Actions by Moleskine

Actions by Moleskine

  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2018-02-14
  • Current Version: 1.5.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 65.64 MB
  • Developer: Moleskine Srl
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 3 180


Keep on top of everything in your head, whether it’s movies to watch or the details of your next big project. Designed for busy people who live by making lists to stay on track at work and home, the digital card based design is a clutter-free way to visualise everything that needs doing. Collect your thoughts in a calm interface with simple natural language like “Water the plants every Saturday” then let Actions take care of reminding you automatically. –––FEATURES––– • Create Action Cards to note things you do not want to forget. • Type naturally like “Post status report every second Friday” and Actions takes care of the scheduling, reminders and notifications. • Drag and drop your Action Cards into custom Lists to organise them intuitively • Colour code each list to further personalise your productivity system • Use the Schedule to see all of the Actions coming up • Swipe on Action Cards to complete them, delete them and set reminders. • Add free-form notes to Action Cards for extra details like phone numbers • Get push notifications, you can quickly choose reminders for the Morning, Afternoon, Evening or custom times • Create repeating actions with advanced rules like “Call Sam every second Tuesday in June” • Automatically and securely sync all of your Actions to the cloud instantly • To keep your lists manageable, Actions will automatically suggest Action Cards that should be rescheduled or deleted • Use the iOS Share extension to bring lists from other apps into Actions easily • Use Siri to manage your actions for hands-free productivity! Actions is a sophisticated app for getting things done, but it’s even more powerful if you have Timepage. With Timepage installed, your calendar events will automatically appear in the Schedule screen in Actions so you can see everything in context. In Timepage, you can see scheduled actions alongside your events. Master your calendar events and your to-dos with the ultimate productivity app duo! –––MEMBERSHIP––– Actions is a membership service with a free trial. Download the app free to try it out without restriction or registration. After the trial period you can choose to purchase a membership which allows unlimited use across all of your devices. Without an active membership, you can still use the app in read-only mode. • Unlimited access on all your devices. • Both monthly and annual options available. Price may vary by location. Subscriptions will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Your subscription will automatically renew unless automatic renewal is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. You can manage your subscriptions and automatic renewal status in Account Settings after purchase. Any unused portion of the free trial peri​od will be forfeited when you purchase a subscription. Privacy Policy: Terms of Service: –––QUESTIONS?––– If you’ve got a question or something isn’t working quite right, you can contact us directly from the Menu > Help > Contact Support. Got a feature idea? Let us know at –––THANK YOU––– We have put thousands of hours into creating Actions. We read every single one of your reviews. If you enjoy using Actions please take a minute to leave us a nice review, thank you!



  • Excellent except has no MacOS app

    By Allston-Tollcross
    Excellent app, one I like to use. Unfortunately there’s no MacOS app, which makes it necessary to stick to the iPhone/iPad platform to enter tasks in.
  • Great & Improving

    By essdeekay1
    For the most part, I love the user interface and the tile format. I’m glad you all made it so that we could schedule the action when we created it, instead of having to exit the action first. However, it’d be nice if on the day-view section, we could order the actions and have them remain in that order. This feature allows us to organize within the day not just assign actions to a day. I use Actions for everything! I’m a grad student so I have tiles for each individual class, personal tasks, general professional things, and then I create them as needed for different projects I take on. I love color coding the tiles b/c it helps me keep everything clear with just a glance. I’m considering breaking up the personal tile but that’s easily doable with this app. It’s also great for “brain dumping” because you can list out a bunch of tasks on a tile but then wait to schedule them, ensuring that you don’t forget anything that needs to be done down the road. However, I've been experiencing a glitch when I schedule a daily, indefinitely reoccurring action, after a day or two, it won’t reoccur anymore. So I have to keep creating it which is obviously frustrating. Update: They made it so you can order the Actions for the day on one device but the order doesn’t update on all devices. Still it’s great to be able to do this. Also, at some point after my initial review, all of those reoccurring actions that had been disappearing reappeared and I had to clear them all individually. Inconvenient of course but whatever the glitch was, I haven’t had any trouble since then. Still using and loving the app.
  • Just lmk in advance that I’m finna have to pay for something that’s all I ask

    By Cbarnes12309
    Not free
  • Make it align automatically by hours

    By Ludovicu5
    I’m autistic. I like this app reminding me to eat or go to bathroom or take shower. I created the list as i remember, but i wish there’s options to show from 0:00 to 24:00 in order of what i have to do. rather than what i wrote as i remembered to add.
  • Impressive

    By sccer36
    Well done! Would like to see more color shades App is making my day every. I love it!
  • Cluttered and difficult to work with

    By avphd
    I used both the calendar and actions apps together but it was cumbersome and unintuitive to me. Just tried to email their address within the app for help on deleting repeating tasks or just the whole list so i could start again as several queries yielded nothing. It wouldn’t send the message. Tried again using their address within my personal email, and it bounced back. Both apps were deleted and I won’t be renewing.
  • Terrible flaw in this app - read !

    By Supmerman01
    They make it very easy to delete a to-do with no confirmation. Additionally the delete option has a 10 second timer that you must respond to with a tiny icon. This “delete behavior” as I’m now labelling it is very similar to the behavior of pulling up basic options for the app! And if you written them they are fine with the application’s behavior, implied blame to customer and also implied corporate culture that promotes allowing very matter-of-factly for these very basic flaws to exist. Do NOT buy unless you like very easily accidentally deleting your data, receiving no help - other than blaming yourself for a basic application’s flawed behavior - and you want to and choose to think that it must be your fault for doing something mysteriously wrong to delete your data. Trust me it’s not your fault it’s the app designers and programmers.
  • Still Unreliable

    By Rhinoblogger
    Customer service has stopped responding to requests for support and they refuse to address known bugs. Nice app when it works but it often does not work. This app continues to disappoint with a very significant bug. Reminders do not work consistently with recurring tasks. Several times I have missed deadlines due to Actions not reminding me to complete a task when I had scheduled the reminder to occur. This happens often enough that the app is completely unreliable. I have contacted the developer numerous times and we even had a phone conversation about this issue last summer. Updates have come out since then, but this issue has still not been addressed. Whenever I email the developer to remind them I get a response that they are aware of the issue and hope to address it in a future release - it’s been several months and there is still no solution. For an app that expects the user to pay an ongoing subscription, this is unacceptable. After numerous disappointments and no action taken by the developer to resolve a significant bug I would not recommend this app.
  • Great but miss a Mac version

    By jpintobks
    I tried many ToDo apps some not connecting with Apple Calendar and Remainders; others keep your information in their servers. Actions by Moleskine sync with iCloud flawlessly. To compete with others, a Mac version is missing. Hope soon they fill this gap. Highly recommended.

    By cynicysim
    This app is worth about .00000099 PESOS. It has an aesthetic GUI and that’s about it. This functionality can be found elsewhere. Pay 99 cents or look at ads on another app for the same functionality.
  • Good with frustrating functions

    By Melo NY
    I like the app. I like the look and most of the functions. I love the UI. I paid for the year subscription. But when I have a monthly repeating task at the end of the month on the 31 but it then skips a month because the next month ends on the 30 is heart breaking. Look of an app is important but for me functionality is more important.
  • Watch complications no longer work

    By DesignatedDriver
    With the last upgrade the complications have vanished. The are not showing at all now.
  • Subscription broken since recent update

    By PubMariner
    Love the app but my subscription isn’t working since I updated. Tried restoring my purchase and even repurchasing but nothing works.
  • Minor Improvement

    By Controls are hard
    The app is literally my favorite app and I don’t know what I would do without it. One thing I do wish you could do is add a sub item or sub folder. So basically I would like to see... List> Item> (taps on item and has an option for a sub items or sub folder) Sub Items. Over all that’s probably the only thing that I think could be added.
  • Great App that helped organization

    By Aj Frog
    This was a great app! It really helped me figure out what needed to happen and it was really easy to catch on how to use it. But sadly I didn’t realize it costs money in a subscription. But other then my own mistake, Great app!
  • Really wanted this to work

    By Illuminate7
    Like the look and premise. Love Moleskine as a brand. But this app keeps locking up on me and freezing. I restart and restart and keep having problems. I’ve deleted and re-downloaded to no avail. Sigh....thought I found the one.
  • Wow.

    Only been using for a short while. Loving this app. Discovered it had some AppleWatch features and I have been testing them out. I am unsure if it is my watch or the app, but it crashes quite a bit. The app itself otherwise deserves five stars and I will gladly give it the last one when the watch side of it starts working well.
  • Really liking this app.

    By Jbum21
    I have one suggestion/bug report. After adding notes, when you press the ‘return keyboard button’ located on the bottom right hand of the screen, the keyboard won’t go away. I have to click on the ‘X’ to hide the keyboard on my iPad. Can you fix this please? Hard to break habit of being able to use this. Thanks for the fine product otherwise, it seems like it will be the first time I’m comfortable using an app for reminders over my physical notecards. J
  • PATHETIC — How did Apple make this “App of the Month”?!?

    By GTD Meister
    Flashy and expensive, no standout features whatsoever. DELETED ... 🤮
  • Desktop Version

    I’ve really enjoyed actions and Timepage on my iPhone and iPad, just really wish it had a seamless workflow with desktop.
  • Like the format, but so glitchy!

    By Happy Trumpeter
    I really love the format of this app, but I frequently have to restart it which is REALLY annoying. I’ll probably keep using it, but it’s frustrating that I’m paying to use an app that frequently freezes and crashes
  • Crisp, Clean and Friendly

    By Foin
    The combination of bright, customizable colors, a simple interface and the tactile feedback make this extremely easy and engaging to use, and clearly marks out my day, without overwhelming me. Perfect for my ADHD brain. I’ve tinkered with about 15 different task apps and I fell in love with this, 5 minutes in. I’ve now used this for nearly a month, well past the point I’ve given up on other apps, and I’m never going back.
  • Going good so far!

    By Heidirama1969
    I like this better than the Todoist app. I love seeing what I’ve accomplished (crossed off) on my list which is a plus for goal oriented people. I am still in the trial and will post again when I purchase which I think I will do. I also really appreciate the 7 day trial so I can get a feel for how often and the ease at which I interact with the app thru out my day. I also really like the syncing of a calendar option. It’s great to see both my day at a glance plus my todo list. My only issue is that I use pocket life calendar to organize my entire family. There are specific color codes I give to events specific to that family member not just specific calendar as I use a family calendar. With the ACTIONS app you must use their TIMEFRAME calendar system (& pay again for that app) to sync the calendar u use to the App. Its more helpful to me to like to see my colors of the events rather than those of my specific calendars on the ACTIONS schedule page. Is there a way it can sync to just the calendar I use or is it a platform thing that I have to get TIMEFRAME too? I wouldn’t mind paying an in app charge to use just my calendar if that’s possible.
  • Way Useful

    By XpoloshirtX
    This app is really good I like it a lot. I wish it had a button to switch back and forth between Actions and Timepage but other than that I have no complaints. 🔥
  • this was a great app, but....

    By • florida ~ shine •
    I loved this app but you have to buy a membership to use after 7 days! I was so pumped to use this, because I really needed a app to organize myself. It is such a shame that you have to pay to use this app. tasks by google is SO much better, free and helpful!
  • Almost everything I could want

    By jediguy3000
    This app is undoubtedly one of the best of its kind on the App Store, well worth its twelve dollar-per-year price tag. It’s intuitive and aesthetically pleasing interface combined with its extensive amount of organizational tools are engaging and satisfying to use. When taken in combination with how this app pairs and syncs with the calendar app, Timepage, both have found permanent homes in my home bar. In future updates I would love to see sharable lists for instances like group work projects or accountability in task completion, in addition to being able to set multiple reminders for tasks across multiple days and times. My compliments to the developers, and my wholehearted recommendation to anyone considering this app/these apps. The small investment is well worth the reward of helping organize your productivity.
  • Powerful, sleek, and rich.

    By trashycuz
    I’m really enjoying the Actions experience. The integration with Timepage is fantastic! And also how it all works together with Flow. This is turning into a really full-featured productivity suite. Very nice. Integrate with Apple Reminders pleeeease! :-)
  • Good apps, with barriers

    By Steerpike07
    ETA: I subscribed. These are good apps, so I updated the stars. Better payment options would be great. I’ve been looking for good scheduling and calendar apps, and Moleskine’s Actions and Timepage seem to be good ones. A subscription model is a turn off for me—with so many apps going subscription I have to be judicious. Making Actions and Timepage separate subscriptions is a blunder. There needs to be a single subscription to cover the integrated apps, for those who want it. That said, my employer is willing to cover an initial yearly subscription for each so I can try them and report back to the group. Great! I go to the product website to make an account and set up the subscription. There doesn’t seem to be a way to do this. Instead, it looks like you have to it from the app and the only way I can pay is by having my personal iTunes account billed (that is, after all, the iTunes account signed in on my devices). I’ll keep an eye on this one and if they fix some of these issues I may be back. The other thing I’d like to see is a desktop app or at least a web interface.
  • Obviously pro developers

    By Agent619
    This development team and everyone involved obviously put in the time and careful attention to PRACTICAL detail. This app is done with the USER in mind and takes advantage of touch controls perfectly. Everything is color coordinated and it is a breeze to navigate through. This app has all the details you need for repeats and customized notifications. The best part is that it presents it with the delicacy of a fine sushi roll. This is the elegance a todo app should strive to have. I give it 5 stars.
  • Another useless app fishing for subscriptions

    By Reporter001_
    Seems there is enough sheeple out there now willing to spend big money for subscriptions, otherwise this raise in the number of apps now requiring this cannot be explained. Can’t even try the app, requires payment from day one (“to create an action”). Personally I am sick of this kind of software that keeps charging and charging and charging...
  • Pointless

    By Caelan MF
    After creating 2 tasks, it will prompt you to subscribe. I refuse to pay $12.99 for a year subscription for a to-do list. That is just throwing away money. At that rate, it would be cheaper for me to get a small 50 cent notebook and use that. If you are looking for a decent to-do list app, keep looking. This is not worth the download.
  • I like it but buggy. I am subscribed but showing as trial

    By Caddisbug1994
    Can’t get the app to recognize my year subscription. Just shows as trial...and forces me to a landing page asking me to subscribe. I actually tried to subscribe for a second time and it prompts me that I can’t because I already have a subscription. So this is a circular reference. I turned off my phone and turned it back on. I deleted the app and did a clean install. Nothing works. Help!!
  • Not a free app!!!

    By Joeblk09
    Update: Developer response to my comments is that the subscription is needed so that they can provide bug fixes, updates and new features, implying that the ability to update an app is lost if you only pay a onetime fee (nonsense). Guys, don’t try to hide greed under a veil of care and support. You are a company that revenues 100s of millions of dollars a year. Subscriptions are not needed for app updates nor do you require that money in order to keep your company afloat. How an honest company would have replied: “We require a subscription as we feel our product is worth more than the onetime $1-$20 that apps typically demand. As a company, we are in the business of making money. We recognize that a recurring subscription will result in a more significant profit margin in the long run than a onetime fee. We understand your quarrel with the subscription fees and thank you for checking out our app. Should you change your mind, we are always making improvements and welcome you to give us a second look.” App is 100% useless, i.e. zero functionality [after trial period] without a paid subscription. I am so fed up with this bait and switch technique that developers use to increase their downloads and trick you into paying WAY more than an app is worth by requiring a subscription in order to use their app. It is a dishonest and shady practice. Charge what your app is worth, once. If you want to make more money, make more apps, add new features, etc. Don’t try to charge me for life for what’s a $10 app at best!
  • Widget is too big

    By Niseamus
    Timepage integration is great, animations, all the usual people have said. But I don’t open an app except to add to it or to look things up. I use widgets to view today’s tasks. Each item on the Actions widget takes up the space of four MinimaList items or three Todoist ones. While this makes for a pleasing screen within the app, it makes for a space-hogging widget. Also, Actions items don’t show up in the Timepage widget. For these reasons, I can’t yet leave Todoist and MinimaList, but I’m sure looking forward to. I’d like to see a sizing option or just a more space-efficient widget. Or have Actions show up in the Timepage widget.
  • 5 Star design 2 star price

    By everette23
    I know Moleskine needs to make money. I get it. But charging a second $12 a year on top of the $12 if you already use Timepage is a bit much. That also means Moleskine believes both apps have equal value, which I’m just not sure is true. I’ve seen a dev response that explains that Apple doesn’t allow bundling, but that’s an awfully misleading answer and puts the owness on Apple for something Moleskine could accommodate. Charge a few more dollars a month total and make both Timepage and Actions available for subscribers. Done. Both apps already use the same account info anyway. It also makes more sense from a marketing perspective to pay a slightly higher subscription price but get access to all of Moleskine’s apps (as I’m sure more will come in the future). That’s a much easier sell when you pit Actions against the competition, which kind of blows it away in terms of functionality.
  • Interested

    By 2CC2
    I really like the app so far! I’m OCD and would like to prioritize my tasks by list / color. Is that possible if I purchase the app? Otherwise I love the concept but want to see my priorities, in order of color / list. This simple selection makes it a clear purchase for me ! Thanks!! Great app so far!
  • Love the look BUT...

    By Egyptgrrrrl
    I thought this would be helpful keeping track of work, family etc but my greatest irritation is that I have appts or tasks dates set and they are constantly disappearing. This causing me to Repeatedly go back, call or look up to find out what the date and time was again. It makes it virtually useless beyond a general to do list. Also was very hard in the beginning to understand just how to set things up. Needs work.
  • Great App But No Way To Add Tasks from Desktop!

    By Zadokite
    It’s a great app, with great features and a great interface, but the other apps I’m used to allow me to add tasks from any browser or desktop, which is very convenient. I hope this becomes possible through a chrome app or extension, because right now it’s impossible to add tasks from my laptop :(
  • The code

    By Mohammed Abdullateef
    All the tasks in which the application became driven
  • Too expensive but great looking

    By Julietred
    I love the way all the moleskin apps look. Gorgeous but super simple. The Actions app is the easiest way to visualize what I have scheduled AND my to do list, all in one place. It’s very intuitive. But the Moleskine apps are too pricey. Their price point needs to be lower.

    By Rock485
    I’m glad that I stumbled upon this app! It’s such a pleasure to use because the interface is so simple. Yet, there’s a lot of power within the app to use to my advantage. I have found a new favorite app.
  • Desktop app?!

    By ljthmpsn
    Please please PLEASE make a desktop version of Actions!! I would love to use this app more, but don’t want to look like I’m constantly checking my phone at work!
  • Beautiful app but can’t afford subscription prices

    By hayleyeeey
    The app is amazing. Simple, beautiful, and functional. Unfortunately I am poor and cannot afford to subscribe but if you can I highly recommend it
  • Subscription

    By fr7amir
    After end of the trial time can you use the limited version or you need to subscribe?
  • Supper excited!

    By karenjuliet
    I’ve used lots of “To Do” apps and I always end up frustrated and overwhelmed but this app makes me feel in control of my tasks! I enjoy the thoughtfulness in creating this app that I find to be minimal and easy!
  • Good, Not for Prime Time

    By Picture Elegance
    Firstly, the app does everything it advertises. However, one time purchase apps such as Doo over nagging alerts and others provide location reminders. Memento isn’t as attractive, but it is accurate and provides basic functions that the iPhone iOS reminders will do for free. Until this app includes basic iOS functions, I.e location reminders and nagging alerts, I don’t see a $12 yearly value. If the features I mentioned aren’t important and shinning colors are, this app is for you. Again, the app functions as advertised. I feel that people get caught up in aesthetics too much and accept a basic lack of practicality when doing so.
  • Life changing

    By Miss Livia Perkins
    Honestly the best decision I have ever made. Subtle yet complex, clean and elegant design. I never thought I could fall in love with an app, and yet here I am. Head over literal heels!
  • Won’t allow me to subscribe!

    By makakalscdid
    I downloaded this app last week and started the free trial. As a high schools AP student, I find that this app was very helpful and kept me organized so when the trial was up, I signed up for the monthly subscription. On the subscription screen, when I pressed continue, a pop up read that I needed to verify my credit card info in my settings. When I pressed continued on the pop up, it directed me to the app store asking for my credit card info. It then redirected me to my settings, and then to the apple ID website. I saw that none of these methods were working. Typing in my credit card info multiple times, my subscription was unsuccessful. I tried to re-enter my credit card info more than 3 times and kept taking me through the same process. I am though, very aware that this could be an issue with apple as well. But I really like this app and I’m highly disappointed that my subscription isn’t processing. I certainly hope that I am not being scammed (of my hard earned money), due to the numerous amount of times I was asked for my credit card info. I really hope that this can be fixed.
  • Integration problems

    By jior design
    Excellent app but I was hoping this had better integration with Timepage... The two apps kind of cause confusion when used together as maybe when they are supposed to work together well. This app can be great and will definitely get 5 stars when this is fixed.