• Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2018-01-31
  • Current Version: 1.5.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 117.54 MB
  • Developer: D-Link International
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 5 096


Important Notes • The new mydlink app supports advanced features such as Cloud Recording and Automation on new mydlink devices released in 2018 (DCS-2802KT, DCS-8000LH, DCS-8100LH, DCS-8010LH, DCS-8300LH, DCS-8525LH, DCS-8600LH, DSP-W115, DSP-W245, DCS-P6000LH, DSP-P113). • Older D-Link cameras (DCS-xxxL and DCS-xxxxL) can still be used with the new mydlink app, but advanced functionality such as Cloud Recording and Automation will not be supported. • The new mydlink app does not support mydlink™ Home devices (DCS-935LH, DCS-8200LH, DCS-8330LH, DSP-W110, DSP-W215, DCH-S150, DCH-S160, DCH-S220, DCH-G020, DCH-Z110, DCH-Z120). • The new mydlink app does not support setup and control of D-Link Wi-Fi router devices. To install and control these devices, follow the accompanying instructions on the router packaging and manual • The new mydlink app currently does not support DCS-2136L, DCS-6004L, DCS-6005L. Staying in touch with what matters most at home, has never been simpler. With the new mydlink app, smart home control is now Smarter, Simpler, and More Compatible. You can view your home in real-time, be alerted and record video when motion or sound is detected, turn appliances on/off, as well as set schedules and automations to make your life easier. All from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet. Your Home, Only Smarter NEVER MISS A MOMENT WITH CLOUD RECORDING • Save motion and sound-triggered video footage to the cloud, and watch it anywhere, anytime • Find any clip you want by filtering your recordings by Event Type, Date, Device, and Location WORKS WITH THE GOOGLE ASSISTANT, ALEXA, & IFTTT • Got your hands full? Let your voice do the heavy-lifting with the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. You can bring up live-views from a camera on your Chromecast and Echo Show, or turn your lights, fans, and other appliances on or off with the power of your voice • Need help staying on top of things? There’s an IFTTT Applet for that. With support for IFTTT, you can automatically receive emails when a camera detects motion or sound, or created interaction with compatible 3rd party devices. SEE HOW MUCH ELECTRICITY YOUR APPLIANCE IS USING • Monitor appliance energy usage with automated alerts to your mobile device • Automatically turn off devices that exceed set power limits FORGOT TO SWITCH OFF THE CURLING IRON AND THE LIGHTS? • Switch multiple appliances on or off with One Tap, whether you are at home or away • 6 customizable scenes for common household routines SET IT AND FORGET IT WITH SCHEDULING • Wake up to freshly-brewed coffee every morning • Walk into your brightly-lit home every evening after work NEED MULTIPLE CAMERA-VIEWS AT A GLANCE? • We’ve got you covered with Multiview. Now you can view multiple cameras’ feeds at the same time • Get a quick overview of what’s happening around the house --- Cloud Recording Paid Plans(Price for reference only, local currencies applies) Basic Event recording, 7 days and up to 3 cameras. USD $2.49 Monthly, USD $24.99 Yearly Premium Event recording, 14 days and up to 5 cameras USD $4.99 Monthly, USD $49.99 Yearly Pro Event recording, 30 days and up to 10 cameras USD $9.99 Monthly, USD $99.99 Yearly --- Your payment will be charged to your iTunes Account once you confirm your purchase. Your iTunes account will be charged again when your subscription automatically renews at the end of your current subscription period unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours prior to end of the current period. You can manage or turn off auto-renew in your Apple ID Account Settings any time after purchase. --- Privacy Policy: Terms of Use: If you are experiencing issues, contact



  • Not a good app at all

    By Boricua1111
    If I set the volume on my phone above 40% and switch to 1080 recording on the app, I hear a clicking sound every second on my iPhone. If I set the app to 720 the clicking isn’t as often but I still hear it. I have used 2 different dcs-8300LH camera. It’s not the night vision because this was done at 1230 in the afternoon and it is not the camera making the noise, it’s the software. The only way to not hear this noise is to lower the volume on my phone or disable the camera microphone on the app, but then I can’t hear the people in the room where the camera is
  • Ehh

    By SySTEM's Education
    Makes me agree to terms of use every time opening app
  • Awesome

    By ken4343
    Everything works great Will buy more of these
  • App is GARBAGE

    By dfeivelson
    Sometimes you can view your cameras, sometimes you can’t. If you leave the app open in the background and switch back to it, about 90% of the time you will not be able to resume the video feed and will have to force quit the app and reopen it. Very poor customer experience.
  • Landscape mode

    By G.78.G
    I can’t view the app in landscape mode on my Ipad, why ?? No problem doing that in the other D-Link apps.
  • Terrible to use as baby monitor

    By qwstacy
    This was supposed to be an upgrade and we were told that this camera/app would be a great baby monitor. Unfortunately it constantly kicks us out of the app or says the time limit has been reached and stops the live feed in the middle of the night. Very disappointed in reliability off app and camera.
  • Please send help

    By wooden nickles
    Your cameras work when I am beside them but away from the area your app is horrible and works 15% of the time. Please fix your app. Wish I had my money back and buy another brand.
  • DTLink App

    By Dee_Rail
    Keeps asking me to agree to terms and conditions each time I open app.
  • Poor connection

    By Amy and Kristan
    This device constantly goes off line. I have had to unplug and plug back in several times a week.
  • Ok but clunky

    By rb20592
    Can’t seem to save view settings like reverse pan and tap vs swipe pan controls requires you to set up each time you turn on the app
  • Good but...

    By Virgo799
    Just a tad too many errors and they do t walk you through what the tabs mean.
  • Terrible update - DONT BUY!

    By Irving_Klitgaard_Fam
    This is a terrible update compated with the previous d-link+ app. I have the same story as Draco1775 (see review from him); wanted to add a camera, got the dsc-8100 which (I didnt know) requires the new app. The old app was great, the new app is S.L.O.W., and you cannot have e.g. 4 cams in one single screen now (you need to scroll). Also, the live view isn’t live: you have to click every came to wake it up and start sendig live (which again is S.L.O.W). Probably a consequence of D-link migration to cloud based solution (get subscription fee, limit data load)
  • On the fence

    By Zipster14
    The app seems to control everything ok. It would be really nice to not have to accept terms and conditions every time you open the app though. And it would be nice to turn the unit off without having to unplug it. You better plan an extra 5 minutes to get the thing up and running before you leave your home. Not sure I’m keeping this. Will see how it actually works when I’m away before I make up my mind on that.
  • Horrible

    By SmokeysEmpire™
    The app used to work perfectly when I first got it. Now when I want to sign in it never signs in and I have to refresh it two , three times and then luckily maybe it will sign in. when I want to review the recorded iCloud which saves the recording while I’m gone it takes forever to load. And I am very disappointed, I recommend this app and the device to a few of my buddies but now they are having the same problem as I am with the application. We have iPhone X I don’t know if that is the problem but if it is I hope they update these issues.If I was the developers I would fix these problems soon because I am getting fed up because I am mostly on the run and I need to sign in do what I need to do and get out. If it is not fixed I will go buy another device for the same price in their application works perfectly fine
  • D link

    By jrwild4u
    I know why it’s called D link my camera keep disconnecting the Internet link time after time 👎
  • It's 2019 and your app is broken

    By Shimmer401
    Everytime I open the open it wants me to first accept and a knowledge the user agreement.. Like every single time.. super annoying.. Probably going to be returning my product because of this
  • Odd use case

    By csharptest
    I would like a feature where I could hand out an unauthenticated url so people could see a specific camera.

    By CallCentersHater
    I already have 5 Dlink apps for its smart devices. If I keep buying Dlink smart products, in two more years, I might be ending having at least 15 apps from them. It’s great they are integrating to other platforms but they should not affect their long time loyal customers and integrating all their smart devices in only 1 app and if other platforms require any specific application for them it’s fine
  • Getting Slower

    By Nikavila
    I have 4 cameras, and love your products. But I am constantly having to close the app and reopen it just to cycle through the live view on all 4. I can open 2, no problem. But by the third it just gets stuck on loading. I also can’t open one right after the other too quickly, or it will get stuck on loading as well. Please fix as I need to add one more camera, and I am afraid to now. Thank you
  • The app needs work

    By mancsuo
    I am constantly having to restart the app do you too it freezing .
  • It’s slightly decent

    By public announcment
    I enjoy the fact that it’s an affordable security system but I think I spend more time resetting cameras and dealing with a crashing app then I actually do being able to use the app
  • Painfully Slow

    Loading....Loading.... Get used to this, because that’s all you’ll see. App is painfully slow and won’t load half the time
  • App Wants me to reset the camera to detect it

    By indi123456123456
    This app is ridiculous!!! It wants me to reset camera I have already been using in order to detect it instead providing me with a way to manually add the camera credentials. What a miserable experience!!! If i would have returned the camera if I hadn’t been using it for a while already.
  • Doesn’t support all DLink Products

    By T'Resa
    Just bought the DSP-W110 Smart Plug because it says on the box that it works with the DLink Home App. Tried to set it up, only to find that the latest version of the App does not work with the DSP-W110. I gave it two stars instead of one because the app does work well with my DLink camera, but now I’m a little worried that DLink will suddenly drop the camera from it’s app. DLink apps should continue to support Smart Plugs, Cameras, etc. as long as DLink is selling devices it says are supported by the app. Very poor customer support, DLink.
  • Fantastic

    By ty33767284
    Haven’t found out how to record using an SD card but Could not have found a better camera for the price. The night vision is fantastic. Would highly recommend dlink camera.
  • Great camera

    By skip1305
    Great company
  • P.o.s.

    By Billyfrey
    Don’t waste your money if you bought one of these cameras take it back now! They are total junk
  • Peace of Mind

    By White5er
    In AZ for the winter. Must know my dump pump back home is in working order. I can easily check on it anytime & know it's status! Easy set up, easy download, easy access to "peace of mind" Thank you -
  • Secured

    By Donell C.
    I love My DLink cameras and app.Easy to install and use. Monitors my elderly dad and business. Thank you!
  • D link not intuitive

    By #Roadtrip1yukwe
    So far I can't figure the app out. Extremely complicated. The icons don't seem to make any sense. The camera does not send me motion notifications. The whole thing is almost useless. It is difficult to navigate to see what the camera is seeing and customer support is in English as a second language and difficult to understand. I'm not real happy with the app at all.

    By 2018suzyq
    Am trying to figure out WHY it’s only working when I am on the same location and same WiFi network ??? Once I leave location and on a different’s not connecting....
  • Camera

    By whatanswers
    I have two cameras and the one I. Living room keeps going off line. Not sure why as second one never has lost connection. Please tell me why?
  • Good camera, fair app

    By Sdog4127
    The camera I have seems to work flawlessly, access is fast. The app is a bit clumsy. I’ve learned to navigate it pretty well, but was a bit more, shall I say, decorative than utilitarian. Simple would be better for a camera monitoring app.
  • Alim

    By ulqinaku
    Thanks so Muche
  • App times out too often

    By fmwatt
    While watching a camera it times out. Press resume then the microphone no longer works. Have to restart app to get working again. Also mic button randomly stops when holding it to talk. Is there a more robust app that doesn’t have these issues. Video and panning works fine. Nice app overall with some quirks.
  • Great video camera!

    By wasabihawaii
    I had the Foscam before but it finally sputtered out. I bought this camera on the recommendation of the salesperson at bestbuy. Easy to set up, great range and definition. Would definitely buy again. In fact I did.
  • Can’t count on this system.

    By Petejuhl
    Time and time again I open the MyDlink app to view my cameras. More often than not the app says “loading...” until I have to kill and restart the app. This should be simple but it’s just frustrating. Dlink: get your act together. I’m paying you each month for cloud recording.
  • My Dlink

    By Fairwaywalker
    Very difficult to use. Not user friendly as it is difficult to figure out how it works. No instructions as to how to use this app. Frustrated!
  • Horrible compared to old dlink+ app

    By Dracos1775
    This new app has a horrible interface and takes way to long to load/switch between cameras. If your internet goes out but you still have your home WiFi, the old app would allow you to still view cameras on a local setting but NOT with this new app. I purchased $200 dollars in cameras because I liked how the old app worked and wanted to upgrade my home monitoring system. Now after having to use the new app, my next upgrade will not include dlink at all. Horrible that is a major downgrade from the dlink+ app.
  • DLink

    By iamhappycustomer
    Very pleased with my Dlink camera. Easy to set up and the app is very easy to use. Enables me to see my driveway when I am away from home.
  • Do NOT buy DLink Products

    By Bf81500
    Latest firmware and or app update will not allow me to access my sd storage and I need the footage now. Developers response was to fill out form on website which I did prior to this review and never was contacted or heard anything from. Developer continues to send same response to fill out form but still has not responded to my original form. D-Link does not stand by their products nor do they care.
  • A4cop

    By A4cop
    The app is not working as good as it should be, I have to re-starts the app 5-10 times everyday
  • Too slow to load live view

    By MDK1705
    Between the time it takes to sign in and the time it takes to load the live view, by the time it loads, whatever set off the motion alert is long gone. My Ring doorbell loads instantly on my same devices - no signing in required. Also, the motion fields are too broad. Either I can set them to pick up areas in view I’m not interested in, like the street, or I have to pick fewer fields resulting in not having my whole front porch covered. The fields in my old dlink cameras were much more flexible and specific to set because they were smaller and more of them. Would be nice if the new cameras could be set the same way.
  • .

    By mokilex
    Complicated to use, can’t activate receive notifications.
  • Review

    By ardrey20
    I will highly recommended this product to all my friends,family.the quality is awesome and you can extreme it anywhere anytime.
  • Buggy, inefficient and a hindrance to the actual cam

    By -=Aidan=-
    It takes too long to load. Half the time, the sound doesn’t work when I enable it. I have to click on the microphone as if I need to speak, and then the sound will work. There needs to be 3D Touch to allow me to quickly change between home and away mode. If the application takes too long to start up, I have to wait for it to sign in, then I have to go to one tap, then click home, that’s way too many steps. It’s just very inefficient and not user-friendly
  • Disappointed

    By Cndtxbear
    I bought the camera yesterday and it was easy to setup and was working. Then the next day it no longer connected to camera! After unplugging and resetting it still did not work. Called supposed, they walked me through the same things I just did and it still did not work. They put me on hold to do more research and disconnected the call. Guess that’s how they do more research. I’m assuming the issue is the firmware which seems to be the only up date to the camera. Do you guys test updates before you deploy? Very disappointed but I guess this is what you get when you purchase the cheaper brands. To those considering buying, don’t. Spend the money.

    By Pico Rivera in the house
    Sign on takes longer than most apps to load! It’s not my phone.
  • good camera

    By river city sparky
    gives me real peace of mind ! let’s me keep an eye on my house when we are away