Epic Seven

Epic Seven

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-11-03
  • Current Version: 1.0.73
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 1.13 GB
  • Developer: Smilegate Megaport
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 4 451


PLAY THE ANIME RPG Epic Seven, an animated RPG world in the palm of your hand ▶ Characters You Can't Stop Thinking About With personality and charm you can only find in 2D, meet the characters of Epic Seven that are so lovable you'll even be thinking about them in your sleep! ▶ Become Captivated by the Story Be captivated until the very end by Epic Seven's engaging and immersive storyline and original animated scenes that will keep your eyes glued to the screen. ▶ A Refreshing Mobile Experience With a sense of adventure that's been lost in most recent mobile games, dive into a journey through an unknown world! No more endless mind-numbing RPG battles! ▶ The Highest Quality but Still Easy to Play Play through Epic Seven with practically no loading times in the highest quality, and with an interface that keeps things simple and allows you pick up or put down the game at any time. ▶ Exhilarating Graphics An engrossing and strategic world filled with endless possibilities. Spectacular eye candy that will keep your brain stimulated. All wrapped in one package to bring you the best experience a mobile game can offer. ※ Epic Seven is available in English, Korean, and Chinese (Traditional). *Application Permissions No additional permissions are required.



  • Highest rating I’ve ever given

    By BBoyce84
    First things first - this game is 90% not pay to play - I mean this by saying that without spending a cent you could enjoy the game to its max ! BUT that 10% pvp content you will be destroyed by pay to play players but in games like this that’s no shocker, here is the thing tho that is something that usually makes me salty but not in this game ! You enjoy the rest so much that if you’re not huge on pvp content this game is completely worth your time ! Characters- best feature all of them can reach highest star rating! So if you find a small fry but the skills work lvl him up he doesn’t become a waste !!!! They’re also beautiful !!! Love that the friendship unlocks new facial features to display them with !!! Background stories!!!!! I’m a nerd love in depth character knowledge!!!! Skills don’t all look recycled from one to the other at all !!!! Story- Not overall unique in its guy who need to collect friends to help save the world cliche but adds several side stories and adventures that give it its own little spin and makes ya actually want to read it through! Gameplay- comes with an auto feature to walk through dungeons but it’s no regular auto there are a few ways of customizing it so your characters will act certain ways and yes as usual the grind is real and drop rates for important characters skill items are terrible !( one reason it didn’t hit 5*) ! But when grinding lvls spawn random chests w other in game items so it makes you want to play instead of putting it down to grind ! There are a couple modes besides adventure, Labyrinth is cool has its own unique story but not much different from adventure mode just more decisions on direction and limited entry, the there is the always unforgiving tower or in this game an abyss that you really gotta bulk up your characters to get through Equipment-Not a struggle to get the goods but pricey and money can be a struggle when enhancing or creating ! There currently is no daily dungeon or weekend for gold ! They have had short once a month cheap excuse for one but it’s totally bogus ! (2nd reason for loss of star ) And the last but not least the draw system......good grief the one thing that is the biggest draw back I can handle draws being stressful for high rate characters but when you mix them in with skill cards so you can’t choose to draw what you need or want it’s a pool of high banking crap and that obnoxious pity counter that over a 100 pulls you get the prize character or skill card is just proof of how crappy rates are lol and on a game you might consider spending money on ......wow ! There is much more to this game so if you’ve read this far give it a shot lol
  • Good one

    By Foobby
    Really good game if you look at visuals and stuff but it needs auto replay and summon system ... still dunno why they put heroes and “items” in same bucket when its kinda hard to get that summon tokens, overall grate game if not scummy summons
  • Fun!!

    By kenito87
    Great game, visually stunning and can’t wait to dive deeper into the gameplay!
  • Best game 2k18

    By EnvieMv
  • Rpg

    By S.N Kh
    Good game
  • Account wiped no customer support

    By Blasphemyth
    After playing since launch and dropping maybe $50 or so on packs my account got wiped. Going to their website there is no link or options for customer support. It is a very fun beautiful game. But without any support I’d be hesitant to restart or drop anymore money.
  • Very bad

    By blahbling997722
    I play a lot of gacha games and it’s very rewarding but this game I loved it. A lot of grinding to do but still fun. But this game never rewarded me back. I spent money on this game and finally saved up a lot of gems and did a couple of session of summoning. I literally spent over 8000 gems and no good units at all. The rates are terrible. I put so much hard work in this game and I feel like they aren’t rewarding me at all for my hard work. If you playing this and looking for good unit to play then don’t download unless u spending a lot of money or if your jus super lucky. But if u playing this just for fun and not looking for those 5 stars then your ok.
  • I love it

    By xexexenogers
    I just love love love this game so innovative and makes me wanna play all day
  • Amazing game

    By bbrellybelly
    This game is so much fun
  • Stove error

    By Leoladi
    Can't log in iphone 6s plus
  • Offline mode please

    By Pani Poni
    Please allow this anime game to be played offline or make a seperate premium version. Thanks :(
  • Best Mobile RPG!

    By theNlCEone
    Easy to pickup, very enjoyable story, beautiful graphics and character designs! Everyone complains about pay to win games and this is definitely not one of them. I personally like the drop rates it keeps everyone from having the same teams and builds. Which in turn forces you to come up with you’re own way of having to progress. Amazing game!
  • F2P Friendly

    By El Barto 323
    I’ve been playing for about a week and this game is very good for people who can’t spend money or don’t want to. Since I’m a high school student, I can’t really spend money on mobile games, but this is very rewarding and free-to-play friendly so far. I am still using the 2 of the starting characters (Ras and Mercedes) and one that you can easily get from doing a couple missions (Elson). I’ve been playing Gacha games for about a year and a half now (mainly Dokkan Battle) and this one is just as good, if not better.
  • Addicting and fun

    By zkdkeiekej282848
    Gorgeous graphics and animation. I’ve been playing nonstop and see myself playing this for a long time. The only grip I have about the game is about the drop rates. Its absurdly low to get a 5 star from a collector point of view. 3 and 4 stars are as strong if not, stronger than some 5 stars. All characters ARE balanced. I would highly recommend everyone to give this game a try.
  • Ha

    By nephthys1993
    It’s awesome
  • Just started

    By Meet were
    Having fun so far
  • more please

    By abdulhad1
    Best game hands down!
  • Nice

    By HiiragiHana
    A nice game with animation.
  • Good game

    By Estrias

    By Cunoodlebear
    Good game wish it wasn’t Pay to win
  • Awesome game

    By Yoga pop star
    Simply put , its great fun without p2w
  • Pretty fun

    By 5aberAxel
    It’s pretty fun to play. I like it
  • Love the game but...

    By JimboMags
    Having fun throughout the game but I wish there was a way to summon multiple times in one go. And if you could separate the artifacts and hero’s into 2 categories that would be nice too.
  • Crashes hard on iPad

    By Shirley.N
    Especially when trying to use overly menu to adjust brightness. Worst thing is that the game doesn’t keep in battle save so whenever it crashes, you lose your unfinished battle...
  • Epic seven

    By needlessdear78
    This game is really fun and cool. Most mobile games can’t achieve what this game has created
  • Ye

    By Boiboivoi
  • Fun game

    By Bm3rk
    Great cutscenes
  • Epic

    By xxweihaoxx
    Best game ever
  • Excellent game

    By Balistasibasdian
    Good setting, beautiful artisan, wonderful summoning system. Only if cancel the forced tutorial, it’s gonna be better.
  • Epic 7

    By Culinary 65
    Great game
  • Love it

    By 046asg
    Fun to play, captivating story, and can’t put it down
  • Best Mobile RPG Ever!!!

    By CaddyVision
    I’ve never seen a mobile RPG with graphics this detailed, a suspenseful story, and not be overwhelming at the same time! You guys need a console version of this!
  • Insanely low drop rate

    By I phone 4 ios5
    Every pull is garbage. Every pull you have 1% of 5* and 4% of 4*. Even the 5* is garbage. One item per run. Every run is a bout 5 minutes. The lv up system is at a snails rate. The amount of stamina requirements is high. So much restrictions worst than North Korea
  • Don't believe the reviews--fake news!

    By TheTechnomancer
    Here's what to expect from a fresh download: forced download of 1/4 GB of patches before you can even get beyond the title screen -- goodbye phone space! Followed by barrages of notifications and ads that drain your battery. Then bribe players for 5 star reviews for an hour's worth of free progress. Finally, money grab to make any real progress beyond that. I played so that you don't have to. There's fat better than this.
  • 10/10 IGN

    Holy moly!!!!
  • Wow.

    By Blowing Off Steam
    In my last review, I talked about the summoning system and hat needed to change. Guess what? They listened. They added a pity system to summons, and you can easily reroll an account if you are not satisfied with results. The story is amazing and the graphics are overwhelmingly beautiful. This is the one game where im excited for the next cutscene.
  • Great

    By Bobtygichbiju
    It’s fun to play and the cutscenes are great. My only issue is because of my iPhone XR the icons on the far left middle of the screen are obstructed.
  • Heroes Welcome!

    By Apple Walrus
    Great gameplay starting out, wonderful aesthetics and the animations are fantastic, can’t wait to play more!
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👏👏👏

    By Tjthenew13
  • Updated reviews

    By truth😶
    Horrible RNG it's a f2p after all it's all fun until you're far in the game and get screwed running out of gold, energy, and patience and one boss is broken af but nobody is saying anything but yes it's perfect until you get to it's f2p flaws play for a week then delete
  • Great Concept and gameplay is fun but..

    By KraZyAlex
    Ever since downloading the game it has been none stop fun and all the available characters to collect. The only issue I’m having is that when I go to summon and a new Character is rolled after they say some quote, it doesn’t let me click off and I have to force quit and restart the game. An update for newer iPhones would be great as well. Otherwise thanks for the awesome game.
  • Quan

    By hjfgcsdb
    Yo this is the best rpg game there is the cutscenes are amazing the ultimate moves are like movie made I wish they had more star so I could give it more
  • Yes

    By Goodnessra
    Loving it
  • Nicely done

    By brennerham
    Very high quality
  • Good game

    By Beto2121
    Really good game distracts you for a while with upgrading
  • 씹꿀잼. 놓질 못하겟네

    By Iroona
    그냥 아주 재미져 ㅇㅇ
  • Awesome Game

    By Chris1234585384
    This game is so fun to play;The only issue I have is that I keep getting disconnected in mid battle or after I complete a mission. If this gets fixed I give 5 stars.
  • Cool

    By Setton23
    I like it

    By Dns637
    Pls add a feature where you can disable tutorials when rerolling! I should be able to know how the game works after my 100th reroll trying to obtain yufine. Speaking of thr devil, drop rate hasnt changed! The rate is still terrible!