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LingoDeer - Learn Languages

  • Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2017-09-26
  • Current Version: 2.0.28
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 160.44 MB
  • Developer: LingoDeer Co, Ltd.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 9 522


Learn Japanese, Korean and Mandarin Chinese in these languages: - English - Spanish - German - French - Japanese - Korean Korean Hangul, Japanese Hiragana or Kanji, or Chinese Mandarin Pinyin made easy! LingoDeer is made for learners from outside of Asia and new to its mysterious and beautiful languages. Learning your favorite Asian language(s) within one app is now a dream come true. Designed by a team of professional language teachers, the interactive lessons and review exercises will train your reading, listening, speaking and writing skills in just 10 minutes a day. Features: ◉ Thorough introductions to Japanese / Korean / Chinese Mandarin alphabet systems that build a solid foundation for successful independent learning ◉ Off the grid? In the sky? No problem! Take learning anywhere with the offline mode for free! ◉ 2,000 most frequently used words and phrases in each course (JLPT N5, TOPIK 1 and HSK 1-3 covered) ◉ Pleasant and authentic recordings from native speakers that are crystal clear ◉ Detailed grammar notes that explain how the language works ◉ Varied and innovative exercise modes that target different skills ◉ Japanese learning is available in Kana, Kanji and Romaji; Korean learning is available in Hangul and romanized letters; Chinese learning is available in Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Pinyin ◉ Built-in flashcard review system that helps one memorize new words and selectively reinforces skill points PLEASE NOTE: You will need a LingoDeer membership in order to access all courses and features. LingoDeer member offers: Monthly subscription for $9.99 Three-Month Subscription for $19.99 Annual subscription for $59.99 More information about the subscription: - The above prices are for U.S. customers. Pricing in other countries may vary, and changes may be converted to your local currency depending on your country of residence. - Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase - Your iTunes Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal - Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase - Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited when you purchase a subscription. Support Url: Terms of Use: Privacy Policy:



  • Great!

    By harleyhqn
    This app has been the best language learning app o have found. I am reviewing Spanish and learning Korean. I definitely recommend to anyone wanting to learn a new language or keep your current second language honed.
  • fun app

    By annag42
    LingoDeer is friendly, and has cool sounds and useful explanations. Also, it works smoothly, so i have never had to report any bugs (so far). i hope to make a developer smile. :-)
  • Amazing!

    By Gin gin 205
    This is by far my favorite language learning app. The lessons are relevant and well taught, the review system is intuitive, and the graphics are charming and creative. Please tell me you’re adding Tagalog, I’ve been searching for a way to learn it, but I haven’t found any app better than this one to do so.
  • Great app, Buut.

    By Chaeng>_<
    This is a great app, I will recommend it to my friends.:> I wish I used this from the start. I have to pay for the other lessons. :<
  • Cute and fun

    By Cherri H
    For once I can’t stop. The sounds are satisfying and I love the deer!
  • Great app but review section doesn’t work

    By SarahL1024
    The app works great and is really helpful with learning korean! The only thing is that, no matter how far I learn in the learning section, when I try to enter the review section, it always says “there’s nothing to complete here yet. Please complete the first unit.” If it helps, I first started using LingoDeer on another phone. On that phone, the review section worked perfectly. But when I switched to using LingoDeer on my current phone, the review section no longer works. I really love this app and would love to change the review if this were able to be fixed🥺☺️
  • Love the learning tips and grammar

    By 707-saeyoungchoi
    This app is great in that before every lesson, it has learning tips and gives you the grammar for every word/particle tour going to learn and makes understanding sentence structure so much easier. I ended up buying a membership simply because the way the lessons are taught (though I can only speak for Korean since that’s what I’m learning) is super simple to understand with the tips and makes it feel like you’re actually getting somewhere with learning a language rather than being stuck in the same place forever, like I’ve felt with other language apps.
  • Fantastic resource

    By Dr.WhoLover
    This app is fantastic for learning Japanese. It's the only app I found so far that really does an excellent job of explaining the grammatical side of Japanese, and not just the vocabulary side.
  • Best App for Japanese

    By WhyJmo
    My Favorite app for Japanese hands down
  • Awesome app, and worth a subscription, but...

    By Musiclover22200
    Awesome! I’m learning two languages and it’s great for memorization! I just wish that on the spelling part of the app you wouldn’t have to backspace all the way back to fix a mistake (if it’s at the beginning of the phrase) and then rewrite the entire phrase. That can get frustrating. But, otherwise, great! Love that it focuses on grammar as well!
  • The very best app for diving into a language.

    By あや幽霊
    I’ve been trying to learn Japanese for years and I have spent lots of money on countless different apps and services. LingoDeer is by far the best of them all. The lessons are short and approachable but through the perfect amount of repetition in a single one, I remember everything even a year later. You can really feel the developers love and care that was poured into this app. Every sentence is correct and the design is very easy to navigate. There’s no limits to your learning with LingoDeer. And regarding the save feature - for me it worked perfectly! I alternate between my Samsung galaxy and my iPad Pro with no issues. I can not recommend this app highly enough. You have nothing to lose by trying it out!
  • Disappointed w new pay to learn

    By Murf1120
    This app was literally the best language learning app out there when it was full access for free. W the new pay to learn...disappointing. Wish it could be ads instead.
  • The Best!!

    By Queen Sincere
    This has to be one of the easiest language learning apps I’ve ever used. Not only is it super easy to use but it has languages for everyone. It’s not just the basic French and Spanish. The best part about it is that it’s completely free. You don’t have to pay extra to get the grammar or anything. What you see is what you get.
  • Best language learning app I’ve ever used

    By yooyoyoyyo
    I love this! It’s so detailed with its grammar explanations and everything. It makes it so easy to learn another language. I’m still waiting for Greek though! Maybe one day you guys can add that :)
  • I love LingoDeer!

    By jazzhands.into.oblivion
    I’ve been using this on and off for chinese, Korean, and Japanese. I’m Chinese American, and lately I’ve felt the need to connect to my Asian roots haha. So I tried out duolingo, and it just wasn’t working out for me. After finding lingodeer, it’s been so much easier to learn these languages! Visuals are great, user interface is great, native speakers are great, lessons are easy but informative, I just love everything about this app.
  • Was free now wants money!

    By Crysb24
    I DID like this app because it was free and actually really good! It helped me a lot. But now it’s just like every other language app out there and expects you to pay once you finish level one! I’ve had this app since before anyone even knew about it! Now all of a sudden you have to pay for a subscription?! No thank you. So much for caring about people’s learning and wanting to help!
  • A MUST-HAVE for anybody trying to get fluent in an asian language

    By MelissaChou
    I’m a serious studier when it comes to language learning, especially Japanese, Chinese and Korean. I’ve been studying Japanese seriously for over a year now, and LingoDeer is absolutely one of the most useful apps when studying, expanding vocabulary, and learning grammar. There’s sooo much to learn in the Japanese courses, and most of it is very accurate, so you can trust that what you’re learning here will usually be able to be used in real-life situations without embarrassment. With LingoDeer (their Japanese courses at least), you’ll mostly learn more polite and formal ways of speaking, but I’ve noticed that as I’ve gotten further into learning, it’s begun to teach me more casual and friendly ways of conversing as well. I love the “story” feature at the end of most categories, too! Being able to hear a native tell a short story about semi-realistic situations in Japanese is sooo helpful for comprehension practice, and being able to record myself speaking the same story out-loud afterwards has really helped in perfecting my accent and pronunciation. I love hearing other user’s recordings too, and trying to get as good as they sound. And the review option is- no surprise- extremely useful. Being able to review and study already-learned words, sentences and grammar by category and style (or all at once)- and being able to review a specific number of cards- makes it so much easier on the brain to memorize, practice and retain what I’ve already learned. All in all, LingoDeer is not only super fun and engaging, with plenty of different ways to study and practice, but it’s translations and lessons are very accurate, and the “learning notes” before a lesson really help you learn what kinds of situations to use certain words and phrases in and when not to use others, and so much more. Also: I signed up for LingoDeer before it got a paid membership update, and to my surprise, I got to keep all of the (now premium) features of the app! That really showed me that the people behind LingoDeer give a crap about their users’ learning. While I wouldn’t recommend any one, single app or program for ALL of your language studying, I would recommend this app 200% as an additional tool to anybody learning Japanese, Korean or Chinese, no matter what level you’re at. (I can’t speak for the non-asian languages in the app, as I haven’t studied them much yet, but I’m guessing they’re good as well)
  • Can i...?

    By AryanaBlue
    Is it possible to suggest a language...?
  • Great for learning and refreshing!

    By IG: skintone24ktgold
    I previously learned Chinese so I use this to freshen up, but I also use this to learn Korean! This is such an amazing app, but I wish it had an option to “converse” with a AI or a set conversation so you can learn to speak in conversations and/or texting.
  • Great! But..

    By You Cause Stalkers!
    I love this app, but I wish this app could have the option to teach the southern dialect of Vietnamese
  • Only one free lesson?

    By laur4179
    I came into this app expecting it to be free, per pretty much every review on the internet, turns out it’s not free, but actually rather pricey at $7/mo, $20/qtr, $42/yr, or $60/life. Honestly the prices aren’t HORRIBLE, but there should at least be more free content to see if you like the app before forcing you into a subscription! All except the lifetime offer 1-week trails, but this isn’t advertised anywhere or made known until you go to make a purchase.
  • Used to be free and now it isn’t

    By wennifer-lynn
    This app used to be free and I was a big fan. But I’m a broke college student and can’t afford any type of monthly payment that’s more than $2. Too bad... I really like this app, it’s much better than Duolingo, but at least they have a free version. I’m pretty sure that it should be considered false advertising to list an app as free when you can’t actually use it for free. People don’t check to see that they only get a seven day trial before they have to pay a monthly fee for it. That’s ridiculous.
  • Amazing app

    By kmmsss
    It's a great app to learn. I just wish I'd gotten it back when it was free instead of having to pay $60 for it (and it's still free on Android). But still, significantly better than duolingo.
  • Best Language App

    By flmcrw
    I’ve used several languages apps for learning Japanese, and this by far the best. I was on Duolingo for quite some time, but got fed up with the health loss/earning, and lack of actual instruction. This not only tests you on content, but actually TEACHES you grammar, vocabulary,etc rather than just mindlessly quizzing you. Love it! Totally worth the subscription.
  • 🤯🥶🤮

    By *flabbergasted*
    NOT FREE!!
  • really good

    By SpaceDoge
    its perfect im just wondering whats up with the illustration for “chinese.” whats with all the nicely drawn portraits of the traditional styles of the other cultures but then the chinese one is some clipart of a guy wearing a yellow bodysuit with nunchucks. just seems kinda out of place is all. also it would be nice to have the option to remove the pictures from the answer choices, i want my brain to read the actual word and not rely on the pictures for the correct answers.
  • An app that gets u speaking!

    By blackswanbeth
    And breaks character languages down so you can start learning without feeling intimidated! Five stars solidly! Love it! Great job developers!
  • Best app ever!!

    By l.ivy_
    I've been exploring various language apps so I can improve my Chinese and start learning Korean and Japanese. This app has been the most helpful of all the ones I've tried. It gave me very helpful tips and thoroughly explained everything while I was working on Korean.
  • One hour trial

    By grizeldatee
    They say 7 days, but apparently that is 7 days of repeating the same 3 basic lessons over and over. When I click on the next group they ask for a subscription. After 2 days I’ve no hope that this will change. Aced the first three in under an hour so nowhere to go and certainly not ready to commit. Bye.
  • Excellent!

    By mocolocco
    Beats duo and babble all day everyday. This is a great tool!
  • Asked me to rate it

    By NM4096
    It interrupted what I was doing to ask me to rate the app, and I always give apps one star when they do that, especially now that iOS has an option in the settings telling apps not to ask me to rate them.
  • Best Free Language App

    By Nikki D Name
    Love this app! Great lessons AND you can turn off romanji and actually learn the words! 🙌
  • Best free source out there.

    By Taffymarie
    Grammar. Vocabulary. Fun games. Goals to reach for. Clear section break downs. This is by far the best app out there for anyone wanting to learn or study a new language.
  • One of the best language apps

    By kale231
    Im learning Korean and it explains things throughly and it’s easy to understand.
  • The Best To Ever Do It !!!

    By Kiara haha lol I'm niki
    Honestly to put it short and sweet. Best korean learning app I’ve found and it’s helped so much with vocabulary and sentence structure!!! Update: I’ve gotten so far in my korean learning bc of this app BUTTT I would it if you guys added an “relationship” category for dating family and friends Update: I’ve purchased the lifetime subscription and it is still the best decision I’ve made with any app I own. I just want to ask, could your team consider adding the Swahili language onto the app. This is part of one of the languages I’m trying to learn. All the other languages are on the app but that one and I have come to a point where I don’t trust any other app to teach me like this app does. I have adapted to this learning style. Please consider and thank you for reading! UPDATE!!! The app did something wrong and made me lose my progress in Korean 2. I was in “Indirect Quotation 2” and now it’s starting me back at one. I mean I wouldn’t mind doing them over again but it’s just really bugging me how I lost that progress. Please message me back and help me.
  • really epic

    By Bubble gum fart
    very epic.
  • Thank you!!!

    By izzy_12
    Hi lingodeer! I literally love your app so much. It has helped me reach fluency in Korean in one year, now I am on my journey learning Chinese and Japanese. To be honest I think the spanish course could use some work because the spelling takes forever, but seriously, 정말 감사합니다!! 이 앞이 진짜 좋아요~
  • Great learning and practice

    By jeasaur
    Learning both Korean and Japanese. This has seriously helped with practice and has made it super convenient to study.
  • Ok

    By fkfndjdnlwjs
    The app is great. I’ve had if for a wile and it never made my upgrade to pro for the lessons. It would be so much better if you didn’t have to pay
  • Why?

    By Sassylondry
    I didn’t know how to title this but I’m irritated. I love the app so far but I’m being too nice giving it two stars because of a problem. This app cannot let you move on in the Japanese portion. While being on my iPad, it makes me go to the membership section after trying to click on “profession”, as if I need to buy to move on. Why? It’s free on my Android. I don’t have the room on my phone though, which is why I thought I’d use it on my iPad. I get it, it needs money, but don’t make one device free and the other not.
  • I like it

    By Ponderin
    I’ve been study Spanish for a while. It’s pretty good. I’m planing to learn every languages in this app! :) I also use it for practice Japanese. I am Advanced in Japanese so sometimes I answered in Kanji and most of the times the app said my answer was wrong. I reported the issue, not sure that the staff have seen it?

    By josianne94
  • The best language learning app I’ve found

    By noelvn
    I enjoy learning languages and enjoy educational apps, and this is the best language learning app I’ve found. Bravo!
  • Upset

    By XkitcatX
    I at first had a app called drops that I used to try and help me learn korean. It wasn’t working that well for me so I wanted to try and find another app. I happened to stumble upon this and at first thought it was the best thing ever. From having a almost 5 star review, and TONS of good reviews I wanted to try it out. I read so many of the reviews and almost all of them talked about how this was the best app ever and that it was “free.” Do literally yesterday I downloaded the app and did the first lesson of nationality. (I already know the korean alphabet). Just from using this app for such a small time I loved it. It had things that seemed like would really help me such as the tips which I found VERY helpful. Then here I am on the last part of nationality doing the story. I did everything and tried to move on to the next lesson. When I did I got worried because it kept of saying that you needed pro. I thought that maybe it was just that lesson or that maybe I hadn't finished the lesson before. Nope checked every lesson after that one and all of them said pro and then I knew I did the lesson before right. It has me so mad because I really can’t afford the amount of money for one month. I saw every where of people saying this app was free. You get literally maybe 2 lessons before you have to pay. I honestly really loved this app but I’m now really upset to know a big chance for me went down the drain.
  • K-Pop & K-dramas are the best!!

    By La_Diana
    I’ve been watching. k-dramas and listening to K-pop for almost a year and I felt like it was time to start learning the language in order to understand more what I’m listening to........ so far I can read a little Korean I just don’t know what I’m reading but I’m sure with time I’ll know a lot more !! I know how to spell my name and how to say a few words as well !!! This is so exciting and even though I have to pay in order to continue learning it’s worth it since I’m actually learning !!!! Strongly recommend this app! Of course there is one thing I suggest getting fix and that’s when you have to repeat something for the app to be able to correct us whether we are saying it correctly or not but I guess for now it’s fine....
  • A great learning app for languages

    By Alekskocev
    Love it.
  • ❤️❤️❤️

    By 🌺Mo🌺
    I absolutely love this app. It has helped me a lot in learning Japanese and because of this I’ve been passing Japanese lately. The thing is I recently switched phones (from an android to an iPhone) and all of a sudden I have to pay for everything. But when I had my Android I didn’t. I’m not sure if it’s because I re-logged into the account (I read a comment saying they logged in somewhere else and lost a lot of progress, which also happened to me) or maybe you changed something????
  • Greek plzz

    By Felix Bluey
    Put Greek plzzz
  • Omg

    By SynMil
    I’m in love o tried so many apps and this is this the one whether you want to learn Japanese, Korean, or Chinese very helpful I think it’s great app to learn basics and get the hang of it and I love the overview of the lessons great 10/10 idek what else to ask for maybe for more languages in the further and I absolutely love the no fee thing great !!!!!!