Loopsie - 3D Photo

Loopsie - 3D Photo

  • Category: Photo & Video
  • Release Date: 2017-07-18
  • Current Version: 5.2.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 163.91 MB
  • Developer: LOOPSIE SRL
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.2 or later.
  • Rating Count: 5 672


Loopsie lets you create stunning 3D Photos, D3D Camera Parallax like videos, Smart Long Exposure, Light Trails, Living Photos and much more. All in one app without any professional equipment. Just a bit of creativity and your photos will come to life with a stunning cinematic effect! ### MAIN VIDEOMAKING FEATURES ### Our living videos and 3D photos effects make your videos unique and let your content stand out from other photos and videos. Forget those old photo filters and photo editor, welcome our new breathtaking video loops. 3D Photo Editor Add a new dimension to your photos. You can use our integrated 3D camera or create a 3D photo starting from a normal photo. You can choose between a vintage effect like a D3D camera, or a standard high quality 3D picture. Loopsie mimics many movement, from the classic 360 wiggle, to a vertical fast movement. Smart Exposure With Loopsie you can create wonderful Long Exposure effects with your phone in a matter of seconds. Light Trails You can turn on the lights on your Smart Exposure and uncover beautiful light trails in your night shots. Integrated Video Camera Loopsie has a powerful integrated video camera that lets you shoot your video in full HD resolution. Easy video editor The video editing is straight forward and simple. Everyone can create beautiful videos. Stabilization Algorithm Loopsie removes shaky hands from your videos.
Thanks to the top notch stabilization algorithm you can leave your tripod at home! Full HD videos No blurred or low definitions photos or videos. Loopsie fully supports Full HD videos. User friendly UI You don’t need to be a geek or a post production or a videomaking expert. Taking a Loopsie is as easy as taking a selfie! Loop effects Choose if you want your video to have bounce loop or a fading loop. Share it easily Video resolutions are social media ready. Aspect Ratio You can choose between all the most common aspect ratios. FAQ: 1) What is a #loopsie? A #loopsie is a new kind of immersive video content. It's a new format between a photo and a video. 2) How does it work? To obtain this video effect a part of the video is kept still, while another part plays in loop. 3) How can I select the moving and the still part? With #loopsie you just have to drag your finger over the video. There are two brush mode (motion / still) that you can select. 4) What can I do to prevent weird video effects? The video stabilization algorithm, the autofocus, the high quality encoding should automatically prevent glitches and weird video effects. However it's important that you stay as still as possible while taking the video. If that does not work you can easily disable the stabilization from the edit screen. 5) Are you affiliated/connected to Flixel Photos Inc. AKA Flixel / Pixaloop? Are you the maker of Cinemagraph (TM) / Cinemagraphs? No, Loopsie is in no way affiliated or connected with Flixel Inc. (™) or Pixaloop (Enlight). Cinemagraph (TM) is a trademark owned by Flixel Inc. Subscription Information: Unlimited Access Subscription - You can subscribe for unlimited access to all features and content offered for purchase within Loopsie. - Subscriptions are billed monthly or annually at the rate selected depending on the subscription plan. Alternatively a one-time payment plan is available (this is not a subscription). - Subscriptions auto-renew at the cost of the chosen package, unless cancelled 24-hours in advance prior to the end of the current period. The subscription fee is charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. You may manage your subscription and turn off auto-renewal by going to your Account Settings after purchase. Once purchased, refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the term. - Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable. Terms of Use: https://bit.ly/2PWcXgi



  • don’t download if you can’t pay

    By Shu•
    everything costs money, don’t waste your time if you don’t have the money
  • Why?

    By Adi,Adiy,Adison
    Why do I have have to pay for it??????
  • you can do anything.

    By dekú
    this app had great potential. it does what it’s supposed to do amazingly but.. you have to pay to do ANYTHING on the app. i understand you need to earn money somehow but you can’t even export you photos without paying. like i said, this app had great potential but we still need some things too be free. not all people are made of money.
  • Don’t waste your time unless you want to buy

    By iamacooldood
    I thought since it be a free app I could actually do things on it but nope you can see what your photos would look like and spend time editing them but there’s no way to save the videos afterwards unless you pay. Should just be a buy to use app otherwise it’s wasting your time
  • Paying

    By The trans furry
    I understand the company needs money but not even letting you save the photo is just bs. It’s playing your consumer. It’s an okay app but the fact you have to pay for it all is just dumb.

    By pandasmoke808
    The app claims free with in app purchases, the app is completely locked! You can see what your pics would look like in 3D but can’t save/export it unless you pay for PRO. What a waste of time, try PopPic, at least some functions work on the free version. Loopsie, be honest and call it a Pay Only App!
  • 🖕🏻

    By whats that app
    Incredibly greedy, you cant use ANYTHING without paying, they act like its not able to render it while screen recording when its obviously just trying to get you to pay money. Some of the effects glitch too. Im disappointed.
  • I just started using it. I’m sorta disappointed.

    By dewwy_Springs
    I started using Loopsie to create effects for my artwork. But I can barley do anything. I can’t even upload it to show my friends. This is super frustrating. I probably will delete the app. Wonderful features, but I am very disappointed.
  • Barely knew what I was doing

    By TntCakeJen
    Saw this on tik tok, decided it’d be fun to try out. First thing first; it’s not free. If you want to use the app, you have to pay. Thank god there’s a free 3 day trial so I could test it out. Anyways, once I got the free trial, there was no tutorial. There wasn’t any explanation as to how to creat anything. At first I struggled because I couldn’t even figure out how to make something. Eventually I discovered you click on the hashtag to make something. That’s cool and all, but I should’ve been told that. I didn’t realize you could click it. So I went into the create studio. Once again, no tutorial. I had no idea what I was doing. I was just clicking buttons and hoping it worked. It’s didn’t. Nothing told me what it did, and I was clueless. That’s when I decided to just pull the plug and delete the app. I gave up with it.
  • Paying for subscription when cancelled ??

    By ndqjjfjqkclqjbwjqkxkwbxnaja
    Im confused i cancelled the 3 day free trial through the app store-> profile-> cancel but i still got charged 20$ for the yearly subscription...
  • Good app! But....

    By Rübyh
    I was really excited to find an app perfect for what I was looking for! I tried making one and it looked awesome! But, i think you should really make at least a FEW options free, especially just the normal animation. You might as well just put a price on the a app if everything has a cost? I got really high hopes for this one and I’m pretty disappointed.
  • What??

    By A Frienly user.
    Okay, so the app is free but I have to pay to actually create stuff? No, thank you. 🧚‍♀️✨💕
  • Very misleading not a free app. Hard pass!

    By Therealeurolife
    They advertise this is a free app but it’s not. You’ll spend time doing an edit to try it out, and as soon as you hit export it forces to purchase a membership. Apple should review this app and their tactics. Extremely disappointing. And the X-ray part is I would of purchased a membership if I liked it. It’s a bait and switch so that’s a hard no for me.
  • Amazing app. If it were actually free

    By a broski
    All you can do in the app is design a picture. But that’s all you can do for free. You can’t save it, export it, upload it, nothing. The price is ridiculous as well.
  • Garrison

    By atentikumpo
    I want to try this app but I have no money to pay for pro
  • I thought it was free

    By I have a D- in math help
    If you REALLY want people to use it just make the app cost money instead of getting my hopes up 😒”Oh wait! This is free? That’s great! finally a free app that my broke self can use!”
  • Advertises as “free” but pay hundreds

    By k. thuma
    You literally have to pay to use it, but it teases you with the idea you can make any animations for free. No it’s not like only certain filters require the pro membership, you literally need the pro membership to even save anything. Yes you can make animations but it will forbid you from screen recording it or downloading it. Also don’t use this on your art. No matter the quality of the art it will look bad. Also it’s VERY slow. Would not recommend.
  • 😤

    By 101CarliCar
    you have to pay for a year or a month or whatever when all the app does is move the tiniest of bit. don’t recommend
  • Greedy

    By irviky
    They are basically stealing your money
  • terrible

    By Hoodni_Christian
    the only way to import a photo is to pay . this whole app isn’t free , if your willing to pay money for this app then go ahead , but for people who don’t want to spend money , do not buy . there is no way to screen record it or the app shuts down . this app is terrible .
  • Misleading

    By issareviewtho
    This app does give amazing features but you can’t even export one picture if you don’t have a subscription. It’s misleading and set up for you to have to pay no matter what you do
  • Pro

    By dad1431
    Do you have to have the pro version to be able to save any of these?
  • Very disappointed

    By ca55!dy ß
    Im SO upset right now!!! I was genuinely exited to use this app and then it wouldn’t let me save the video unless I paid!!! Waste of storage.
  • Everything is behind a paywall

    By jsuls13
    I downloaded this app hoping to get some cool effects for personal stuff like art or selfies I wanted to mess with, but it’s so frustrating you can’t export anything without buying/subscribing to pro. There isn’t even an option for a free trial either. It’s a shame because what I CAN see looks great, but I won’t buy something without a free trial first.
  • Money hungry

    By Pizzabella
    The people that made this app only care about money and not their costumers. They literally make you pay for everything and the costs aren’t justified considering how little the app has to offer. Waste of money and waste of a download.
  • What!?

    By Fixny Animates!
    A free app, but you have to pay to export your photos? You could at least let us export our photos.. thank you. I saw an ad for this on TikTok, I was very disappointed. Please make at least exporting our photos free.
  • Review

    By want my moneu back
    It didn’t tell you when it was going to charge your card so when I did the three day trial it automatically charged 20 dollars to my account without asking if I wanted to continue to use the app so be careful!
  • It would be great

    By briaedw
    This app is really cool (genuinely)! I am shocked at how much of these camera effects we can have access to just through our phone. I understand why they charge you for these effects, but they could add a section where there are free effects (of there is maybe I just didn’t see it, my bad). Other than that, they really did a good job not only the 3D camera effect but they also enhanced the look with the different themes.
  • Grr

    By soapsrulings
    You gotta pay just to save the picture stupid app
  • Disappointing

    At first it looks so cool and you think “oh this would be a great wallpaper for my phone” but you can’t even export the picture for free so I was very disappointed I was gonna show it to my friends but since you can’t do a lot of stuff for free that’s not possible
  • don’t download

    By sshjhwjhsua
    ugh i downloaded this app to edit a picture but when I opened it I had to pay for every single feature?like-even the animations and filters.u people these days are so greedy.do,t download this app it’s a waste of time and storage
  • this app isn’t good, like at all.

    By Tremayiadotson
    to use this app you literally have to pay. to simply use it.. unless you use the free 3 day trial. just use dazz cam smh
  • I’m just tryna make some dope anime pictures

    By animemaster...yeah
    So.... I can’t export a picture if I don’t have “pRo LoOpSiE”???? or maybe I’m dumb
  • Oof...

    By WonderianAJ
    I was looking forward to using it, BUT, unfortunately it isn’t free :(
  • What’s with the dang cost!?

    I got the app and I tried out some photos and it was so amazing but it won’t even let you export or save them, or even screen record. Like I’m not gonna pay THAT much money for a photo that moves.
  • Bait

    By zombied0g
    If you’re gonna make an app free and only make it accessible through a subscription paywall, you might as well just make people pay for the app 🙄
  • Makes you pay for everything

    By Gracelucia
    This app makes you pay for absolutely everything. Nothing is free, I don’t suggest getting this app unless you want to pay around $100 a year.
  • You have to pay to export it😡

    By ifkidkofxb
    This app is super annoying. They basically force you to buy pro because if you don’t you can’t export it. I dont want want buy pro so I have to take screenshots and crop them so I don’t even get the live effect. It’s really annoying and I’ll probably just delete the app😤
  • Would not recommend. Very disappointed.

    By iiConfettiCookieii
    I’m going to keep it short. You can’t even save the photo you work on. Unless you pay you can’t save the photos to you camera roll. So without paying for a subscription, this app is useless.
  • ...

    By Area76kevin
    If you’re gonna force people to pay just to use the app then why not make the app cost money. No sense in making the app free but making everything inside the app cost money.🤦‍♀️
  • Cool but why we gotta pay for everything

    By WiscoDanDan
    This app is the coolest app ever but the FRICKIN one problem is that YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR EVERYTHING! If everything was free then I would’ve rate this a 5 star. And why is it so expensive. Everyone is broke!
  • It’s not free

    By redRampart
    You have to pay to actually use this app. And if you try to screen record to get out of it, that won’t work. So tired of apps that claim to be free but actually cost more than paid upfront apps.
  • Great but...

    By D_Getahun5699
    The app itself seems to be amazing! There are a lot of options and really cool things you could do! Issue is: YOU CANT USE IT WITHOUT PAYING This is honestly so upsetting. I can understand if maybe they had some things you had to pay for but you can’t save the edit without paying, you can’t access your projects without paying, there’s also the huge logo at the bottom of the video you CANT export. There are so many things you can’t do! The only thing you can do at this point is either pay for that VERY expensive subscription or just try out all the things you can’t use 😠 For anyone getting this I don’t recommend it AT ALL unless your actually willing to spend money on it. And if you are then I suggest you really think about how often you’ll use this app because if it’s not often then don’t bother getting it.
  • Ya have to pay-

    By ShookysWeve
    It’s a very nice and put together app- but you have to pay for the photos that you make.. so that’s a little disappointing but if you have the money and want to do this, this app is very good! I do wish that there was some free ones you could use- but that’s all-
  • eh

    By jackzuzjzjzj
    It’s a good app but come on, we have to pay🥺🥺
  • Good app just wish I wasn’t forced to pay to export the image

    By the tired furry artist
    Only got this app bc TikTok made it trend and many artists were using it to make their art come to life but it turns out u gotta pay to even save it to ur device so yea I’m not paying 5$ for my own artwork
  • What features are free :s

    By QueenDibi
    I can’t do anything with it
  • Eh..?

    By Gamerbellabule
    It’s amazing yes but why would you make exporting money? That isn’t fair at all please fix it :)
  • Letdown

    By succceist
    I don’t understand why they don’t just make the app cost money in the first place since you can’t use it without paying anyway