Army Men Strike

Army Men Strike

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-05-24
  • Current Version: 2.94.3
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 210.15 MB
  • Developer: VolcanoGames
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 84 678


Play like a kid, Fight like a man! Army Men Strike is the strategy game that puts you in command of a miniature green army. Take toy soldiers through tower defense battles in your house, using real time strategy and tactics to win the little World War. 

Time can change many things, but not your childhood. Travel back to your youth, gather your green army men and continue your unfinished adventure in this real time strategy game!

 Lead your green army soldiers, remote-control planes, rubber ducks, transformers and many other toys in RTS combat. Defend your bedroom, hallway, living room and backyard against the invasion of the Evil Legion and put your strategy to the test! 

 Experience a great war game, combining real-time strategy, tower defense, resource control and simulation gaming into a single mobile experience! Recruit your toy soldiers, build fortifications and compete for territory and glory.

 Your green army is waiting for you. It’s time to lead them to toy glory!


 Toy Tower Defense 
• Wage miniature RTS war in your home – every piece of houseware has a unique function in this toy world! 
• Build a headquarters in your bedroom, use the moneybox as your treasury, transport resources with your little train, and collect metal with magnets. 
 • Fight enemies in the kitchen, the living room and even the bathroom! 
 • Adventurous and playful battlefields make war interesting and fun!  

Build Your Army 
 • Recruit the elite toys as heroes to lead your army and let the toy war commence!  
• Use strategy to build the best army for each battlefield 
• Upgrade and promote your green army soldiers to flamethrowers, snipers, tanks, artillery units and many more!  
• Design and assemble strategic bombers to strike at your enemies! 

Take Your Forces to War 
• Compete against other players to expand your territory, build greater power and earn prestige. 
 • Gather resources to upgrade your army, guns and base. 
• Build your tower defense with fortifications to keep invaders at bay and increase your odds of survival. 

 Real Time Strategy
 • Choose your targets and plan your conquest.
 • Put your skills and strategy to the test against players around the world in RTS combat.

 Test Your Strategy to Win 
• Patience and strategy are key to each battle. Build and deploy your troops wisely. 
• With a good strategy, you can defeat any enemy!  
• Outwit your foes with intelligence and timing rather than brutal force. 

 World War Game 
• Chat with players from all over the world anytime and anywhere. 
• Form alliances and make new friends.  
• Compete or cooperate with other alliances. Diplomacy or war, it’s up to you!  

-Your Toys Are Waiting For You!
 Return to your childhood with the toy soldier game you loved. Join us in the toy world and make it a better place!

 It’s time to return to the toy battleground! Download Army Men Strike now!  

-Over 3,000,000 Downloads!- 
Thanks to your support, we’re now sharing the happiness and joy of toy games with millions of players all over the world! 

 PLEASE NOTE! Army Men Strike is free to download and play. However, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings. 

Under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 12 years of age to play or download Army Men Strike.

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  • Money Hungry Game

    By CNF68-71
    If you don’t have the money don’t play this game! Everything cost money to grow and if you can’t grow you will need to shield! oh and that cost gold which cost you money. The rewards in the game are worthless the money you spend to be able to win is not worth it. MONEY HUNGRY GAME!
  • Pay vs no pay playing

    By Oxymoron 67
    It is possible to play and enjoy this game if you never purchase any packages. It is extremely slow and there are many higher level players that will use their purchased power to torment you. I know that the creators of this game want us to pay for fun. But it should be a little easier for new players to stay equal. On the other hand, it is possible to play this game without paying any money. You will find good friends here and enjoy this game for years. I recommend it for all ages and genders.
  • Careful with in game purchases

    By kuckphoto
    The game is fun and I think that has a lot to do with the corp I got in with but be very careful with in game purchases. If they make a mistake pricing something they don't stand behind their error and will simply remove the item and try to replace it with something of much less value than what you paid. They also won't refund your money because of their mistake. They don't follow the rule that the customer is always right nor do they treat their customers very well. It's a fun game but at times the developer makes it very frustrating. Also the translation in the game is very poor for some languages and the chat is very bug ridden. You would think with all of the money they make from purchases they would license and actual chat system that already works...
  • I liked it

    By healblebow
    Hi I love your game:)
  • What a nostalgic piece in such a modern version

    Hi I’m usually a guy who’s like yeah these games aren’t for me but this game turned out to be fun and reminded me of the old army men franchise I used to know, I recommend this game.👌👌
  • Great RPG

    By The Real Real Real Realist
    It’s easy to understand/execute missions, and your high speed if you download
  • Glitch central

    By Ike3850
    AMS is a fun game... but it seems like the glitches are ramping up again. And the other issue... is some of the battle events... mismatch players. Mega size players just get to kick the heck out of newer players.. not really fun.
  • Bait and Switch

    By Rygill
    They get you in as a free download but this is FAR from free! After a whole year of playing and paying for the upgrades they release new stuff to get even more money, which is not even theior worst offense!! The customer support is also atrocious, I have had numerous conversations where one tech will tell me one thing and then when I ask for confirmation as to what they said a new tech will tell me the opposite and on top of it all. It has been recently been brought to light that they offer these newer more powerful upgrades at a steeply discounted rate, whoops only if you reside in the same country as the developers. Do yourself a favor and DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!! Apple should seriously remove this app from the app store if they refuse to monitor how loyal IOS users are being taken advantage of and blatantly discriminated against. I have reached out looking for a refund from the developer who's response was to threaten to ban me and then Apple turns around and tells me they can't do anything for me either. Well newsflash Apple; Google Play is providing refunds to Android users after their investigation into this developers ILLEGAL business practices. I have a funny feeling Apple will be finding itself involved in yet another legal case most likely as a co-defendant this time.
  • Stupid game.... unfair to beginners

    By sguerrera
    The game allows player whom spent a lot of money or have started a long time ago with much stronger bases to attack new player which would obviously lose. They do this so that new player start ‘paying’ for upgrades to catch up... so don’t bother with this game cause they just want your money. It also allows the stronger player to repeatedly attach you to where your base is useless... which other game does that?! They just want your money!!! Nothing to see here , move along!!
  • Apple is supporting these criminals.

    By Moezahriya
    Apple is constantly deleting my review that exposes the scam that’s going on in the game. Let me explain that the Top group/Corp in the game has direct ties to AMS studio. They’re being funded by them and are most likely secret employees as well. What this Corp does is going around the game destroying everyone else just because they have unlimited power / resources and rare items that normal players are unable to get their hands on even if they played for 2 years straight. What they do is destroy everything you’ve worked weeks on within seconds so you end up spending money to get back up on your feet. This game is a scam and the company behind it is a scammer not only that they also sell everyone’s data. Apple please investigate these criminals.
  • Ams let’s people get away with cheating and slander and racist remarks

    By ReaptheUnholy
    I’ve been playing over a year good game just the people get mad when you burn them then make racist remarks and then try’s to report you with slander till your banned. If the creators would do better monitoring the foul players would be a better game and more enjoyable. Over priced but still could be better without the foul players.
  • Issues

    By Field fighter
    The game is good when you first start then you merge with other groups and it’s all about money. I have spent money on this game and I asked if I can go to a different battlefield they told me no I asked can they switch it to where I can still use the money I spent on a new account and they told me no they need to make a teleporter where you can start over and keep your money. The battlefield I am at is vulgar and disrespectful the game does not want to help at all
  • Don’t download

    By Shrek Bf 43
    This game is a total waste. It’s only a pay to play with the Chinese players receiving special benefits and packages. The game developers try to say it’s not but it is. Don’t waste your time or money
  • Do not play

    By Treesburg
    It’s a fair warning now do not download this game. This game is obviously pay to play. But when you pay you expect to not have your purchases devalued. This game continuously has updates which devalues the investment you have in it with no warning. Continuously pumping out new garbage with glitching. They allow unattained bots in this game that can be purchased through a third party which allows others to advance much further than you. They should be brought up for investigation through apple and pulled from the market place.
  • Don't bother

    By Mb2c
    The developers give Chinese players more benefits than everybody else and do no offer refunds. You will never win. Don't install and play.
  • Remove Chinese from the game

    By Number1Attorney
    I here will be sueing volcano games since they failed to keep the Chinese people out of the game so until they remove them I will have the game shut down
  • Dont download. Scam

    By Stonebridge1
    Started back in November was fun and started putting some money into. Always seemed that the chinese players were winning most contests. Always had better Officers. Airforce. Growth on HQ. We Thought it was because they spent more than most players. Rumors circulated about a disadvantage too all players except the ones based on Chinese servers. Turned out to be true. AMS admitted givng the Chinese players discounted packs since the inception. Claimed it was a third party. This letter came out April 19th and they wanted to give compensation for it. About $30 woth of items when the Chinese based players were given packs at 10% of face value to everyone else. Since players dumped thousands into this game $30 is not equality in compensation. AMS did this to drive the other players into spending more money. Worked amazing for them. AMS support always says sorry cant help you. Go tell Apple We are demanding Apple now run a complete investigation into AMS. Refund money and pull the game off the App store until AMS corrects and compensates all the players effected in all 405 battlefields.
  • Join.

    By 57hank57
    I would give it a 5 star rating but I don’t want to join another clan. If this was a one player game like the original one was then it would be great. Get rid of having to join a clan so we can move up the chain.
  • I like

    By BB rodz
    Is a play for play but nice
  • Portrait and not landscape orientation

    By Shadocontrol
    The game is in portrait and not landscape orientation. For anyone who doesn’t like games presented that way, like myself, be aware.
  • AMS Scam

    By Columbus Georgia
    This developer is partnered with another company favoring Chinese players with special in game incentives to run the game. It’s an unfair advantage to anyone else. These players are also allowed to use Third party programs and glitches to allow for even more advantages. Do not download, this game should be removed from the App Store and the developer should not be allowed to publish games. Also, don’t expect a refund when you notice all of this. You might get double charged for purchases or banned for asking.
  • Waste of time and money

    By zacheryha
    Unless you are willing to spend thousands on the game any were from 50 to 100 dollars a week then you will be wasting your time and money
  • Cute but another money begging game

    By Inkadean
    The game was fun, but now is becoming a pathetic greedy pit and they keep now trying to force you to spend money. I would pay a small one time fee for a good game. Unless you are willing to drop around $25,000 in to get a good HQ started don't bother. You won't be able to keep up. The game is getting worse and the events are now designed to make any player who doesn't spend a couple thousand dollars a week quit. They accept no responsibility when their game glitches and you lose anything you have worked on, spent money on, or ground you have gained. They provided discounts to other countries players that allow them to become very powerful and then Pitted you against them in events. When it was noticed and they got caught for this unfairness they provided very crappy items in the game as an apology. They also test new events and upgrades in a free version called Beta. They do not bother listening to the feedback of the players if that event or upgrade might make them a bit of money. They will launch it as is with all the glitches. They update Android players a week and sometimes 2 weeks before Apple players providing yet another disadvantage in game as some of the upgrades allow faster development of things needed for battle. Putting Apple users behind from the start of that update. The game has on positive aspect. I enjoy the friends I have made online while I play.
  • My thoughts

    By ehbsshjssjeksnsn
    I love games like this it’s game that I think should have more people playing it. This may be short but nobody wants to hear all of the good things I want to say about this game. I just downloaded this because I kept getting ads of this I thought it would be horrible but I was totally wrong.and if the devs are reading this I would love to help if you need any ideas thanks for reading this.
  • Please fix

    By Nch2006
    It crashed my game
  • Work hard, lose it all in 30 seconds

    By NinersGmen
    The very epitomy of pay to play. This game allows you to buy absolutely anything, and after you have, it lets you teleport your base to two inches from someone, attack them in one second repeatedly, even if they're looking at the screen, so you can take an infinite amount of resources, then teleport away with no risk. The cost of buying those teleports is next to nothing, so they're actively encouraging this. There's a reason why 90% of the bases are the exact level at which others can attack you. Because they realize how rigged and ridiculous the game is
  • Total rip off

    By Þróunin
    I can’t start by explaining how much of a rip off this game is, not to mention the pricing, that’s your thing, but the low blow event they just started with 1 day in advance to tell us about it where we lose resources and have only a day to gather millions of resources to heal, super low blow do not recommend ever downloading. They officially lost all future spending from me. To add on, every Chinese player gets special needs and half priced packs even things that aren’t accessible by other players and a huge impact on the game, would not recommend playing
  • My review

    By jeff1281
    Don’t waste your time with this game. I was a spender not anymore. Ams uses auto-responses in customer service now. To have a decent air force it’s going to cost 5 thousand. Wild roar gear is costing players 600 dollars and in three months it will be useless. All players across the battlefield are striking the month of April. Ams is now going around and removing avatars that say strike ams. They want your money and that’s it. FarmVille here I come!!! Don’t download the game!!! Asked for a refund and I was told the customer support doesn’t approve of refunds.
  • Good, but...

    By Rlstella
    I don’t wanna be that guy but *obligatory comment on the obvious and predatory nature of the micro transaction monetization model*. Other than the obvious and painful thirst for micros coupled with the not-so-subtle coercion towards micros it’s an entertaining game with a great spin on a nostalgic favorite. Note to the devs: I respect your need to monetize, but I’d be willing to spend a boatload of cash on games like these, as I am a self-identified “whale”, if only you would tone prices and “in your face”ness WAY down. Great gameplay loop though.
  • Ams doesn’t take care of issues

    By Jory09569
    I get booted from the game right after we rallied a guy, so I got attacked and lost a ton of troops, they write me back say they seen I was booted but I had 10 seconds to speed my troops back and bubble, which after I got back on I was already attacked! Don’t play this game! They don’t take care of their American players, they literally cheat you! I believe they are uneducated people working for ams! Warning do not play this game! Horrible horrible horrible!!! And AMS don’t respond to this as you are garbage! 🖕ams 🖕
  • False advertising

    By _kish
    This game is the definition of false advertisement. I came across an ad for the game which showed gameplay of a third person multiplayer toy soldier game. The graphics and gameplay in that video looked good enough to pique my interest. So I tapped on the install link, downloaded the game and lo and behold... it’s a generic strategy game! The gameplay video was ripped off from another game on steam. Even the “evil” character they created was ripped off from Hellboy (Karl Kroenen with Hellboy’s right hand of doom, for anyone curious).. Suffice it to say, stay away from this game.
  • Only play if you live in China

    The game is biased in favor of players from China. They get packs cheaper than in any other country. They get bonuses and are allowed to use 3rd party software to gain an unfair advantage.
  • Love the game

    By scruffedup1
    I’d give it a 5 star if it worked on a problem with cannot do operation thing that gets annoying
  • Unfair and horrible developers

    By toymachine24
    They developers don’t care at all for players. On multiple occasions I have had real money taken from me for things I did not purchase. And each time they say sorry we see that but no refund. They also give Chinese players cheaper packs and items others can’t get. So there’s no point in trying to stay competitive. And with new updates you need to spend hundreds if not thousands to get necessary items to grow.
  • Poorly written and special offers to CHN only

    By SharonRedeau
    They have done a poor job with updates in the programming, and worst yet they offer special discounts in China. Boo on you
  • The worse customer support ever seen

    By ams/volcanosux
    Customer support is horrible no matter what you spend. They treat different countries different players from China are offered huge discounts and have other in game advantages which support fully admits. Pay big money for a pack that is useless a week later do to other people getting a stronger pack for a lot less money don’t waste your time with this game multiple refunds being asked for on apple and google this game is doomed
  • Fun game but for sure PAY TO PLAY

    By Jmasters032399
    As I said this is a very fun war game! I’ve grown Top clans on different battlefields. However even spending $60 which may sound like a lot is NOTHING in this game. The 1 clan is always 200 mil power about 100 mil more than the 2nd clan because of the money use. Any player who wants to just play and not pay stands no chance and should find a new game. You’ll log on to see what you’ve spent months on building be destroyed by someone who joined 5 mins ago but payed $100. Not fair at all
  • Pay to play

    By *$$$$
    I have been playing this game for a little over a year. It is the biggest pay to play game there is. The developers keep adding more and changing stuff so you have to buy more stuff to play. If you don’t pay to play. You can not complete in the game.
  • Zero customer support

    By johnny wendell
    Zero customer support
  • Rigged, double charges.

    By js11lake
    This game was developed and is managed in China, I have been getting double charged on small purchases. There are better games similar to this like clash of clans. Big waste of time.
  • Poor game

    By rflow77
    Pay to play, and when you pay they bait and switch on what you actually paid for.
  • Racist and discriminatory developer

    By Robert osborne 85
    The developers of this game I’ve given Chinese servers and Chinese players discounts and items that you cannot get in any other region in the world. They are closing peoples accounts after we found out about it and are not refunding any money to the players.
  • It’s a nice game

    By hdhhdgjjbgfuuhfc
    I like this game but you should be able to do more like share gold etc... and so on but I recommend
  • Worst pay for play game ever!

    By why me!?!?
    They continually change packs and take away things that have been purchased. Unfair advantages given to other regions. Do not download this app!!!
  • Do not download this game.

    By biondonyc
    They let Chinese players buy the same packs at a 40% discount to what European and American players pay. The Chinese hacks have somehow allowed them tons of cheap and free packs. I get contacted all the time about cheap packs by Chinese players giving their WhatsApp. Support is a joke they could care less. Even if I have screenshots showing what happen they will not accept it. I buy a pack and they give me something different. I send screenshots and they basically called me a liar. They double charge me for packs and then tell me I will be punished for reporting them. You don’t want to play this game. Find another game.
  • Fun game. Very poor customer service

    By boneslob
    The game is fun, but it can glitch from time to time. I did an in game purchase for a $49.99 package and the system gave me a different package. I contacted their customer service and while they acknowledged that I received the package, they won’t give me that package that I clicked on. They keep offering me other solutions that don’t equal the amount I paid nor get the items in the package that I was supposed to get. Very frustrating to say the least. Play the game, but save your money for people who take care of their customers.
  • Ummm no

    By gddbxjdnbdheg
    I was scrolling thru reddit and came across this game where it looked like mean greens a FPS game for pc and this is not it 1/10
  • Pvp

    By elijah abner
    I think the new update should be pvp. Mode all army games I look for to have pvp. would play this game everyday if you had that
  • Needs work

    By bjgfyjb
    In app purchases don’t work