Fax Pro - Send fax from iPhone

Fax Pro - Send fax from iPhone

  • Category: Business
  • Release Date: 2017-08-25
  • Current Version: 1.9.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 55.03 MB
  • Developer: ScannerApp
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 8 327


TURN ANY DOCUMENT INTO A FAX · Scan any kind of documents, receipts, contracts etc. · Create faxes from your Camera Roll, Dropbox or anywhere else · Fax documents in hundreds of countries · Forget about land line and phone lines · Enhance your documents with image correction tools · Fax directly to your address book Fax from iPhone lets you take pictures of any kind of document, whether it’s for business expenses or on-the-go legal contracts. Scan them directly in-app or use your Camera Roll. You can even turn cloud-based documents into faxes via Dropbox, Google Drive and more. GET THE BEST HD QUALITY PICTURE Fax from iPhone comes bundled with powerful image-enhancement features that let you resize, enhance and improve the quality of your faxes. It includes noise removal, shadow-reduction, and even automatic angle correction. You can make sure the recipients will be able to read them as clearly as possible. MANAGE FAXES AND REDUCE FAXING ERRORS No more worries about sending poorly scanned or messy documents. Fax from iPhone lets you combine multiple documents into one, and you get to preview everything before you send it! SEND FAXES IN A COUPLE OF TAPS You can scan and send a fax in seconds! Simply type in the number of the recipient, or use your address book contacts for an even faster process. No more struggling to find a free landline or to manually type in the right number anymore. KEEP TRACK OF YOUR FAXES With Fax from iPhone, you will be notified when your documents are sent and you get a clear update when they are delivered. No more lost documents. SEND FAXES WORLDWIDE You can send faxes to a record number of countries around the world - perfect for international business! SCANNER APP INTEGRATION If you already use our ScannerApp, you can integrate both apps to send your faxes easily and conveniently in seconds. So if you need to send faxes regularly, forget about the trouble of locating fax machines and painstakingly scanning your documents. Do it in on the go and in a couple of taps right from your phone or tablet with Fax from iPhone.



  • Great

    By ItzameItzie
    Only needed to send 3 pages and it worked perfectly, very easy very fast to use. I tried a couple of other ones from the App Store and they weren’t loading my PDF documents. As soon as I downloaded this app, the documents automatically uploaded and sent with no issue.
  • Its free

    By gdhdvhx
    Its not free you have no rite to sat its free
  • Works but Slow

    By HurricaneCH54
    Seems easy to use but slow to transmit
  • Convenient

    By KPReview
    I can use my camera to take photo and fax it to a recipient without leaving home.
  • Seek and find

    By 1980's Athlete
    A 50-something business owner, I value ease of navigability, and learned through the tutorials provided how to fax a doc from my drive. Paperless=VALUE, and also cost-effective. 👍🏽 Congrats.
  • Perfection

    By swoleGORILLA
    I use this to fax in weekly time sheets. Affordable, and works every time.
  • Quick and easy

    By iluvdnuts
    This app really helped me out in a pinch!!
  • Not free

    By Roger200x
    Garbage, not free
  • Works exceedingly well although...

    By sfisher973
    Does exactly as expected without a hitch. The only thing I miss is the audio feedback from the old landline faxes as they dial and then negotiate the connection.
  • Same Old Scam

    By FragnSlayer
    This is another one of those apps that demands you to pay for imaginary coins for each page you desire to fax. Lazy authors preying upon the ignorant masses.
  • Best Fax App!

    By LaMer7777777
    So easy and efficient. I decided to go with this fax app because it lets you buy page by page unlike other apps where you have to purchase a large amount of “credits” when some people only need to send a page or two. Love it!
  • Great

    By hurley1229
    Excellent app. My first fax said 11 minutes to complete, only took 1 minute. Easy to set up and use.
  • Parrot Mom

    By LemonDrops1
    This app is so easy to use! I’m can’t believe I kept a landline just to fax when this is so easy!
  • Cheep and works great

    By 850smith
    App works great you don’t have to pay for $10 or more worth of faxes you can just buy what you need and It mite have been Beginners luck but when I press send 30 seconds later my Fax was coming through Great job Thank you
  • Faxes Unreadable

    By kandidjoy
    After paying $3.99 to send the fax the recipient informed us that the faxes were unreadable. Very frustrating after paying $3.99. Photos were taken with an iPhone 10.
  • Bait and switch

    By inthezone40
    Be aware that 1 credit does not equal 1 fax page, it takes 2 credits to fax 1 page, a little deceptive in my opinion.
  • First Use

    By HBMc
    Just used app first time .. appears to be excellent ..will review the sent document in a few days and update review then Easy to use, well thought out .. not complicated
  • Receive fax

    By lkkkjhfsrhcynfysnnkjdd
    Really confused on if I can also receive a fax ?
  • Both faxes I sent were not readable

    By Flybmwm3
    Both faxes I sent were not readable.
  • I love it

    By Lolo19606
    I love it an it’s so easy to use
  • Nice convenient app!

    By Dave Pritch
    Downloaded in seconds and I was sending a fax two minutes later. Love it!
  • Me encanto

    By csusjodnfnldnw
    Rápido y barato
  • Quick and easy

    By Jordan1897
    I downloaded another App before this and I deleted it after it gave options to buy coins to be able to send a fax. That is expected but the least you could spend was $10. This App lets you purchase $1.00 at a time.
  • Horrible App

    By Mrs Dolton
    I downloaded this app to send a few important faxes. The call gets dropped prematurely and none of my faxes go through. I’ve tried to fax my documents several times. I would recommend not downloading this app. It’s a waste of time and money. I’m currently seeking a refund! Very disappointed!!!!!
  • Lp

    By imthesheet
    Pretty easy, just sent, hopefully received by proper recipient
  • Great for sending fax

    By Diggs1984
    Only question can I receive a fax with this app? Only issue is if I need to receive a doc sign and fax back... Other than that every fax has gone through perfectly with no hassle like our huge fax machine in the office.
  • Great application

    By RootUplink
    Loved using it, thanks

    By MR 8898
    The app stated that my fax was received. The next day I stopped at the office that was supposed to receive the fax and they never got it. The app charged me 2x for faxes that weren’t received!
  • Great App

    By Damzy
    Worked seamlessly at first try. Definitely recommendable!
  • Excellent app, helped me in a pinch

    By Bristow21
    Thank you, after reviewing the various Fax apps on the App Store, yours was selected. Easy install, easy usage and competitively cost. I was very happy with the delivery notification and the historical recording keeping
  • Easy!!!!

    By Shep323
    I love this app! It’s super easy to use & sends faxes pretty quickly. With in 3 minutes quickly!
  • Worst app

    By Vineet Herwadkar
    Pathetic app... they will urge you to pay and never send faxes. I could send free fax thru other app fax plus. DONT USE THIS APP!!!
  • Solid

    By alexsubrizi
    Works well: serious app. Unfortunately there is an app available for Mac OS X with nearly the same name: “Fax Pro”... and this latter app is a rip-off. Why Apple doesn’t take it down or why the developers of this app don’t go after them for trademark infringement is a head-scratcher.
  • Worked for me!

    By jerry keen
    I don’t usually have to send faxes, but I did today and it worked just fine for me! Sorry to the naysayers for their bad luck. It made my life easier.
  • Amazing

    By Bree70520
    I don’t ever write reviews but this app has been a lifesaver. I am a medical professional and need to fax some things over every so often this allows me to keep things private with the fax cover sheet and was very quick with sending it and even alerted me when it was delivered cost about a dollar per page which saves me so much in gas and in hassle thank you
  • Incremental Purchases

    By RobbieRobbyRobbé
    Should offer 40 for free credit. But I like how they let you purchase in small increments rather than paying for 1000 credits at a time. More convenient.
  • It’s not free but it works

    By K Deskin
    Have to buy a minimum $3.99 credit package
  • Trash.

    By Plant-Witches
    I literally sent a fax to my coworker across the room so we could test it. Dedicated fax line. Can HEAR when it rings. Nothing. Said the line was busy twice, then that it didn't make the fax noises. Right. Downloaded another app. Sent in 2 minutes. Bye!
  • Easy to use, inexpensive

    By dboys mommy
    Pretty simple app. Downloaded my documents thru photos and added cover page. Put on designation number. No need for outside number utilization. Thank you
  • User Friendly

    By RPs Scanned Docs
    The app is very easy to use. It’s a time saver.
  • Works perfectly

    By Skorto
    Love this app! Worked as advertised and didn’t need to buy $10 in credits. Will for sure use this app again.
  • Quick and convenient

    By wks1218*
    Quick and convenient for those people who still require faxing, ugg!
  • Faxed

    By extremejudo
    Excellent service
  • 5+stars

    By zaliatayloraddme
    It’s so convenient I don’t have to run out to UPS or Fed ex or to a certain place to fax something. It’s worth it!!
  • Fax sent successfully

    By Jay&Ree
    This is the first time I’m using this app and it sent my fax successfully. Pending what the fax looks like from the recipient 🤷‍♀️
  • Excelente y fácil app muy necesario alcance de nosotros

    By My pychungita
    Me encanto este app muy fácil De huzar en mi idioma Excelente 👍❤️
  • No cover sheet option

    By Blessed_Byu
    My only complaint is there is no way to create a cover sheet. You have to purchase credits but I like this fax.
  • Wow

    By FreddyMomShan
    Very simple to get started. Very user friendly. Love it.
  • Very fast

    By khz1654
    Seems it all went OK, and the price was reasonable