• Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-06-07
  • Current Version: 6.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 112.74 MB
  • Developer: Gigantic LTD
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 13.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 259 838


Start playing Clawee today - 100% REAL claw machines, 100% REAL prizes and 100% REAL home delivery! YES, the same crane machines we love to play at the arcade - with a dash of extra PAZAZ, controlled from your phone! Join over 2,000,000 players to get clawing and winning real prizes on the 21st century crane game! - New Prizes EVERY DAY - Free shipping for VIP members - Daily bonus for some free and effortless fun - Top quality live video streaming - Tons of prizes to choose from - Kick back and relax and progress with Clawee Saga mode! - Collect tickets and earn FREEBIES! - ENDLESS offers, coupons, events and challenges - Won a prize you don’t want? Exchange it for MORE coins - Want even more coins? Play the coins machine! - Try the Magnet machine, The Scale machine and MANY other one-of-a-kind machines! - Play online, feel at the carnival! # High quality internet connectivity is required for the live game-play. # Clawee offers games on real mechanical machines, which may malfunction occasionally. If you have encountered a malfunction, please email [email protected] and the issue will be resolved. # Clawee delivers real prizes, which carry a real cost. Therefore, payment is required to receive the goods. Install and Play Clawee NOW!



  • This is a post really cool app

    By none1316
    I like how you actually get the ap
  • Uuu

    By spsosislelqlslw
    My family send it scam
  • The worst game ever

    By mf127420
    You need to pay real money to play I wish I did not get This app
  • Do not get this game!

    By do,nt
    Yes it might seem fun but it’s a scam! You barely get any prizes! And you lose like half of your coins for doing nothing! I wanted to play one game and I lost 240 coins because it kicked me out I didn’t even get to play! And it keeps on crashing I lost over 1,000 coins! And there claw machines are so weak like I rather go to Chuck E. Cheese then play on this app!
  • Love this game

    By more roebucks please
    I have been getting a lot of cute plush and I love this
  • Not worth it

    By brad2289
    This game is the same as the claw machines in the stores the prizes in many cases are way to heavy for the claw to pick up. You can land perfectly over the prize see the claw slightly lift it and watch as the weight of the prize prevents the claw from picking it up! Not to mention you spend real money to buy coins to play for the prizes I’m not complaining about that but you have to spend more if you wana have it shipped to you which I won tiny prizes but could not get them shipped. I do not recommend this game!
  • Hi!

    By Ppiopoh
    Tbh this game is awesome but idk if I’m gonna get scammed
  • i cant play the game

    By Andrew Marra
    it says that i got a bonus of 0 coins so i dont have any coins at the start to play with
  • Great but

    By addisonhansn
    Love it
  • Clawee

    By winesi
    So good game it’s the best one I have on my phone
  • I don’t know how much the shipping costs.

    By ydgrhs
    I want free shipping
  • This game freaking scammed me!

    By andkanldqhkdw
    I won a poop emoji plush I about 1 year ago, AND I STILL DONT HAVE IT TODAY. Such a freaking scam.
  • Best game ever

    By SofiyaPad
    A bit hard to win prizes but it’s alright 😊
  • Never got my awards?

    By Jlopezs99
    Just a confusing method of transportation. I played and paid the one time VIP to see how it would arrive. It says the package is outbound and its been 2 business days. I have been checking my mail and nada. I will play for fun but idk if I would spend anymore money until I can get a confirmation that my package has been delivered
  • Mess up

    By games😇😇
    Every time I put coins in the claw machine is pic messes up I can see where I’m going it’s happens all the time
  • 🎁Good🎁

    By Kaitlynn.K.
    You do really win prizes. I wish some stuff was a little cheaper. I also wish the freebies shop was a lot less tickets. Cool stuff. I love the game. There are some small glitches but nothing major. Overall awesome. Also, developer, if you are reading this I won 2 things July 1st. One of them came in like July 17th and the other is still not in. I dont know if it’s lost or what but it says their are no more updates on the prize, that was July 8th. It was my favorite thing I had won so if you can help me out or know what to do that would be great!
  • I like it

    By dallas stock
    Cool game
  • Aaron got a Clawee wallet plushy

    By Peanut3102
  • Ehhhh

    By J.V.G.!
    I like the game but when I use all the coins I don’t know how to get more so I just can’t play
  • Rylan

    By ccscffheg
  • Scam

    By knaczjdoe
    Downloaded this like a year or so ago, pretty cool until I spent money to get more tokens or whatever to play then I won and never received my prize. Decided it wasn’t even worth it to really get in contact. Should of knew it would be a scam. Lol
  • G

    By drew3139$
  • ?

    By snake in a cake
    I think the app is good but I was thinking about buying the membership so is it a one time payment or a subscription?
  • Great Game!

    By ConfettiCakeGrl
    Clawee is a great game it’s awesome and fun and super easy to win prizes my mom was a little skeptical at the thing where you need to give you our information but it was all worth it this game is not shady or anything it’s 100%
  • Best game

    By why fish
    I haven’t ordered anything yet but I got vip and I’m going to this game is the besttt 🙂😁
  • This game is so fun at first I thought it was rigged but it wasn’t

    By yjfjfhdhdhdjsjsksksodkhi
    It is amazing you guys should download it
  • It’s ok

    By pERsON HERE!!!!& me
    I mean it’s ok but you have to pay for the coins and it’s not just hard to control it could be better…
  • Rip off

    By ExpressRocket56
    I purchased some coins to get a Pokémon plush I won it and it said 2 weeks till it come to my house and I have waited 5 and it has still not showed up I tried to see it with the tracking but it doesn’t even work
  • Bad connections

    By zora.m
    Half the time I use Clawee when ever I move the claw would never move and I would lose my coins it pisses me off so easily and I’m considering uninstalling the app.
  • Clawee is a big scam

    By 4r4r10
    Do not get clawee please
  • This is so fun!

    By sdthtyhfbgf
    I love this game you can get free stuff! Thay don’t give you that much stuff to start but this game is cool
  • Order taking forever to ship and daily coins.

    By Why do I need a name? =-=
    So about a month or so ago, I won a prize and paid for VIP so I could get it shipped for free. The app said that it'd take around two weeks for it to be shipped but it's been a whole month and it's still in shipping, not even being delivered yet. I've been waiting for so long, I wanted to have this item by the time of my siblings birthday as a gift but that's long passed. I also am no longer able to receive daily coins, meaning that there's no possible way for me to use the claw machines unless I pay for coins each time. The claws are also rigged as well! They're extremely weak and the items are hard to pick up, the cameras are super laggy and there are sometimes people standing in front of the cameras. I thought this app was too good to be true and I was right. One star.
  • Not so good

    By leah adhe
    I want not Good at all
  • Best game

    By hvggygujbbububjjbjb
    Best game ever
  • It’s so cool

    By ratchel🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿
    It’s OK but when I want to invite someone to get some coins it didn’t work and I tried it with my sisters and it still didn’t work so that kind of made me upset a little bit but yeah
  • Not worth the money or frustration

    By maak1234
    Clawee used to be a good game not anymore. The prices have increased 2 to 5 times what they used to be. Exchange rates used to 7 times now they are 2 times. Game’s mess up all the time. Don’t waste your money here. Their are plenty of other claw games out there.
  • Good

    By Linfghff
  • Clawee

    By gehdgdhdhdhdhdndndhftwj
    It always glitches when u go I have photos
  • It’s ok

    By Toodie21🥰😘
    It’s okay not bad 🤔🤔
  • Good

    By jaydude42069
    I like it so much I won apt
  • Love it

    By ddancermra
  • Review

    By drfhgh FM h
    You need to pay
  • Fun but pay to win

    By random-_- person;-;
    You can’t get all the goodies if you don’t have vip but still a great game you can win a lot of stuff try it for yourself

    By hmmmmm? 🤔
    You can get stuff out of the claw machine but sometimes the claw doesn’t work so be careful with that😁
  • It’s Great!

    By dabdabadbdan
    it’s truley a great app and i have one prizes but when i try to purchase currency there’s alway and error and i really want my prizes delivered to me.

    By Smashcan
    This is a total scam, do NOT waste your money. The balls for the daily free turn are plastic so it’s easy and you get coins, but the balls for the actual prizes are furry and the claw can’t even hold them!! They slip right though and it’s quite obvious that’s planned.
  • Great game

    By missyteeryeey
    Best game ever
  • Good

    By FITGET TOY!!!!!!!!!
  • The game takes my money at times but is very fun

    By pandabearcare
    I was playing Clawee and payed for the VIP and won a couple of prizes that are pretty cool but when I get off the app to do something it takes my money since it’s connected to my card and spends my money on coins, I tried to log out of my card info and it constantly keeps taking my money when I’m not buying anything. I finally had the urge to delete the game then re download it then it finally gave me the choice to keep my card info in the game or put on an Apple ID or password so I pressed cancel and now I’m winning items without it taking my money without me purchasing anything 😃