Malwarebytes Mobile Security

Malwarebytes Mobile Security

  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2018-08-06
  • Current Version: 1.2.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 68.30 MB
  • Developer: Malwarebytes
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 2 544


Block scams and protect your privacy with Malwarebytes. Block disruptions like: • Phishing scams, tech support scams, and other malicious sites • Deceptive sites and other forms of suspicious content • Calls from known and suspected scammers • Ads and ad trackers which watch your behavior online • Fraudulent text messages Benefits: Premium ($1.49 per month, or $11.99 per year) • Block phishing sites, online scams, and other malicious sites with Web Protection. Browse the Internet with Safari without worrying about accidentally visiting a fraudulent site. • Ignore fraudulent calls with Call Protection. Get caller ID warnings or block incoming calls from known and suspected scammers, including “spoofing” calls that make their number appear similar to yours. Answer the calls that matter and skip the ones that don’t. Free • Block intrusive ads in Safari with Ad Blocking. Stop ad trackers from watching your behavior online and sending you targeted advertising. Browse the Internet with fewer distractions. • Ignore suspicious texts with Text Message Filtering. Forward fraudulent texts to a junk folder sent from a list of known scammers or containing phishing links. Focus on the messages that matter to you. iPad/iPod support: The current app is optimized for iPhone, but iPad and iPod users can still take advantage of Web Protection and Ad Blocking for a cleaner Internet experience in Safari. Future updates will include user interface improvements for iPad and iPod users. FAQs: Does Family Sharing cover premium features? No. Family Sharing only works on the free version of Malwarebytes for iOS. Premium features are limited to the purchaser’s Apple ID. To learn more about Family Sharing restrictions, head to the following link: I already purchased a multi-device Malwarebytes license, can I use it on Malwarebytes for iOS? No. iOS apps, like Malwarebytes for iOS, are only available on the App Store. If you have an unused product license that you'd like to use on Malwarebytes for iOS, please contact Malwarebytes support at to learn about your options. I already use Malwarebytes for my computer, can I just add an iOS device to my plan? No. Malwarebytes for iOS must be purchased on the App Store. Why doesn’t Malwarebytes for iOS include a malware scanner? It is not possible for an iOS app to scan for malware. Fortunately, the risk of getting malware on an iOS device is extremely low and Apple has a stringent review process regarding app admission into the App Store. About Malwarebytes: Based in Santa Clara, California, Malwarebytes has been building industry-leading Internet security software for more than ten years. Subscription details: Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at the end of the 30-day trial period. Your subscription will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. You will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period at $11.99/year, or $1.49/month. Go to your Account Settings in iTunes to manage your subscription or turn off auto-renewal after purchase. Any unused portion of the free trial period will be forfeited when you purchase a subscription to that publication, where applicable. No partial refunds.



  • Doesn’t work

    By Stvensdötter
    I paid for this app, premium service, and STILL get bombarded with robo calls!
  • I dumped it.

    By Detlew
    I have been using Malware bytes on my PCs for years. I always found it user friendly and effective. I just downloaded it for my iPad and it is pretty bad. I can understand the premium v. free thing, but I can’t understand how the app is “in your face” all the time. I have never had any app this intrusive. It acts almost like “ransomeware”. The population-are too frequent (reminding me I’m not fully protected-and I have to “deal with every one”) and they just seem to be designed to remind me what a cheapskate I am and how that is going to get me in trouble. I just don’t like the pushy, scolding attitude.
  • Did not stop Tapframe.gz Walmart virus

    By Silvercgu11
    Did nothing to stop tapframe.gz. Virus on Walmart website. Canceled right away.
  • 😊 With Malwarebytes

    By Tanman1950
    Yes I am very much. Protects all my hardware from “bad things” happening to it. We can’t be to cautious.
  • No dual-sim/dual-number support. Can’t block sms sent by email.

    By real_dexbot
    I’ve got an iPhone XS and I have my work and personal numbers (which are in different area codes) on it. The Malwarebytes interface only allows you to input one phone number as “your number”. ——— Scammers and spammers are getting wise to blocked and filtered phone numbers. Now they are sending sms messages through email addresses which are trivial to generate and hack into. Malwarebytes currently doesn’t support filtering or reporting messages like that.
  • Can not log in

    By Windos 65
    I tried to log in on the website. You don’t seem to have a way online to change it
  • Poor Performance

    By $$1950
    I’m very disappointed in the performance of this paid service to filter scam callers. The proverbial straw that broke the camels back was today when a California number tried to scam my info an when I googled the number there were numerous comments on the web listing this number as a student loan scam. Not sure what Malwarebytes does with the reported numbers we send them...I’ve probably sent them well over 100 an I’m sure their other subscribers have done the same. As far as I’m concerned this was money not well spent.
  • How good is it

    By boathippie
    F’ing excellent have this app on my iPhone 6 s+ works really well stops a lot of nuisance call , it tells me my call is a scammer and sure enough no voice message I trust this app and recommend it all my customers have it on all my computers and cell phone for company now employees install on their phones and home systems.what this means is I trust and use it try the sample version available and you will agree sincerely Steve of BSH Networks.
  • Malwarebytes If you want great protection

    I have been using the iPhone now for about a decade. I was starting to receive odd text messages and phone calls from all over, especially those dreaded rovo-calls. Malwarebytes has virtually stopped them. I see the good and bad calls which are clearly labeled. Sometimes I see “fraud” calls and I just don’t bother answering those. There is a level of malware detection that can be used across all devices you have. This product works smoothly with the operating system and does not take long to scan, just under one minute. I do not feel any delay either. The efficiency of the phone does not seem to be impaired.
  • Not very useful yet

    By Rad99004
    I’m sure Malwarebytes is building their database and one day will be useful. The interface is very lacking and doesn’t show much of anything. I have a year subscription and consider it a waste of money so far. The call log sometimes shows it was a Spam caller after the fact but not during the actual call. Mostly there is never any information. I think the cell phone providers can provide more information via there apps since they don’t have the same restrictions since they are the phone company. I would advise your company to provide this service free until you can be more of a service. An idea is to make your other subscriptions for Mac and Pc available via this App and this service would be free with one of those.
  • Not free.

    By fk6969
    Can’t stop ads neither pop ups. Call spam block is not free, wen protection is not free.
  • Disappointed it won’t scan iPhone for malware

    By SW1O1
    Like the one for my iMac does. A weird standalone video ad & self contained player appeared today & played automatically in my message dock screen area with a tag note claiming to be from CBS or CBS Sports App I recently downloaded. Did CBS or one of the other 2 apps I downloaded yesterday at same time — Yahoo Sports & NFL apps — install malware/adware on my iPhone? I don’t know because this app malware bytes can’t scan my phone! Doesn’t seem that useful so far. Gonna be looking for a better more effective alternative since this is pretty featureless from what I see. Thus, disappointed. I would give it a 1 or 2 but since they’ve done ok for my iMac, it’s a 3.
  • Malware bytes

    By Epa1
    Not good, can’t use cause it’s hung on my phone and iPad in the installation. Not good.
  • Terrible

    By catenatus
    Compared with other versions of this product, this is horrible. Not designed for the iPad at all, can’t be used unless you upgrade to premium. Seriously-what were you thinking. Deleted within first 10 minutes.
  • Not really worth it

    By DufferJ
    Great company name and reputation but it is poorly laid out. Make you hunt for back page to report blocked calls. You can block calls for free and don't see any value in this app. Would give it more stars if it offered real protection and better layout. Last page should be first on and prominently prompt you to report calls and texts. Its very amateurish UPDATE closing our account. This app is not what we expected from this company. Just block on phone as they do not share with government.
  • Crash fixed and working again!

    By TheJTizzle
    Back to using this app full time after a cray fix. Has drastically cut back on the amount of robo calls and seems to be a pretty good content blocker. Plan to pay for another year of service when mine runs out.
  • Doesn’t block any robo calls

    By lufkrnx
    Doesn’t block any robo, marketing scams or telemarking 😡
  • Alerts me

    By Mender E
    Alerts me of undesirable incoming phone calls.
  • Never close app!

    By jaduart
    You have to keep the app open in order for it to filter out spoofed phone numbers...what am I paying for?!
  • Malwarebytes protection software

    By Awonder
    A was unable to use my computer because of the constant ad pop ups. Malwarebytes fixes it all. I will remain a loyal user of their product.
  • Aaaqqq

    By aaqqqw
  • Malwarebytes Mobility Security

    By pea ut15
    Site is terrible! Tried to Download Free version. False ad. Site ones not allow you to Download free version. Bad Bad Bad

    By Ent write it
    -Malwarebytes first didn't do anything helpful then it blocked me from a malicious website!
  • Drake

    By WilliamDBlackmon435
    Great App
  • No more annoying spam calls! LOVE THIS APP

    By Axel Palmer
    I get useless spam calls all the time. It was so annoying to the point where I just kept my phone on sleep mode constantly. But thanks to this app, It automatically blocks all spam calls and I can now free my phone off sleep mode so that people in my contacts can still reach me. No more annoying marketing calls! It is definitely worth the $2 a month. Get this app.
  • Seriously

    By disappointed 67
    Not blocking spam calls, System is currently frozen
  • Feel safe.

    By jilyswm
    Malwarebytes makes me feel safe.
  • Can’t load my second and third MacBooks

    By BSaboutNicknames
    Can’t find out where to login
  • Zero protection this is a scam

    By SODOhealth
    I purchased Malwarebytes more than six months ago and they have yet to help me get my phone set up all they want me to do is purchase purchase purchase purchase and they don’t protect me at all! Maybe malwarebytes bites is the scam!!
  • Slows internet to a crawl

    By Marvin Martian01
    Slows my internet speed to unusable on both iPad and iPhone.
  • The Good, The Bad and The Disappointed

    By rr1144
    I downloaded the app on my Mac at the suggestion of Apple Support after my Mac was hijacked, problem solved, that’s the good. The bad, I wanted to use the app on my iPad, and downloaded what appeared to be the iPad version, but alas, it wasn’t to be. First, there is no free version as with the Mac version. Second, the app appears to work only on a Mac or iPhone and not the iPad, leading to disappointment. Admittedly, I am not tech savvy and perhaps I am missing something.
  • Well...

    By MythicalXFaze64
    So I’ve used the windows version of this program and it’s my FAVORITE antivirus ever! But!!!! The issue is I’m kinda disappointed with the current IOS version of the program. I’m having an issue with it, (free version) I wanted the ad blocker the most out of the two free parts of the application. I went through and enabled the SMS filtering but the app has not showed any indication that it has recognized I turned it on in settings. Then I tried the ad block and it’s greyed out in settings and won’t even give me a chance to turn it on. No clue why. And the only thing on my phone as a restriction is the “ adult website block” besides that I have not restrictions and limitations. Can you help?
  • Blocks Nothing

    By Poleary2000
    I wanted to love this because I love it on the computer. I am getting 10-20 calls per day. It’s like it doesn’t work at all. I uninstalled, reinstalled, etc. going back to the other app I was using.
  • Not working on my iPhone6S

    By Lafloridienne
    I get as many robo and spoofed calls as before on my iPhone 6S with latest updates. (I am paying separately for premium on three devices). Malwarebytes seems to be working perfectly on my MacMini and my husband’s iPhone6.
  • Malwarebytes

    By OldSoul60
    I downloaded this app because it said it would assist with viruses and malware but I think this software is designed for Windows users. Not very effective I had to uninstall it because it just didn’t work!
  • Not close to original

    By Califkid1955
    I have Malwarebytes on my PC. It. Is. AWESOME. Yeah- I know. What do you expect, Apple does not get viruses, etc. well, I do not believe that at all. Less frequent, of course, but they still are prone to viruses, etc. However, this program is unfinished. It is a shadow of the PC version. That is not my opinion, all you need is to look at the two yourself. I am embarrassed for the company that they would let this program come out before it is fully evolved. My opinion, which may not account for much., but I use both programs,and should know.
  • Absolutely worthless - only limits your mail, website and phone

    By NoGoodNick
    I got this, hoping it could catch and remove a potential ransomware attack. That’s not even an option. All it does is eliminate incoming messages, so you don’t even realize which contacts you’ve frozen out. No malware protection here folks. _________ Got a response from Malwarebytes, where they state that it’s physically impossible for someone to ‘take over’ an iOS device. I can personally attest, that this is clearly untrue! The newer devices with the new security chip might be protected, by I had an older device which was, including a keyboard intercept, by which they intercepted my account passwords. If Malwarebites can’t resolve malware issues, they shouldn’t advertise themselves as a ‘ransomware cure’, as ALL they do (on Apple devices at least), is limiting WHO can communicate with you! Hell, most email programs offer the same protection. It’s NOT worth paying extra for. Personally, Nomorobo offers VASTLY better protection on this front than MLB’s poor functionality.
  • Great app and very helpful

    By virgil I demler
    Thank you
  • Not too bad

    By GrrLagr
    I like this app but it would be nice if it could scan my phone for malware like MCafee does.
  • Very helpful

    By johnmacd657
    Malwarebytes for iPhone is very helpful in identifying spam phone calls. So far it has not mis-identified any call I actually wanted. John MacDougall
  • Safari Content Blocker is not enough

    By AndyyyyCC
    Mcafee , Norton Security, Lookout all have the VPN to protect whole phone network traffic. You should use VPN to extend the protecting zone rather than only Safari.
  • Something went wacky

    By Webubbabubba
    and I tried for weeks to figure out why my iPad wireless was slow. Checked everything. Everything. iPad is my go to device. Deleted this (paid) app on a hunch and poof! Problem gone. Lightning wireless again.
  • Not blocking

    By Abimaelito
    Is not stopping telemarketers from calling me
  • Works

    By Top Cop 911
    Can’t transfer from windows to iPhone
  • Perfect

    By Azuel
    This app has never allowed bad stuff in.
  • Answer the phone

    By Hoopstar7
    Malwarebytes identifies too many phone calls as known scammers or suspected scammers when, in fact, they are legitimate calls. It appears it happens if the phone number is not a contact number in a person’s known contacts.
  • Malwarebytes for iPhone

    By xcop31
    Keeps my phone safe without me having to complete a lot of operations or tend to keeping the software updated. Takes care of itself!
  • Eureka it works

    By Relayer10
    Or seems to No feedback or notable stuff that’s been scrubbed. Unlike Mac versions
  • Great for IMac IPhone

    By ENOCH247
    I have been using Malwarebytes for 2years. I called Apple with issues to a 8yo Mac, tech support had me download Malwarebytes and run the free version, it found and deleted the problem, took less than 5min. I know this sounds like some sort of marketing tool for the this company, I’m in no way connected to this company, other than , now I use their services in every PC / Laptop/ even my IPHONE.. I am a premium subscriber for life. I haven’t had any slow down that seems to plague most security software.