Cash, Inc. Fame & Fortune Game

Cash, Inc. Fame & Fortune Game

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-10-06
  • Current Version: 2.3.8
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 237.98 MB
  • Developer: Lion Studios
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 397 629


Embark on the ultimate idle clicker adventure of a lifetime with Cash, Inc.! You can build a time machine and be the most popular money tycoon of all time (literally!). Once the wealth starts rolling in, there’s no saying how far you will go! This tapping game was made for you, Boss! Click and tap just for a little while. Then, let amazing superstars take your business game to the next level, as they will collect your riches in your place! Become a money-crazed business tycoon as you see your riches grow in all eras. What are you waiting for, Boss? Hop on, leap and prance through time and grow your own business empire! Cash, Inc. Features: MONEY CLICKER THAT MAKES YOU RICH • Live like a business tycoon, where tapping will be your greatest asset! • Tap whenever, wherever you want, and take a break. This idle clicker lets you profit from your businesses without actually being there! • Use your earnings from tapping (as well as from your managers) to upgrade various businesses. • Make money and pile up profit so you can spend your money on what YOU want. BUSINESS TYCOON AMENITIES • Lead a lazy, yet productive idle tycoon lifestyle while your celebrity business partners take care of you and your businesses! • Just click and tap to upgrade your businesses and keep the money flowing! • Make money while you renovate your business tower. More money means having better and more stunning tower appearances! • Let your luck come to play – receive special free gifts like tickets, crystals and time jump with the wheel of fortune to build your wealth even more! Spin 'N Win, Boss! WEALTHIEST OF ALL TIME! • Hire mad scientist to build a time machine, and be the richest time-travelling tycoon of all-time! • Leap through time and start your money kingdom wherever and whenever you go! • Be the most famous money tycoon on all eras and let them talk about your success in reaching fame and fortune: an empire of your own! SHARE YOUR WEALTH • Work your way up to the Rich List! Join a community of business elites in the Cash, Inc. leaderboards. • Brag about your cold hard-earned cash to fellow business tycoons on social media! Start your own business adventure and live the life you’ve always wanted. You’re just a click and a tap away from rising to fame and raking in that sweet cash! Disclaimer: Playing Cash, Inc. requires a secure internet connection. P.S. Got problems? Questions? Suggestions? We’re ready to assist you, Boss! Talk to us via & join our community of businesspeople in



  • Fun game!

    By Nelly pets
    This game is so fun! I play it everyday and night I can’t even sleep I need to play this game.
  • Money

    By oendksowl
    I like the graphics and the sounds I wish I could be rich some day and give some homeless people some money:)

    By alreadytakenagainughughughugh
    I love 💕 game so so so so so much . However recently I saw a way to get crystals it said that I would have to share the game and if someone downloaded the game through the link I sent I would get 75 crystals, I BEGGED MY SISTER TO DOWNLOAD and when she did I received ABSOLUTELY nothing . I would love to believe that there was a misunderstanding and if this is so PLEASE FIX IT because with those crystals I could buy a new building I am sure you could understand my dissatisfaction. Other than that the game is pretty addicting.Please fix this inconvenience
  • I love it

    By gftghhfgghhfvgg
    I love it
  • Love this game

    By lsjdbenfkcjev
    This game is the best it’s so fun and I can’t stop playing
  • Money makes

    By missippiissippi
    I love the game but when I get the cow the golden pig or the alien it makes me wait 2 hours to get another one
  • Great!!

    By BaseBee
    This game is NOT laggy and does not seem to have any bugs. I love how there are golden pigs or Manet airplanes when you tap them you get money. 💚💚Cash Inc Rules!💚💚
  • This game is fun

    By raaj_theyoungin
    I really like this game!!!👌😁
  • 5 Star

    By Gionna C.
    Best game EVER
  • Joe Montana

    By hdhdbfbcn
    This is a great game to play when you are board.
  • :D

    By colt2009
    REASON I GAVE THIS GAME FIVE STARS:..........".................................................HI
  • Soooo amazing!! 😊( ^ω^ )♥︎

    By Amazing rate for Lingo kids
    Thanks for this game, it made me not bored but amazed, if there is a way I will give you 100 stars
  • Best game

    By Viper8965
    This game is the best tycoon that I have ever played
  • One problem

    By LilyDaCookieMonster
    It’s a great game I love it! Just one problem..the ads are ridiculous every minute I get them I don't even get to play the game! It’s aggravating! Fix this problem please!!!!!
  • Best game

    By Wrestlersdaddy
    Best game
  • Used to be fun, now it’s endless ads

    By Ad-roque
    At one point this game was a cute little diversion. With the most recent update, they’ve added a feature where characters appear and take you to an unskippable ad every minute or so, no matter what you do. The game is now essential unplayable.
  • I love this game

    By LucaLUVSToys
    I love this game because when I have free time I get on my iPad and just play and play and play and so much time flies and then when I get home from my stuff I get on my iPhone and play and it has so many little details like the mad scientist living under the skyscraper
  • This game is awesome

    By dracodranite
    It makes businesses less boring and more fun
  • Bad game

    By karliena
    I gave cash inc a 3 star rating because there were thing that were kind of like ads and you couldn’t X out of them and I hated that!
  • Game

    By MEEEEZZZZZ!!!!!!
    This is a good game.
  • Good

    By Sir awesome 425
    Very great level. I just started and I already have so much money.
  • I love this game but....

    By MrMysterious
    It takes for ever to get the rocket place
  • Forced ads

    By 🆔🆔🆔🆔🆔🆔🆔🆔
    You are forced to watched ads for rewards. A lot of apps do this and it’s usually tolerable however these ads are about every 2 seconds and you can’t undo it I don’t know if this makes sense however if you try off of it it does not allow you
  • From me

    By no names you can do people
    It’s so much fun because you buy the shops then you try alout of money it’s the best
  • Cash inc

    By Ydulis
    This is the best game ever

    By Leo7931
  • Cash inc

    By patrick 85628
    I love to play this game
  • Amazing game by Rylee

    By rylee bear
    This is an amazing game probably the best game ever played so I gave it 1000000000 stars in my head but sadly I could only give 5 so ya bueeeee 😁😁😁😁😁😁
  • Cash ink

    By patrick1701$$$
    I love it so much that I can't stop playing.$$$cash ink is so fun.
  • Me gusta

    By yogartu
  • Hello

    By MONSTER4561298
    This game is horrible
  • Good game

    By therwister1234
    I rated this game a 5 cause is really good I played whil at work it’s like a pain releaver
  • This is a great game!

    By delyza909
    The game is a bit boring but it can be fun, although I do really like that I can have lots and tons of money every second😂but seriously it’s fun! More people should play this. I play this game a lot even tho I just downloaded it😂well make sure to download it you will be obsessed with it I hope the developer of this game see this btw I’m nine! And kids are obsessed with many games but I hope I never grow up because once I get older games aren’t fun😢but at least I can enjoy my childhood while I can😃
  • It is fun

    By emmy jackup
    I gave it five stares because it is really fun it is like you own you own mall a little bit I also like it because I just like the song and the new Billings and store a think you should get it to like me
  • This is a really good game but...

    By danolex555
    I like this game a lot but once you get really good and the numbers have name like octillion then it gets kinda boring and you can’t do anything but wait be idle get more cash upgrade and then wait again.Thats what my dad does with his game but he has been doing that for years and he’s the best at a lot of games.If that’s how you want to play games it is a long process but after a while it’ll pay off.
  • Amazing

    By ndhdhdjdkrn
    I love it wow beautiful game I love workin’ I Am goin’ to me a businesswoman
  • Sooooo Amazing!!🤪

    By frreeeemode
    This is the best game that I have ever played you are always making money and I never think it is unfair. There are also lots of upgrades and ways to be rich !!! If you are reading this you NEED TO GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Super good

    By TTV_kingky
    I like the game not many adds or glitches but overall it’s a good game I started playing a week ago and it is addicting I can get a lot of money now I never seen a game this good!
  • The best game

    By efabbs
  • Best game

    By boy gymnist
    This game is awwwwwwsome
  • Hi

    By ftgdhfcjd
    It’s the best game ever and you can play it for hours and free to play it all you need money upgrade your people
  • Cash. Inc

    By robux off
    Cash. Inc is one of the best apps you could ever have. It is the most addicting game in the world I’ve been playing this game for three days already and I am done with one tower pls install this app🙂
  • Ups and downs

    By Lexyyyy32123
    Ok so I love the game a lot but the game keeps logging me out i don’t know why please help if u can thank you 😀
  • Its a game

    By bjarkiii
    I mean its just a typical mobile game that I have if I’m bored it’s just a common game that I have on my phone
  • Games fun and addictive

    By ethanfrmtheblock
    I started playing at 8:00 and played till 3 in the morning
  • So much money 🤑🤑🤑🤑

    By so mad lol
    I have so much money I have already got to the gold house but that’ sow how much it is easy just like the ad said you just need to tap SO EASY
  • Good game, but

    By Andrew perez lanzada
    How did cash get incorporated
  • The most epic game ever

    By killerbeast!1123
    Epic game dude
  • Ideas for next game

    By Rossettistink
    I really LOVE this game.. and I think you should make a zoo game where you have to get different animals and you start with a tiger and then you can go up to 900 more animal. 😁 just a idea ❤️