MasterClass: Learn New Skills

MasterClass: Learn New Skills

  • Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2018-04-02
  • Current Version: 6.3.1
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 104.28 MB
  • Developer: MasterClass
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
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With the MasterClass mobile app, you can: ACCESS GENIUS ANYWHERE Build learning into your life, every day, with video lessons, workbooks, and more. Use strategies, secrets, tips and recipes from our courses to elevate your craft. GET EXCLUSIVE CONTENT Watch lesson highlights and discover exclusive content only available on the app. CLASSES INCLUDE: Culinary Arts: Learn recipes and techniques from the best chefs in the world. - Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking - Thomas Keller Teaches Cooking Techniques - Alice Waters Teaches the Art of Home Cooking - Wolfgang Puck Teaches Cooking Film & TV: Nail every casting. Take lessons from celebrated screenwriters, a great value compared to screenwriting workshops. - Ron Howard Teaches Directing - Martin Scorsese Teaches Filmmaking - Shonda Rhimes Teaches Writing for Television - Werner Herzog Teaches Filmmaking - Helen Mirren Teaches Acting - Samuel L. Jackson Teaches Acting - Steve Martin Teaches Comedy - Aaron Sorkin Teaches Screenwriting Music & Performance - Armin Van Buuren Teaches Dance Music - Christina Aguilera Teaches Singing - Herbie Hancock Teaches Jazz - Hans Zimmer Teaches Film Scoring - Usher Teaches the Art of Performance - Reba McEntire Teaches Country Music - Deadmau5 Teaches Electronic Music Production Writing: Learn about the process and inspiration of your favorite authors. - Malcolm Gladwell Teaches Writing - R.L. Stine Teaches Writing for Young Audiences - David Mamet Teaches Dramatic Writing - Judy Blume Teaches Writing - James Patterson Teaches Writing Sports & Games: Learn strategy, tactics, and training techniques for your favorite games and sports, including basketball. - Stephen Curry Teaches Shooting, Ball-Handling, and Scoring - Garry Kasparov Teaches Chess - Serena Williams Teaches Tennis Design, Photography, & Fashion - Annie Leibovitz Teaches Photography - Frank Gehry Teaches Architecture - Diane von Furstenberg Teaches Building a Fashion Brand - Marc Jacobs Teaches Fashion Design Politics & Society - Bob Woodward Teaches Investigative Journalism - Jane Goodall Teaches Conservation Note: Classes on pre-enroll are not currently supported in the mobile app experience. ALL-ACCESS PASS SUBSCRIPTION TERMS The All-Access Pass auto-renews one year after time of purchase and includes access to all classes. Your iTunes Account will be charged the noted amount for the first year when your purchase is confirmed and will be automatically charged annually at then-current rate unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. No refunds for partial subscription periods. To cancel subscription or update payment information, go to Settings in the App Store before your next billing date. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable. See our Privacy Policy at See our Terms of Service at



  • LOVE MasterClass

    By scraufie
    I am a person who loves to continue learning. For years I have been a fan of the Great Courses but many of their classes are soooooo boring in the way they are delivered, that I longed for more and had to push myself to finish a lot of them. They are showing improvement in their content- in part because of these people, I think. Competitors should push each other to improve because we all win that way. MasterClass right out of the box is a highly produced and high quality bunch of classes by those who have reached the top performance levels in their crafts. I have enjoyed the classes I have seen immensely and really learned a lot as a result. In fact, I couldn’t wait to see the next one! Actually, each class is so interesting, and they make you feel like you could actually do what they are teaching you to do. It’s also really cool to see these people differently than their basic professional personas. The classes that I have seen have really shown people with a high degree of passion for what they are teaching, and teaching it in such a way that all of us can engender that passion. It is so worth the investment to get the all access pass. It’s not cheap, but totally worth it. And they keep adding classes frequently. The accompanying class workbook is also pretty helpful. About the only thing I would add as a point of improvement to the app itself is to make it easier to search for those parts of the classes you are already taking. It seems to require a little more hunting than I would like to do.
  • Amazing Information Worth Thousands for only $190.00 for the Year!

    By Gigi Maheux
    This is a no brainer. Training from true Masters of their craft. Where else can you spend this kind of time with Samuel L Jackson or Natalie Portman or...the list goes on and on. Thank you!
  • So amazing!

    By Stanley4377
    Love MasterClass. Love the corresponding app.
  • Content great - app needs work

    By Designer-x
    It’s hard to back up to different chapters in the lessons from the iPhone app and similar little issues. Content is tops and works better on Apple TV and the web site page.
  • Masters are interesting but why not enrich the video with more content

    By ScreamAgainstTheWind
    Associated files, such as recipes, should be easier to find and download. The cooking videos should have helpful info such as: measurements of ingredients and alternative types of butter displayed while the chef is speaking. The user has tools, ways to pause the Video, so why not enrich the video content with interesting info such as where Madeline’s first created. Give the user the option to display or hide this type of additional content
  • Weak content

    By agjogsfb
    The content isn’t as in depth as it appeared to be by the ad’s.
  • Problems

    By j------n
    This app only works some of time. Great content, but doesn’t work very well on the phone
  • Worth The Investment!

    By ozzieperiod
    Usually I don’t do app reviews but MasterClass offers a great sales pitch. “Come and learn from your favorite person”. The curriculum is very simple and easy to understand and the passion of the people teaching the MasterClass drives it all home. Im a firm believer in MasterClass as a more effective way to learn the arts!
  • App still has issues with offline videos

    By capital-t-bone
    March and still issues with downloaded videos. Set my preferences to HD, all videos download in SD. Half of the videos won’t play and freeze up the app until I force quit. The others indicated they downloaded while I was home, only to find them incomplete when I’m on the plane. I don’t what outfit they’re using to QA this app, but they need to be fired.
  • Happy

    By Myriam Araiza
    It’s amazing to learn in this way with such incredible people
  • What are you waiting for?

    By Salmonella77
    If you have a curious nature. If you ever wondered, “how do they do that?” If you have a pulse and still want to learn,then jump in and join the family! These courses you take in your home, in your pajamas, with no stress, no papers to turn in, no commute, no grades! My god man this might be the best thing since sliced bread. And when you do sign up and you love these courses remember who told you to sign up. Me!
  • App crashes constantly

    By abachalypse
    App never works!!
  • Very kindly helpful

    By upset 2234567812
    Nathalie is very modest and kind. She gave me the confidence to go back on my acting and to enjoy it ❤️❤️❤️
  • Crashing

    By ShtzWeak
    This app worked for me one time and ever since it just crashes as it’s loading, even tried to delete the app and re install it, MasterClass itself is good but the app not so much
  • iPhone 8 and app do not load. Please fix it.

    By Ian-al
    iPhone 8 and app do not load. Please fix it.
  • This app will save the Earth

    By Jackie's Cookie Connection
    The app title says what it is and it is precisely that. Also, if aliens come to Earth and based on a single thing we’ve created, decide whether to let us survive as a race, be sure they download this app. It’s our only chance to avoid global destruction.
  • Incredible content BUT....

    By GFirstTime
    Incredible content BUT !!!! User experience is not that great. When you close the app and reopen it a day or two later it loses your spot. You have to go through a pain of a search to find the last chapter/spot you left off . Needs work but the content is absolutely incredible
  • Paul Krugman Economics class

    By M8020
    I enjoyed this class, but I had hoped there would have been more depth. Paul touched on a lot of very interesting subjects. Any one of these subjects could have been at least an hour long instead of 12 minutes. Perhaps Paul could add some classes that explore these topics in more detail.
  • Excellent Content

    By HappyNaturalist
    From my laptop or iPad, I am loving taking a few minutes a day to learn from masters like Chris Hadfield the astronaut and Jane Goodall the scientist and conservationist. Fantastic and inspiring content, exceptional videography, short and organized lessons. So grateful for this service.
  • Timbaland

    By Duff McGruff
    Timbaland was dope! Very inspirational and straight to the point. Big ups Tim, look for me, I’m coming!
  • Fantastic program

    By dndd717
    Well worth the price of admission
  • One of the best investments I’ve ever made

    By paulytwobyfour
    Impeccable production. Well designed. Incredible company and production quality and the wealth of info is mind boggling.
  • Wow!!

    By MrMuzzix
    Insightful, hands-on approach, like sitting in the studio with a legend. No secrets, pure sharing and experience teaching you the way! Now I need the All Access Pass!
  • So far its 50/50

    By Dread Sknot
    Half the information in here is useful and the other half feels like a waste of time. So far I’ve completed Deadmau5 and half way through Timbalins class.
  • Decent but...

    By Itsjust_juan711
    It’s a good app but it won’t let me login using Facebook.
  • Great classes, terrible app

    By nick505050name
    App constantly crashes. It’s unusable. Maybe the developers should watch a coding masterclass?
  • Terrible

    By bitternapkin
    You have to pay pay I am not paying that much to learn to act once you can do It for free I will use this app everyday but for not not
  • Amazing life advice

    By Bobobzilla
    Every class is a Master Class not just in a particular subject, but in how to live life to its fullest. Having unprecedented access to these incredibly accomplished giants in their fields helps you get a perspective on life that no one has ever had access to before. I highly recommend taking classes that you are passionate about as well as classes in subjects that you have never considered. Learning from so many who pursue excellence in their lives and careers is priceless. Master Class makes the priceless affordable and is worth every penny.
  • No Way to Cast to TV - Fire TV / Vizio Smartcast / Chrome with iOS

    By TaraMarie73
    Would love to watch classes on TV versus my tiny iPhone. But no way to do it with Fire TV. Also no way to do it with Vizio Smartcast. Also no way to cast from Chrome with Google Chromecast Ultra as casting from the Chrome app for iOS (iPad / iPhone) is not available.
  • The best thing that happened to learning

    By Julia Wasa
    MasterClass supersedes my expectations in every way. Classes are pure learning -free of hype, fluff or cliche sound bites. MasterClass couldn’t have picked better people to interview or topics to discuss. Look forward to future lessons on more scientific fields- loved the space explorations. It was phenomenal.
  • False advertising

    By Frustrated girlfriend
    This app is down right infuriating. I’m trying to better myself and learn something new. So, they advertise celebrity tutorials on how to do multiple different skills as free (with in app purchases). I expected some purchases maybe for a membership or to upgrade but you can’t do anything at all without paying outrageous amounts for videos I’m sure I could find on YouTube, maybe not with the same people, but a heck of a lot cheaper. Maybe this app isn’t so outrageous to most, but personally I prefer a little integrity for anything I spend that much money for.
  • Video access

    By Laraed
    Having access to videos through the app is valuable; however, the website offers so many additional features that someone using the app would never know about. For instance: Why can we not rate the classes in the app? The app runs smoothly and is visually appealing I just get frustrated because I have to return to the website for so many features. Thanks for reading.
  • App doesn’t work - Waste of time and money

    By bummed aboit masterclass
    I’ve tried at least a dozen times to watch videos and the App just doesn’t work. Download several updates. What a disappointment. Would love to view the content. Sorry I spent my money and wasted my time on a yearly membership. I’ll go back to watching Gordon Ramsay on YouTube.
  • App crashes at start. Don’t buy.

    By Socket86
    I can’t believe I pay for something that can’t even load. Do I blame Apple, or MasterClass? Someone needs to answer for this embarrassment. As someone with multiple apple and Steve Jobs tattoos, I can say apple has fallen quite hard. Do I need to switch??
  • First ever review

    By LoganJayy
    This is outstanding. Delete Instagram and spend your time here. The depth of knowledge in these MasterClass from experts in pursuit of their fields after lifetimes of work is unparalleled. 11/10 recommend.
  • Amazing!

    By ArgentSoza
    You’ll learn a lot very quickly!
  • Plain talk

    By Lissy mom
    Mr. Sorkin has a very entertaining quality about him that captures and holds your attention. He thinks visually which is to say that he creates words and thoughts not before he actually thinks and says them but as they are leaving his lips. Which he then reassembles in front of you. He thinks out loud. It’s fun to literally watch him form thoughts and words in the space around him. He is absolutely wrong on one very important point though. Maybe the most salient point of the whole series. The best Pop-Tarts are in fact Blueberry non-frosted and gently toasted!
  • Negreanu’s class is Under-valued

    By distancerides
    I had no idea I’d learn so much and I’ve been playing successfully since the early 2000’s. Sooo glad I bought his class.
  • Waste of time and money

    By ninjasavant
    I bought the Annie Liebowitz class where she “teaches photography.” I was really hoping to get her perspective on the technical aspects of photography. Lighting, lenses, studio setup, you know, a class. Instead what you get is not much more than an evening with Annie Liebowitz. This could have been edited down and played on PBS or maybe a TED talk. The class on lighting can be summed up as “I like natural light.” The class on studio photography can be summed up as “I don’t like working in a studio.” The “assignments” for the classes were about as good. Cut out a picture you like and hang it up somewhere. Take a picture of someone at three different times throughout the day. Those were literally two of the assignments. If this were an episode of fresh air with Terry Gross I’d have given it 4 stars. It wasn’t not interesting. It was not, however, a class worth $90.
  • Could not play/ slow loading

    By eryang.zhou
    I am base in China, the class takes indefinite time to load after I click start. I tried VPN, but still no luck. You will most likely got an error message saying”unable to play lesson”, or if you are lucky, you can watch the class after the annoying loading
  • Insight

    By daltonjoebassawesome
    Seeing what masters at their craft relay on their insight of approaching their craft, skill, environment and what u pull out of this is extremely valuable. Makes u change mentality on approaching ur own work , people and environment- a triple win - thanks for putting this together - it’s great -
  • Meh app - Great class

    By Dreamdoc
    Great concept- marginal app. I want to easily replay a lesson sometimes several times. The app doesn’t make it easy. On Apple TV I can’t even find the directory of lessons for me course!!! Devs please address this!
  • Love my cooking classes.

    By Ejazuck
    I bought this for my husband who loves wines and I thought we could learn a bit about wines tasting from James Suckling. It turns out that his course is the least instructive and we are skipping around to find a lesson that actually teaches something. That being said, we moved on to Gordon Ramsey and couldn’t be more thrilled! I’m a serious home cook and I find his lessons fantastic and Ramsey, a great and inspiring teacher. Alice Waters is good but not that instructive. Is see their adding more Chefs and I’m pleased. Checking out Anne Leibovitz and other areas of interest. Not enough time in a day. MasterClass is beautifully done and a fantastic way to explore interests.
  • Great content, navigation needs work

    By VIEWER07
    I found half the courses to be extremely enjoyable, the other ones, not so good. Some lacked structure and were not well thought out, others did not seem up to par compared to the others, seems like the development team could be doing a better job with collaborative development on the course creation process. Some people have a passion for what they do but teaching may not be one of their strong points. I’d rather see fewer courses of higher quality than a bunch of courses that feel mediocre. Some of the so called masters don’t even seem to be motivated to teach the class, as if it’s just another dreaded chore to promote their business. I hope this learning platform continues to focus on quality over quantity, otherwise I can’t see myself signing up for another year.Also, the app should be made available for smart tv’s si it can be viewed on a bigger screen. Finally, the ability to jump ahead skipping over chapters needs work.
  • Fine work

    By Drew Lichtenfels
    Superb production values. Genuine interest by the Master for the class. Addictive!
  • this is a great app!

    By 2021rev
    It's fascinating to listen to and experience coaching/lessons by their awesome instructors e.g. Serena Williams for tennis! Unlimited pass is a good idea.
  • Slow

    By schmidtsuz
    LOVE MasterClass! But this app is not good. It’s slow, stalls out a lot, seems to need an update every couple weeks, and I can’t figure out how to download the lessons so I’m not having to deal with interrupted streaming.
  • Downloading doesn’t work; frustrating navigation.

    By devilbond
    The classes themselves are wonderful and I highly recommended it as a learning resource. The faults of the app are incredibly frustrating however. Downloads - The only way I’ve been able to *maybe* complete a successful download is by uninstalling the app, restarting my phone (xs max), reinstalling the app, re-selecting cellular downloads ok, and then hitting download. Success rate on this is maybe 50%. The success rate of being able to download without going through all of the above is 0%. Each class icon will just be stuck on ‘queued’ or ‘downloading’ but nothing happens no matter how many minutes, hours or days you give it. This applies whether the user has selected high or low quality. Navigation - show me my classes, with maybe a list of ‘up next’ classes to choose from, based on where I’m up to in those classes. Between the user and the next class there is always a ballet of scrolling past irrelevant courses and a memory game to remember what your instructor looks like from a completely unnecessary grid of instructor photos. Any ‘up next’ option should be weighted based on viewing activity. If I’ve just watched ‘course x’ show me that next episode on the home page, not a course I have never watched a video of. Your design team has made something attractive to look at and navigate through but have sacrificed usability and utility to do so. That is form over function, not good design. This goes for both iOS apps - phone and AppleTV
  • Worth it!!! (not a bot too)

    By Urgilez
    This app is very educational. Yes it may be pricy with a $172 ALL ACCESS pass to 52 incredible creditable artists in their craft. But it’s such a reminder of college. There is a saying that it doesn’t matter what ivy name college you go to, what matters is the education and professors. That’s exactly what it is like, it is a well designed thought out way to dive into passionate people and understand what true dedication and effective tips and tricks that are normally taught but it comes from successful people. This all happens in one simple app that has about 15-20 videos per person. The video lengths are VERY reasonable and the topics “lessons” are very deep. I really hope this app does well, so more mentors and people can share their experiences. Thank you for making me love art and the beauty that lives inside of individuals....see what I did there ;)