HQ - Trivia & Words

HQ - Trivia & Words

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-08-26
  • Current Version: 1.4.11
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 162.93 MB
  • Developer: Intermedia Labs
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 129 068


HQ is the wildly popular live game show app where you can win real cash prizes for free. Every day, tune into HQ to answer trivia questions and solve word puzzles ranging from easy to hard to savage. See if you have what it takes to win cash. Make sure you turn on push notifications so you never miss the live shows and your chance at the money. Invite some friends to join the fun - if they use your code, you'll get extra lives. HQ has had special guest celebrities like The Rock, Robert De Niro, Gordon Ramsay, Neil Patrick Harris, and Alicia Silverstone drop in, has given away millions of dollars in prizes, and has been featured in The New York Times, The Today Show, Time, ABC, CNBC, and more. Join the future of television, and download HQ now.



  • Glitch city, & I hate the main host

    By Ex Vegas Ed
    Get rid of Scott, fix the glitch problems, then they might have something. Scott’s politics are offensive to half the country. If you want to kill something, show your politics. Did they ever wonder why there’s less than half the number of people using it? Scott ticked off people with his bad taste and Satan worshipping jokes.
  • Really uneven.

    By James60178
    What is the goal?
  • Luv Hq

    By Garanova
    Enjoy playing every day
  • Lose

    By 🍩🍉💜😍
    Ido not win
  • HQ

    By Stewdaug
    Love the shows - Seem to have tech difficulties frequently. I love Scott’s usual energy- seems a little down past few days - makes me sad! Matt is too too loud in my opinion- Anna R us a good fit for the Word Nerd game! And so is blonde girl on HQ sports! Money part not needed to split so much maybe just top 5 for points or quickness of answers.
  • A lot of app issues

    By kimberlymariebush
    There have been some app issues lately— I can’t join the game :(
  • Now requires phone number

    By deepdouble0
    I don’t give out my number to 3rd party apps. If I have to I give out my IP-phone. HQ latest update requires you to give up your personal information. Loved this, but not worth the cost.
  • SCAM! Will not pay out.

    By averykathleena
    I won $57. It reflects this in my HQ account. If I try to cash it out, it says that it’s not a currently active game that I won, and so I can’t cash out. Tried to reaching out to HQ Suppory via email, and DM via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. No response! It’s a scam.
  • Not cool

    By try every nickname
    First off I hope this gets read by Someone high up You give this jerk Scott a lot of leeway on his trash talk but I feel he went way over the line yesterday with his m f’ing and c s’ing intro My young grandchildren asked me what he meant I couldn’t answer them. Please use matt and get rid of that garbage talking jerk. Thank you!
  • Notifications stopped working

    By Wade1425
    HQ trivia is great and you do actually win money on there but my notifications stopped working all of a sudden today. I tried finding a customer support number or customer inquiry section in the app to let the staff know but there wasn't one. I tried logging in and out of the app and resubscribed to the games but that didn't seem to work either. I have all my notifications for HQ turned on in the settings for my phone too and this is the first time that it didn't work all of a sudden. Well, hopefully I can play tomorrow and the notifications show up. I have won a few times on there. I would give them 5 stars but since they have no customer support inquiry section, I give them 4 stars.
  • Double check your question

    By Pugman2003
    One question asked what NOTE was not usually a part when the music is in C major. One answer listed was F minor. That is not a NOTE. You could list it as F flat, but F minor is a key, not a note.
  • Incorrect answer/ Bad question.

    By Whatup1111
    In tonight’s winner take all, $10,000 the question was asked what pro sports team retired someone’s number that never played for that team. The answer was Miami Heat and Michael Jordan. But Jackie Robinson never played for the LOS ANGELES Dodgers. He played for the Brooklyn Dodgers. So there were actually 2 correct answers. Please get your facts straight.
  • Not worth it

    By Me44441091092
    Playing this game, and actually winning it just isn’t worth it. You’d be lucky if you won $1. You know this app is generating enough money where they prizes should be a bit higher than what they are. Everyone is making money off of this app except the players, whom made it as popular as it is. Lots of glitches all the time, too. I’ve won this game 7 times and still haven’t been able to reach $10.
  • Love this game!!!

    By Hibbin
    Easy to follow and fun to play! Hosts are fun and try to entertain while asking the questions!
  • Too many notifications

    By Mhhdegb
    This game rarely pays out and will send out at least 5 notifications within 6 min of each other. If you download turn off notifications because it will drive you insane!! Not worth playing for all the stupid notifications and no money!
  • Can’t take it anymore...

    By daddyuwarbash8
    The terrible execution and connectivity issues can be overlooked for the novelty of it all. But the constant nagging and alerts drives me nuts. Your users will play if they want to play. Bugging them as game time approaches is not a good tactic for increasing user engagement. Instead of turning off notifications I was compelled to just remove the app.
  • Way Too Many Notifications Now

    By Dahlgren23
    They used to only send out one notification when the game goes live. Now they send 3 to 4 and it's extremely annoying to have to close out the notifications every couple minutes if you don't want to play. Thinking about uninstalling soon if they don't go back to one notification per game.
  • Hmmm

    By spring is here.
    Loved the idea of levels. Bring it back. Please. The last couple weeks the game has changed. We do question only one and the show disappears. Boring on the technical issues.
  • Seniors

    By mr.boston1
    Even though I am in my 70’s it makes me look up and hear information that I would say “not my cup of tea” My husband REALLY hates when I answer more right ones. Cracks me up. I LOVE THIS GAME. TeaLady1
  • Advertising

    By Dhdnfudnrnejkks
    START ONLINE ADVERTISING!!! I REMEMBER BACK IN 2018 or 2017 when the game was blowing up and there were like 500,000 dollar games and people were winning like 100 dollars each and things like that. But now, you don’t win much and the prize pool isn’t much, obviously when there was more people there was more cash to be earned. That’s why I think you should advertise the game.
  • How great ha is.

    By Weston Iverson
    Hq is amazing way for family’s and friends to come to get her and share there knowledge and win some cash. Love that I have something to do with my night. Hosts are super fun and great for hq.
  • Lorrie DeLuca

    By turnin60
    How can I verify with someone that my last five days in a row was not awarded an extra life? Thanks
  • Great concept turned into marketing scam

    By Dr Barreiro
    Allowing non delayed chat is the dumbest thing ever
  • Joyride!!

    By alex4rmsd
  • Glitchy, awful host

    By jesmlet
    Way too many technical issues lately and Anna is the most unbearable person bet. I would rather have literally any of the other ones over her. She makes me not want to play.
  • 3/15/19

    By gsuakaavaiaoaosbshaia
    First off, I’m not paying 4 dollars for ONE extra life, that’s ridiculous. Secondly, I don’t need a notification 15 minutes before the actual stream starts, but that doesn’t matter anyway, because when the stream “starts” the guy talks for about 10 minutes before the trivia. Also, while we’re taking about notifications, please stop sending me 8 of them before the show starts. I’m in the livestream, I don’t need another 5 notifications telling me to go there. I’ve been noticing problems with this app. Just about 30 minutes ago the game had technical difficulties and it kicked me out. I want to address what happened on March 13 as well. If someone gets the answer wrong, they lose, unless they payed (4.00$) for extra lives. Adding everyone back because “the question was too hard” is ridiculous, and quite unfair to the ones who actually got the question right. It’s also ridiculous that HQ decided to add all the losers in, resulting in all the winners getting kicked out. That’s BS and everyone knows it.
  • Better without politics.

    By Imyerhuckleberry
    Matt Richards and Sharon Carpenter are spectacular, hysterical hosts, making HQ worth dropping everything else for (Cook dinner? Pfft... HQ is on). That other host? Too political. I want to have fun playing this game, not endure political jabs. We need more Matt! My whole fam loves him and ahh ahh ahh ahh question five, question five...
  • Awesome app(s)

    By guineadog45
    I love HQ words! They are all in the same app though. HQ sports, words, and normal trivia. 😎 Awesome!👏🏻👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😻 But, once I was playing on the final question and it glitched and made me lose!!!😪😭😢🥶🥺😩😫😖😣😔😟😕🙁☹️😞😒. Other then that? Amazing. I love it.
  • No user support

    By Guest4677
    I messaged them twice with no reply. First missing prize money and then I was playing and tried to use an eraser and it locked me out. I then tried to type in the chat and it locked me out from opting out of using an extra life and then wouldn’t let me out of the chat to answer the question either. So I got eliminated and it took an extra life all while i was locked out by the app.
  • HQ trivia

    By Cohen06
    It’s the best game ever! There is no scam in this game, if you win you actually get the money. I know this because I have won many times and have received the money in my PayPal account.
  • App crashes way to often

    By gcfbhfc
    Too many technical difficulties. The app often doesn’t open or experiences malfunctions causing you to miss questions
  • Great addiction

    By Machere1
    Love the show. The whole family meets in the living room every night. Love the thematic nights, the special chances to earn points. Love Scott, Matt, Sharon, and Anna. Keep it coming
  • Glitches

    By cffmn
    Way too many glitches and locked up screens for this far along in a game’s life.
  • So Bs

    By daddy336
    I can’t join no game and they keep booting me off
  • HQ

    By Bucky316
    Too many glitches in the game. Knocks you out of the game. Tonight you can not get in unless you “share”.
  • What th’?!

    By Solambe
    Very unreliable app
  • Love the game hate the glitches

    By Hilfly
    I’ve had so many glitches, or lost extra lives when the played it right before the time ran out... it’s a little discouraging.
  • Fun, but a lot of issues

    By Acstokes
    This would be more fun if there weren’t so many glitches. Like tonight I tapped on the notification to play at 8:02 and when I got in the app it wouldn’t let me in the game and only showed the scheduled game for tomorrow night.
  • Too many notifications

    By The1337Stick
    Seriously 3 - 4 at around 8 pm
  • Would not let me sign on then locked me outout. Shows next game tomorrow

    By jkkfrpt
    This is a loosely applied characteristic of aforward in hockey not a position
  • Last season was better.

    By kimboSLICED
    What the heck is happening this season? My notifications take me to the app, only to the main page. Can’t play. Not cool.
  • Glitch

    By BrookieW
    For some reason HQ will not let me into play. It is annoying
  • Ok

    By yeetyeetman
    Keep getting kicked out of the game but it’s really fun!
  • What happened to the trivia?

    By ReaganSmash is taken?
    First attempt at playing, 0 questions later the trivia was closed and said the next game was the following day
  • Never works

    By girlcrack
    They constantly have “technical difficulties” and have to start the game over. Garbage.
  • Matori

    By Matori42
    Great game except for the empty gift box I got lol
  • What’s up with tonights game

    By Me Cynthia
    It’s not working!!!!!!
  • I’m sorry

    By 💩😂🤢🤮🤑😈
    I’m so sorry my brother got on my phone while he was on the toilet. 😂😂 To show you how sorry I am I will buy extras and erasers Jerry
  • Recent issue

    By Hurst401
    Two days ago a bunch of folks were eliminated on the first question of HQ Trivia in which the answer was Nitrogen. I was one of the folks that chose Nitrogen. Following the question HQ trivia went down because of the backlash of that question. HQ trivia rebooted at a later time that night and folks were informed that if you correctly answered that you would receive a free life within the next day. So upon entering HQ trivia yesterday I checked and I didn’t receive my free life. I posted several comments that I did not receive the free life to no avail. So here I am having to give a bad review because I was promised something that I did not receive. MightyMichael is my name on the game.