into smaller tasks, prioritize them and then focus on just that task. I especially love that I can see everything I have to do in my day all in one place but still organized in their categories. I also love how adding and scheduling something is super easy which tends to be the hindrance in getting things into a to do list to begin with. Yes there are features that could be added that would be most helpful like being able to move many action cards at once, however please don’t over complicate and bog down such a lovely well-thought out app due everyone’s personal modus operandi! Continue to keep it simple!
  • Some of the free features were canceled, I disliked it on 12/1/2019

    By Mohammed Abdullateef
    When you add a feature and be free ... Do not delete it or take one star ...... The program in fact was the best application I have, but after canceling the control feature lists freely .. I hate it and I will change to another application
  • Great app

    By tal612
    I’m enjoying using Actions. For a while I was using Picniic because it is a family organizer which can be shared with other family members but I found the to do list features lacking. I like that Actions has easy swiping gestures to complete, delete, reorder, and add a task. I also like that it merges with Timepage. The reminders and lists are very useful. One feature I would like to see is the ability to choose more colors, possibly like the Timepage feature where you can tap a color and choose different shades or saturations. I would want to create a custom color palette that I like as I will be looking at my to do list many times a day. If it’s possible to do this it would be perfect and I would give it five stars! Also looking forward to this app being usable from a browser or my Mac computer and laptop.
  • Almost there... almost!

    By Justsmileok
    Great app, beautiful design and very helpful organizational method for action items. However, it fails in two main areas: 1. It does not sync with a desktop version. This has been noted by many reviewers. 2. It is not possible to assign people to an action item, nor sync action items between different users. If these features were available, which shouldn’t be too difficult as many poorer executed apps have them, then the app would be killer. I’d even go as far as saying best in its league. Until then, it’s in the middle of the pack.
  • Meh...

    By ff fcbcdx
    Can’t use app without membership I find that kinda annoying but the membership is not to much money I just the wish anyone could be able to use the app without a membership
  • Good. Improving. Could be better.

    By essdeekay1
    For the most part, I love the user interface and the tile format. I’m glad you all made it so that we could schedule the action when we created it, instead of having to exit the action first. However, it’d be nice if on the day-view section, we could order the actions and have them remain in that order. This feature allows us to organize within the day not just assign actions to a day. Also, I've been experiencing a glitch when I schedule a daily, indefinitely reoccurring action, after a day or two, it won’t reoccur anymore. So I have to keep creating it which is obviously frustrating.
  • Only one thing’s missing

    By JPait
    The only thing missing to make it five is the lack of an Apple Watch app.
  • I like, but ...

    By Peggy59372
    I’ve only had it a couple of days and I really like this app. But, I wish there was a way to sort the lists by date, item, or when entered into the list (oldest item first). Overall, I find it easy to use and I love the layout.
  • Beautiful, but some qualms

    By kaelasqualms
    I love this app – it's gorgeous and useful and would easily be my go-to task manager, but I do have a couple issues with it: the "Logbook" does not work; newly completed tasks do not appear in it, even after restarting the app. Also, I love that the "Schedule" shows the week's calendar events, but I'm disappointed that a subscription to Timepage is required in order to sync calendar events. I wish it would just sync directly to my iCal. And in Timepage, the tasks I create in Action don't appear; plus, although the slider is cute, it is fiddly to use and I wish I could just quickly TYPE event times. For these reasons, I am reluctant to purchase a subscription to Timepage, and Actions only works to its fullest with a subscription to Timepage.
  • How did this App become an “Editor’s Choice” and “App of the Day?”

    By GTD Meister
    This app does the basics and has a pleasant interface with all the in-vogue colors. That said, productivity apps is a very mature niche and there are A LOT of productivity apps that top this one. Missing a list of common features, too numerous to mention. Mediocre, is riding on Moleskine’s brand name. I depend heavily on my productivity app(s) and this one is NOT READY, in my opinion, for competitive release and certainly not on a subscription basis.
  • Brilliant

    By keaneroryjohn
    I have ADHD and find this a game changer!
  • Value not there

    By JohnDav18
    I can see $12/year for Timepage, but an additional $12/year or $24/year for both seems a bit excessive. Actions is at best half the value of Timepage, but really I think one membership should cover both. And don’t tell me it’s not possible. Adobe has CC and I can log in across all their apps, Microsoft has 365 and yep one login for all apps. This is pure greed imho and there should be an easy and clear way to buy one subscription that covers the platform.
  • Absolutely NEEDS location reminders and priority

    By Emax3729
    For the most part, the greatest reason I chose the $12 subscription for Moleskine Actions over the free Reminders app by Apple, is because of the alluring aesthetics. That’s enough for me in all honesty. My biggest problem with Moleskine Actions, though, is how there are fewer options for customising the reminders. The thing that I love about Apple’s app is how there are options to add location reminding and various priority settings. Along with that, I also very much like the extensive “theme” customisation offered in the Timepage app, and syncing themes would be very nice. If these options could be added to the program, that would be greatly appreciated and likely increase the quality value of the app. P.S. whenever I schedule an overly-complicated task such as “Work on Novel every Wednesday Thursday and Friday from December 22 to January 8”, the app crashes.
  • Scroll and swipe

    By Dr Peppers77
    On your cell phone, on the go it is easiest to scroll and swipe. This app allows you to do that effortlessly to attack your todo list as you attack your day. These are the motions that navigate your lists, your days, and mark items as completed. You can repeat tasks- better known as chores. You can color code tasks, which I love for manual sorting. The only things you can’t do...and this is a very personal preference... is print or email a list to share. So, this is YOUR personal todo list. If you need to involve anyone else (honey do...), then this is not your app. Otherwise I love it.

    By Elithekidd
    I was literally about to download this app because I have read a few articles about it and I used it in-store at Apple, but there is a typo in the scrolling pictures of their app preview on here. I love the look and functionality of the app but I cannot trust a task managing app when they spell “language” as “langage” on their preview and no one has caught it since launch. That’s truly ridiculous.
  • Amazing app, but...

    By hey yoo
    They really need to develop a web app. I don’t like having to open my phone every time I need to make a note.
  • Nice layout but fundamentally broken

    By RichardM74
    The layout is nice, and it’s super easy to swipe completed tasks in Today view, but the app is sluggish, and randomly duplicates or sometimes deletes tasks from List view. Frustrating, because this is the only productivity app I’ve actually subscribed to, but since doing so it’s become more or less unusable.
  • Needs some design tweaks

    By reviewer974745733
    The app is overall beautifully designed but I find it hard to figure out how to add a new list. The link to do that seems buried in a strange place, and it frustrated me that I kept forgetting where to go to add a list, which is the most important feature. I think the + sign at the top should allow you to choose between adding a new item or adding a new list.
  • Subscription? No way!

    By Nai-De
    Another bait&switch Software that silently went to a subscription scheme for suckers and vacuums your data to hold it hostage. Thanks, but no thanks. For iOS, I only accept apps that do P2P data syncing, or store data in iCloud, and that are not subscription based. One piece of software that will disappear from my devices...
  • Subscription? I DONT THINK SO

    By Pgmolina
    Updated on 11/25/18. So I got the same bla bla bla response from the developer in regards to them wanting to build a relationship with the users and that’s the reason for their subscription model. YOUR A JOKE. Yet another developer pushing a subscription on us. We all know that Apple held those secret meetings where they told developers to push the subscription model on their users. This will eventually blow up back on you guys. I guess that Apple thinks that since we can afford their phones, we must be ok with every app having a subscription model. I am willing to pay a higher price up front for an app but definitely not a recurring subscription for every app that I have. I am definitely not willing to pay a subscription for this app as it’s not worth it to me. This like other apps, does not need to be a subscription. You just lost a potential customer. DELETED.
  • Good but has a major drawback

    By yariww
    So far I have really enjoyed the app, it’s pretty straight forward which I appreciate. The only drawback and for me it’s a big one, is that I wish I could link it to my desktop, I use it for work and mainly work off of my desktop, having to always refer to my phone is not ideal.
  • Combine this with calendar app!!!

    By Onestonethreebirds
    Pay for two different fees between this and calderas for full implementation but why? Greedy! These apps should have been developed together for one flat fee! Ugh the search continues!!!
  • Desktop app

    By Aaron-Shmaaron
    I love this app! You should launch a desktop version of this app. Really, guys! I can’t wait
  • Misleading

    By jjennnaa023
    I am incredibly upset and felt mislead in my purchase. I purchased a plan on the Timepage app expecting it to work alongside Actions. Unfortunately it does not. Every time I try to use Actions it is prompting me to subscribe for another $12. There is absolutely no reason to charge somebody another $12 for a “to-do” list feature in their calendar. There are plenty of other free apps on the market that have this integration. If I knew that it was an additional subscription I would have never purchased Timepage. I will be asking for a refund since I feel everything that was written even in the help section has been misleading. Unless you like lighting your money on fire, I wouldn’t recommend.
  • Really wish this can be on Apple Watch

    By Mei_Q
    This app has helped me a lot with my productivity and I really wish the developer can announce an Apple Watch version soon!
  • Great app

    By KaraSOBrien
    I love this app, and can’t wait to see where it goes! Very user friendly and amazingly helpful for organizing daily tasks and keeping track of things.
  • Doesn’t work. No Response.

    By vanasl
    Purchased and nothing changed from the free trial (which doesn’t allow you to actually use the app). Still can’t use. No one has responded to my email from the Moleskin company. Want a refund. Too bad, looked like it would be great.
  • Odd navigation

    By Feed big Jake
    It’s just weird the way you navigate in this thing. You never know what you’re doing you’re swiping One Direction or not. Also Murch the stupid Calendar app along in this actions up into one app please
  • This PERFECT to Go !

    This what this I have been looking for !!! This one stand on my lock home to see and remind myself immediately and keep me on the move. Instead go into task to do app to remind myself. This is PERFECT to GO! Thank you for create this ! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
  • Buggy and directionless.

    By Sharks6
    TL;DR: Save your time and money until it’s actually updated and improved. It's not ready for prime time or charging for service. When I first downloaded this app, I was so pleased by the simple system and the folders for storing projects of similar todos. The app said it was in active development and had plenty of suggestions on their forum. It looked good, I liked where it may be going, and figured the bugs would be worked out and features added. Months later and the interface is still buggy. The animations are not smooth at all. They haven’t added icon badges yet for todos - why not!? That’s one of the most basic features for a todo app. I’ve abandoned Actions and subsequently Timepage as well. One of the only reasons I liked Timepage was its integration with Actions. Since Actions hasn’t been updated with even the most basic features and is not enjoyable to use, I’m done with both until they can actually take this to a full fledged todo app.
  • Great

    By FlamingMelon
    I’d love to see a version available on PC/Mac
  • Not free.

    By stop disney hotel parking fees
    Membership fee $1.99 a month
  • In App Purchase?

    By Cinema4207
    UPDATE! - the developer reached out to me and told me exactly what I had already posted. If the app requires a membership - especially one that is done through the app it is still an IN APP PURCHASE- this is not said on the app page and there fore wastes the users time downloading and trying to figure things out only to be told you have to buy a membership. This is shady as a practice. I still give this a 1 star rating since for what ever reason I cannot do anything with out buying a membership. I would have given this more stars if the developer was honest and put the in app purchases like all other apps with in app purchases do. ORIGINAL POST- Requires a purchase to modify anything. Not even usable with out a monthly subscription. There are far better apps out there.
  • NO monthly subscription

    By ElKePoN
    Seriously? A subscription for a note taking app..? With so many free choices out there...? That’s a no...
  • Not good enough to pay for

    By jtv415
    I have tried all the task management apps this one being nothing special. Calendar has to be managed via a separate app and overall the user experience is just a bit clumsy. Need to keep it simple and focus on how and why a user tracks tasks. Too much focus on trying to be slick.
  • Great app with room for improvement

    By Cubified
    Of all the to-do list apps available, I decided to subscribe to Actions for one simple reason: it’s very well designed. I’m a big fan of the colorful, minimalist UI and gestures. However, there are a couple of gripes. One such gripe is occasional app crashing. Another gripe is the lack of a desktop version. Most to-do apps have some form of integration with PCs/Macs, but Actions does not. Overall, not a bad app for what you pay, but it’s value could be greatly improved.
  • Can’t try anything without signing up for a subscription

    By Johnny B10225
    It’s a little hard to try out an app when you literally can’t do anything until you pay for a subscription. I’m not opposed to paying for a subscription for a app that adds value, but I’m not going to pay up front for a subscription based app when I can’t even determine how well it will work for me. You literally can’t even add 1 task in a test environment.
  • Why would anyone use this?

    By Bamaguy06
    I am a huge fan and original adopter of Moleskine’s wonderful Timepage app. The key to Timepage being useful, however, is that it integrates seamlessly with iCloud so things to enter on your iPhone or iPad also appear on your laptop or desktop Mac calendar (I use Fantastical 2, and Timepage integrates perfectly). This is ESSENTIAL for any scheduling, reminder, or organizational App used for productivity. It is a huge and mind-boggling disappointment that ACTIONS does not do the same thing. Plus, Moleskine expects us, even their own loyal Timepage subscribers, to pay an additional subscription fee for ACTIONS when it is not able to be use across platforms. Why would anyone subscribe for a To Do list app that does not show your To Do events/tasks on your laptop or desktop, but only on your mobile devices? It screams out disorganization and will result in confusion and missed tasks/appointments. I will gladly pay for ACTIONS, and WANT to do so, but not until it works with Apple Reminders or they offer an MacOS version. Come on Moleskine, you are better than this!
  • Nice to Use, but Still has Issues

    By EchoCJB
    I like using the app but it can be very slow and issues still persist after several updates. I’m almost to the point of just deleting the app if it’s not reliable. Build a stable app. An app like this is just useless if it’s not quick and reliable.
  • Must pay membership to use

    By Nakisha82
    Downloading the app is free but you have to purchase a membership to use.
  • Solid App - Try it for yourself

    By Tired of kids.
    I never, ever review, but I adore this App and its calendar sister: TimePage. Firstly, aesthetically, it’s beautiful. A few reviewers dislike the tiles and information on the tiles, but when I checked out their preferred task management app, I find it convoluted and TOO much information presented. A task management system should be simple and efficient, able to read at a glance. That’s what this app does, and it does so beautifully. Admittedly, it still has some quirks to work out. I haven’t experienced literally any of the bugs other people have mentioned. Maybe I’m just lucky? But I think QOL could be better if it were a bit faster. For an example, if I change the name of a list, it takes roughly a few minutes to fully process the change and apply to all my tasks. A FEW CHANGES I’D LOVE TO SEEEEE: 1. More color options! I color coordinate everything across all my platforms, my subject notebooks, etc. My calendar color for my Social Problems class — for example — is an electric green. But Action only has a darker green. It’s a small, dumb change, but it would make me smile. And 2. This one is about logistics. Say I’ve finished a bunch of projects and only have 3 lists, the “Add List” button is then at the bottom right corner of my iPad screen. 2 on top, 1 list on bottom, and then the Add List. Which means when I go to scroll up or down, I tend to hit that button and go into the List Creation when I don’t want to. I’m not sure how an issue like that is remedied, and it’s trivial. But maybe make it so you have to actually hit the + icon? Instead of the huge block, since that’s such a large area of the screen. Thanks for everything - this app is golden! I’m still playing around in TimePages, and I’ll review that later. But seemingly it’s just as good!
  • Beautiful App!

    By Oranora
    So far I’ve been very pleased with this download. I would just like to see it available for use with the Apple Watch.
  • Useful app!

    By Bunny Sparber
    Easy to organize my to-do list!
  • Not Good Enough to Depend on Yet

    By Slimbergh
    Unless you ONLY want to manage all your tasks on your phone or iPad, this app is not useful. There is no way to see or manage any of your tasks from Actions to any desktop or laptop computer. Moleskine has been claiming since last winter that they are going to fix that, but they haven’t provided any status in months. Until they do fix this issue, I can’t recommend switching to this app. It is also still buggy, although just like TimePage when it first came out (I’ve been using TimePage since it was first released), Moleskine is slowly (over a year or more) fixing the bugs in Actions. I have been trying it out alongside Things 3, which is my current main task manager. Actions is crashing less than it was a few months ago and the on-screen freezes and weird behaviors (category colors changing on their own, sorting lists with gestures making the app crash, etc) are happening a little less than they were a couple of updates ago. But it’s still not as rock-solid as Things 3. The Actions user interface is as attractive and nice to use as TimePage’s, once you get used to it. But Actions needs the above issues fixed before it can be the task manager I depend on.