HQ - Trivia & Words

HQ - Trivia & Words

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-08-26
  • Current Version: 1.4.4
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 171.54 MB
  • Developer: Intermedia Labs
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 129 410


HQ is the wildly popular live game show app where you can win real cash prizes for free. Every day, tune into HQ to answer trivia questions and solve word puzzles ranging from easy to hard to savage. See if you have what it takes to win cash. Make sure you turn on push notifications so you never miss the live shows, and your chance at the money. Invite some friends to join the fun - if they use your code, you'll get extra lives. HQ has had special guest celebrities like The Rock, Robert De Niro, Gordon Ramsay, and Alicia Silverstone dropping in, giving away millions of dollars in prizes, and been featured in The New York Times, The Today Show, Time, ABC, CNBC, and more. Join the future of television and get HQ now.



  • HQ Trivia

    By jagcoloradp
    Fun game. Hard to win and when you do, it usually is a small amount of $$. But bragging rights are everything.😊
  • So fun

    By rikiroo133884
    Me and my friends love it and the extras they keep adding with extra lives and levels , erasers when you play with more people. How cool.
  • Unresponsive Customer Service

    By Seth Johnsen
    I’ve been contacting customer service via email, Twitter, and the in-app support ticket feature and in all three, I’ve received no responses to my inquiries. Disappointed, disgusted, and insulted.
  • Glitches galore!

    By kemmer70
    Going to give HQ one more shot, but don’t think it’ll work out. Two days in a row I’ve lost my extra life because of glitches and that’s ridiculous! Was fun, but no more.

    By ekzimmerman
    I was so excited for how I met your mother Tricia but it was so glitchy that I lost. It was so annoying. Screw this app
  • Tech needs sorting

    By ewanandmax
    I won the game & the money never showed up. They make rules, you follow them (like a good human), they break the rules, you loose (tough). It’s a let down. Great to play and then just annoying. Breaks down a lot. I wanted this to be great and it has potential but they need to sort the tech out before involving the masses!!
  • Too many glitches!

    By waybored
    Fix them!
  • Glitchy at best

    By Boosheroo
    I’ve never played a consistent game without a glitch. It freezes often, and during the “biggest Words prize ever” with NPH it eliminated TONS of people because they missed one or two letters (rather than the three you are supposed to be allotted). Hey HQ: don’t put money on the line unless the bugs are fixed.
  • It’s ok🤷‍♀️ , but....

    By Pollard209
    Way too much talking by the hosts and Scott Rogowski gets so annoying🤦‍♀️
  • Glitchy

    By Frustrated Ponger
    Very disappointing that the game glitches so often. Tonight, a ridiculous amount of people got kicked out after 1 strike on HQ Words with NPH... with the prize being “the largest ever”...
  • Never starts on time

    By mish2378
    Never starts on time
  • Good but sometimes glitches.

    By m00dawg
    I got out in words when I only got 1 strike and it is laggy.
  • Worst

    By Nataliebooboo
    One strikeout and it’s your words it was the worst night everybody got out from 1Strike
  • Love trivia, frustrated with glitches

    By tada1969
    HQ/ HQ Words would be so fun and exciting if not for glitches about every other game. From freezing to keyboard disappearing to one strike instead of three strikes you’re out, you get eliminated through no fault of your own all too often. Considering deleting the app if they don’t fix their broke sh** asap.
  • Glitching

    By BusyMom08
    For starters, the app is fast paced which can be appreciated to an extent. On the Words segment, some of the puzzles are too long to be typed in adequately. I completely understand that it is part of it. What is not part of it is being eliminated after 1 strike!!!!! You feel like you are on a roll and you make one strike and you are eliminated!!! That is NOT right because you are supposed to have 3. In addition, they had a seasonal challenge where you can gain levels. I loved that concept. When the levels were taken away my extra life was taken away too!!!!!! That was very frustrating because I really could’ve used that extra life, so I guess I will wait for 3 more days for it to glitch it away again.
  • HQ Words

    By strfaw
    Horrible! Major glitch tonight after the second clue. Waste of my time.

    By Mock Turtle Soup
    Glitches in the game are frustrating, especially when there’s a large prize like tonight.

    By mllew83
    This app is so glitchy and unfair to users you answer correctly and get eliminated constantly because of the poor quality. Fix your issues HQ.
  • What happened tonight?

    By remimonkeybutt
    I was bounced after only 1 strike. Then I used one of my lives, but got kicked out the next puzzle after 1strike again. So I wasted a life for nothing. And if you review all of the messages, lots of people got kicked out with one strike. What a crock
  • Glitches

    By GB7388
    Many issues during games
  • Thursday Night Glitch

    By spwildbill
    Thursday night Words was so messed up. Thought it would be nice with NPH but noooooooooooo!!! Played several games but this game started eliminating people after one strike. Chat blew up with negativity but no one seemed to catch it or even care. He kept laughing at people getting eliminated but it was the glitch that did it. I want my extra life back!
  • Love it but...

    By TyeDye kid
    Love the games but have a few issues. One it glitches all of the time. My second problem is specifically for hq words. Although I love the game, the way you guys split the money is unfair. I’ve won it a bunch of times but since you split half among the top three, the winners don’t get a fair spread. What if you just type really slow and that’s why you don’t place in the top three. People like that don’t have a fair shot at the top 3.
  • Major glitches

    By Christajnc
    Major glitches. Get eliminated after one strike on words.
  • Major glitch not made right

    By Mr elkman
    NPH was the host, 10000 at stake on word puzzle. Over half the people were eliminated after one strike , Should have started over, kept playing on , NOT FAIR TO ALL THOSE ELIMINATED BY A GLITCH
  • Too many glitches lately and isn’t worth winning

    By jbg818
    Hq words would be better if prize distribution was better. I’m tired of winning the game just to make .30 cents .
  • Fun but glitches

    By s-weeks
    Fun but some games glitch and you get kicked out, despite not being eliminated from the game for actually losing.
  • Rigged game

    By Gfbrd
    Secretly alters the game rules to reduce the amount of participants. Refused to acknowledge it and pretends it’s part of the game.
  • Glitch

    By tinksboo
    U really need to fix the game, tonight in words everyone was getting eliminated after only 1 strike not the usual 3.
  • Kicked out with only one strike , this is unfair game

    By nckio
    Kicked out with only one strike , unfair to the most of the players
  • HQ Words Glitch

    By jjjammz
    I was on the last puzzle and i got one letter wrong. Usually it allows you 3 strikes before disqualifying people from the game. However, I got kicked out after only one question wrong. HQ, if you see this, please fix this problem ASAP.
  • Get rid of the white guy host!! Please for the of god!

    By Tedstryker23
    Gr8 Trivia, fun game!!! But please get rid of the white guy as game host!!! Never in my 46 years has Someone been more of a complete moron!!!!
  • Glitches r us

    By Monajo1217
    So many issues, glitches, lags and delays are making it very frustrating. Today on hq words one strike got you out. Big prize no chance to win. Very frustrating. Please fix the problems!!!
  • Entertaining and infuriating

    By Pissedoffromantic
    It’s fun, but there are way too many glitches and dumb chit chat! Seriously the hosts are insufferable. It gives me the creepy feeling that in the future, we will be forced to tune in blindly to watch these awful people crack terrible jokes. Some hunger games scenario. Anyways. I enjoy the word one, but tonight, after making it so far, I had a glitch eliminate me, with no compensation. It makes me not want to play anymore. I wish you could get lives quicker, like playing three days in a row instead of five. Still, a fun way to kill a few minutes.
  • Makes no Sense

    By Signin Joke
    The guy that looks like Woody from Toy Story talks too much before the trivia starts. But then when it comes to using an extra life, the button wouldn’t work and once it does, I’m too late to getting it approved. Even with woody talking too much. Words is not consistent. Every question gives you three strikes. After a certain amount, they only give you one strike. One good way to lose business.
  • Sick of glitches

    By Southern-by-choice
    Was eliminating on Q9 tonight on HQ Words after touching my FIRST letter on the keyboard. WTH!!! Thought you were supposed to get three strikes before you are eliminated.
  • Glitches Galore

    By BigWilliej78
    There are glitches, not being able to click the answer. Only one strike and elimyon Words etc. don’t buy extra hearts, you will get kicked and lose your hearts.
  • Too many glitches

    By bigPBfowntown
    Games often glitch, not allowing you to use an extra life, not allowing you to select an answer, or on HQ words, eliminating you on strike 1...test for glitches before going live...
  • Don’t waste your time

    By one strike words?really
    Seriously. Like I said. Don’t waste your time.
  • Glitches all the time.

    By el.colon.music
    Playing hq words and got knocked out with only one strike, used a life, and got knocked out again with just one strike. Fix these glitches, people are losing out on money.
  • HQ great, HQ Words 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾

    By Laced and Nerdy 19XX
    I loved both games but unlike with HQ Trivia, HQ Words never makes any compensation for their errors or glitches. It is ridiculous that in the biggest prize night since the game started the game kicked me out on one strike clearly not adhering to their own rules. I will continue to play HQ but until they do something with HQ Words I am all over their Beta test trash. The whole thing is false advertisement.
  • One Strike and Out Glitch

    By nadiarehu
    During hq words if one letter was missed, you got out. Many people got kicked because of it, and on $10,000. They never stopped the game, never acknowledged it, even though the chat was spamming it. Fix the game
  • Unfair, glitching

    By KatInGlou
    I was booted on the 9th question after 1 wrong letter. Not the three. It was glitching from before the game started, yet you did nothing.
  • HQ Words

    By moongraphx
    It is fun to play but not when you change the rules without telling anyone. One strike and you are out? What happened to the three strike rule???

    By A1glass
    Thousands got thrown off after one strike in words. People all over the chat we’re trying to let you know and got ignored. Bye HQ.
  • HQ words blows

    By Docbacca
    One strike and out on q 10. Three people get massive payout and thousands under a buck. This is bad gamesmanship.
  • Got kicked out after ONE STRIKE on a big game?!?

    By Bey514
    They need to fix the glitches on this game. I’m tired of the mistakes.
  • Fun but won’t stop glitching

    By E M. .
    Every single game I play every few seconds this sing glitches over and over and over! Getting really annoyed with this and I wish you would stop. I recommend this game for the fun of it but by no means is it a smooth game
  • Big night for hq words and big fail

    By Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz1
    1 strike and i was out.......
  • Gitchy

    By dClutZ