Home Design Makeover

Home Design Makeover

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-01-31
  • Current Version: 2.1.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 321.22 MB
  • Developer: Storm8 Studios
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 20 233


Welcome to Home Design Makeover! Play the best Home Design match 3 puzzle game! Be the best designer by helping lucky families transform dreams into reality with amazing home makeovers! Solve fun match 3 puzzles to help design, customize and decorate the perfect dream home with beautiful decor. Your clients are counting on you to remodel their down-and-out fixer uppers! Features: - Remodel homes with a Farmhouse style or go Modern? You decide, you design! - Design and renovate different rooms styles, including family-friendly living rooms, rustic kitchens, stylish bathrooms and chic bedrooms - Help clients ranging from the newlyweds to Hollywood celebrities, and travel the world to Tokyo, Paris and Morocco - Express yourself with an incredible variety of high-end designer furniture, lighting, flooring and other decor - Experience addicting gameplay with offline mode so you can take the game from your home to the sky! - Be challenged with over 1000 match 3 puzzles and dozens of game modes for endless relaxing fun - Frequent, fresh and free content updates with new interior and exterior design challenges, floor plans, outdoor gardens, landscaping, seasonal items and more! Let's get matching and transform outdated homes into fabulous family hangouts!



  • Annoying playing matching game

    By hcon16
    If i wanted to play candy crush i would’ve downloaded that. It is annoying that after being stuck on a level I’m not even rewarded with enough for a single design feature anymore. Most of my items are now double or triple what I make on a single level. The rewards need to be higher per level and they need to be fewer between. Would love other ways to earn or save money as well. Design part is loads of fun, if it were more focused on that, i would be writing a different review
  • Fed up

    By Sarcart
    I believe I have already left one review on here with some suggestions on how to make the game better but an over all good review. I have been playing for awhile now and am so sick of the ridiculously hard levels that I am deleting the game. I really like this style of game and play three other games that are very similar concept. However, this game is lacking in so many ways. It wants to charge you 90 gems for extra moves to keep playing but gives you no way of earning those gems other than to pay actual money for them. They give you no “sample” power ups. They just show that there are some available for you to use but you have to use your gems on them. So we are back to the former problem. If you are going to make the levels so hard, (which is fine) then you need to make a way to earn the gems other than just paying money. I know they need to make money somehow but I have spent more money on the games that do give you ways to earn gems than I do this one. Maybe have some daily wheel you spin for a random prize or a daily prize for coming back to play every day. I even emailed the developers directly in the app about this and got a automated reply saying to “delete the game and reinstall it”. That is not going to help people!! You have to update it!! 🤦‍♀️ Anyway, Im done until I can see improvements made and hope other people can let the developers know too that they need to improve the game a good bit.
  • Ads

    By J1Yu
    To many ads now. Didn’t mind the difficulty of the game but now with an ad after every game it becomes pretty much unplayable.
  • Fun until...

    By AliceWL
    All the sudden there are ads galore. Every time you play a level an ad pops up. I’m am done :/
  • Deleted game

    By Daizzie
    I just deleted the game. I understand the need for ads for free games but now they are super long after every try. Don’t get any free power ups no matter how much you level up. I will stick to candy crush. I was at level 545.
  • Good but......

    By locolil
    Home Design is not fun, the games are totally rigged and glitchy
  • Too many ads

    By dragonfield
    The game was fun, if a bit frustrating with how long it would take to beat a level. But after this last update it has become unplayable for me. There is now an ad after every round. Don’t get me wrong I understand the need for ads and I don’t mind having to watch a few, but after every round is annoying. I feel like I’m watching more ads than actually playing the game. Uninstalling until they fix this.
  • Takes too long to beat a level

    By Jolly teacher
    Once you get in the higher levels, it takes forever to pass a level and then you don’t even earn enough coin or tickets to do anything. I think that you should give more lives or extra rewards when you pass a level.
  • Love the game. But...

    By Steph89anie
    Love this game, but after the newest update I can no longer get into it.
  • Don’t bother with this game

    By ChiGal99
    This game is just a money making scam. The puzzles get too hard too fast and it takes too long without spending $$. I was hoping to get some ideas of design but mostly a puzzle game. Levels should match the projects so you can complete more projects. I have been Stuck for over a week on one level. Also, no daily bonuses or any way to get the tools you need to pass a level without spending actual cash. Great concept, poor execution.
  • Ads

    By MissManda91
    I thoroughly enjoyed playing this game up until a few days ago they put ads on it like every other game, and now I’m not as interested in playing it anymore.
  • To many ads

    By JettaIsARocket
    It used to not be bad now but it’s just constant ads and it’s ridiculous
  • Hate game

    By Tink5705
    I hate this game because we have to play a candy Crush game to get money and I will never buy anything from them again until they fix that game.
  • Coupons should roll over

    By Kansaslefty
    I like playing this game, but much like some of the reviews I’ve read, there should be more moves allotted during the “candy crush”-style games. 15 moves to collect 105 specific colored gems, isn’t enough. My biggest issue is the separate challenges, where you earn coupons to complete the missions. On more than one occasion, I’ve completed the challenge, and had, as example, 100 coupons left, and once that challenge is done, you lose those coupons. They really should carry over for future challenges.
  • Level 270 and I quit

    By Master gardener1926
    The levels can take several days. In the beginning; a furniture item might take 2 levels to purchase. Now it takes 3 or more. On 270, there are only 12 tiles on the outside edges. The rest are covered up!!!! AND the goal is to make matches to cover the whole field with tiles. I tried it several times and the used $6 in extra lives and still lost. I. A M. D O N N N N N NE
  • Love this game

    By Lissahop
    This is by far my favorite game. The problem is I get no boosters. I have yet to get past 30 diamonds. Not one booster and it takes forever to get past a level. I play this first thing everyday. Make it more interesting and give some incentive to move forward. Love the game, hate that there’s no incentive given as you progress. I’m on level 274, have done multiple challenges in between, make it where when you progress that you get more money to spend on aspects of the room. Also let us earn boosters and diamonds. I have been on 30 diamonds for at least 240 levels. If changes aren’t made “GAME OVER” for me!!!!
  • Too much play-not Enough design

    By margheritchris
    This was, by far, my favorite game. But I’m at a pretty high level I guess because now to buy a feature it’s over $5000 per! That’s at least winning 6 games to get one thing. It’s way too much. It’s losing its luster!
  • Very annoyed with ads

    By tvalld50
    I have been playing this game for over a year. But really WHY PUT ADS AFTER EVERY GAME you play. It was one of the games I liked. But now with the upgrade. I might just get ride of the game. Not a happy camper.
  • More and more ads...

    By Sbamore
    I really enjoy this game and don't mind watching the occasional ad for a couple extra moves, but now they're popping up almost after every game played. I probably won't keep playing if this keeps up. It's very very irritating.
  • Energy

    By TeeJayPee 1212
    I like the app but get frustrated that it takes so long to get full energy and then it’s only 5!
  • Not worth the time

    By tictockclock
    Too much time spent on challenges!! No time for decorating 😓
  • Unhappy

    By japer1000
    Been playing for months but the last update added too many ad’s will be deleting
  • One of my favorites

    By Lucille starre
    Honestly I’m just writing this review and hoping you see it, but another game is using a video with your exact gameplay to sell theirs. Home Fantasy- new design game.
  • Fun....at first!

    By Paulycropoulis
    It’s nice and fun at first, but, obviously like any game, levels get harder. However, this game seems to make the levels way too difficult, and seems some levels are hard to beat with the amount of moves they give you. Can’t help but feel they force you to pay to finish the levels. Levels take longer to finish because things get more and more ‘expensive’ to add and each level gives less and less coins. This game was definitely designed to force people to pay. Had high hopes, but deleting.
  • Such a big waste of time

    By shaboberry
    Like others you get stuck on the same level for days! Poorly designed
  • The candles

    By Somsing10
    How do you get rid of them in level 198?? Its so idiotic. No matter what I do the candles just sit there. What the h—-?
  • How long it took

    By awesomeness pasword
    It took like half an hour to load and if you had the same problems I’m sorry because it’s just not worth the wait, why can’t any house building game not have the candy crush thing and it’s so boring
  • Death by ads!!!!!

    By Rosie886
    I’ve been playing this game for months and I really enjoyed it. But all of a sudden there are 30-second ads popping up between EVERY single attempt at a level. The absolute worst! I’m deleting this today.
  • Love the game BUT

    By sbfb0617
    I’ll start off by saying I’ve been playing this game for a while now, I’m on level 400 & something. However, something has to change. Either more coins need to be rewarded or the features in the homes need to be cheaper because sometimes after being stuck on a level for days, you pass it and don’t even have enough to upgrade anything. This game has so much potential just please listen to our ideas!!! :)
  • Bummed

    By ntnrml69
    Playing the game started out exciting, now perturbed due to you only get 5 chances. Can get stuck on same puzzle for multiple days and the specials you cannot finish on time to enjoy. Would like to be able to play more times a day as well able to finish a project. I don’t mind the difficulty, makes me want to play more just not enough plays—- BUMMER
  • This is not a design game!!!!

    By karinaswh
    This game is not a design game, you have to unlock every single furniture by playing "candy crush." Every design scene needs at least 10 furnitures to complete. The difficulty of candy crush game just keep raising and raising, you will stuck in a same level of candy crush for hours. So basically, if you don't want to pay for the game, you'll need at least 3 days to complete a design. More important thing, there are only 3 choices for each design. So don't waste your time.
  • So mad

    By Bucks457743277
    I payed for 100 gems because I ran out of turns, then it said the payment was successful. Then it said that I was still out of turns. So it charged me for nothing
  • Annoying

    By Mrs.sha2019
    I actually like this game but The other day it kicked me off suddenly After I had been playing for a while. Every time I click on it it kicks me right back off. It was such a great way to pass the time. Its time to fix it as it's been three days. I'm about to delete it and be done with it.
  • Needs Improvement

    By Keriberrykix
    I play this to pass time but it gets very frustrating when it takes so long to pass a level in order to earn coins. I refuse to spend money on in-game purchases. Please update game with ways to EARN diamonds and coins.
  • Like it

    By Nail2009
    this game is so fun. download it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Ruined it

    By UpperGoddom
    The game was fun but now to play you have to watch an ad, then watch an ad when the round is over. Then to start a new round there’s another ad. I’ve been playing for months but will probably stop. Nobody has time for all the ads especially when you want to play a few rounds at lunch or something. Bad bad decision!
  • Sold out for $$$

    By comcernedgamer
    When this game first came out there were limited ads, soon after there was a "watch an ad, get more turns feature. Which quickly became, can't beat a level? Watch the ad. Now even if you don't want extra moves and decline the ad, you still get an advertisement. So if you enjoy advertising every 2 min between gameplay then this is the game for you!
  • Not all that great

    By intern
    Not all that great if you’re actually looking to design anything. I gave it three stars because the games are challenging enough to make you think about efficiency and strategy of moves. Design options are very limited, however, and you’ll spend most of your time playing the games for points or dollars to “purchase” the highly over-priced items. Seriously, there were some levels that took days of playing to get enough dollars to add just one design item. Also, the game cheats. I know, everyone always says computer games can’t cheat, but this one does. I’ve noticed a number of times how the number of “moves” I have left showing seem to disappear sooner than I’ve made them, but today I had clear proof of it. I had used all of the available moves, but decided to use the “watch this video for 2 additional moves” option. I only needed two moves to win the current game, btw. I made a single move and it was over- cheating me out of a win. You see, unless you spend money to purchase the little starburst dodads, it takes a VERY long time to win enough to actually do any design work, and each level gets increasingly more difficult. I’m just about at the point where I’m going to delete this app because it’s not worth my time to play something that essentially is just cheating the player by removing the available moves. I don’t mind a hard game, but I do mind one that is programmed to cheat the player (since the only way the computer CAN cheat is for it to have a programmed algorithm or similar).
  • Too many Ads

    By SueBat722
    Love the game until today. After you fail a level and you click the X try again it takes you to an ad. Even if you still have lines you have to watch an ad. When it’s an event and you’re trying to win tickets the number of spaces with tickets is very limited and if you have any extra icons that could wipe away spacesAt the end of the game the game doesn’t do that. Why are the ads When you have more lives to try again? Guess I’m gonna have to stop playing.
  • Suggestion

    By chewy0223
    I love this game! I have gotten so far in it! This game keeps me challenged while being visually appealing and realistic unlike the other design games out there that are too cartoony. I’ve never written a review before, but I enjoy this game so much! I do have a suggestion for the game though. As you get through the levels, the cost of the furniture goes up, but the amount you earn after each level stays the same. If that is going to happen, I think it is only fair for players to get a little more money for higher levels. Otherwise, you’d be playing through three levels or more and you still haven’t earned enough for one couch in the higher levels. Besides that, I enjoy the challenge!
  • Playing for weeks needs so updates

    By LSDrio187
    This game is so frustrating!! You play the same level for days on. You don’t earn any type of boosters or tokens to help you finish a level. You have to wait 30 min to earn free play. No specials for purchasing diamonds to play. It would be a nice game is it had some extra features to help you pass one on these level cause it’s a cool game.
  • Fun at First...but gets too hard really fast.

    By debm32097
    Thought it would be a cool way to design a room but when you finish the first room you better be prepared to spend some money buying coins or diamonds to complete a room. Thousands and thousands of coins to finish one room and almost nothing from winning a level. And 90 diamonds for an extra turn... Come on people I’m ready to quit and I’m only on level 37.
  • Disappointed

    By pm collector
    I like the game but I’ve been playing for about a year and have never earned any boosters to get through the levels, disappointed in this aspect of the app
  • Frustrating and No Rewards

    By JoJo_OP
    Typical match play to win money or tickets for Home Design. It’s quite irritating that you have to play multiple games to earn enough for a design (despite that being the name of the game), but I am most frustrated my the inability to earn diamonds to help you win the games. Have to be purchased only.
  • Something is wrong with the game

    By Faboulsity
    After the update my game doesn’t load and I am unable to play. Could you please update and fix my game.
  • Ok game

    By Daisy2248
    I don’t like that you cannot win boosts along the way. Everything extra you have to pay for?! Love the fame but it’s needing more excitement.
  • Issues

    By Mochi_BtsArmyWasHereOwO
    My boyfriend and I both have This game on our phones . He constantly gets DIY and I do not . Why don’t I get D I Y anymore . Please fix j
  • Love the game, but...

    By MamaB1983
    I love this game! It’s addictive and the graphics are beautiful. But, for the past few days it has not wanted to load, even after uninstalling and reinstalling. I’m using an iPhone XR. I don’t want to quit playing, but it’s really getting frustrating.
  • Loading App

    By calitxblu
    Anyone having trouble opening the app after the updates?