Weave the Line

Weave the Line

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-07-09
  • Current Version: 3.0.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 53.99 MB
  • Developer: Lion Studios
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 40 222


Drag any line to a point, and divide it into two new lines; the new lines can also be divided. Again and again, a few lines can weave countless wonderful patterns. Some patterns look simple but intriguing, others look complicated but regular. You just need to observe and try, and you will enjoy a series of joys ! Features: - Three game modes: • CLASSIC: base on core gameplay • MIRROR: each line displays a mirror • 2 COLORS: two types of lines need to be controlled - A total of 265 challenging levels Contact Us: boomster_studio@126.com



  • Mentally challenging

    By KSP1955
    Seems simple but gets more challenging. So far no silly games popping up to interrupt the fun.
  • More forced ads than gameplay time

    By Kittycrumpet
    I love the concept of this game and I feel like I could get lost in it for long periods of time, unfortunately I’ll never know for sure because the ads make it unbearable to play for more than a few minutes. They play at least a 30 second ad in between every level or every other level, it’s excessive.
  • Swastika

    By jewsee4u
    Please take down the swastika on level 14 and I will change the score to 5
  • I’ve got a question...

    By 😁😁😁#sorrynotsorry
    Are you kidding me dude!?🤨 Like, really!?😱 Your little app is so pathetic.☹️ Well let me think here, hmmmm. Let’s see one star for you, one star for you, and one star for YOU. 🤔☹️
  • Weave a-line

    By rowanhutson😀
    I love the game but it started to not let me tap it so I tried and tried it still didn’t work so I restarted my iPad then it still didn’t work so the next morning I tried it then finally it worked yay 😅but still download this game
  • We have fun

    By Mamadeekoz
    I think that this game is really awesome
  • Great but one thing

    By JJP124
    This is a great game but when I run out of hints and I click to watch an ad to get more I sometimes have to watch the ad but nothing happens. I am really upset that this happens, but other than that it’s a great game.👍
  • Love it

    By msmissy1
    I love the game and it is so easy
  • Weave the Line

    By Jkgizbun
    Takes some thinking.
  • Review of the Weave

    By liketoplaytoday
    Need better instructions because the line doesn’t always move where you’re trying to move it. Needs to allow for flexibility and mistakes while we try to work out the shape
  • So great.

    By Good Ole Paul
    So glad this is here.
  • An excellent app

    By hfgjggh
    I don’t know what to say about this app It is the Greatest app
  • Ms ADD

    By Ms ADHD
    Fun way to occupy the mind!
  • Lines

    By Hannahmon tanah
    I love the game but it can be challenging when you start getting to higher levels but such a cool 😎 game
  • Loved it

    By DjKj513
    This game is so addictive
  • Sound

    By Kallyn & Nonna
    Love the game but there is no settings to turn the sound off. I don’t want to turn my regular sound off in case I Need it for my phone or other things. Most apps let you turn the phone off on the app only this one won’t other than that I would’ve given it five stars.
  • Too much adds

    By Max_300
    Very beautiful game but tooooooo much adds, can’t even play 4 levels without watching a long add. The adds policy has to be changed.
  • Level Editor

    By Whobbit
    This game's concept is really cool but I think it would be really cool for the player to be able to make their own levels
  • Ummmm yeah it was a good game

    By SEMAJ48
    yeah i finished the game and now I don’t know what to do with myself☹️
  • Fun yet mentally stimulating...

    By niana101
    I really enjoy this game. It’s relaxing yet challenging and lots of fun. The reason for a rating of 4 stars is all games, for me, must have the ability to turn music and app sounds on and off at my discretion. Also sometimes on my iPhone 6, there is a lag when weaving the lines that takes away some of the smoothness of play. In those instances I usually stop playing a bit because the lag became frustrating.
  • Weave the line

    By shum*shum
    I like this game
  • Pretty good

    By BlurryPotatoz
    This game is fun and challenging because some of the lvls take time to do.Its also great if you dont have a challenging game to do.Just one thing you should add. You should add like modes or challenges where you can try and do the lvls faster or make the lvls harder.for the challenges if u can u should race other people to see who can weave the line first.Thank you I rate it four stars!
  • Just bad and good

    By KayKayJo25
    Okay so, I DONT LIKE IT! I got stuck on level 2 only level 2. You might say “How do you do that your a noob.” Well honey..... THE LINES WOULNT MOVE!
  • Great

    By -!(bogdan)!-
    Pls add new levels or game modes!
  • Worst game of the year?

    By sup9352
    This game is truly stupid later on in the levels it is literally impossible without a hint and I have been doing puzzles my whole life so if you plan on playing this game might get use to watching 20 adds
  • Terrible Update

    By PowerPandaG
    The games was good but not so much now. You use to get 10 coins every time you beat a level and get 3 hints for 100 coins. Now you get 5 coins for beating a level and 2 hints for 100 coins. That’s a rip off since you didn’t even lower the amount to buy hints with the coins. Though I still love the game since you add new levels to make the game last longer but I noticed that about half of the “new” levels are the exact same as previous levels.
  • 5 stars

    By girls rock😎😎😎
    This is a very interesting game and I love it it’s one of the best games because it’s easy then difficult 5 starsssss😋😋
  • Love it,so addictive

    By Delakat7
    This game has me hooked! It’s fun and trains your brain. If you are reading reviews before buying this app, I say GET IT! Thank me later...
  • Addicting, only one problem

    By CSNGirl
    I love this game and can’t put it down, but I wish there weren’t any adds in between levels
  • It’s very good

    By paymss
    Thank you apple store
  • Crap!!!!

    By Pam Schmith
    The idea is good but the game is utter crap, especially when it freezes on you in mid-game!! Kept happening, got tired of it and deleted the app. Too frustrating, not worth your time. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP!!! (Pretty bad when a free app isn't worth downloading)
  • The best game ever

    By Snowflake kitty
    I love this game it’s a lot of fun and encourages you to keep on playing. It’s just a lot of fun. If you were deciding if you want this game or get this game I seriously suggest this game if you like to push yourself.
  • Nice game but too many Ads

    By Aintnodairy
    I like the game but there is an ad after every third puzzle and each one has sound. I know you need them to support the game and so that it can be free but that's a bit much and a bit annoying.
  • Fun for your brain

    By Sukymist
    This game is super fun a fun way to challenge your brain. All I have to say is this game is amazing
  • Best game

    By coolgirlskillz1212
    Best game ever in life
  • Game

    By bones bib
    So awesome
  • Weave The Line

    By Chris Slay
  • Too many ads

    By NPinn
    Enjoyable and challenging. However, entirely too many ads.
  • Weave

    By 2laa1
    That is good
  • Ryan

    By ryan's canel
    I love this game because I love puzzles
  • too many ads

    By pokafloc
    it seems like evry chance they got the devs decided to shove an ad in your face. this is how your app gets uninstalled
  • Pure Bliss...

    By Pullover!
    This game is an awesome way to relax but challenging enough to keep you interested. As soon as a pack of new levels are released I just want to play them all straight through. It’s that good! Earn coins for every level beaten and watch ads for bonus coins if you need hints. Each hint shows you three moves. Lots of levels and difficulties for everyone not to mention free!
  • Good game

    By 838the
    This is the best game I have played in forever! can’t stop playing it
  • Weaveline

    By Col Brown
    It is fun and challenging!
  • My Great Review‼️

    By Sugarslim820
    Its very addicting and easy. So don't play at work unless you want to lose your job.
  • little help

    By Uncorinlover
    it give's no help so lame
  • Nehyssa’s Review

    By okkkgot
  • Awesome game

    By veronica121345
  • SO MANY ADS.......but addicting.

    By TracyES44
    S It is addicting though cause I just can’t So stop playing it. It get’s boring though SoM after 15 minutes. Cool idea though, but SoMa there is definitely room for improvement. SoMan SoMany SoManyA SoManyAd SoManyAds SoManyAd SoManyA SoMany SoMan SoMa SoM So S