Turbo Fax: send fax from phone

Turbo Fax: send fax from phone

  • Category: Business
  • Release Date: 2017-12-01
  • Current Version: 1.2.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 31.00 MB
  • Developer: Piksoft Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 1 968


Fax your first page for Free! Turbo Fax turns your iPhone into a powerful fax machine for documents, forms, IDs, and other texts. "Scan" you documents with ease or import PDFs from other sources and fax them instantly with added cover page anywhere. Get notified when your fax is delivered. The quality built-in scanning feature detects document edges automatically, crops and straightens it, while removing shadows and setting the perfect contrast – black on white. Send faxes to over 40 countries, including US, Canada, Australia, India, Japan, most of Europe, etc. Features: • Easy cover page feature • Instant delivery notification • Send faxes domestically or internationally at the same rate (see rates below) • "Scan" with camera or import PDF documents from Files, other apps and Photos • Fax history with “resend” capability • Page edge detection and perspective correction • Add and reorder pages • Open faxes in other apps as PDF Tips on scanning: • Make sure your document is flat and well lit. • For best edge detection, use some margin around the document in the viewfinder. Cost: • 1st page is FREE! • 2-page package: $1.99 ($0.99/page) • 5-page package: $2.99 ($0.59/page) • 15-page package: $6.99 ($0.47/page) • 30-page package: $10.99 ($0.37/page) • Domestic or international: same price We're constantly improving Turbo Fax, and we value our customers' opinions and feedback. Please contact us at support@turboscanapp.com before submitting a comment to the store.



  • Nice app & works well, but it’s too expensive

    By Jlivernois
    Nice app - works well, but it’s too expensive. Will look for a lower-cost solution
  • Awesome

    By Cali geo
    Super convenient I love this app.
  • Great Option for School

    By Lswabb
    My sitter isn’t always available to watch my son after school, and I have to fax a note to have him go to aftercare at the school. Our fax machine at work is horribly unreliable, and this has never let me down. The only downside is having to pay to fax.
  • Straight forward. Bested my scanner & lap

    By pwrtuophgx
    I couldn't get laptop communicating with sending or faxing documents. Turbo Scan & Turbo Fax was great! Saved me a trip!
  • Excellent

    By tootsibella58
    Scans and delivers- very easy to use
  • Disappointed

    By LNKunz
    Faxed 3 different times. Destination never received and I was charged each time with TurboFax.
  • What’s not to love

    By Truncil
    Fax at your fingertips. Always successful.
  • Decent App

    By NikiLujan
    This app sends faxes a bit slow, but is very convenient. Overall it is great.
  • Really helpful and convenient

    By 72jkm
    This app has helped me numerous times. I don’t have access to a fax machine at work. Now I don’t need to worry about sending faxes because I can do it on my phone.
  • CJ

    By John465786
    Works great keep up the good work
  • Great App & Support

    By Rannbbo
    I’ve tried several fax apps but this one seems to be the easiest to use. My only beef at first was that I couldn’t figure out how to delete a page from a multi page fax before faxing it. I emailed support and within literally 15 minutes I received an email reply to my question. Very impressive!! By the way, the answer to my question is simply to long press on the page in the multi page view and delete it from there.
  • Easy

    By hhh11223322
    Super easy to use!
  • Excellent App!

    By Holistic Health Doctor
    Works great. Not too happy you have to buy more pages than you need per fax.
  • My comment:

    By lax7000
    TurboFax is one of the best discoveries I made in 2018. I’m very pleased with it.
  • OK but very slow..

    By Rickie007
    Took over 40 minutes to send 2 pages
  • Great app

    By Girl700
    TurboFax has been a great app for my use. It delivers everything so fast. I once got a doctors note to be absent from work a whole week, it was a long drive from my home, with turbofax I just dial their fax number and they got it within seconds. I don’t mind paying a few bucks, if I can just take a pic from my phone and immediately faxes to the person. The best part is I can use it anytime, anywhere all from my cellphone .
  • Works great.

    By Judd the total Studd
    Still Learning how to use it. But I haven’t had any real problems yet.
  • Review

    By Amybaby2
    My fax was received but to blury . So it was unusable
  • So convenient!!

    By liboqui
    So handy to be able to fax from home. Not too pricey... well worth it to avoid the time lag and hassle of getting to a copy place to send important documents out!!
  • Works but too much $$$$ for what you get

    By GotGrit
    If you desperately in need of faxing have to do it from your telephone this is the job, however, it cost a small fortune to use in the per page price. If you can avoid using it and have a cheaper alternative, I’d suggest you do that. Nevertheless I didn’t have a fax and it did work in a pinch.
  • Fairness

    By MrsVAnn
    You should charge more for the application versus overcharging for more than one fax at a time. If I knew that information upfront I won’t have purchased the app. One flat fee for unlimited or one fee for a certain amount would have been fair.
  • Does not work at all, even with all tips noted

    By austexmomma
    I have emailed the company. Was excited to see this app when TurboScan pro works so wonderfully. Turbo fax does not work, numerous attempts have been made for more than one fax and number. There is a issue with this app. Would not advise using it at all.
  • Life Saver

    By Marvoneau
    The most efficient and economical app ever!...Thank you.
  • Very useful

    By Gaspiper01
    I didn’t think when I got this app that I would use it very much but I have used it often. Only draw back is cost but in a pinch does the job nicely!!
  • Perfect Timing

    By Chris-tafarian
    I love it as of right now! I had to send a fax to get my license reinstated today but wasn’t going to make it before or after work so I downloaded the app, took a picture of the doc and sent it from my iPhone 8+ in less than 15 seconds!!! I got confirmation that the fax had been delivered, although I won’t know if they received it until later, which I’m sure they will, I’m very impressed! It took all of my stress and anxiety away from being in a jam and has me whistling all the way to work! Super, super impressed! Oh, and by the way, FIRST ONE IS FREE!!!!
  • It works just right

    By s c o x
    It essential to have both the turbo scan and turbo fax applications on my phone.
  • Faxes were paid but never received

    By IKE Hawaii
    faxes were paid but never received
  • Too expensive

    By 97301
    I have TurboScan, and love it, so TurboFax seemed logical to add as an accompaniment. The cost of using turbofax is so high as to be laughable, even nonsensical. It works fine, yes, but is beyond a reasonable cost. I deleted the app
  • Review

    By 1 carat
    My understanding was that this is a free app and have no charges to fax but I am being charged 1.99 for the fax please explain thx
  • Love it!

    By plexi007
    Great quick service with no problems - works every time:)
  • Quick and easy

    By JazzyGirl2525
    I used this when I was in a bind. It was quick and easy. I would have had to spend more driving to a store to fax something. I also made multiple faxes to the same number which is nice since it stores the number!
  • Just what I needed

    By DoubleJava
    Very easy to use. Works great. Can send faxes of scans that I created with TurboScan or can fax an item out of my Photos. Cost is reasonable too; especially, if you by the bulk package.
  • Thank goodness

    By tperdue1
    Ewww was
  • Excellent fax service from your phone!!

    By LeeAGNP
    Very helpful service! Helpful but expensive!
  • If it was only faster to send

    By Mesofun
    I love the convenience but it is slow and takes awhile for the fax to go through.
  • Don’t buy

    By did say
    Terrible the sent pages were not clear to viewers. Trying to get a refund. Sheila
  • Slow

    By ddddduoknn
  • Love this app

    By Beachgirl2287
    Love this app
  • Can’t Stop a Pending Fax

    By Bobbytw
    What a disaster. No way to stop a fax!
  • Faxes not going

    By ridiculiousfacservice
    Faxes not going through and yet I’m being charged. Can’t seem to find a way to contact them? Scam?? How do I cancel. There is no info available
  • Worked great and free!

    By John McG
    Worked perfectly!
  • BurstonAFCH

    By grasshopper57
    So convenient to have it at your fingertips
  • Don’t Bother! Not worth it!

    By javiles007
    The APP add look really good, but download the app and try to send a fax and you learn the cost. Cost are way out of line, $2.99 for one page, and the cost climbs significantly with each additional page. If I were rich, I still would not pay these prices. Load it on your system and try to send a document, then prepare for the shock! Good luck if you ever try to send a 30 page fax, you’re going to choke!!!
  • fantastic fax

    By Pam Bruner Miller
    Mobile Turbo fax had made my life much easier. Not everyone will take an email, so being able to fax it through Mobile Turbo fax was absolutley painless!! Thank you Mobile Turbo fax!
  • Too expensive

    By Trumpsell
    Faxes can be sent for free with other apps. Forget this one.
  • Can only send 1 page at a time

    By 281055
  • Love it

    By Swanny2015
  • Good fax app and recommend it

    By Jacky stud L
    I like it fast and convenient. If the price goes down I will give 10 stars
  • Love Turbo Scan. This is ridiculous.

    By FLShopaholic
    No way to see faxed items. Paid for fax to be sent but they never received it. Went to “Help” page and it’s just blank. Not so helpful! Show three pages that could be sent but can’t access them without paying a second time for all three pages when there is only one I wanted to see if it was sent.