• Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-03-19
  • Current Version: 0.11.0
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 2.23 GB
  • Developer: Tencent Mobile International Limited
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 355 202


PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS goes mobile - the original Battle Royale game is now available on your device! 1. Official PUBG on Mobile 100 players parachute onto a remote 8x8 km island for a winner-takes-all showdown. Players have to locate and scavenge their own weapons, vehicles and supplies, and defeat every player in a graphically and tactically rich battleground that forces players into a shrinking play zone. Get ready to land, loot, and do whatever it takes to survive and be the last man standing! 2. High-quality Graphics and HD Audio The powerful Unreal Engine 4 creates a jaw-dropping visual experience with rich detail, realistic gameplay effects and a massive HD map for Battle Royale. Feel like you’re in the thick of the action as you play with high-quality audio, immersive 3D sound effects and 7.1 channel surround sound. 3. Realistic Weapons A constantly growing lethal arsenal of firearms, melee weapons, and throwables with realistic ballistics and travel trajectories gives you the option to shoot, beat down, or incinerate your adversaries. Oh, and you like the pan? We’ve got the pan. 4. Travel in Style Commandeer a variety of vehicles including cars, trucks, motorcycles, and boats to hunt down your enemies, race them to the play zone or make a swift escape. 5. Team Up with Friends Survive the battle with your friends. Invite and team up with your friends, coordinate your battle plan through voice chat and set up the perfect ambush. 6. Fair Gaming Environment Powerful anti-cheat mechanisms ensure a fun and fair environment for all PUBG MOBILE players. Not Just A Game. This Is Battle Royale. * Requires a persistent internet connection. * Recommended specs for PUBG MOBILE: iPhone 6s or later and iOS 9 or above. Supports most iOS devices, including but not limited to: iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone SE, and iPhone 6s. Contact Us The current version does not represent the final quality of the game as we will keep optimizing existing content and adding new features. If you enjoy the game, please join the discussion on Facebook! PUBG MOBILE Official Facebook Page: If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our customer service at



  • Greatest ever

    By 💯💪🏾PubG
    Best game ever. Even better the console games 👍🏾👌❤️💯💪🏾👑 #PubGIsTheBest
  • Love the game

    By Faialllllll
    Good graphics,good much fun to the game many Rifles M416
  • Nepal server

    By nerosubba
    I just want to say that i love this game more than anything else.I just want to say that there are thousands of players from nepal and we have the issues of higher ping.We never get to play in 40ms even if our internet is fast.So can we get the server for nepal please.
  • Game is best but

    By Maaizio
    We need the feature of removing the account linked to our account like Facebook
  • Needs two more things

    By Needs some update
    The game is awesome, I really love it, it kills all my free time. But I play it on ipad pro 11, A12X should handle it on ultra graphics, and please fix the screen size, needs update on that. Plus: I’d definately love if you add Mfi controller (such as nimbus steel series) support. New update, and no iPad pro screen support, I quit!
  • To Expensive

    By Aaronlee77
    Y’all need to make crate have better chances of different items instead of keeping the same clothes every other time , also in game purchases are over prices for a outfit , y’all want 14.99$ for a outfit !! I can go to Walmart an get real clothes with that money . An also you have to pay triple the in game money to keep the clothes permanent . Please change this !!!
  • Pobge mobile

    By opel omega 1990 caravan
    Very good game
  • Awesome

    By logettasas
    On my phone it’s not that great but on the iPad it’s awesome
  • Server timed out

    By AKM--GOD
    I hate this issue when it says server timed out. Even if a have a good internet connection. Game is full of lags.
  • too many fxxking cheating people

    By L、LLing
    love this game but one star are for the chating people.
  • Error in downloading

    By karrar94
    I was already getting this app and i tried to update it but it loads only one quarter then anotification of unable downloading this app appeared and whenever i try to update it appears frequently then i delete the game for reinstalling but this notificatio always appears so help me plz to get the game again phone is iphone 6..thanks
  • Awesome game but.....

    By kp21345
    Love the game but they got to do something about hackers. No way players like Goku should be able to shoot through the ground, walls, and floor.
  • Best game ever

    By pubg 4 ever
    Pubg is the best game ever and im so mad pubg cant sue fortnight cuz fortnight is an absolute copy of pubg and pubg is realistic fortnight is for 4 year olds
  • Data

    By LEM00NZ-
    I love this game I’ve probably spent 50 bucks on you guy keep up the updates and could you pls pls pls add in the P90 and 1 question how do you link data on a account that is not logged into Facebook ETC
  • PUBG Mobile

    By Frankkeanu
  • PUBG

    By tpiscoelollo
    No pues esta bien vergas este juego
  • 5 Stars All Day

    By Brizzi oh
    Before I say anything, this game BLOWS Fortnite mobile out of the water. :) PUBG Mobile is on another level. This game is so smooth and crisp that I forget I am even playing on my phone. The maps are so well thought out and themed. The only issue that PUBG has ever had was a faulty microphone at times....they fixed it and the game became complete. They could have slightly better items in the stores it can be limited but it’s also nice to work for your rewards. I enjoy playing and spend a lot of time and have spent money as well. I am reading a lot of the reviews and the game has its faults yes but I can truly see the developers working constantly to improve and fix the flaws. Make the crates easier to draw the mythic items and stop making my phone heat up lol okay bye!
  • Perfect

    By hawarsurche
  • 2 GB

    By My selfe
    Two gigabytes just for update but in a android it just about 400 megabytes
  • Fix it

    By Soe2233
    The game is good but the problem is the game size. Y’all should fix the PUBG storage. It took a lot of space. Some people they can’t even update. Because of no space. Come on now, we support for y’all and y’all doing too much. Fix that. Even fortnite don’t even take that much space 😭😭😭
  • Oooooo

    By Saad Bin Hossain
    Still downloading...
  • Improvement

    By Jacksowiedjjw
    As both PUBG mobile and 刺激战场 belong to tencent company, why pubg cannot update as quick as the other does? In China, we have gotten the new pistol, we are able to adjust the scope in different style, and we can jump and throw a grenade. PUBG nowadays still cannot observe friends play. If you really want to get improvement, stop replying me like send this to the address. If that is your rule, copy my message and send it by yourself. The value of this game that I enjoy the most is it mostly identical to the PC version I understand mobile version wants to have different features like Cijizhanchang has Chinese festivals and PUBG mobile has zombie. However, the update of PUBG mobile should catch up to Cijizhanchang otherwise ...
  • Love it

    By Mr Arab Afg
    Best game for ever 😍
  • Addicted

    By jayyy.enuh
    I play this game on my XS Max and the graphics is 4K quality in HDR ultra but when is extreme coming out ✊🏽😌 need to see
  • Pubg feedback

    By diarra18
    Great game. I’ve always searching for games like this, thank god they come up with pubg which made me feel much better and relax because the game is relaxed and everything is just great then ever. And things are coming up, they adding news stuff which makes greater game ever played even fornite isn’t that much fun then pubg for me that what I’ve always put in my mind. Thanks to you hope you keep it alive because even old people plays it!
  • Ok let me start by saying this... 🤣

    By Demons Oppression
    🧖🏾‍♂️🐍🕷 love the game But! Limited weapons, limited Ammo, limited scopes and the update just took away more weapon finds but if you happen to find one the weapons are good, also if you crash a vehicle you can die in it. If you dont pay cash your gear stays the same as when the game first came out, meaning they only update the clothes for pay crates and no matter how you struggle to earn money you cant buy anything good. One outfit per season and everyone gets the same thing. They did all the greatest things minimally... you can even listen to music when you drive. The dances are dated but who plays a great realistic war game to dance like a fairy strongly suggests something about the creators of the game. Some cartoon things in the game which are out of context i guess thats why everyone punches the bunny suit guy or the teddy bear suit guy. But they clap for the guy in the futuristic rugged war zone outfits. Still no c4 or timed explosives yet but im sure it will get there. All in all i hope they dont keep taking the percentage of finding great weapons away after all you only get a short period of time to enjoy your weapon buy the time you find it and all of its upgrades. I love the fact they are bringing in more thing to shoot because sometimes you can go through a whole game with little or no kills. Hats off to the creators keep it comin!!
  • Worst game ever!!!

    By Alex Chui Z
    Too many cheaters in this game . No matter how good you are you will be KO ! The company won’t care about it . SAD !
  • Addictive

    By The Dockster
    This is literally the first and only phone game that I can’t stop playing
  • This is my favorite game ever but...

    By Essam badwan
    The only problem with this games is, i experience some lag at sometimes even tho i have the iphone 7 and i think its a good phone I don’t experience any lag while playing fortnite on my iphone 7 what’s the deference i just want to know if the problem is from my phone or from the game.
  • Greatest Game Out Since Halo!!!!

    By uknw.. LW
    I’d spend money on this such a great game that’s free including the live!! Continue the upgrades PUBG maybe add 6 to 8 man squads and maybe grappling hooks or don’t hide our masks when we put our helmets on and one last one!
  • PUBG

    By hashik1
    Best battle royal game ever
  • Bueno

    By PedroCenteno
    Es un juego bastante bueno y divertido, pero ultimadamente los Hackers están haciendo de las suyas en el juego, en estos últimos partidas he perdido mucho puntos a través de muertes totalmente absurdas, con jugadores que sus armas no tienen retroceso como por ejemplo: el Ak47 Creo que no es justo eso, porque habemos muchos que jugamos para tratar de competir de una manera sana y justa y esos tipos caminan matando de una manera demasiado absurdas!
  • Glitch

    By Theycallmemaddy
    Please fix the mic glitch and bugs too #Muchlove ❤️
  • .

    By Muqtada gamer
    ڤري نايس🐸
  • It’s Amazing

    By Ellie Goof
    This game is amazing and that’s all I’m going to say. Except it’s way better than fortnight!
  • Pubg mobile is my love😍😍😍

    By Fahim Sami
    I just love it...
  • obra maestra

    By jokerMelgar1
    Doy fe de tal majestuosa obra de arte de hecho me preguntaba sera que al gears of wars se le pueda presentar la idea de una batalla royal?
  • Excelente juego

    By marckcc
    Me encanta su modo su movilidad y básicamente todo
  • perfections

    By JD.E
    they should say that when one dies, the body remains, there is no disappearance
  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    By ParkingRat
    This is a really great game. Very addictive it does take up quite a bit of space but its totally worth it. I wouldn’t recommend getting it if you have a “small” phone meaning there not much memory or RAM. I play is on an IPhone 6 Plus and it runs pretty smoothly but lags every once in a while I’ve also played it on a Samsung Galaxy J6 and it ran like a champ with 0 lag with graphic on high soooo... If you’ve got a good enough phone I would highly recommend getting this game
  • Best game ever . Played 3 season

    Thank you for the game .
  • Love this! Beware of Hackers

    By Sajithhere
    Number of Hackers are increasing day by day!! Please Be Aware..they are spoiling all the fun
  • About apple AirPods

    By yakshpatel1502
    I love this game I play all day 4 or 5 hours but there is one problem in iPhone I play with apple iPhone and I were apple AirPods and the AirPods sometimes not working and we can’t here the team members voice sometimes if we got a call during playing PUBG then we can’t here the any other voice in game they should fix this problem for apple AirPods
  • Good

    By Jokes on you batman
    PUBG mobile is currently in my opinion on of the best battle royals and shooting games I have seen on the app store
  • Best game ever

    By Michaelbolatt
    I am a fortnite player but I love PUBG
  • awesome game

    By iCapone335i
    Awesome game
  • Great game but...

    By sadboyfromjersey
    I love this game, but it’s not fair when one playing mobile plays against someone playing on an emulator. I find that the higher my rank, the more people I find playing on emulators.
  • Plz

    By mujtaba72
    Hi guys can you add new guns at game plz
  • 我就是个非酋

    By nxji