HQ - Trivia & Words

HQ - Trivia & Words

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-08-26
  • Current Version: 1.4.14
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 168.08 MB
  • Developer: Intermedia Labs
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 129 946


HQ is the wildly popular live game show app where you can win real cash prizes for free. Every day, tune into HQ to answer trivia questions and solve word puzzles ranging from easy to hard to savage. See if you have what it takes to win cash. Make sure you turn on push notifications so you never miss the live shows and your chance at the money. Invite some friends to join the fun - if they use your code, you'll get extra lives. HQ has had special guest celebrities like The Rock, Robert De Niro, Gordon Ramsay, Neil Patrick Harris, and Alicia Silverstone drop in, has given away millions of dollars in prizes, and has been featured in The New York Times, The Today Show, Time, ABC, CNBC, and more. Join the future of television, and download HQ now.



  • Glitch city, & I hate the main host

    By Ex Vegas Ed
    Get rid of Scott, fix the glitch problems, then they might have something. Scott’s politics are offensive to half the country. If you want to kill something, show your politics. Did they ever wonder why there’s less than half the number of people using it? Scott ticked off people with his bad taste and Satan worshipping jokes.
  • Too many glitches and cheats!

    By Agip27
    You are playing against robots and cheaters. The game glitches a lot then extra lives get used up when you don’t want to use them!
  • I won HQ trivia and HQ words.

    By Brianlature
    My earnings from HQ trivia totals $5.59 But when I won HQ words finally, it gave me nothing and the host acted confused and promised we would get our prize. Over a week later still no prize.
  • HQ

    By Atir Brew
    Excellent. Moderator 👍
  • Hqtrivia

    By Jefe Aka LGND!
    It’s a fun fast trivia game
  • Trivia

    By wasteoftimelostlives
    If you lose your connection, the game will continue as if you didn’t play and will use one of your extra lives. I lost 5 extra lives that way.
  • Unrealistic

    By JPCM12345
    Now that they have changed the format to offer prizes at question 9 and so on, it is useless to earn points and get to level 9 so you have a free pass. If you get the question wrong, you are out even though you have a free pass. Not fair. If you get the question wrong, you should be able to move forward but not get the prize offer. Since this is the only question this will happen because you get go higher than level 10, it shouldn’t be that hard.
  • Glitches

    By karchdog1310
    Glitches all the time. Say anything someone doesn’t like and get booted
  • Don’t’ expect to get prize money if you win

    By SCPat01
    This game has always had glitches such as question not showing and many others causing people to lose extra lives they bought, losing level up points and being eliminated from the game for no fault of the players. The worst is however was winning a prize and then not getting pay because of a glitch. I managed to reach the first chance to cash out or continue playing. I cashed out for a $0.10 prize and got a screen that I won but then told I was eliminated. The game is fun to play, unfortunately the company does’t treat it players fairly and this can be seen in the dramatic drop in player over time
  • Great game but....

    By Joj4
    I downloaded HQ about a year ago, and played every night trying to hit the jackpot. I made it to the end once but of course I had to split the jackpot with thousands of people and credited $.12 to my HQ account. I stopped playing for a couple months because it was nearly impossible to make it to the end unless you are an absolute genius or human encyclopedia. That was before you could win a portion of the jackpot at question 9. So I started playing every night again. I have made it to question 9 twice, getting the question correct and winning $.10 and $.18 but was never credited to my HQ account for either. One time, I’ll let it slide. But twice? Cmon. Maybe it takes 24 hours to credit the account ? Nope, it’s been a week. I know I am complaining over nickels and dimes, but don’t give me the opportunity to cash out when the company/sponsor can’t hold up to it. Or at least don’t promote it so strongly. I will probably stop playing for another couple months until this bug/issues are fixed.
  • Glitchy and repetitive themes

    By Rbronh
    They have repetitive themes and the game tends to be glitchy. Also the hosts can be extremely annoying. Overall it is a fun idea if they would get new ideas as far as trivia night and listen to the chat about ideas. If they have “Marvel trivia “night one more time... the “lives” are too expensive, who is going to pay $3.99 to win $.27 cents?! The lives should be 99 cents and erasers 99 cents. And get hosts that do not think it is all about them, constantly singing or shouting at the camera. 6-19 I am now editing this review. They totally screwed everybody out of money because of what they call “glitches“. Last night, I made it to question 14 and they were supposed to be a money prize offer however there was a glitch and they didn’t do it. So I and everyone else that was at that level ended up losing. I wasted two lives on that game for nothing. Basically the host was like “oh well” and just ignores the fact that we all just lost that money. So now i do not trust that anyone wins any money. Plus the host Matt Has basically gotten so annoying it is ruining the game. He thinks the game is his own Comedy/singing show and sings constantly in between questions. And Makes stupid unfunny jokes and stalls to the point where the game ends up lasting a half an hour. Everyone complains about him but they don’t do anything about it. None of the other hosts do this. They just stick to asking the questions and make occasional funny comments. But Matt acts like he has to have the attention on him for the entire game so he is out of control with the singing and yelling and acting stupid and it is so annoying that I actually turn my volume down when he is hosting and just have to read the questions. It’s no wonder that the attendance has gone down to A fourth of what it used to be.
  • Horrible

    By Anonymous391648268
    Word trivia doesn’t give actual solutions that make sense, and too many glitches to even play a game fairly. It’s just a long commercial for ABC. Surprising how bad the technology (and the writing) is for a company like that.
  • Matt was great but HQ game night was AWFUL!

    By Helavron
    If you can’t get the game to work just call it a day. We’ll come back tomorrow! Can’t hear questions, kept buffering, couldn’t cash out when we were supposed to be allowed to...COME ON! We all deserve to level up ANd get extra lives for trying to play tonight! Helavron
  • Fun games, too many glitches

    By Cjax62
    Play all the time - fun games, but often disappointing because of glitches. Finally, won done $ - yes, it was only 10 cents, but game glitches and I never got it. Kinda disappointing. Not about the money obviously, but kinda ruins the fun.
  • NOT Simply the best trivia app around.

    By Rafferbee
    I love HQ! I’ve been playing since October and won over $200. The questions start of easy and quickly go to tricky, but they’re quite interesting and I always learn something. I like the new friends option so I can see how my friends are faring as well. One year later: I am editing my review to change my rating sadly. I haven’t been able to cash out my $80 since October. It keeps saying I’m in “review” but they won’t answer any messages I send them. I won three games on Jeopardy! I am legitimately good at trivia, but no one will listen to me. When I try to play somehow “something went wrong” in prize questions that won’t let me answer. Today (June 9th) was advertised as a $100,000 game but they only gave out $4,100. It just doesn’t seem aboveboard.
  • Your game is impossible to win?

    By MadDogWino
    I watched tonight after I got knocked out and it got down to 2 left, one question before “next prize”. 1 player got it right. That player then got the next “prize” question right and I assumed would win the $100,000. Not so, the solo remaining player was offered $1500 and took it. Do you get to keep extending the game until no one is left so you never pay the advertised payout? I have never heard how you manage this game during this season. Very unfair!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The truth.

    By Chelcie94
    Okay, so the game is ridiculously fun don’t get me wrong, but the question amount is just too much! 15 questions would be perfect because in all honesty it takes way too long to finish a game. Other than this the game is great.

    By Ukelelelady11
    HQ is a fascinating and fun game of trivia. It’s great to play with friends or family or even solo. The game is epic unless there is a glitch like tonight Sunday June 9, 2019. My extra life disappeared and I was eliminated. The jackpot was $100,000. It makes me want to quit the game. I am so frustrated bc it’s not the first time this has happened. Bummer.
  • June 9 trivia

    By hddkidn
    So much about being excited that I made it to the first prize question in a trivia game only not to receive the offer that I accepted.
  • I really enjoyed. But....

    By OrchardPL
    Over the period since Thanksgiving, the quality of the HQ experience has sucked. Today, I could hear Scott read the question but no question/answer screen appeared. As he was reading Q2, it said Welcome, your late. I had been listening to Scott’s opening diatribe. It’s not our Wi Fi because it seems to happen when you get higher numbers of participants over 100K. Phil Looking for the streak update???? I’m waiting for the restart of season 3 finale 100k. I think the question that was “screwed” up was the berry one. Matt said raspberry and I think cranberry was correct, based on Matt’s reading of the classifications of the choices. I think there is too much attention on rhyming and figgiting, drinking coffee, and other distractions. Makes it harder to do questions. There are occasions when the clock has expired and he hasn’t finished reading the choices. I really like the primary sports host(Lauren). Sharon does a great job, and Scott was excellent. I’m not a fan of your moving targets. 12 15 now 18 questions. I’ll eventually quit, but I do enjoy it, won 3 times. 9 June show screwed up money not distributed, extra lives taken even though cancelled, sound was off during reading of first four questions. Not impressed.
  • Winnings

    By Meemoomaa
    I won a couple weeks ago where I took the buy out for .21 cents and never received it.
  • Missing my ten cents

    By CountryKaren
    Hello I’m missing my ten cents that I won where Is it at it’s not showing up in my account any help would be appreciated thanks
  • No money

    By emzb14
    Was supposed to win money tonight and the game glitched and therefore my winnings say $0.
  • Cashout disabled

    By Jcoh
    FinAlly won 21 cents and it says cashout is disabled very horrible way to lure in people to play email but they say it’s not disabled but it in fact is
  • Extra lives are useless.

    By MatDunlap
    When you miss a prize payout question. You are not allowed to used an extra life.
  • Used to be okay

    By bernbp5
    New format is trash as is stability. Glitches every game.
  • HQ glitch

    By spyrolover8459
    Well it’s fun when you actually get to the questions. The hosts talk for an eternity... Also-gotta love when you tap the answer and it doesn’t take...
  • Great game but...

    By Sam91771
    I like the game and the hosts, but please stop sending me 5 notifications around 9:00 every night! I only need one!
  • Scam

    By Picky dude
    I used to enjoy this game, thinking it was a fun challenge. However, as it has gone on, I’ve realized that it has slowly turned into a scam, to get cash. They convince you to buy extra lives, for way too much. There are supposed to be winners every night, but every night for the past week, on the last question the last 14 or so people mysteriously didn’t answer.... well they all screamed in the chat that they had got booted out and it didn’t let them answer. This would be because HQ is indeed broke. How could they have 60,000 dollars every night to give away? Exactly, they don’t. Tonight is 100,000 and I guarantee that nobody will win. On the chat, everyone was getting really mad and writing bad reviews, so that night, HQ sent out a notification that a person who chose to stay anonymous won 50,000. How exactly would they win it if nobody won the trivia?? HQ has slowly turned into a scam to take your money and give you false hope of earning cash. Even if you do get to the first cash prize question, it’s as little as 10 cents. If you download this, expect anger and despair. Sorry HQ!
  • Lies, Scams and more lies

    By JonXCar8797979
    Where do I even start first the lies there suppose to give out $100,000 tonight they probably won't even loose $33,000. There "checkpoints" that are supposed to give more opportunities to make let's see $0.08 but there giving out up to $100,000. Then I can't cash out which means I'm banned and I didn't do Anything. So being smart can get you banned should have told me before I played. And there crack down on bots and cheaters I'm ok with but when you bring me into your business I get annoyed. And you guys are going to tell me to message you in the app Screw The App I want my money I want all of you at HQ to cut the crap and put more money up for grabs at prize questions.
  • Amazing Interface & Original Concept

    By Plants vs Zombies 123
    Just downloaded the app, HQ Trivia, for the first time. Though I’m very late to the “party” (this app has been all the rave for over a year), the clear, original concept and amazing user interface made it easy and even, dare-I-say, fun to set-up!
  • Glitchy but ok

    By beaubear91
    Ok game but pretty glitchy. please stop using extra lives automatically! I save them up and it feels shady to use them without us choosing in.
  • Indecent

    By disgust4familyvalues
    Shanon hosting with her boobs hanging out is in poor taste to say the least. This is a game where you should not have to worry about you children being next to you. She is an attractive woman who just dressed like a stripper. Shame on this being allowed on a trivia game. Shame on her for thinking it’s proper dress for work.
  • HQ

    By STay?
    This used to be fun. First of all, get rid ofMatt. His constant waste of time is a waste of my time. Half the time he seems drunk or high. His repetitive schtick may work in his stand up but my friends and family are all tired of his “singing” and his stupidity. It is old and stale. Sharon Carpenter is a superior host. Matt’s not funny and he sounds juvenile and boring. The constant change of formats is not an improvement. Surely you have noticed the lower numbers of players.
  • Where’s the rules????

    By VeryConfused060819
    You keep changing the rules .. how can we prepare to play if you change how or why we can use our extra lives?????? Please let the players know what’s changed
  • Great fun

    By dteez
    Great fun but it’s only 3 times a day. Why don’t you have a practice quiz for no prizes? That would be great
  • SCAM!!!!!!!!

    By Tnbloom
  • Great game, Terrible APP

    By wickedlilmikey
    You’ll lose extra lives. You’ll hit letters in time and lose. It’s fun when it works. It’s awful when it screws you over.
  • Like game BUT

    By DanniejMartin
    I love playing but something needs to be done when you change phone numbers to keep your account, I changed my phone number and wasn’t able to get back in and had to start all over disappointing really cause had all my badges unlocked and won a little cents!
  • Great concept ...but could USA some improvement

    By Dnaiceman
    It would be great to be able to change your answer instead of having it locked in.
  • Love the game but serious issues....

    By MAGainous
    Anytime I go to retrieve my winnings I get an error code citing another account has already used my PayPal account. And I keep losing lives after I earn them without using them.
  • How much fun is HQ Word?

    By Mags0756
    I think if you buy s multiplier it should be good for all games that day. So if you buy one for HQ Sports it should be good for HQ Trivia and Words as well. If I spend $9.99 for a 3X and get out on the second or third question why would I spend more $ on another game?
  • Legit

    By jtujftykjg
    Fun Challenging and free
  • Would love to play

    By Taterbug ;)
    I used to play and wanted to get back in to it this summer, but can’t. Every verification code that is sent doesn’t work. The app just tells me to try again later. Hasn’t worked at all in the past two days. Wish I could play again
  • Retired

    By Joshuatree92
    Games are fun. Why is the Prize so low on words and sports??
  • Plain Old Family Fun

    By Dishatto
    Did you ever sit in front of your TV watching “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” and wish you were the one on the show winning all that money? Well, now you can be. This game is in a similar format but much funnier as you compete against hundreds of thousands of people across the world, sometimes for up to 60,000 bucks! Maybe more. I just happened to see a single person win that much the other day. It is a LOT of fun and you don’t have to be a genius to get in on it. I highly recommend it Mendez this app for the whole family! They have a trivia game as described above, and a wheel of fortune type game for word nerds. They also have a game just for sports!
  • Hi

    By makienlee4
    The first thing let me win this game
  • HQ

    By Countrygirl102
    It fun for are family and also sometimes it is hard but you just got to go with the flow it much fun that sometimes it so funny
  • Hq is suppose to be family friendly... BUT

    By dissapointedformerHQplayer
    Since they added Sharon she either shows her breast or nothing but sexual references come out of her mouth. If this was not live or not a family friendly app then so be it. But it is both. I will not play anymore until they get rid of the sexual content. PARENTS BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shame on you HQ!!!!