LIVE Palmistry & Horoscope

LIVE Palmistry & Horoscope

  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Release Date: 2017-09-28
  • Current Version: 2.1.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 132.18 MB
  • Developer: Devroq Apps LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 30 071


LIVE Palmistry & Horoscope is a powerful astrological tool that helps you look into the future right now! All you need is to take photos of your palms and get extended results on many aspects of your life. You have many questions and unresolved life situations. It's difficult to make right decisions about things that are very important for you. LIVE Palmistry & Horoscope is the only astrological app that provides answers to so many questions you have in stock. Our experts will be happy to read your palm lines and provide detailed and personal reading results. You only need to make photos of both left and right palms, get an expert assigned to you, wait for some time and get notified when the reading is done. Along with professional palm reading, the app gives you Daily Horoscope forecasts in multiple aspects of your every day life. And that's not it. You can check your daily Biorhythmic trends. FEATURES: - PALM READING (lines, things that matter, value of the life time and many more) - "FUTUREME" (shows your face in years) - DAILY HOROSCOPE (health, emotional, personal, professional, travel and luck) - BIORHYTHMS (physical, emotional, intellectual and average value) It's easy to be prepared for your future! The app contains the following subscription options: - Monthly ($9.99) with a 3-day free trial period - Weekly ($9.99) with a 3-day free trial period - Monthly ($19.99) with a 3-day free trial period - Yearly special offer ($49.99) - Free trial subscription is automatically renewed unless cancelled 24 hours before the renewal - Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication - Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase Privacy Policy: Terms of Service: * The app cannot guarantee 100% accurate data, consider using it for entertainment purposes.



  • No

    By reviewdude1231214253654748
    The fact you half to pay for it is stupid. Such a scam I’m disappointed.
  • Freakishly accurate..

    By michelejel
    I’ve forever been skeptical about palm-readings and horoscopes. This was very detailed and spot on though. Some things I disagreed with but overall very accurate.. For one, I’ve been having doubts with my college major and part of my astrology conclusion mentioned my exact major and went into detail about it!! Weird. It’s worth a try if you need some insight!
  • Review

    By RachelJade20
    My palm reading was like literally the opposite of who I really am. I do not recommend.
  • Vague

    By r.h.b.
    The results were vague. Not what I was expecting. Most of the information is generic and can be found on any astrology site.
  • Love it

    By Mrs.MSI
    It’s interesting
  • Love this

    By get me my coinsss
    This is so accurate 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼💯
  • Surprised on the palm reading section

    By Chelsea Magik
    Wow palm reading is pretty accurate. However the astrology is mundane and inaccurate.
  • Wow

    By bcoop612
    I’m going through a break up and wanted to do this for fun... my mind was boggled with the first few sentences. Very specific information that was right on. Crazy!
  • $19/month Subscription- why?

    By Pet Natividad
    This is a rip off in so many levels. Why will anyone use a palm reading app subscription? Does your life/head line change monthly ? No! Why does it take 30 minutes to read my palm ? Lastly, and most importantly, the results doesn’t come close to my personality. Around 30% is so vague and universal that it applies to EVERYBODY! Everything else is just simply wrong or even the exact opposite of my personality or character. I was mislead by the other reviews. I strongly discourage anyone from this app.
  • Cool

    By Hdjiepwcododueh
    This was cool
  • No bad I like it

    By Arion cofield
    Hey it’s not bad I like the resources it gives you tbh
  • Favorites 🙌🏻

    By melodiccloud99
    One of the most accurate horoscope type apps. Definitely suggest getting this app
  • Love it

    By Scatter brained user
    It’s really cool and fun
  • Required to pay

    By DL from ATL
    After you enter everything, including pictures of both palms, you’re required to pay for ANY information. No way to confirm that your privacy won’t be violated after deleting app from phone. Should disclose this upfront.
  • Terrible, terrible app

    By ohsodisappointing
    The app may be free to download but the main reason I got it was to see my palm reading. You have to pay a $20 subscription just to see it. You can read your horoscope and that’s pretty much it. Total waste of time.
  • Not what I saw in the ad.

    By jejsjjajaikakxk
    The add was clearly just checking your palm and reading what is says, etc. But the major thing you come to download the app isn’t even available. You have to pay with money. But tries to cover it up with extra stuff you can do, but unless you pay, you can do almost anything.
  • Great

    By melanin88
    I love it
  • Scam

    By bahjaa2008
    Ridiculous ..waste of time .you have to pay to get access should advertise that before people download the app ..waste of time

    By jaddolealmasd
    It’s sooo sooo right about everything it’s amazing and I am really really glad I got it

    By Kik: PussayKat12
    I waited 2 hours for my palm to get read and it glitches out and restarted my time, which was totally okay, I’m a very patient person. However , it did it a second time so I set a timer for exactly 2 hours to go back on the app before it hit the time to see what my palm reading is. It counted down 3,2,1 and then BOOM DELETED AGAIN AND WANTED ME TO RESTART. THIS APP IS TRASH , DONT WASTE YOUR TIME
  • Have to pay to get anything when the app is free

    By no or yes?
    You get an app that is free and you think you are getting your palm read but NOOOOOO! You have to pay to do anything after you put all your info and have to find your time of birth!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Good horoscope

    By ktrea123
  • Not free

    By samoyasuke
    Misleading. Must have subscription. *Scoffs* at 3 day trial. Horoscope should at least be free
  • Help

    By sgjhdj
    I removed this app and canceled my trial before the trial ended now they are trying to charge me for an app I don’t have how can this be fixed???
  • Palm readings

    By fly gal 34
    It was very negative a lot was not true about myself
  • SCAM

    By LKcustomer
    Only review I’ve ever written. Do not download, absolutely no information provided unless you have a subscription. I also never subscribed, so I’m APPALLED they charged my card. No settings in app to contact anyone to dispute either. SCAM.
  • Eating disorder what??

    By sistaaaaa
    So I have a eating disorder to wear I barely eat anything and this app said I had a fat woman’s tendencies and should watch what I eat. Not a healthy suggestion in my books.
  • Amazing

    By irene3333
    This was a good, I typically don’t believe in it. However everything it told me was exactly what has been going on

    SCAM. DON'T DOWNLOAD. WILL RIP OFF YOUR $$$. Nothing is free and they keep charging
  • Incredible

    By Mythical3579
    All these things they are telling me is all true the good and the bad.
  • Eh

    By Mayylii
    Not worth the money, the app is way too general.
  • Better than most, still not great.

    By Kikobibo
    It was pretty good for being an online palm reading for “free”. It was mostly based on my zodiac and that was okay. It’s not worth $20/month. Tried the palm reading a couple times in a row under the same lighting and got very different results. So I’m not sure how accurate that really is.
  • I cannot get the app to recognize my hands

    By sbegonias93
    First off the frame for the hand itself on the app is poorly outlined, the fingers are not anatomically correct and I cannot get my fingers to fit into the frame without them being held uncomfortably. Second no matter how my hand was placed in the frame I was constantly told it was not recognizable. I held my palm as flat as I could.
  • Singer

    By elibn
    my inner desire always to sing sing I’m now 64 years of age be 65 come 17Aug the but I want to spearhead a career in singing in my retirement of life. I have a great Voice.
  • The review

    By bsbslaowapksnx
    This app is honestly very accurate , at least for me . when you enter there is going to be a this that says you have to pay but you can exist out of that and get your palm reading for free ! the only bad thing Is that you have to wait 2 hours ! Other than that it’s a great app
  • Game

    By ucyuufufufuf
    I was excited that I was able to use that app, and thought it was free. But after they took your information, and before they read ur Palme, you have to pay first. How stupid and scammers
  • Hate

    By Brookiecookie🍪
    I hate it worst app ever it does not work it’s stupid I want my money back for paying AFTER I BOUGHT THE APP yeah so I’m 1 star until this get fixed
  • I am amazed!!

    By girrlll123876
    I’m not one who generally writes a review but wow this is completely accurate. My jaw dropped multiple times. This was amazing!!
  • Bomb review

    By SondraDaAKA
    Whom ever read my palms was spot on !! ❤️❤️❤️ loving it
  • It needs fixing

    By VasilikiVho
    Im trying to got on the Horoscope and the app keeps shutting off....
  • Feed back

    By wacktownnn
    It’s too general not specific I was expecting more from it
  • Spot on Health review

    By Goldgems
    I am a very spiritual believer, and this was a very good reading. Do I believe in all my readings? Not all the time, but as far as this palm reading goes, it was well worth it. I finished a course of antibiotics and my bacterial sinus infection still hasn’t left (although it’s better)- the reading mentioned an infection. It also mentioned tension headaches- I’ve been getting tons of them for a month or two (sinus issues) and worry about them a lot! I couldn’t believe it. I immediately dropped my jaw a little. Thank you Esmeralda!
  • Didnt have what was advertised via Facebook

    By Ndjejdisiwjrdoeoqprjdndjei
    On Facebook, there was an advertisement saying “Use your iPhone camera and determine your unique ethnic mix! 🔎” I clicked the link, got directed to this app, downloaded it, and nowhere in the app is that feature offered. Waste of my time and false advertising.

    By divineknives
    I had an account and I was more than willing to pay for a week. I went ahead and unsubscribed as it said, so they can stop taking payments from my account. For two months they charged my account weekly $10, that’s $40 a month, $80 for this bs. I emailed their support and NEVER got a reply back. I finally got a replacement card from my bank and cancelled the card they had on file. BEWARE!
  • Garbage

    By Your inner child
    Garbage, unless you enjoy garbage
  • Not good

    By jahfjejsjb
    I wanted this app to be cool but it crashes every 2 min
  • Mile/Ms

    By Peswes
    Wow I love this palmistry app all what it say is true
  • Deceptive App

    By Gianni di Sickel
    Saw an ad for this app that described an image analyzer to guess what your heritage is. That feature does not exist. Very deceptive
  • Scary!

    By Tewolffan87654
    I had just downloaded the app, the first thing it asks is my name, I put in a fake name because no, I’m not putting that info into an app I had just bought. Then asked for my date of birth, I put my real one for my horoscope, but it then asked for a picture of my left AND right hand..I skipped it, then was given three things to do, 1, learn my horoscope based off of my sign, not to creepy, but number two really scared gave me a list of how much physical activity I had been doing, which was horrifyingly accurate, my emotion, accurate, intellect, which was accurate, and so on, but then the next option was to see a future me, it wanted a picture of my face, which I didn’t do for obvious reasons, but something came to mind, when it had asked for my left and right hand, before it asked it said it would be sent to a free palm reader, so, if this is true, the app is sending your hands, within your prints, and maybe even your face, to a non paid “palm reader”. It’s really fun at first but you have to think, it’s asking for a lot of personal information.