Monkey Ropes

Monkey Ropes

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-06-27
  • Current Version: 2.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 161.66 MB
  • Developer: PlaySide
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 5 602


Sequel to Icy Ropes the #1 Game on the App Store! US , Australia, Canada and more! It’s time to monkey around, jumping from tree to tree trying to escape the jungle, where everything is out to get you! From snappy crocodiles to hungry piranhas you’ll never escape the wildlife! Welcome to the world of Monkey Ropes! Brought to you by the creators of Icy Ropes, Bouncy Bits & Fishy Bits! Collect coins, open up secret jungly boxes, and unlock a super awesome collection of characters! - Super Hard! - 50+ Characters to Unlock - Lots of enemies and obstacles to dodge and traverse! - Explore the Jungle, Treetops, Lava Pits, and Mystery Caves! - Don't pull your buddy over the edge! - Challenge Mode! - Supports 13 Languages! - Unicorns PLEASE NOTE: Monkey Ropes is completely free to play. However, some items can be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your devices settings. Monkey Ropes was developed by PlaySide, the developers behind Editors' Choice title "Catch The Ark", Icy Ropes, Lego Batman, Batman v Superman, Spongebob : Sponge on the Run and Bouncy Bits.. Let us know what you would love to see in our next update at :



  • Fun but WAY too many ads

    By iplaygames4fun_
    Every time I typed something I get an ad but all and all the game is fun.
  • Ok but annoying

    By Minty_berry
    This game is a really fun game I like it! But... CAN THERE NOT BE AN ADD EVERY 2 GAMES
  • Ugh

    By gdjdgdjdjdgdjssbshsgdhdhdhd
    I did not like it it was bad it was so bad I don’t ever want to see it they need to step there game up I will never play a game by them again
  • Good game

    By hdbzhzjz
    Great game would bang
  • Cool

    By Rocky is a good guy
    This game is so cool five stars
  • My opinion

    By levi gips
    Sure it’s cool but it’s not telling me what to do
  • Muy buen juego.

    By Lazz lizz luzz 9312
    Este es un juego excelente. Me encanta. Solo le falta unos toques y ya tuviese sus 5 estrellas.
  • Ad simulator 2019

    By averygafw
    Way too many ads!
  • Trash

    By gamer83782
    Cannot ever win I counted how long it took 237 times
  • Ad Overload..

    By Vverynice
    Interestingly difficult game; But be prepared to spend an equal amount of time watching ads, and actually playing the game... Very savage.
  • garbage game

    By Hummingbird f
    impossible and flooded with ads
  • Sooo fun

    By BadAtReveiwsGoodAtGames
    It’s really easy and even if one falls the other can save it! It’s really addicting and it’s ive played it at least 100 times in the two hours I’ve had it! :)
  • It’s good

    By clownmurder345
    The game is good and all but the only thing I don’t like is that you got to purchase other characters and I thought you could just get coins to get characters but overall it’s a good game
  • @missspain14

    By WhyisMeepstertaken
    Yes you, first you’re a weeb, second learn grammar, third what the hell does amazballs mean? Fourth, do you live in 2017 or some crap, or are you just a little kid? Yes i know this is mean and whatever but you see I don’t care. Also this game is good keep it up developers. 👍
  • I

    By opoppooanen
    If u have to turn if ur WiFi to have fun on a game that’s kinda sad cuz literally every single time you die there’s an ad. So Turing of ur WiFi yo have no ad that’s not fun. But if this game had less ads it wold better, and yes I understand that the creator need money but that Doesn’t mean you put so much ads.
  • Hate

    By ahnmar
    I hate this game it’s so stupid
  • Ads

    By kid786
    There is an add every 2 times you die!
  • Don’t play it’s a waste of your time

    By TCubed3
    Don’t play to many adds
  • Wth is wrong

    By littemd
    How come when one monkey dies both die and why is it so laggy these devs can’t make a good came this is bad and so is icy ropes #worstgameever #deleting #dontdownload
  • Five stars

    By cat1538296381836378
    Omg I love this game but there is like no way to win and at some point it just kills me me out of no where it is so fun it is a very nice game I love it!!
  • Awesome

    By Andres Carrllio
    Hello this is random so I play this game forever and ever
  • What is this game

    By Broadway75
    Number one, there are glitches which are very frustrating. And the ads are very annoying too. There should be power ups and I couldn’t even go to get to the end.
  • Fun

    By 2002baby17
    I love this game I think it’s fun to play when bored
  • Adds

    By guy13457
    There’s soooooooo many adds but I’ll still play it
  • Add fest

    By sandiagold
    The adds have adds .... touchdown! The game is no where good enough to warrant this level of self inflicted pain required by the amount of adds nor to want me to pay 3 dollars.
  • Ruined

    By Elena kirksey
    It’s a amazing game But the thing that ruins it is that it’s super hard I’m still on level one! But other than that it’s a great game!
  • Ads

    By cbeydhenduemsg endne
    Too many ads
  • Too many ads

    By ThatReviwer
    Fun game and super addicting, but ads pop up every other time you fail. I spent more time watching ads than playing the game. And 2.99 to remove them is still too much.
  • Good Game

    By Rabbott42
    Good game, but WAY too many ads! I felt like I was spending more time on ads, than I was the game. Other than that’s, it’s addicting!
  • 100 adds a min

    By mr,munster
    I understand you have to make money but the adds are overwhelming every time you die or change something It’s real annoying
  • update this game!

    By thewindisextremehere
    I love monkey ropes, it’s so fun! I have collected all the characters, so it’s not as appealing anymore. I think this game could be even better if they added more levels/challenges, more characters, or more maps! This game is still fun even though I beat it already, some updates would be exciting!
  • Great game but...

    By badratingz/goodratingz
    Monkey ropes is a great game and very addictive so beware but.... it is very glitchy you can die even if u didn’t land on anything or do anything to die it just dies automatically for no reason.
  • Fantastic!!

    By shimmiedownbronx123
    I thought I knew stress. Then I played Monkey Ropes. It is sooo addictive and really fun. The graphics are amazing. You can play challenges or just swing around. You can also collect tons of ADORABLE characters. Also any parents looking at this, it’s really a safe and appropriate game DO NOT WORRY. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Incredible

    By hdbcbjdbekhs
    This game is absolutely amazing. It is entertaining, fun, and holds your attention. I spent a while playing the normal mode, and then tried challenge mode. Challenge mode is great when you get bored of the regular mode and want something a little more difficult! The game has exceeded my expectations and after a month of playing I still haven’t gotten bored! If you are worried about the adds, simply turn on airplane mode! Absolutely download this game! It will hold your attention and never bore you at all!
  • Monkey ropes

    By myfriendsapug
    Thank you it is something you guys should try and download it on the app really I really like this game it’s challenging and it’s fun
  • MAD

    By aledvmgames5646
    It makes me so mad because on level III of the floors lava challenge I keep dying and dying and dying And it’s not fair to me a seven-year-old and I can give very angry when I lose please make it better or I will delete this app

    By FuturisticSamFM
  • This game is bad

    By hahxjsnc
    This game is terrible and I wish it never existed. There are way to many ads and the the game is impossible to do and it literally makes me want to throw my phone out my window.... take this game off of the App Store please
  • Goodish (ads)

    By shys Perspective
    Okay so I give this game a 4 Bc it’s a really nice fun game to play when ur bored it really helps it. But there is ads like a lot of them and it’s kinda weird. Also I get the creators or someone that fixes the ad problems tried to put it down to every like 3 games u get a ad I see u there it’s fine but yea Byeeee ,yaaaaa girl shyyyyy
  • Amazballs!

    By missspain14
    First of all, I know if your reading this your like, ITS NOT AMAZBALLS! It’s the ads the ruin it! And all that, but simply turning off the WiFi fixes all problems, I understand app creators need money as much as us, and need to make it any way possible. You would do the same. The app itself is amazing, and uses a mix of skills, and tactics to create its baby, AWESOMENESS. If you set aside the whole ads thing, it’s honestly amazing! I know I’m using that word a lot, but aside from anime, it’s my favourite word. The gameplay of the game is exciting, and you need patience quite a lot. It’s an overall fun game and I’ve played it so much. It doesn’t take much to be good at this, only patience, which I’m sure, might’ve hard if your like me, the type who screams when an anime isn’t uploaded at the same time on web toon ( yes I use webtoon ). I am always constantly told to have patience, cause I can’t wait easily for things, but learning it is great. I’m hoping I get patience, and can wait for my anime babies. So, honestly, don’t hate on this app, and don’t let anyone push you down, unless it’s John Cena.
  • lives

    By catie0201
    im loving this game but the ONE thing thats making me want to delete it is that when you die you start over. i wish there was a ‘watch ad for second chance’ option

    By Jacksonnnnn123
    Honestly this is my favorite game, i play it nonstop and love the challenge of the defeating my high score. Also, I loved saving up for all the characters the only thing i’d say is i wish there was more challenge modes. 10/10 recommend!
  • Haven’t played yet

    By Alyssa's fact
    Haven’t played yet
  • Ads

    By Rubbeennn
    It’s so annoying having an ad every dam time you die most stupidest thing ever DELETE
  • Gay

    By Dsklap
    It floods u w ads but what do u expect
  • Too many adds

    By Midnightviewer
    This is a fun game but every time I replay I find an add. Please stop this.
  • Hey

    By Andi is a beast
    I think this is the best game ever you will have a great time with this game.but when you play turn on air plane mode so you don’t have adds ruining your game with just showing hack 🤯🤩🥳🥰👍🏻🧞‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️🦄
  • I like it

    By mara mom
    Can you make special abilities about all the characters say a crabs they can Breath under water that would Be cool
  • More?

    By Clara_Games
    So I’m Playing Monkey Ropes And I Got The Fox And It Makes Cat Noises, And A Fox Is Not A Cat, Sooo Can You Change That And Some Levels In The Cave Are Extremely Hard Like Level 5. Oh and I unlocked every character and I’ve played for a day and a 1/2 so there needs to be more characters