Bird - Be Free, Enjoy the Ride

Bird - Be Free, Enjoy the Ride

  • Category: Travel
  • Release Date: 2017-09-11
  • Current Version: 4.51.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 193.04 MB
  • Developer: Bird Rides, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 675 317


Bird gives you access to shared e-scooters and personal electric vehicles in 100+ locations worldwide. Whether you’re headed to work, class, or just need a breath of fresh air, Bird gets you to your destination with ease. No traffic, no pollution, no expensive rideshare. HOW IT WORKS • Download the app • Create your account • Find and scan a vehicle’s QR code • Fly responsibly • Park with care • Keep the public right-of-way clear • End your ride AN ELECTRIC ALTERNATIVE Bird works with cities, universities, and partners across the globe to provide an eco-friendly transportation option that complements existing transit systems and reduces our reliance on cars. Powered by electricity, our fleet of personal electric vehicles helps reduce pollution and traffic, making cities more livable for everyone. FLY RESPONSIBLY • Avoid riding on sidewalks, unless local law requires or permits. • Wear a helmet when your ride. • Park clear of walkways, driveways, and access ramps. • Visit to learn the rules of the road. CHARGE WITH BIRD Make money in your spare time by keeping our vehicles charged and ready to ride. Download the app and select "Charge with Bird" from the menu to sign up and join the Bird Charger community. BIRD AROUND THE WORLD Bird is currently available in 100+ cities and universities worldwide. Find Birds near you at



  • Ridiculous charges!!!

    By Zyzyzyzyzyzyyz
    Watch out. Just had a short 15 minute ride and got charged $20. Never again!
  • !

    By Honestabe96
    Fast and easy!
  • Fun, but can get stranded

    By Wordssmith101111
    App is spotty
  • No connection

    By blanight1
    Cannot load to find nearest scooter. When I found one it kept giving me a connection error
  • Bird

    By Masjns2424
    This is an awesome service, and the app works pretty well. I use it to get around campus in record time, and it’s especially useful when I have five minutes to go across my entire university’s campus. I would highly suggest this app for college students.
  • great 1st date

    By good_HABIT
    I’m spending time in Atlanta, had a blast riding around on the Bird Scooter learning the downtown area.. so many laughs so much fun! App works so smoothly! i’ll recommend this to anyone.
  • Forced deposit = waste of money

    By jahsgah
    They force you to deposit money that you may never use
  • Over It

    By vonnie85
    I signed up to be a August 13, 2019 I have yet to receive any chargers I have gone in the app and finish the sign-up agreements and now I can’t even get it to switch over to charger mode so that I can find out why I have not received my chargers yet I’ve done everything that your articles have told me to do and it’s still not working Unfortunately this makes me not want to do charging now and I would like to make extra money easily you guys really need to fix the app I’ve updated it multiple times I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled and none of this seems to work in order to get the app to go to charger mode this is very disheartening and looking at the other reviews that have been done on the app you guys really need to work on the app
  • Scam walk away now

    By Real Person Like You
    In all honesty I feel like I got scammed in every since of the word
  • les go

    By frehjhferbbbvesa
  • Ridiculous

    By asst manager rick
    I had ridden 1 time n still had a 14.99 credit and now it’s gone ? 🤷‍♂️ who do I call
  • Horrible Payment System

    By Stephzilla121
    First off, I don’t appreciate having to “load” money onto an app before I start my first ride. ESPECIALLY when I have a $5 credit on my account to start. Second of all, they clearly don’t care about their customers. I contacted support to remove my credit card because I want to get rid of the app and they still have not contacted me. Even Lime had the decency to contact me after I gave a 4/5 for the experience. In fact, I *highly* recommend Lime over this atrocious lack of good programming. Seriously, everyone needs to get Lime over getting Bird... This bird is flying the coop!
  • Steering was bad

    By pattycavvs
    The steering was all over the place. Could’ve been real unsafe
  • Good app and scooter but poor customer service

    By Noonc
    Bird has good scooters and a pretty good app. But it’s annoying that my personal (monthly) rental shuts off in the middle of a ride if it doesn’t hear from my phone for a bit. Sometimes my phone battery is low so I have to turn it off. Then the scooter abruptly shuts off a few minutes into the ride, sometimes in the middle of an intersection! As for Bird customer service, they could use some work. When you call they put you in a queue but then after 20 minutes they hang up. On the app-based customer service it’s hit or miss. Sometimes they respond in a few hours. Other times they take days to respond then close out the ticket if I don’t respond within a few hours.
  • Work prefect

    By ggggcfttggghhvhj
  • Cool

    By Illfamous1
    I Fux with bird!!!
  • Living our best life in LA!!

    By ShellC03
    Living our best life in LA!!
  • Great

    By mintyfresh13
  • Took my five-year-old around the block great fun

    By bike awaomnwss
    Rather than running walking or biking real slow we took the scooter on the block with my son on his bike
  • Overpriced Nonsense

    By Ratrick07
    Just took one of these from my house to a coffee shop. Ride ended up costing $10, which is LITERALLY THE PRICE OF AN UBER RIDE TO THE SAME LOCATION. There’s no true breakdown of costs provided. There is no way this company is going to last.
  • Honestly love the scooters

    By Chlo-bo
    I had to open and close and open and close the app for about 5 minutes until it finally let me check out a scooter. Once I got on the scooter it was great and very fast which I loved but I think the app needs a couple updates to work more smoothly. This review is purely regarding the app and not the scooters which are very sturdy and smooth.
  • Live laugh love

    By scootininthecity
    I loved every second of cruising through the city on my hot ride!
  • Smoothest ride

    By ktzeeeeee
    Bird scooters are always in better condition and a smoother ride than other options. Really like the handles!
  • Hi

    By yasser songs
    I love it
  • So much fun

    By samiraanbar
    No seriously
  • Freaking awesome

    By Linker327
    This is awesome
  • Amen

    By jaqavouis
    Phenomenal great expressive very pristine
  • Review

    By Greer Kristen
    Awesome experience!! Only wish I could have rented 4 at a time for my family to ride together. I could only rent one and only one of us could ride! But it was an awesome experience!!
  • Amazing Where to get around town quickly

    By toto the train
    The app in the concepts of urban mobility is great I’m just a big fan of super smooth the only thing that I don’t like is the one dollar flat fee to unlock which makes you think twice before using it for a very short trip otherwise please keep it up
  • Nice experience

    By Carlos Chapellin
    Excellent condition
  • Not bad bird

    By Piiiiiiiitr
    Thid worked out great.
  • Overpriced and terrible

    By francesca12344566
    Stick to any other brand of scooter. This one will overcharge you, not to mention is an awful interface and has no power. Would give 0 stars if I could.
  • It my birfday

    By sierrarose12345678910
    It’s my birthdayyyy
  • Not happy about the app

    By Lennox0_0
    I had to but $20 into bird to ride the scooter and i thought it was going to just charge the distance and take out the money from my bank account and I needed to use it for one time only that’s it but no my $20 has gone to wasted. Not using the app anymore
  • I like it

    By eversiro1
  • Ehhh

    By motocox307
    They went up on price, they are slow and nearly come to a stop in certain areas of the map. LIME is better and half the price!!!
  • Cool Idea but $$$$

    By Futeballer89
    In Tempe a 8 min ride is more expensive than an Uber these prices are ridiculous $5 for 8 mins is not cheap like people keep saying bird prices
  • Terrible Charger Support Team

    By kdallakian
    The most terrible support for chargers. Do not even think to start charging. Not worth your time and energy at all.
  • Thanks

    By brid daddy
    Awesome time .time well spent.thanks guys wish these are here to stay a long time.
  • Broken

    By G r e at
    Very wabely handle bar.
  • Your restrictiors are horrible

    By tyleram23
    The restrictors on your scooters keep throttling down to 10mph which is basically not worth riding. On hills around Arlington va it gets down to 5mph...FIVE! What’s even the point using the scooter at that speed. Also, your charge was $7 I could have taken an Uber for $8, which would have gotten me home sooner so still no point again.
  • Map update

    By Flap, flap and away
    The whole app and the way everything is set up down to being able to have a gps that shows the path to your bird is amazing. But if there’s a way to add in a feature that marks paths to landmarks or points of interest around the area of your scooter would be a really nice feature. Maybe something like adding a voice direction to the scooter to be hands free after marking the destination. That way you get to ride around on the cool scooter and then you can go around and check the local things out in a fast way. Otherwise perfect app.
  • Dishonest pricing

    By TheMollusc
    LA prices are now $.35 per minute. I just used Bird for the first time and was surprised at the cost, which was revealed only on the app just before starting the rental. I tried to find the cost online to confirm and it’s not posted anywhere. C’mon Bird, that’s just shady! With this scammy business practice, and $5 for a 10 minute ride, I’m happier walking that last mile.
  • Scooter Experience

    By Jipjj
    First experience, what a fun time! Thank You~
  • Customer support

    By bam_bam__
    Uber in general has the worst customer service I have ever experienced. Never have I ever had such a difficult time trying to report simple issues because if you lose service your app keeps your tab running and won’t let you report it after. After, go ahead and try calling, you’ll be on the line forever before you hear from someone and by then it wasn’t worth your time for the two dollars you overpaid. If this is going to continue to be a problem, I’ll just stop using bird and I’ll start using one of the many other scooter brands out there.
  • Price

    By Aasshleyyy92
    Too expensive
  • Music

    By BigCat894
    Next step for bird. Add a few music options with small speaker on Bird scooter, for instance Rock, hip hop, country, pop, etc.
  • “Bird Lover”

    By FastFlower!
    ...I am! 😀
  • Bird doesn’t care about chargers

    By iiaggo
    I have had two weekends in a row not being paid by bird as a charger. Their charger support is slow and largely unavailable during the weekend. When their app doesn’t work they ask you to submit your charges so they can manually put them in. The problem with this is that they don’t own up to the issue being their app malfunctioning and they use this opportunity to not pay out what you have spent time and money collecting and charging. Like I said initially, this has happened twice on the weekend. There is no phone support so you have to wait until they feel like responding. The first weekend they responded the next day and the second weekend they responded quicker but still with no payout after following their manual submission guidelines. I even had a “watcher” (bird employee)9 help me unload the scooters and he took a photo as well, they still didn’t put out. Beware of these scam artist