Moshi Twilight Sleep Stories

Moshi Twilight Sleep Stories

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  • Release Date: 2017-11-24
  • Current Version: 3.5.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Developer: Mind Candy Ltd
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
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The revolutionary new audio-only Sleep Stories app, created in partnership with leading well-being app Calm. Designed to settle kids quickly and ease the bedtime routine by helping them fall asleep independently, the Moshi Twilight audio app is used after the traditional bedtime book, once the lights have gone out and parents have left the room. Each dreamy Sleep Story, set in the magical world of Moshi Twilight, follows the natural pattern of sleep, slowing in rhythm as it progresses whilst introducing sleepy melodies. These enchanting Twilight tales use comforting bedtime themes and soothing sounds to calm little minds and help kids gently drift off to sleep. Created by the BAFTA award-winning team behind Moshi Monsters, Moshi Twilight stars characters such as SleepyPaws the Snoozy Koala, Yawnsy the Sleepwalking Otter, Nodkins the Bedtime Bunny, Professor Feathersnooze the Owl of Nod and many more. So get the kids comfy, snuggled up and relaxed to let them calmly drift off to sleep. Why try Moshi Twilight Sleep Stories? • 97% of parents surveyed who use the Moshi Twilight app would recommend it to a friend* • Enjoy one of 35 bedtime Sleep Stories to help kids sleep better • Choose from over 75 pieces of dreamy bedtime content to create a relaxing audio playlist to help kids fall asleep more easily and peacefully • Try a guided kids’ meditation with hours of calming sounds to calm little minds • New content added weekly to keep kids sleeping soundly every night • Ease bedtime transitions, gifting parents with more time to enjoy their evenings *(Moshi Twilight Poll of 500 users, Nov 2018) SUBSCRIPTIONS Moshi Twilight Sleep Stories for kids is FREE for non-subscribers who can enjoy free, limited access to Sleep Stories, Guided Relaxations, Dreamy Sleep Music and Soothing Sounds. Sign up for a FREE 7-DAY TRIAL to enjoy more than 25 hours of sleepy content. Choose from over 75 different Sleep Stories, Guided Relaxations, Sleep Music Tracks and Soothing Sounds to calm your little ones’ bedtime anxiety. With new content added every week, make bedtime a dream every night of the week. Subscriptions may be available for one week recurring, one month recurring, one year or lifetime which will give access to the full collection of Moshi Twilight content, including weekly updates. Subscribe to access Moshi Twilight Sleep Stories content on up to 3 devices, allowing the whole family to help keep bedtime routines on track. Subscribers can access the FULL collection of Moshi Twilight content, including all weekly updates. A lifetime subscription is a one-off payment. All other subscriptions renew automatically unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Your iTunes account will be charged at the initial monthly or yearly rate 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable. If you have previously had a free trial, payment will be taken immediately. To manage your subscription and auto-renew settings, go to your iTunes Account Settings after purchase. Cancel anytime in iTunes settings at least one day before the end of the subscription period for cancellation to take effect at the end of the current subscription period. Deleting the app won't cancel your subscription. See our Terms and Conditions at for details on how to cancel your Subscription plan. We do NOT collect personal information through this App. To find out more read our Privacy Policy: Any questions or recommendations? Please get in touch at We do NOT collect personal information through this App. Follow @twilightmoshi on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter



  • Love it

    By W E mom
    I got it for my son who has a huge issue with falling a sleep. With Moshi he is only having to take his bed time medication maybe 2 times a week. His doctors recommended white noise. It did nothing Moshi works so well. I find myself using it sometime, when I have been very stressed from the office.
  • This app is amazing!

    By anonymus😝
    I’m 13 and often have trouble sleeping. I used to be able to listen to audiobooks from the library but they don’t help me sleep now. My parents got the Calm app and the story about Sleepypaws always put me to sleep. When I discovered that there was a whole app full of these stories, i was so excited! Now I always fall asleep within 15 minutes, without fail. Thank you so much!
  • Wonderful

    By MNice08
    We have used the app for two nights to help get our super stubborn 3 year old to sleep. It is AMAZING. She falls asleep within 30 minutes instead of the usual two hour bedtime battle! Thank you!!
  • Effective

    By DonutHolschtein
    I’ve tried so many sleep apps, and this is the only one that has actually worked for me. I know it’s for kids, but the soothing sounds and stories are the perfect tones for me to fall asleep easily as an adult. It’s also a lot cheaper than most other sleep/meditation apps for a yearly subscription ($39.99). I think it’s a great deal to purchase the premium sub if you have trouble sleeping.
  • Puts my niece to sleep instantly

    By Dannielle Maute
    I play these stories around nap time, 4 minutes into a story she’s already asleep. It’s amazing

    By audrina1012
    This app is the BOMB. When I wanted to go to sleep I was looking for something relaxing and found Moshi. It helps me fall asleep and relax myself and other stuff but all u need to know is it’s awesome
  • Sweet dreams!

    By AliciaAnd B
    My 6-year old son has been having trouble winding down lately for sleep. Tried the App for the first time tonight and I was AMAZED! Started playing the Sleepy Paws story and 3 seconds in, he was snuggling in..and 1 minute later yawning...5 minutes later sound asleep!
  • Great for all ages

    By jjd2330
    I know this app is meant for children, but I’m a college student and this helps me haha. Not embarrassed to say that either. All the stories are so relaxing and calming. When I’m stressed over school or work, I turn this on at night, and I’m always asleep by the end of the story ❤️
  • Cute But Didn’t Work For Us

    By CDoyle1206
    My 3.5 year old went to bed excited to listen to her story but after two stories she still was not asleep! Cute and good idea but not magic!
  • Does what it wants

    By Life's_aPhotoshoot
    Great content, puts my little ones to sleep like magic but the music from the app randomly starts playing even though the app is not open. The only way to stop it is to actually open the app and then force close it. It’s weird because I never had this problem when I first used it with my youngest. Hopefully the issue is fixed soon because other than that it’s an amazing tool for getting my kids to sleep.
  • Great but add more free stuff

    By misslulu0421
    Can only use two stories one relaxation and one sound without subscribing which isn’t fair for people who don’t want to subscribe and I would be more likely to if there was more stuff to use without buying one
  • Very relaxing

    By acstell
    My 5-year-old loves this. Helps her settle down and fall asleep every night.
  • Moshi is nice

    By Lilypielane
    I enjoy moshi because it is soothing and helps me fall asleep.🦄🐢😌 Sincerely, Lily Walther
  • It’s true

    By Moonchild500
    I was skeptical at first, but all the reviews are true. This app has taken our 45 minute to an hour bedtime battle of “just one more thing” down to 10-15 minutes. Our 4 year old is always asleep before the story is even over. Most stories are 20 minutes, and some of them are almost more like songs than stories. It almost puts me to sleep at 7:30! We love the sleep stories!
  • This is ABSOLUTELY amazing

    By PoochyFace133
    Twirley wirleys twilight flight is a copy of wuzzle goes to wumplestock. If u are a person wanting to buy it, i totally recommend it Edit:thanks for fixing twirley whirleys twiglight flight!
  • ‘Free trial’

    By DocMartinDPT
    Very frustrated that at the end of the free trial they automatically roll it over to the year subscription. I thought deleting the app would remove it before the trial was over. Now I’m out $50. VERY FRUSTRATING!!
  • Android

    By mathis6
    When will it be available on android?
  • Not meant for anyone above 10

    By Hhjkbf
    I am 16 and this app just wasn’t interesting to me. Sry
  • Definitely recommend

    By sabeee93
    Prior to this app my boys (6 & 7 yrs) would talk to each other for about 30 minutes and make a bunch of “potty trips” before falling asleep. Now they are excited to lay down and listen to the next bedtime story. They are asleep within the 15 minutes.
  • Like the app but the price for subscription is absurd!

    By Lovelylove3
    My children enjoyed this app. It is like a form of meditation and definitely helps them relax. But it is $39.99 a YEAR to use all the features. Maybe a one time payment of something would be ok, (I would probably pay around $15 for this), but $40 is absurd.

    By KashmirJ
    The best gift my family couldve ever gotten. We all suffered from sleep problems for different reasons but when we hear these songs we each knock off to sleep within minutes, deep sleep, a comfortable sleep, and we each feel soundly as well as wake up feeling so refreshed in the morning- Its incredible!
  • Could be great.

    By jwillenborg
    We love this app for a lot of reasons. My two boys (4 and 7) look forward to the sleep stories every night. However I do agree with those who didn’t think the one about the alien and his family being gone was a great idea. It’s a little too heavy for little ones who are clearing there heads for the night. But my 3 stars mainly come from tech issues. Both of my boys have brand new Amazon Fire tablets and as of the past two weeks, the sleep stories crash every 5 or 10 minutes and have to be restarted. This is the only app that crashes and is obviously very disruptive when cut off abruptly. Also, every time I get on the app, I have to login. I’ve also been charged more than once during the month and have even needed to make more than one account. Other than these issues, the sleepy stories are for the most part a welcoming comfort to your nightly routine.
  • great

    By Cheshire12345
    it usually takes my 2 year old nephew a while to get settled down to sleep but tonight i played 1 story and he was fast asleep by the time it was over.
  • Ms McAfee

    By MS Lady 48
    I did not intend to purchase This. I have MS and my finger jumped. II really would appreciate a refund. Thank you.
  • A little R&R

    By EastSide Chic
    I’m pregnant and have trouble sleeping. Downloaded this app and now I fall asleep in minutes instead of hours. Love it! Great for adults not just kids. Lol
  • Love it

    By KK penguin lover 🐧
    I love the stories my dahter fell asleep in 2 minutes I even used it and fell asleep in 1 minute because I listion to the song that said close your eyes sleepy paws and clear your mind I was thinking I was sleepy paws and fell asleep👌 like that
  • It really works!

    By Dawnshine927
    I was skeptical after seeing an ad for this, but I was willing to try just about anything. My four year old has been giving us SO MANY problems lately when trying to get her to sleep. It has been overwhelming to say the least. Well I downloaded this app, and so far I’ve only used the free content. I haven’t paid a penny. And it works like a charm! The first night she fought it a little because she wasn’t familiar with it. But now after a couple weeks, all I have to say is “lay down and I’ll turn on the night night story”. She lays right down with no fuss, and she’s asleep before it ends. This is a God Send 🙏🏼 **edited to add: it helps me fall asleep faster too. I have been turning it on when I go to bed, and I’ve never made it to the end of Sleepy Paws :)
  • Brilliant app!!!

    By Lux Alchemi
    My toddler has never been a fan of bedtime, but he actually looks forward to story time and bedtime lullabies with Moshi!
  • Moshi Magic!

    By JStandley
    I don’t even know how it works. I was super skeptical. It’s like made by wizards or something. My 2 year old wild child instantly relaxes and usually falls asleep within 10-15 minutes. It puts him in a trance. Sometimes if he’s super jacked up I’ll play two stories. Works at bedtime and nap time. Totally worth a try.
  • I like it, my daughter hates it and I can’t get a refund

    By jennynoel
    I missed the deadline to cancel before auto-renew. Now I’m on the hook for $40 for an app my daughter hates and won’t use. While I find the content charming, it’s not worth $40 if my daughter won’t use it! I’m getting sick of all the subscription based apps and of Apple’s policy regarding refunds.
  • Thank you

    By Sofie818
    I always struggle to get my son to fall asleep. I found this app a few days ago and it amazing. Not even 10 minutes and my son is asleep. Love it!
  • Helps a TON!

    By cocoVmt03
    This has helped my son get to sleep so much more easily! It is usually a battle getting him to calm down enough yo go to sleep, but with this app we’ve seen a huge improvement in the bed time routine. It has been so much easier, and that makes it so much less stressful on all of us! What used to take us an hour or more, takes about 20 minutes! Thank you for this app!!!
  • Wonderful

    By AndysMami
    My 2 year old hates sleep and fights it every night. I just recently found this app and shockingly. It has put him to sleep for a nap and bedtime without too much fussing. Thank you so much. I will be buying the premium package after my trial is up. Keep up the great work. From a very tired momma who can finally sleep.
  • Really helps

    By Yup21453
    I’m ten and I have trouble sleeping but this is really helping me.i hope I can find more things on the moshlings
  • Miracle

    By Truman13
    This app has changed my life! For the first 2 1/2 years of my daughters life I have driven her to sleep. Now, she picks a sleep story, we snuggle and she goes to sleep! I am so grateful!
  • Love This App

    By youngmomof4
    This app is absolutely wonderful!!! It helps my 5 year old daughter go to sleep with ease & (my 52 year old husband as well)... lol
  • Enjoyable

    By Snwbrdrgrl79
    Thus far, this app has been excellent in getting my 2 boys to bed. My boys share a room: my 3 yr old just started sleeping on his own almost a yr ago in his own bed. His older brother has adhd and anxiety which can cause insomnia. He’s only had one night where the story didn’t help. I unlocked for the 7 day trial and more than likely will pay the yearly subscription. When you have a child like mine who doesn’t like being alone and anxiety ridden sleep problems, it’s better than medication. We all enjoyed Kazuki’s Silent Wish, we currently live in Japan and it’s going to remind us of home when we move back to the states; maybe a someone with a Japanese accent reading and not Scottish for this one, just a thought. Lol Keep up the good work and I’ll update again once we move.
  • Love it

    By AyeeeItsLayLay
    My son is 5months and loves all the stories . Especially Mr.Snoodles train ride ‼️
  • Fantastic app but....

    By Lysaie
    My son and daughter have trouble falling asleep. Anxiety plays a big part with some other stuff, and once I found this they started having no problems.....until lately. So some of the stories are starting to target environmental concerns, which should be talked about with children, but not in a sleep story. The newest one is an alien who traveled time and came home to his entire family gone. It ended well but upset both of my children and it took three times as long to get them to go to sleep. Some of these stories can not be beat for the content. They’re amazing and if it wasn’t for the newer stories it would easily be 5 stars. Please go back to cute stories with great music behind them and leave the environmental concerns to the daytime teaching of kids.
  • Preview the stories!!

    By Schoolmouse
    Up until tonight I LOVED this app. It’s finally helping my anxiety ridden foster son be able to fall asleep without me holding his hand for hours. Yesterday it would have been a hands down five star review. Which is why despite my concern I still gave the app 4 stars. Tonight I learned the hard way to preview every story before letting him listen. I know as a parent I should have done that anyway, but so far I hadn’t had an issue and he was so excited for a new sleep story... The newest story involves a time traveling alien who flys away and returns to earth to find the planet destroyed and his entire family gone. Um. Yes it turns out ok in the end. And yes, I get that the environmental impact is a timely and important topic. But this is a sleep story. Can you imagine a child falling asleep at that part in the story when the family is gone? Now take that and apply to the tens of thousands of kids who deal with anxiety over losing family members. Unfortunately it’s likely to be a long sleepless night for us.
  • Best money you will spend on your child!

    By General Hove
    I stumbled across Moshi Twilight probably 6 months ago. I must say for the first few months I was hesitant to buy it because it didn’t want yet another monthly payment to a subscription service and the One-time fee I felt was too high for a family of at that time one income & my spouse agreed when I asked. HOWEVER, with that said my kids are now 2 & 4 and I DO not regret spending the $150 to have a lifetime of Sleep Stories, Music, Relaxation Sounds and all the other little extras it includes!!! IT IS WORTH EVERY PENNY! Even I love the stories and it definitely makes bedtime easier and something my babies look forward to specially when they add a new story! Seriously BEST money spent on our kids because they will have years of use before they grow out of it!!! To the creator of Moshi, THANK YOU! Absolutely LOVE your product!!!
  • Recent story changes being a lower rating.

    By Momshob
    My daughter and I have enjoyed Moshis for quite a while now. Recently however the stories have become about social issues. Which honestly I wouldn’t care about except plot points like all of a characters family being dead. A bit dark for a 4 year olds bedtime story. We will continue to enjoy the stories. I’m just sad I’ll have to make sure to filter new ones first.
  • Insanely Quiet

    By ReginaPhalange93
    I get that this is a sleep app, I really do. I get that this is supposed to be calming. Maybe the app developers expect kids to play with screens before bed instead of over speakers like I wanted to do. Maybe my kids are the only ones that sleep with fans on and maybe my son is the only kid on the planet that is a tad hard at hearing, but even on my Google Home at 100% volume (which is usually deafeningly loud) my kids can hardly even hear the story. I feel so bad for kids that have legitimately difficult hearing problems trying to use this. We tried an auxiliary speaker, a Bluetooth speaker, my kids echo dot, and just my iPhone and you couldn't even hear a word with the fans on. We have to manually move one of the Google Homes out of another room, reset and Bluetooth connect it every time, and cross our fingers just to hope it works. I'm so glad I didn't pay for it or get sucked into a subscription because it's simply unusable. Like I said, maybe we're the only fan-sleeping family, but the audio should be a little more flexible.
  • AMAZING!!!

    By Woody the Ragemonster
    I know what you are thinking.... an app to put my kid to sleep? Really? Well I was skeptical too and you know what?.... IT WORKS!!! IT REALLY TRULY WORKS!!! My son, who has been jumping on me for the last hr trying to get him to nap, just went to sleep after two min of using this app. My wife has been swearing by it, and I just used it the first time today and OMG! Subscription purchased! :) GREAT JOB!
  • If you have kids you need this app

    By southernbelle6221
    Bed time has been a major struggle for my 4 and 2 year old. It’s always been a fight it and it would take hours before they would fall asleep. Ya’ll.... the first time we used this app they fell asleep within minutes! Moshi twilight is a must have for this family!
  • My girls love it!

    By 1092babygirl
    It’s been very awesome to help my elementary school girls fall asleep. They love having a playlist that goes on even after they’ve fallen asleep.
  • Always $$$$

    By By the Way... Ijs
    Why do everything has to be so High$$ Now days just to put your little ones to sleep Before I pay $40 a month I’ll keep the relax app with different forest sounds For Free It Works Wonders Too Thanks But No Thanks👍🏽
  • Simply amazing

    By 1gaga1
    This is the best music app for sleeping ever! My grand babies are going to sleep in record time and I love it myself. A plus 5 stars
  • Soo Good!!!! Love it🤩😍🥰😴

    By Jayden Reter
    This app tells you stories while your sleeping and you fall right to sleep in minutes