LIVE Palmistry & Horoscope

LIVE Palmistry & Horoscope

  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Release Date: 2017-09-28
  • Current Version: 2.1.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 111.30 MB
  • Developer: Devroq Apps LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 31 393


LIVE Palmistry & Horoscope is a powerful astrological tool that helps you look into the future right now! All you need is to take photos of your palms and get extended results on many aspects of your life. You have many questions and unresolved life situations. It's difficult to make right decisions about things that are very important for you. LIVE Palmistry & Horoscope is the only astrological app that provides answers to so many questions you have in stock. Our experts will be happy to read your palm lines and provide detailed and personal reading results. You only need to make photos of both left and right palms, get an expert assigned to you, wait for some time and get notified when the reading is done. Along with professional palm reading, the app gives you Daily Horoscope forecasts in multiple aspects of your every day life. And that's not it. You can check your daily Biorhythmic trends. FEATURES: - PALM READING (lines, things that matter, value of the life time and many more) - "FUTUREME" (shows your face in years) - DAILY HOROSCOPE (health, emotional, personal, professional, travel and luck) - BIORHYTHMS (physical, emotional, intellectual and average value) It's easy to be prepared for your future! The app contains the following subscription options: - Monthly ($9.99) with a 3-day free trial period - Weekly ($9.99) with a 3-day free trial period - Monthly ($19.99) with a 3-day free trial period - Yearly special offer ($49.99) - Free trial subscription is automatically renewed unless cancelled 24 hours before the renewal - Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication - Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase Privacy Policy: Terms of Service: * The app cannot guarantee 100% accurate data, consider using it for entertainment purposes.



  • 👍

    By tenleigh28
  • This is is garbage.

    By Fredericklal
    I was trying to do the palm reading and it kept m Saying my palm look fake try again. I never got passed that error message. HOW IN THE HELL ARE MY PALMS FAKE! I recommend that you don’t download. Waste of time
  • Completely useless - do not download

    By Herbert123123
    This app is a Russian doll of ads without ever being able to use the supposed palm reading service, unless you pay 19.99 a month to subscribe. This should be removed from the App Store. Predatory, misleading, useless.
  • S

    By shbubxykbg
    They help me so much with people I’m a therapist it is true please
  • I am loving it

    By 🇿🇼🇺🇦🇹🇨🇹🇿🇹🇿🇹🇰
    It’s so accurate and gave me a heads up on my day
  • Unbelievable true

    By Miss Sassy Mac
    Gives me chills best app ever!!
  • Not Real Palm

    By HappyShutterflyUser
    I’ve tried at least 5 times to capture my palm within the photo frame, and it’s told me every time it doesn’t look real. My hands have been real for the last 32 years of my life. Super lame.
  • It was HORRIBLE

    By mystery2856
    It was a horrible app no offense but we had to pay 19 and something cents per month yea then no thanks
  • It’s not to bad.

    By suicidepotatoe
    I played this game and so far, it wasn’t that bad. But the god. 19.99 per month? Seriously? Lower the prices if you want people to actually enjoy the horoscopes in peace. All I hear is BUY! BUY! BUY! And it’s so annoying. My advice: Lower the prices for once and just do people a favor and don’t be like the other games, don’t make us pay for fortunes and palm readings. At least put an add for it or something.
  • Terrible!!!

    By DFHatt
    I could never get this app to register my handprint despite NUMEROUS attempts, angles, and lighting. I finally gave up and deleted the app.
  • Not worth the money and inaccurate

    By Ahhhhhhhhhh44444
    Way too expensive plus it looks like they copied and pasted the palm reading. I had a paragraph with the same sentence repeated 5 times and that was it.
  • I love it

    By zarifgvfr
    G I
  • Love it

    By childofthesunaz
    So accurate it’s creepy
  • Scam

    By Awesome zombie gamer
    4$ a month for nothing they tell you stuff you could literally google
  • Only one thing wrong but it’s still amazing

    By tf2coolguy
    It’s the hand special mark each time u open it up it gives u a different answer for it but that’s it
  • HORRIBLE!!!!

    By Bdjdjdbdzkj
    I watched over 20 videos to get the free palm reading and then when no more videos were available I closed the app. When I proceeded to open the app the time was supposed to be up, bu then the 2 hour and 30 minutes restarted. I wasted over 10 minutes watching videos for nothing.
  • Way off!!

    By 9XS
    I was very disappointed on so many levels but the most was my health. I am in great shape work out 6 days a week and I am also a yoga trainer / instructor. I run at high energy so this app in my opinion will not be something I use
  • Outstanding

    By Irvin_Andrade!!
    Great app
  • Palm reading

    By Yaffith101
    Awesome ! 🙂

    By be_lovely
    In order to access the completely GENERIC results of your horoscopes biorhythms etc— like worse than the newspaper horoscope and how could this app know anything about my biorhythm? You have to watch a 30 second ad for each result! Terrible!

    By XxRoblox_PlaysEmmaxX
    This app is horrible. It makes you pay 20 dollars a MONTH to unlock everything which isn’t a lot of things. You can’t use this app unless you buy the pass thing. 2 minutes in and I’m deleting it. Sorry, but I’m not willing to pay to get to do things.
  • Love the app

    By fadhel mohammed
    I love the app so much
  • Palm Reading

    By gjs2019
    Overall very accurate! A couple of things were a little off, but I am very impressed!
  • So true

    By 👌BabyDrew👌
    So when I did this I thought it would be one of the prank or stupid lies. But reading this it really is so true and fascinating how it knows me and very cool how I have a 6th sense. And if you wanna know your potential come to this app.
  • Nice

    By Chase2050
  • Forces you to subscribe

    By jeicown eocoan
    Useful app but you can tell the creators are too concerned about making money. Can’t even access the app without doing a “trial”
  • Ok

    By Jay🤣Weirssd
    It waits till the day u have to pay again to see ur palm results stoopied
  • Terrible

    By do not download thus app
    It’s terrible full of lies stuff I already knew n I didn’t get my palm reading but it did take 10$ from me don’t download
  • Wow

    By jayyyyyhdbdjsmsi
    Everything she said was real 🏆🏆
  • No no no

    By Mybunnystuffrocks123
    You basically have to pay for every “feature” and have a membership.
  • This is not free

    By EMT McLeod
    Waists your time taking pictures of your palm just to not let you do anything or see anything without paying
  • Review

    By reevesbrandy1331
    I just started using it today and for the price I will be paying is not worth just reading my horoscope
  • Meh

    By Staryogi
    I results are pretty vague and generic. I thought it would be more individualized. Nothing I couldn’t find already on the internet.
  • Needs Work

    By Emilyfiora
    This app is lacking a lot. I tried the three day free trial and got my palm read. It sounded very generic and not accurate. The biorhythm thing is kinda interesting, but there’s no explanation of how it works and it would be cool if we could scroll back and forth to check out different days. The old age thing is dumb and depressing 😂 Horoscope also sounds generic and not accurate. Try harder, could be a good app with some work. Definitely does not seem worth spending money on.
  • Good

    By sellingisfun
    I enjoyed this very much
  • So go.

    By nora888887
  • Jakosmsnd

    By wonters
    Love it
  • Yes

    By amara.dee
    It’s nice
  • Told me that my palm didn’t look real

    By LilEssums
    Didn’t get far into the app because I tried to take the picture of my palm and was told over and over that it didn’t look real. Photo was clear, good lighting, and as spot-on to the cartoon shape template that was provided allowed.
  • Grateful and Thankful

    By Lovely Boss Lady Dee
    This is so on point for me. Everything I read was true and met me where I am in life. The Universe most definitely have me and have me right on track. I’m so estatic at this moment and filled with tears of joy. My life is changing for the better and for all the good I’ve done already up to this this point in my life. Am so very grateful for everything and everything to come. My heart is so happy right now and the tears of joy streaming down my face. Confirmation had arrived.... Thank you😘😘😘💪🏾❤️
  • Surprised

    By crochet bae
    I did the 3 day trial. Just was curious. It was surprisingly accurate! But I don’t think the price is worth it for me.
  • Amazing

    By nighttimefox_YT
    It told me some things I do know and some things I don’t but I love this app❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😁😁😁😁
  • Lazy Person

    By taykofucu
    I think I would have been good but you had to pay for it. Me being to lazy to read the description didn’t know that.
  • im not sure but it says im inpatient im not i wait it take two hours just for to read your palm

    By TalyorGang!!^.^
    its good but not really im giving it a three
  • Speechless

    By Jack-ey
    Almost everything was on point.
  • Carmellafredo

    By Carmelafredo
    So far I like very much
  • It’s just ads

    By Mishapay
    After 15 minutes of trying, I never got to experience anything in the app. Every time I clicked something I would get a mandatory 30 seconds ad. I’m not paying for something like this without at least one chance to try it. Ridiculous.
  • Great!

    By Nano86s
  • Horrible App Definitely Deleted It

    By E17892564
    I could get through all of the subscriptions and ads really a waste of time.