Fax Pro - Send fax from iPhone

Fax Pro - Send fax from iPhone

  • Category: Business
  • Release Date: 2017-08-25
  • Current Version: 1.9.7
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 56.19 MB
  • Developer: ScannerApp
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 10 071


TURN ANY DOCUMENT INTO A FAX · Scan any kind of documents, receipts, contracts etc. · Create faxes from your Camera Roll, Dropbox or anywhere else · Fax documents in hundreds of countries · Forget about land line and phone lines · Enhance your documents with image correction tools · Fax directly to your address book Fax from iPhone lets you take pictures of any kind of document, whether it’s for business expenses or on-the-go legal contracts. Scan them directly in-app or use your Camera Roll. You can even turn cloud-based documents into faxes via Dropbox, Google Drive and more. GET THE BEST HD QUALITY PICTURE Fax from iPhone comes bundled with powerful image-enhancement features that let you resize, enhance and improve the quality of your faxes. It includes noise removal, shadow-reduction, and even automatic angle correction. You can make sure the recipients will be able to read them as clearly as possible. MANAGE FAXES AND REDUCE FAXING ERRORS No more worries about sending poorly scanned or messy documents. Fax from iPhone lets you combine multiple documents into one, and you get to preview everything before you send it! SEND FAXES IN A COUPLE OF TAPS You can scan and send a fax in seconds! Simply type in the number of the recipient, or use your address book contacts for an even faster process. No more struggling to find a free landline or to manually type in the right number anymore. KEEP TRACK OF YOUR FAXES With Fax from iPhone, you will be notified when your documents are sent and you get a clear update when they are delivered. No more lost documents. SEND FAXES WORLDWIDE You can send faxes to a record number of countries around the world - perfect for international business! SCANNER APP INTEGRATION If you already use our ScannerApp, you can integrate both apps to send your faxes easily and conveniently in seconds. So if you need to send faxes regularly, forget about the trouble of locating fax machines and painstakingly scanning your documents. Do it in on the go and in a couple of taps right from your phone or tablet with Fax from iPhone.



  • ToothK9

    By ToothK9
    I like the app. Recommend charging by page not chicken @&$t credits
  • Hidden fees

    I knew I’d have to pay, I expected it. I have one page to send and it HAS to be faxed or mailed. I figured it’d be competitive with the cost of a stamp to get this guy out the door. 15 credits for 99 cents? That’s incredible, if a credit is one page. Turns out this isn’t the case; to send one single solitary page is 10 credits! I’d pay if it were competitive with the cost of a stamp, but it’s not, so I’m thinking I’ll just stick with a stamp or find another app that is more straightforward with their pricing scheme.
  • 👌🏾

    By Saint Kaiwen
    Does the job. No complaints 🤷🏾‍♂️
  • Easy enough

    By Excuse my Gas
    Downloaded app, uploaded the 4 pages I needed to fax, bought the required amt of credits. 5 minutes later, done. Yay!

    By i'mnotpayingforshit
    You have to buy credits to send a fax
  • Saved me

    By Rhinox69.0
    I need a document on my phone immediately. I had to pay but it came within 3:00 min. Excellent App 👍🏾
  • Amazing

    By omarsheriif
    Awesome app !! Very convenient and easy to use at reasonable pricing.
  • Don

    By dbrad15
    App was very well priced and worked amazingly well,but bottom line is that it was so easy to set up the fax and send it off...
  • Great app

    By kattpurrson
    I’m not one for writing reviews, unless something is really good or really bad. This app is really good. I had hit a roadblock at work on some reimbursement paperwork that HAD to be faxed (seriously???). So before trotting over to a business with a fax machine, I decided to see what apps were out there that would work with my iPad. Ran across this and decided to give it a shot. When I had to buy credits to use it, I rolled my eyes and figured it would be a waste of money, so bought the minimum. Sent the fax, and low and behold, it worked! Bought more credits and sent more faxes. It was quick, very easy to use, inexpensive and I have a record of the paperwork. Problem solved! When I need to fax again, I’ll have no hesitation using this app. Thanks developers!
  • Fast and easy

    By 2thfairy5
    Pleased , also economical
  • Fax time

    By cinaustin
    It’s simple and easy to use! However it takes over 35min to send due to a long que time. Best to look into faster speed. Thanks!
  • Works

    By Ilovewinetoo
    We were in a pinch and needed to get something off the phone to hand in. They couldn’t receive an email or text due to it being unsecured. Fax took 6 minutes but it worked.
  • Excellent!

    By 4355673
    I’m very impressed by it’s simplicity, but yet sophisticated enough in utilizing minimum resources. Good job!
  • Works!!!

    By Mish_la
    Wow! I am so happy about this app. I needed to send out a copy of some tax stuff because “THE MAN” sent me an improper tax return. Kinda serious business requiring tons of confidentiality and prompt. So I was kinda nervous to use this app on a whim but I was desperate/lazy. And it’s my money and I NEED IT NOW. Lol anyway I took pics of my stuff and made a cover page all thru the app and it worked! There’s a delivery confirmation after 15 mins but I was still skeptical. I double checked and it went through! I ended up spending like $2 for everything and I’m so happy considering I probably fax like 2x a year. I will definitely use again!! Thanks!!
  • Great for what I needed...

    By roccobird1982
    Just buy credits as needed. Way better than the other fax apps that want you to pay for a monthly subscription.
  • Fax pro

    By ctownzen303
    It was so easy sending a fax, I thought I missed something.
  • Wow

    By Serg319
    Reliable affordable great app functional..... Please don’t even bother with the other fax apps they are a rip off... thank you! Developers great app.....
  • Horrible

    By Mrs Dolton
    Horrible app nothing ever gets faxed! It’s always saying the called drop prematurely! Don’t waste your time with this app!
  • So convenient and user friendly!

    By Whateverphyl
    Had to send something by fax and found this app which had great reviews......add my review to the “great” category. Simple, inexpensive (only purchase what you know you will use is possible) and confirmation that fax is delivered as part of the process.
  • Easy to use, inexpensive, no subscription required

    By Reviews for dummies ABC
    I like this app because it’sEasy to use, inexpensive, no subscription required. I originally downloaded another Fax app, but it required a subscription or a large upfront purchase. I really like this service because I could purchase only $3.99 in fax credits that I needed & I don’t have to worry about it charging my credit card again. It was extremely easy to use so I appreciate this app. Thank you.
  • So close to perfect

    By bell93??
    Let’s you close out of the app while it sends. It’ll send you a verification message of your choice (notification, email, other). And doesn’t make you buy too many credits. 10 needed per page, smallest package was 15 for 0.99
  • Does not work

    By (..--..)
    I tried using it to fax documents on 3 separate occasions. Each time, the recipient said it did not receive them.
  • Good App, can use a few tweaks.

    By Lexington Steele O'Neil
    I don’t like that I have to pay for credits to pay for faxes instead of just paying for the faxes themselves. The app admits it costs about .66 cents per page but the lowest option to purchase is the .99 cent option. That’s nit picky though, I downloaded the app and it did what I needed it to do and also emailed me a confirmation. Very good app, please consider making the credits worth the price of faxes.
  • Great app!

    By Toni R.C.
    Easy to use and cheaper than going to UPS or FedEx to fax!
  • Faxing anytime anywhere 👍🏽👍🏽

    By Mynkhair
    With no land line, and nothing open at 2am for faxing, I found this life saving app. The information I had to send by 9am was delivered by 2:25am. No techie stuff just download, add money to the account for faxing, put in the number to fax to, snap the picture and send. Ez-pz 😊
  • Fax

    By Rashawn21
    I like the fax thing but the pay should be cheaper or no charge
  • Awsome!

    By Derya81
    Best FAX app Out there:-)
  • In a Medical Need

    By Masoncolbycole
    Needed to fax medical information and this app saved me from driving all over the world looking for a dinosaur i mean Fax machine.
  • Technology

    By Polley20
    Awesome to fax from my IPAD!
  • Great for outgoing

    By truestory336
    Seems to be great for outgoing faxes but it would be nice to have a way to receive them as well.
  • All my faxes are coming out blank?

    By Moeabuh
    None of my faxes are going through with the content intended. I contacted support they refunded me my credits but that doesn’t fix the blank fax problem been waiting two days for a response from them now, either need my refund or tell me what’s going on...
  • Juries out

    By just wanna email
    First time user and I don’t know if the receiving end got a fax or not. The app it self worked great thought; Autocroped and let me easily fine tune the documents edges from pictures taken on my messy desk
  • Didn’t work!

    By TatumDyke
    I hate paying money for something that won’t work for an “unknown” reason to never get my money back. It’s a good concept if it worked.
  • PaulS

    By Psret
    Didn’t realize there was a fee until time to send.
  • Push Notifications 🤩

    By NetworkGnome
    Intuitive interface, fast, fluent faxing. I’ve tried many others, and this is the one I decided to actually in-app purchase credits. I love the push notifications when the fax is delivered. Importing files to the app is seamless, as well as “opening in” from another app. Great job devs 👊🏼👏🏼
  • Donny

    By Adara Man
    Quick and easy there is no need to go to a office store.
  • Do not use

    By mmmknrrsdgy
    I just paid $10 to send an urgent fax and found out there is a 51 minute wait to send it.
  • Bad

    By ooejin
  • Awesome

    By stefffp
    Easy to use and cheap it’s perfect .
  • Easy to fax

    By GregHobart
    I’m so tired and spend money to go out to locations for fax. Doing at home with documents are amazing. Thank you for app with features that I used.
  • I love it!!!

    By Jagbabi
    This app is the best I have used it’s easy, amazing and takes only a few minutes to get it rolling!!! Thank u
  • Es muy conveniente

    By Partica1982
    Recomiendo la aplicacion 100% se paga por cada hoja que se envia no es costos el precio. muy agraecido por tener un fax en mi telefono
  • Awesome

    By clarsmith
    So easy and convenient to use!!
  • Broken for Edited PDFs

    By Travler101
    If you want to edit a medical form in preview then upload the document to fax, all of your edits will be lost and not uploaded with the file. This makes the fax useless for me. Please fix this.
  • User-friendly

    By briebeie
    Very easy to work very high-tech helps my business 100%
  • Very user friendly.

    By MGohio
    I rarely send faxes so I didn’t want an app that required a subscription, so that is why I used this app. The app is very user friendly. The only thing I’m not sure about, maybe I overlooked it, but do the credits you purchase expire? Would definitely recommend to someone who only needs to send a fax occasionally.
  • Simple and Easy

    This is easier than using an actual fax machine.
  • Familia

    By Scanner not working
    Sean más rápido meno espera
  • Impressive

    By jojodmom
    This app saved my day!!! It only took 3 minutes to send 5pages. It lets you create your cover sheet too. I had to purchase credits but unlike other apps this one is not a subscription. I’m very pleased with this app.