MasterClass: Learn New Skills

MasterClass: Learn New Skills

  • Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2018-04-02
  • Current Version: 6.9.0
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 108.59 MB
  • Developer: MasterClass
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 13 327


With the MasterClass mobile app, you can: ACCESS GENIUS ANYWHERE Build learning into your life, every day, with video lessons, workbooks, and more. Use strategies, secrets, tips and recipes from our courses to elevate your craft. GET EXCLUSIVE CONTENT Watch lesson highlights and discover exclusive content only available on the app. CLASSES INCLUDE: Culinary Arts: Learn recipes and techniques from the best chefs in the world. - Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking - Thomas Keller Teaches Cooking Techniques - Alice Waters Teaches the Art of Home Cooking - Wolfgang Puck Teaches Cooking Film & TV: Nail every casting. Take lessons from celebrated screenwriters, a great value compared to screenwriting workshops. - Ron Howard Teaches Directing - Martin Scorsese Teaches Filmmaking - Shonda Rhimes Teaches Writing for Television - Werner Herzog Teaches Filmmaking - Helen Mirren Teaches Acting - Samuel L. Jackson Teaches Acting - Steve Martin Teaches Comedy - Aaron Sorkin Teaches Screenwriting Music & Performance - Armin Van Buuren Teaches Dance Music - Christina Aguilera Teaches Singing - Herbie Hancock Teaches Jazz - Hans Zimmer Teaches Film Scoring - Usher Teaches the Art of Performance - Reba McEntire Teaches Country Music - Deadmau5 Teaches Electronic Music Production Writing: Learn about the process and inspiration of your favorite authors. - Malcolm Gladwell Teaches Writing - R.L. Stine Teaches Writing for Young Audiences - David Mamet Teaches Dramatic Writing - Judy Blume Teaches Writing - James Patterson Teaches Writing Sports & Games: Learn strategy, tactics, and training techniques for your favorite games and sports, including basketball. - Stephen Curry Teaches Shooting, Ball-Handling, and Scoring - Garry Kasparov Teaches Chess - Serena Williams Teaches Tennis Design, Photography, & Fashion - Annie Leibovitz Teaches Photography - Frank Gehry Teaches Architecture - Diane von Furstenberg Teaches Building a Fashion Brand - Marc Jacobs Teaches Fashion Design Politics & Society - Bob Woodward Teaches Investigative Journalism - Jane Goodall Teaches Conservation Note: Classes on pre-enroll are not currently supported in the mobile app experience. ALL-ACCESS PASS SUBSCRIPTION TERMS The All-Access Pass auto-renews one year after time of purchase and includes access to all classes. Your iTunes Account will be charged the noted amount for the first year when your purchase is confirmed and will be automatically charged annually at then-current rate unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. No refunds for partial subscription periods. To cancel subscription or update payment information, go to Settings in the App Store before your next billing date. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable. See our Privacy Policy at See our Terms of Service at



  • No one answers the phone

    By Julissahasan
    When I call even in business hours there is no answer. Have taken days just to reset my password.
  • Marc Jacobs Master Class

    By Sleighofhand
    I really love the patchwork dresses Marc designed with his team and some of the images from his grunge collection. My favorite was a beautiful black dress made from pieces of different fabrics and textures all stitched together beautifully. I also really liked how he speaks. It is really cool that when he describes a design he refers to it like so, “We found antique books for inspiration” etc. I just find it refreshing that he gives credit to his team almost every time he explains his process. I am always impressed by collaborators. My only real complaint is that this class, which I am not finished with, only leaves me wanting to see more. I would like to meet his team in the class and see them work and watch a sketch go to their pattern maker and see the toile or muslin and then the finished garment and to see more of his process. I would like to see all of his collections and shows and inspiration. I really think it would be worth it to take the class for the full year to really learn all there is to know.
  • Can you put down the cash for kids pleas?

    By Miguel Leoncio
    When I installed this app I went to go find Samuel L(Nick Fury) I ran downstairs to tell my mom but when I said 90$ she got mad at me and said no I almost started to cry because I really wanted to learn acting so I am not mad or anything but can u just turn down the money for kids like nine years old like me or something please😢
  • Chromecast

    By Jsid23
    If you want to use this app with Chromecast you are wasting your time.
  • Arron Franklin BBQ

    By Njb1954
    What a fabulous course it has upped my smoking/grilling game 100% The fact that I can stop and go back to a lesson to review is awesome Aaron is a great teacher
  • Lame

    By M2man
    Ok great hints on screen THAT DO NOTHING. 10% alpha makes it impossible to see. Clicking everywhere does nothing. Idiots.
  • App won’t open

    By iPhoneGeek42
    Just recently bought a year subscription. It worked for a day. The courses are great, but the app will no longer open. Just sits at the splash screen, and then eventually closes. Prior tot hat, download functionality was seriously buggy Very disappointed in the quality of the app around what are otherwise very solid courses.
  • App needs work , unresponsive, glitchy and crashes often

    By Jrock772
    Content is awesome, but a the app itself needs help.
  • Won’t let me download classes

    By Boilingclay
    Masterclass is incredible so far...but only on my laptop. The mobile app never lets me download any classes as all downloads just get stuck in the “queue”. I have good cell service and can download plenty of other things in my phone in other apps. This is quite the let down because the program really is top notch. I just wish the mobile app had that same level of quality to it.
  • Not worth the price

    By Th4nos.72
    I got interested in this when I saw an ad for Chris Hadfield, thinking it would be genuine information on rocket science and physics. There were some, but most were interview-style speeches where he talks about his experiences, and how it felt. Not worth $90
  • 40% of the time it works all the time

    By devilbond
    Please fix the downloading bug. This has been an issue with this app for months. Classes forever queued and never start. It’s so frustrating as the series of classes themselves are wonderful.
  • For the price this app should be stellar

    By Chiffon cdn x
    I’m giving this app 3 stars instead of 5 because for the amount of money I spent on this I should have a perfect app that runs better than the space shuttle mission that Elon Musk send up to space. This was a great app, but, the latest update slowed it down a bunch and now I forever have a glowing red circle on my screen saying “press this to minimize”. That’s great but after I press it, the circle doesn’t go away. Who wants to watch a video with big words over the screen annoying you? Also why is the app running so much slower than before? Please fix this. For the price I paid this should be a flawless product not a buggy app.
  • Just ok

    By llkarmatthews
    The content itself is great. The app is terrible. Downloading for watching on a plane is difficult. Getting to the workbook is impossible. General navigation is much harder than it should be.
  • Can we add chromecast functionality?

    By Yosup yo
    Great app and awesome content! If we can project the content to a bigger screen like TV that would be awesomER!

    By alur1
    Constantly stopping during air play, and very difficult to get going again.
  • Classes Great App is terrible

    By Hajhzhshzhhzhzhshshhs
    Downloading off line content is incredibly difficult with this app. If I download one lesson, a duplicate download that says “cannot play.” Sometimes a lesson is downloaded and it cannot be watched when I am offline. Right now, I have 20 lessons “waiting to download” and none are actively downloading nor is there a way to retry the download. I spent $180 for a years worth of classes that I can’t even watch when I’m flying on a plane.
  • Never too late to learn

    By Janet-s-c
    I just started taking violin lessons in January and now I’m learning even more with the master - Itzhak Perlman! The lessons are beautifully made. I am a retired professor and I’m VERY impressed with the quality of the lessons. I encourage other retirees to enrich their bucket lists and learn something new.

    By The Great GoldenJoe
    NINETY DOLLARS...for how salt and pepper makes food taste? For one lesson on poker? For one lesson on magic tricks? LOL. Is this a joke?
  • Slow in China

    By eryang.zhou
    I am base in China, the class takes indefinite time to load after I click start. I tried VPN, but still no luck. You will most likely got an error message saying”unable to play lesson”, or if you are lucky, you can watch the class after the annoying loading
  • Wonderful product, terrible app

    By Veyron606
    I would like to start of by saying, that I really love the content MasterClass provides. It’s well made, interesting, intelligent, and thoughtful. The fantastic product is let down by a miserable app. The app is buggy, loses place constantly, kicks you out of one class and randomly into another. It will shut itself down for no apparent reason, and when you open it back up it will have no functionality until you close the app a few (20) more times. It’s also very exciting because once in a while, you won’t know when, you’ll get a call while you’re watching a class segment. If you have the audacity to answer said call, your segment may (probably will) lock up your app and send you into the the reset loop game. This assumes of course that you’re still interested in Thomas Keller explaining the finer points of glazed carrots like I was, damned quality content. To sum up, a product of unimpeachable quality let down by its app.
  • I bought it

    By johnk717
    I purchased this to learn more about poker. I’m an amateur poker player with a couple years of experience. My “luck” wasn’t always great. I used to sit at a cash game with no strategy. Aim high and hope for luck. That never turned out so great. For a couple of years I always tried no matter what. I was so close to giving up on a game that I loved. I downloaded this the day before yesterday and paid for a yearly subscription. I watched 36 ish of Daniel Negreanu’s videos. I listened to them in my truck as I drove across the US to get home in Detroit. His videos answered so many of my questions and helped me create a strategy on the poker table. It’s 8 am right now. I just got home from motor city casino. I bought in for 200 dollars on a 1/2 game at around 2 am. I left the table with 1159 dollars. I sat in the same spot on the same table. I was able to take most of the videos I could remember and create a step by step play book and a strategy in my head according to each situation I ended up in. I made a few mistakes along the way but was still able to capitalize and execute. Tonight I’ve played the absolute best I’ve ever played all thanks to Daniel Negreanu’s MasterClass. Not to mention I have not been on a poker table in over a month prior to tonight. Download and buy. Highly recommend it.
  • Black screen then crash

    By .guru.
    Every time I try to open the app, all I get is a black screen and then after 10 seconds it crashes to the springboard. On iPhone Xs Max with iOS 12.3.1.
  • Wow and one more, WOW.

    By AaronInBNA
    Professionally produced and every class is truly seasoned with the master(s) of the class, the production crew and MasterClass. I purchased the yearly for Aaron Franklin, but was slightly hesitant to forgot the yearly fee (non-reoccurring), but QUICKLY stepped up to watch Penn and Teller. Now I lay down at night and watch the series instead of reading. Whew, my professors would have a love/hate reaction to this. I’m not telling anyone to purchase it, but in the event you do.... ...your welcome. Now I’m preparing awesome barbecue and slight of hand.
  • Can not open app on iPad Pro

    By Shiget
    I enjoyed this MasterClass on my iPad Pro, but updated recently the app doesn’t open anymore. Hope it will be fix soon.
  • Crashes on load

    By dat_pinski
    Useless app. Amazing courses. Use the website
  • Again, superb course, terrible app

    By homingsum
    I’ve been using it for a while now, iPad mini 5 latest version, it just crashes, crashes and crashes.
  • Amazing

    By Ryoung8880
    I purchased this specifically for the Tom Morello classes and they are phenomenal. Way beyond my expectations! I had no idea it was going to be so comprehensive. Well worth twice the money
  • App crashes and won’t launch

    By D1234km
    Update. After about a month and a new iOS release, the app started working again. Pretty good although most folks ramble quite a bit. It might be better if there was an interviewer and questions directing the flow of consciousness. —————— After the new year, something broke, and the app doesn’t work anymore. Pity.
  • Graet

    By wezozar31
    MasterClass is my favorite app it gave me a fabulous knowledge about many fields.
  • Expense is work the lessons given

    By Jaspers Mom 51717
    The all access is worth it, granted the expense to pay at one time is a lot for ones checkbook. However the lessons given make you feel like you got a hell of a deal. It took me sometime to think about and save my money for. Let it be known you get it for a whole year! Very excited
  • Just crashing

    By BobbyBobbyJo
    Just crashing for me. Useless
  • Doesn’t Open

    By Jared Rippert
    I’ve had Master Class for months now and I absolutely love it! However I can only seem to use it on my computer. The app will never open for me even when I reinstall. I also am never able to sign in on my phone through a web browser. Other than that, Master Class is a phenomenal tool. Just purchase the full package and the amount of value that is offered is amazing! I just hope they fix their app soon. It has never worked for me since I got it and it’s beginning to get frustrating.
  • Courses excellent but unable to download

    By '\_(•<•)/'L
    The courses I’ve checked out have been excellent. Best of the best explaining their fields of expertise. I’ve recently been unable to download lessons, however, which has severely limited my ability to benefit from the app (I like to watch lessons during my long train commute). What would be somewhat understandable in a free app is unacceptable in an app that charges a significant subscription fee. Customer support has been polite but unable to fix the issue.
  • Exceptional!

    By Mark Crim
    Very enjoyable. Top notch production values. Pretty film. So much more than I expected. I’m challenged and at the same time satisfied. This has legs.
  • Excellent Courses - Terrible Offline Mode

    By rey-zero
    The courses are excellent and I am getting a lot from them... when they are able to load. I recently had to travel for work and downloaded several lessons to watch on the plane and while at the hotel (hotel wi-fi is awful), but when I went to play the lessons, I get a red spinner that seems to lock up the app for several minutes and then a notice that a "technical issue" had occurred. Once I clear the notice, the app goes back to the spinner and I have to force close it to get back to the menu. This doesn't happen for all lessons, but they are generally all structured to be viewed in order and build on each other. I just tested this with the Neil Gaiman course intro. When the video would not play, I tried streaming it started immediately. I then removed the troublesome video and tried to download it again. After several minutes in a queued state, the 4 minute video finally started to download. Approximately 15 minutes after I attempted the download, it finally completed and now it plays. To me, this indicates major functionality issues with the download and offline viewing process - from excessive queue times to incredibly slow downloads once started to failure to detect and inform the user that a download error occurred, making the video unwatchable, to incredibly poor handling of these bad downloads. I just tested this yet again and it queued and downloaded much faster, although it still took longer than the runtime of the 4 minute video. PLEASE fix your offline mode and be sure to run adequate UAT!!! The instructors are fantastic and the courses are valuable, but what good is having all this wonderful content if you cannot access it?
  • Franklin BBQ Brisket lesson 1

    By offroad champ #1
    I have tried multiple times on multiple devices and lesson 1 on Brisket chapter is having technical issues and unable to play.
  • Content is great, app is super buggy

    By Roscoe's Wetsuit
    Content is great, app is super buggy
  • WORST APP EVER-they will rip you off

    By KJB865
    BEWARE!!! I signed up and paid for a year and it worked for a week. After MULTIPLE attempts to get someone to contact me they refunded my money. I found a phone number and and called multiple times until someone named ‘Jesse’ contacted me and said they would give me a year’s free membership for all the trouble I had. My ‘free year’ lasted two weeks. IMO you should stay far away from this company. They have a bunch of rich stars to ‘teach’ you things but you can’t access the site after paying $70. I wish I could give it zero stars.
  • Incredible

    By Ο ισχυρότερος
    There are so many classes to take. For access to all of these classes the price is a steal. There are so many classes taught by the experts in their field. You could not find a more incredible group of videos. So happy with my purchase to get this app.
  • Worth the money. When it works.

    By Birdman75
    The second I saw Timbaland’s Introduction I knew this was worth the money. I purchased the all access to peer in the minds of the masters. The videos are filled with practical exercises and tips with jewels of knowledge in between. My issue is a handful of the classes won’t play due to ‘technical difficulties’. This includes viewing downloaded content. Please fix this issue.
  • Content great but app is fragile

    By MRB 123
    Over and over the app crashes or freezes or starts talking in the background or ... The general response when asking for help is essentially “delete the app and reload”. That loses any downloaded episodes that you have saved and all the time it took to load. The content is great if you can keep the app running.
  • Not allowing me to finish class

    By mill4321
    The app not letting me finished watching my class and I paid for it
  • App is buggy

    By endlosluft
    Get a lot of error messages about videos being able to load or play. But the courses are interesting.
  • The app is terrible. The classes are great. Please fix the app

    By Cdodge89
    I love listening to the classes during my commute and while working out, but it is so frustrating to deal with the playback problems. The app will just stop part way through the video, with an error message on screen, and I have to close and restart the app the get it playing again. This happens about every ten minutes. PLEASE fix the mobile app playback issues. This app will easily be five stars.
  • Great Experience

    By Sawbonex
    Learning from people who are the masters at their game! Unlikely any of us will achieve their status, but it’s fun pretending!
  • Capitalism

    By Puppybob123
    There are other apps that are free but have a few ads here and there and I was able to learn hw same stuff I would have learned on this app instead of paying 89 bucks. It is America though, so I can’t say anything.
  • Master Cla..........

    By Daddyotis
    Having a lot of issues keeping a lesson playing over my Phone. Love the production quality. The class s are great. Well worth the money... but technical difficulties are getting me down.
  • App doesn’t work

    By Bibliocoms
    Just purchased two days ago (review is about app, not content. I’m assuming that is stellar) and the app no longer opens. My iOS is updated and I’ve deleted and downloaded the app to see if that helps. Crazy expensive to have nothing to watch. Going to request a refund.
  • iPad app stops working today

    By vinpsf
    The app stuck at the loading screen. Even after uninstalling, and reinstalling, it is still the same. I’m using the latest iPad Pro 12.9 with 1TB storage so I doubt it is the hardware. Not sure what happened, but after paying $150, I didn’t expect something like this to happen. What a disappointment.