PlantSnap Plant Identification

PlantSnap Plant Identification

  • Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2017-06-07
  • Current Version: 2.01.10
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 175.07 MB
  • Developer: PlantSnap, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 21 859


Instantly identify plants of all kinds: flowers, trees, succulents, mushrooms, cacti and more! PlantSnap is the revolutionary plant identification app from built to help you instantly identify plants in a snap. Users on iOS12 can experience instant plant recognition, no framing or snapping required! Simply tap a detected plant on your device for information on the plant in a real-time Augmented Reality view. PlantSnap now works in every country on Earth and is translated into 30 languages! Our database has been upgraded to over 500,000 species, and the algorithm is now 94% accurate. Have you ever been on a hike, vacation or simply on an afternoon walk and wondered what species that plant, flower or tree was? Take a picture of the plant and PlantSnap will tell you what it is in seconds using its robust plant database. With Plantsnap, you can reconnect to the natural world around you and learn about nearby plants, or browse our gallery to discover new and exotic plants all across the globe. Plantsnap also comes with a map of plants nearby to help you get out and explore. Whether you find peace and mindfulness from hiking, or if you are interested in studying nature, Plantsnap has the resources and technology you need. PlantSnap also comes paired with a seamlessly integrated companion website, allowing you to upload photos from your computer for instant identification or check items from your plant collection. PlantSnap is powered by deep learning and artificial intelligence, meaning that it actually learns and improves with every image you feed it. Every image you take makes PlantSnap better and adds to the growing Plant Database. Get out there and start PlantSnapping! PlantSnap Features: Identify Plants with Your Camera • Instantly learn the name of plants, flowers and trees with a picture! • Open the PlantSnap app, snap a photo, and watch the PlantSnap Database name the plant in seconds. Auto-Detect Plants to Identify • PlantSnap automatically tells you when a plant is framed well • Tap the screen where the flower is highlighted for the most accurate results Augmented Reality Plant Identification (requires iOS12) • Watch amazing Augmented Reality animations over a plant • View information on a plant through an AR interface Plant Database • Our database is global and our results are instantaneous. There are currently 585,000 plant species in our worldwide database • PlantSnap currently has 90% of all known plant species on Earth in our database, and we continue to train more species into our algorithm every month. Plant Identification & Learning Algorithms • Our algorithm is retrained and improved every month using the 200,000+ anonymous images taken by our users every day • PlantSnap will update automatically for you every time we add a new batch of species, no additional fees required Companion Website • Visit with your PlantSnap account • View your collection from the app on the web • Add photos to identify from your desktop, then keep track of things on your mobile Discover the World Around You • Use the Explore section to view every anonymous photo taken with the PlantSnap app anywhere on the entire planet • Gamify your hikes with friends and family! Plantsnap lets you build a library of every plant, tree or flower you've snapped. See how many you can collect! • Get some fresh air and improve your mood! Plantsnap connects the divide between technology and nature. Download PlantSnap now and start PlantSnapping! **Be sure to watch our instructional video to get the most accurate results!** **Please check your email after purchasing for more detailed information.** We are looking to make Plantsnap better all the time. Please leave your feedback in the app to help Plantsnap grow!



  • Paid app makes you sign in with personal info

    By HP4Lyfe2018
  • If only I could give this a zero

    By Joe Laughlin
    The reviews overall were good on this app and I want the ability to identify more plants. The first plant it identified as sage, which was surprising to me as I had not planted sage, so I took a second scan and it told me blueberry, then a third scan said it was a hydrangea, these were scans of the same plant from the same angle. Then I said well I'll try a tree which it identified as the different trees and a grape vine. Frustrated I tested it with coming garden plants. I scanned a tomato plant and at least on the second scan it identified it as a tomato? Then I scanned cilantro which it identified as a Fern. I've only used this morning, but I would not spend $2.99 on this if I were you?
  • Why are all your updates title the same?

    By GravMan
    All of your latest updates in the notes about the update it states the same thing. Please be descriptive on what the updates is thank you
  • Still waiting

    By Cd336
    This app hasn’t been able to identify the most common houseplant so far. And yes I have reviewed the instructions, watched the video and taken a numerous amount of pictures. I bought this app in hopes that it could help me catalog my plants and to identify 1 specific plant that I can’t find in google. Well, it’s been days and I’m still waiting for identification. So disappointed.
  • Pretty accurate

    By bev2.0
    This app is fun to use. It has accurately identified plants I knew so I assume it will identify plants that I don’t know.
  • Does not work!

    By Grad Party fund
    I have not been able to identify one single plant yet, very frustrating!!
  • Great Concept

    By Ingishi
    The idea of being able to recognize the type of plant via a photo is brilliant. However, if the results aren’t accurate, then I just wasted my money on a half-baked product. Also, it crashes every time I try zooming in on a photo. Frustrating.
  • Won’t stop crashing

    By Cobria
    So far I can’t seem to identify anything, and if I try to identify the same plant twice it seems to crash. When I try to watch the help videos, it crashes. The app particularly won’t let me identify one of my house plants and for some odd reason has a personal vendetta against this plant and crashes every time I try to snap it’s flower lol.. meh... a friend really loved this app and said it works great for them so I’ll keep trying it out and then I can edit this review. But so far I’m not impressed :( once I can get it to stop crashing then maybe I can finally watch the help videos............
  • Awesome app

    By shamantheshephard
    Just took a picture off a computer screen and got a 100% correct answer as I am in the business. Stunning accuracy
  • Why ?

    By Mikec_37
    At first this app was wonderful ! Now it won’t let me use it unless I give my facebook or email ! I don’t want to do this. Please change it back. Thank you.
  • Don’t force registration

    By Mineswap2345
    Love the app but hate that the latest update forces you to register before using. Change this please.
  • Appuser

    By wsjASDF
    Useful idea. Crashes when zooming for pic.
  • Works all over the world.

    By danny_navin
    From Longwood Gardens to Fiji islands, this app accurately identifies plants from quick pictures of flowers or leaves. Love this app!
  • Doesn’t identify a lot of different plants

    By Eric73
    Have not had much luck with this App honestly. It is unable to correctly identify plants and flowers in the Kansas area.
  • Not good

    By the Tomek
    Great idea in theory but misidentifies plants routinely. Also new version require login with Facebook or some other such shady organizations. Deleted with no regret.
  • Not working

    By ArealJERK
    So far, it has failed to correctly identify any plants.
  • AMAZING!!!

    By GuytonHip
    This app will only get better and better the more it is used. So by all means, if you are knowledgeable in horticulture (or even if you aren't, but want to contribute photos or get a plant's name) DOWNLOAD THIS APP!
  • Really, a high-tech application

    By GabrielMaaru
    There are good applications, but small ads are usually shorter than other applications that are not frequently used.
  • Really impressed.

    By Mark A. Torres
    Very easy to use and informative !!!. Amazing app with lots of extra detailing. .... Good work!
  • Amazing!!

    By DavidCoperki
    I'm really impressed by the accuracy the app. Very useful. Will use it a lot especially travelling. Congratulations to the developers!!!!
  • Good app.

    By Samuel_diner
    first app i have purchased .an useful and interesting app.thanks a lot. What a excellent app !! What a excellent app !!looking forward your reply and hope you successful.
  • Woww!!!

    By Chicavau_linado
    It helped me a lot with my science . Excellent app for plant/flower illiterate people such as myself Thanks a lot.
  • Eu sou um professor de botânica.

    By Isabelle ana
    Este é um bom ponto de partida no campo. Dando informações básicas, mas úteis. Gaste mais tempo para isso e você aprenderá muito. Altamente recomendado
  • Severe Lag

    By Boihelp
    When I downloaded this app, everything about it was great! I loved that you could submit photos to actual botanists, so they could identify the plant if you couldn’t. However, soon after the download, there was a ton of lag in the app and out of the app. Some lag in the app didn’t bother me that much. Once my whole phone started to lag I knew that this app had to go. It’s a shame, this app seemed to be very helpful and interesting.
  • So good so far

    By Srilande
    So far, the app has shown me what I wanted to know, every time. Have nothing to complain about, I’m happy with having this useful app on my phone
  • Highly educational

    By Manit_2288
    I introduced this app to my students while we were on a field trip to the greenhouse near our school so they can experience it and learn about nature themselves. On our next lessons, a lot of the students gave me great feedback on the app, and I can see they’re getting more interested what I’m teaching with the presence of this app in our lectures. Thank you for making this app, it’s great to see how my students are engaged in learning what I’m teaching
  • This app deserves 5 stars

    By kutinpham
    I was surprised on how easy and fast it finds out the plant's name and its information because in my experience these kinds of apps are not usually correct. But this one is definitely different, it does the job much better than the others, not to say the best!
  • What an awesome app!

    By bobnatca
    I have used it many times to find out the name of the trees and flowers blooming around me and never once did it disappoint me. The results are always come out quick and accurate, I’m surprised that there were someone bad-mouthed this wonderful app! You should try it yourself to feel the unique experience, don’t follow the others’ tricks
  • A fantastic app to use!

    By mongdanham
    I don’t usually write reviews for apps because not many apps can impress me, they’re just means to achieve what I want to do more conveniently in life. But Plantsnap is totally different! I had to leave tons of compliments for this lovely app. It’s more than a mean to me, it’s like my best companion on every usual trip of mine to the forest every weekend. I lost myself in using this app to identify all the mysterious plants around me and I recognized everything I snapped! Nothing can be better than this honestly!
  • I use this app a lot.

    By chocolateLoveDan
    Huge improvements have been made on this app with the iso version. I used this app on android once for a long time, but I’m more satisfied with the ios version, because they have made a lot of upgrades, and the layout looks much more fascinating to use. Definitely the best identification app I have come across
  • Works wonderfully

    By Brenda M. Abbott
    Love the idea so I downloaded it right away. I used to have this app that can identify objects of all kinds, but not plants like this lovely app, so I was curious to know if it could actually identify anything. The first try took me more efforts than I initially thought, as I didn’t know from which angle should I take the picture, but still worked out fine after a few snaps. The following tries were a lot smoother and faster as I already got the trick of it. I also love the fact that this app allows me to share my identifications with others by sorting them by their locations, it’s like a small victory map of my own, and I’m really proud of it. Highly recommend this for anyone who wants a long-term hobby or entertainment during the weekend
  • It's a great app

    By MatyChanh
    This app works surprisingly well. I was so excited to get to know how it worked and surprised that it just did all the things that I expected, from identifying random plants to sharing it by location filtering. It’s like a small and cozy community on this app, I couldn’t be happier with it!
  • More games would be great!

    By Leanne R. Klein
    Will there be a game in the app? Like finding tree? I look forward to the new update with that lovely feature!
  • My problem

    By BeaversShawy
    I enjoy this app very much but it takes up quite some space in my phone memory. This sometimes makes my cellphone laggy even though there is several hundreds of mb blank in the memory. Will it be heavier when the database growing up from time to time? :< If yes then I’ll have to delete something else to save space for it
  • Widen my knowledge

    By Himawari_BoyNa
    This app is brilliant. Now I know daisy got another name called chrysanthemum. There’re many other interesting names I’ve never heard before.
  • Lovely interface

    By John C. Rosales
    Nice app. Its layout is really easy to use.It’s really useful to a beginner like me. Can’t wait to show it to my friends.
  • Highly recommend for plant lovers

    By Happynovel
    Pretty accurate in naming trees and flowers. I’m having fun with it while decorating my garden.
  • Helped me so much

    By DebbieDay999
    This is the best plant identification app I have ever come across. I found the name of that flaming tulip I’d been looking for so long thanks to this app. 5 stars for sure.
  • took me by surprise

    By DaviesDavid
    I‘m surprised that this app could identify my bracken in such an opaque photo taken from my old cellphone. I tried it with several other fern pots in my garden and PlantSnap almost made it all. Keep working on it – you're getting better!
  • Thanks for creating this

    By Aaron L. Cribbs
    This app reminds me of the time gardening with my grandpa. Now I’m using it to teach my children how to plant and take care of their own trees just like my grandpa used to teach me before. Glad that they like it.
  • Excellent

    By Jon R. Hamrick
    Everything is excellent except its once crashing when I choose a photo from my phone library. Hope you will fix this soon.
  • Comes in really handy

    By Juanita J. Grenier
    Very informative. It can name many of the plants I encountered while walking along the riverside. Great pocket app for tree lovers.
  • What can't this app do?

    By ScottBalderas
    At first, I thought this app only works with trees and flowers but it eventually recognized the strange melon in my backyard this morning :o Amazing!
  • Amazing!

    By Someoneloveme007
    Just downloaded this app last week and now my photo library is full of trees can’t stop taking pictures
  • More instruction would be great

    By coolboy221191
    Suppose that you compose some tutorials on how to take the best photos for the app to best “read” the picture, it would be much better. Anyway, nice catch! Keep up the good work~
  • Love the app

    By badboy0091
    Could you add a Favorite button or a tree pocket something like that to PlantSnap functions to save all the trees I have searched for? I find it difficult to look back all those trees. Thanks.
  • Room for improvements

    By SpencerBoy_123
    I really like the feature of submitting my photo for someone to actually look at because sometimes I could not recognize the tree even after seeing several PlantSnap suggestions. Hope you will improve it.
  • Love everything about it

    By Darrell J. Bell
    I liked the whole concept of this plant identification app. The capture, the sharing, all those tips about planting flowers, its large collection of species… There is nothing to dislike about it. My flora life is getting better than ever! Love it!
  • This is so good

    By CampbellNoval
    It’s surprising that this app could recognize my tree within one shot. I have tried taking several different angle to see if it miss the spot but no :o this is insane :ooo