Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-04-25
  • Current Version: 1.16.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 188.41 MB
  • Developer: Jam City, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 656 744


YOUR Hogwarts story begins in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, your very own adventure in the Wizarding World. Choose your story, learn magical spells, and duel against rivals in a magical journey. Explore never-before-seen rooms of Hogwarts Castle and investigate ancient mysteries. Learn powerful magic and knowledge from Professors Dumbledore, Snape, and more. Duel against your rivals and forge alliances with new friends to help you on your adventures. As part of WBIE’s Portkey Games label, this groundbreaking mobile game puts you at the center of an all-new story in the wizarding world. When your mettle is tested, what kind of witch or wizard will you be? A heroic Gryffindor? A cunning Slytherin? You decide! After all, this is your Hogwarts story. Game Features: Magic Spells, Potions & More - Attend classes to learn and master magical skills like casting spells and brewing potions. - Unlock new characters, spells, potions and locations as you advance through the years of Hogwarts. - Customize your student avatar. Mystery and Adventure - Use your magical skills to investigate mysteries at Hogwarts. - Discover the truth behind the Cursed Vaults and your brother's disappearance in an all new story. Friendships that Matter - Bond with your housemates to win the House Cup. - Go on quests to help friends and fellow students…or frustrate rivals. - Earn respect and build relationships by adventuring together. Please note that Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is free to download and play, however, you can purchase some in-game items with real money. If you want to limit this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings. Under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or download Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. A network connection is also required. Privacy Policy: http://www.jamcity.com/privacy/ Terms of Service: http://www.jamcity.com/terms-of-service/ Check out all the latest news & updates for Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery • Like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/HPHogwartsMystery • Follow us on Twitter: www.twitter.com/HogwartsMystery • Follow us on Instagram: www.instagram.com/HPHogwartsMystery



  • Not enough time

    By Jaley0909
    Fun game. I’m addicted but I wish they gave you more time to complete special events like Hagrid’s birthday and the celestial ball. Some of us have jobs and can’t complete these quests in time. It’s frustrating when you spend all that time on something you can’t complete. All I’m asking is that the time limit is more reasonable for players who can’t spend 24hrs a day playing.
  • There should be a way to restart the game.

    By Zieg Heil
    There should be a way to restart the game. I want to restart the game because I skipped over some classes where I could have unlocked more spells for dueling. If you don’t add a way to restart the game, than I will have to beat the game and then play it all over again.
  • Went downhill

    By Forever&&Alwaysxx
    Game really went downhill after past few updates.. 1) it’s SUPER laggy... so much so that it crashes because it lags so much. One time it crashed 3 times in a row after opening it and trying to complete a task. I gave up for the day trying to play because I kept having to restart the task over & over again due to crashing 2) The special timed side quests/achievements are not fair at all. Either you need to give us more time to complete them or make it not so many tasks to complete. 4 sets of 4 tasks that some you have to get 5 stars on, some that take up 8 hours?? Almost impossible. By the time I get close (even spending some of my gems to get extra energy) the special event is over. It takes way too long for energy to come back anyway. 3) When you start and get the required stars on a task, and just waiting on the time to finish, it shouldn’t boot you out. Like it just did to me. I got the required stars, just had to wait for the time to run out, went on and did other stuff while waiting, come back & check my phone an hour later and it’s back to the beginning making me start over. Frustrating. Over all game was very good in beginning, but honestly once you level up and it gets harder, it gets boring and not much to do. I find myself not even playing for weeks and then coming back. But the main thing is is the horrible lagging & crashing - not worth the time with that.
  • Great game

    By TheGamer716
    They still need to adjust some of there mechanics, for example the 4min time limit on the energy refills it take way to long and the prices for energy and diamonds to be lower priced literally.
  • Lost whole history.

    By Skitaletz
    Today it was totaly reset to the very beginning. Why did it happen?!
  • Developers put in zero effort but expect you to pay exorbitant amounts of money on in-app purchases

    By danydeservedbetter
    First of all, I want to say that I really wanted to like this game. I’m not a person that usually writes reviews but after playing this a while I didn’t feel like it was right to not say anything. Starting with the gameplay, it’s an incredibly basic point and click game. Basically you’re just tapping the screen over and over to fulfill objectives until you run out of “energy”. You have the option to buy more energy for real money or wait until your energy slowly refills which wouldn’t be SO bad if there wasn’t a time limit on everything you do. So if you’re determined not to spend real money, you have to wait a couple hours for your energy to refill to continue clicking things. BUT every “task” has a 1-3 hour time limit to complete by and if you don’t complete it in that window, you fail the task and have to start over completely. Basically they force you to spend ridiculous amounts of money to advance the game at all. To be clear, this is not a game you can sit down and play for an hour or two, it’s a game that you play for about 5 minutes at 3 hour intervals (unless you want to pay real money to keep playing). The plot starts out compelling enough but you get so bogged down by petty tasks and between the energy and time limits, I’ve completely lost interest in the plot. Not to mention, all the familiar characters are poorly written, watered-down versions of their actual characters. Snape, for example, has been stripped of all cunningness and subtly. In this game he straight up tells the player character that he hopes they die before they complete their schooling. I mean what?? I get that Snape is a bully but the actual character in the books has more subtly and nuance, not to mention professional boundaries?? I could easily write an entire book about how much this game failed to deliver what it promised to be but the bottom line is- the creators of this game put absolute minimal effort into making this. For the quality of this game, people should be able to pay $5-$10 tops and have access to the entire game. Unfortunately the developers realized that by preying on people’s sense of nostalgia and love for this series they could get people to dish out embarrassing amounts of money without having to put any effort into delivering something worthy of that money.
  • Ok but

    By ajhgfdfg
    You should be able to restart the game at any point
  • Love it!!!

    By Mari Netta
    I love this app and I play it all the time. The storyline is awesome and the gameplay itself is cool and all of it just seems awesome! Your different attributes contributing to what you can do is an interesting thing and all in all the app is super fun!!! I also love how when you level up your energy gets restored to full. One idea concerning the energy is maybe as you level up it increases little by little? Could shorts show how not only is your knowledge for magic growing but your sorta “mana” grows like when you exercise you can handle more the more you do it. It would also be helpful for when you get all the side quests coming in and stuff so you can possibly do more as you get better. Just a thought though!!!
  • Combat

    By Fuzzy217
    The combat is so incredibly stupid. It is extremely repetitive and bland. It should be more of an attack and response instead of the randomness that it feels like it is.
  • Glitching

    By UnstableDave105
    I love this game and I love to play. there are just a few problems. For example it takes forever to finish a year. On top of that I am constantly getting glitched out the game. When it does this it deletes a little bit of progress. It would be much better if the years where shorter and if the glitching stopped.
  • Issues

    By DjPowerLoopLa
    So this doesn’t save
  • Help I’m stuck

    By DrmAngel420
    I’m stuck in the courtyard and can’t get past it showing all stars and when I click collect the game boots me off and this has been happening for a few days. Please help. Thx
  • Harry Potter: Wizarding World of Microtransactions!

    By ThatSlyfe
    Let me preface this review by saying that I’m a big Harry Potter fan and REALLY wanted to love this game. If you wanted to know why I couldn’t, keep reading. Update: I’m uninstalling and reducing the rating from 3 stars to 1. I’ve had the game for roughly a week now and I’m still stuck in my first year. Why? It’s certainly not because of an immense amount of original or interesting content. No, it comes down to the the obnoxious, unnecessary, predatory “energy” systems that plague mobile games that try to leverage the consumer to spend absurd amounts of money for no other benefit other than being able to ACTUALLY PLAY THE GAME. The sad fact is way too many people end up paying more on a mobile game such as this than a AAA title costs — games that are much more deserving of such money given the content and work that went into making them. It’s honestly disgusting that game mechanics such as the energy systems found in games such as this one have become the norm and are acceptable. This game is absolutely riddled with microtransactions. Granted, I very rarely play mobile games as I mostly stick to console/PC, but the sheer number of speed bumps you hit in this game that halt or slow your progress (unless you cough up some money) is simply astounding. Personally, these kind of tactics are the very reason I don’t play mobile games because I feel like they’re all infected with these greedy tactics, and I find it disgusting that the very same money grabbing ideas are being implemented into AAA titles on other platforms. I’d much rather pay a one-time set price and be able to play the game as much and as quickly as I want, rather than being told I have to wait FOUR MINUTES to get ONE UNIT OF ENERGY to even hope to be able to do something. The MT aside, the game is pretty simple and unimaginative. To be fair, I’m still in my first year, but the game mechanics just seem lazy, overly repetitive, and very unoriginal. I’d posit that this game is merely pandering and attempting to live off of fanfare. The game does look pretty good, the character models for the characters we know and love are done very well, and Hogwarts does look like how (I think) it should. However, it’s really a fairly hollow game that’s little more than a slightly interactive short movie. There was clearly opportunity here for something amazing. It’s too bad it fell way short.
  • Love this game/ please fix

    By Baby Sarah427
    There was a point where even during finals week I would have alarms set for when my energy was seconds from being full. Recently an objective has been to gain friendship with Bill Weasley and I keep playing gobstones and having meals with him but it stays at level seven! Please fix
  • Super fun but super glitchy

    By Lady Hemlock
    I love this game, but it crashes constantly. Every time I try to play gobstones with a friend, I have to keep re-opening the game because it closes out. Incredibly annoying.
  • An outrageous game - just want money

    By D3vc0ch
    I would like this game, however as you regularly progress and get more energy you should be able to finish tasks quicker - you would think that would be the point of gaining more energy. But instead no matter what you still can only get through lessons and stories at the same slow rate. The only way to finish quicker? Spending money to buy gems or more energy. This is ridiculous. Any other game would allow you to progress and get through these things faster. But creators of this game just want money.
  • Boring and expensive!

    By DeborahE0615
    I figure the developers paid their friends to write reviews because this game is boring and EXPENSIVE. The opening scene is great. The rest of the game....not so much. You are forced to repeat the same lessons, over and over again. The lessons take your energy quickly, so it’s rare to complete a lesson without either buying energy or waiting a minimum of an hour. There’s not much to do while waiting for your energy to recover. Overall this game had so much promise, but didn’t deliver. Save your time and money and move on!
  • Needs update

    By JC8391
    Great game, but it shuts down ALL THE TIME. Pretty frustrating.
  • Harry Potter ; Hogwarts mystery

    By Just the bust
    It’s great game. I mean who’s with me?.

    By stellakoalalover345
    This would have been a 5 star ⭐️ rating but it isn’t because of one thing the energy now don’t get me s game is actually the best app I’ve played but the energy runs out so quickly it’s frustrating😖 this is super fun and addicting I ♥️ it but the energy should have more or regenerate faster like bruh 4 minutes for 1 energy? Just plz fix the energy so there is more or it regenerates faster
  • Yes yes yes!!!

    By HufflePuff!
    I live this game so much! It’s fun and makes me want more games like this!! I live all the Harry Potter books so seeing this game is just breath taking!!! Thank you!!
  • Frustrating

    By Sarabirdkw
    Hate to repeat things that have already been said but, what’s up with the energy . It takes over an hour & a half to fill. If you’re not fully charged going in you can’t finish the course. Even that’s a coin toss whether it’s enough. Hope you guys are listening because you really need to fix that. I like the game except for that. So help us enjoy your game.
  • Great Game!

    By Game_Secrets
    I’m not usually a fan of Harry Potter but I can totally make a exception to this! It’s kind of nerve twisting, Like super exciting and fun you never know what’ll happen next!! I’d recommend it face to face but this is as close as I can get to it I guess!
  • Loving it

    By this game is nice and good
  • So expensive

    By 😣😞😠😭😖
    You need more energy. I mean come on 25 it should be like 40 and minute not 4 I mean come on!
  • Energy feature

    By The wehagens
    Good game.wish it wasn’t pay to literally play.I wish they would use adds to gain money not the energy feature.
  • It’s fun

    By artist spirit
    I love this game but I want to start over I put in the wrong house and I tried getting rid of this game and downloading it again but I can’t start over, does anybody know how? Again it’s a great game and really fun but I want to start over
  • Game is mostly ok

    By Ju-B-lant
    I’m annoyed today because I saw a charge to my account and don’t know why. Description says Hogwarts mystery bundle 7b. I haven’t bought anything through the game in several days
  • Why energy!?

    By M.R. Reed
    I love this game but no more energy!!!!
  • Awesome game five stars

    By hcfgvhjfddx
    It is an amazing game I’ve played it like five days straight
  • fantastic game!!

    By idontknow87288237
    this game is amazing, it’s so realistic and I just love it❤️❤️
  • Best game ever

    By aydattack
    It is super fun I play it almost every day
  • Your a wizard Harry

    By Ersa Of Your Dreams
    I just downloaded it but I can’t stop playing it
  • Cash grab

    By Sleepless in PDX
    I really want to love this game. I stopped playing it once for reasons I couldn’t remember. I started playing it again yesterday after a few months because I couldn’t remember why I stopped. Now I know. Listen. I understand the developer is trying to make money off this game, but... it takes a butt load of gems to complete one lesson. If people can’t / won’t pay for extra gems required to complete one task, the least the developer could do is save people’s progress while they wait. I can’t complete a lesson because y’all make me start over every time? Not cool.
  • It’s nice but ......

    By roblox awsome 10/10
    It’s very hard to play when you have to wait FOUR MINUTES TO GET ENERGY
  • Best game ever!

    By send12357906
    As the title says, BEST GAME EVER! The best game for Harry Potter fans and it is so interesting!
  • Love it

    By nudson1
    This game is great for me!!
  • Amazing Game! Some Things Can Be Fixed.

    By Dragons are now pets!
    Getting through only Year 1 so far, I have found this to be an amazing game! It's great for passing the time and the storyline overall is astounding. However, there are some things that can be fixed. I agree with everyone else; the energy runs out way too fast, and we should probably get higher energy limits as we level up. Another thing; my game seems to crash every now and then, but I can't even get past the end of Year 1 because of these crashes. Dumbledore will say something along the lines of "I hope you've learned a lot this year..." before the game crashes and I can't receive the reward you get for winning the House Cup. Now, this may be an issue with my phone, but if not, could you please fix this?
  • The game won’t work

    By TheDarkOneKingKiller
    It keeps crashing at the same part it Says go talk to Hagrid ,But whenever it tries to load it crashes . I really wanted to play the game but I can’t get any further in it because it keeps crashing
  • Enjoyable

    By Dathlue
    The storyline is easy to follow, and the characters have a nice depth to them. I really love the quizzing questions as well. Makes it feel like a school, but it is something you can enjoy. The game has evolved a lot. I love it!
  • Great but crashes every 3 min

    By HarryFan01
    Worst update yet - it crashes CONSTANTLY!!!! Fix?! Don’t you have a team on this?
  • Harry Potter mobile game review

    By condiment kidYT
    I do love how there are tons of different Hogwarts locations and you actually go by years like Harry would in the books, however it is four stars because it would be a lot more enjoyable if you could walk around on your own
  • Beautiful animation but nothing to play

    By Annabanan7
    The “game” involves tapping a certain number of times with absolutely no skill. The artwork and animations are beautiful though.
  • good but tired of year 5

    By tabloidjunkie
    Game is fun but year 5 has lasted ages because they keep adding new stories and dragging it out. In theory it’s nice but after 27 chapters and the back and forth of getting close to finally finishing year 5 only for them to add more and more chapters, I’m getting pretty tired of this year and the game. I just want to move on with the story and onto year 6.
  • Good but needs faster energy refills

    By Squeezy2014rnb
    Really like the game, but i wish it didn’t take so long to get energy. I can’t play as much as I would.
  • Love the game, having problems

    By Bunny012717
    I love the game, it’s really fun I just hate that it’s been glitching and logging me out of the game. Right now I’m in one mission where I have to fight some girl but every time I log in it would glitch and log me out and now I can’t even play the game because it keeps glitching.! Is there any way they can fix that so I can go back to playing the game ):
  • THE BEST GAME EVER but.... if you are part of the creators of this game, you NEED TO READ!!!

    By #CG squad
    I’m in year 3 rn, and I can’t even tell you how much I love this game!!! But... seriously? It takes 4 whole minutes to charge 1 energy!! That is just simply ridiculous. In the next upgrade, please make the energy only take about 2 minutes. Take these words into consideration and USE THEM!!!
  • It’s a little predictable

    By Ramona Wille
    You can tell it’s based off the book otherwise it’s a good game
  • Best game friends!download.

    By Vin228bk
    I love this game but you have to wait to refill gems to do new tasks.