MyWin by Windstream

MyWin by Windstream

  • Category: Business
  • Release Date: 2018-12-06
  • Current Version: 1.3.12
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 40.01 MB
  • Developer: Windstream Communications
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 2 444


Get access to your residential Windstream account and services when you want, where you want with MyWin. With MyWin, residential consumers of Windstream services can: • View and pay bills • Go green with paperless billing • Enable AutoPay and save • Receive special offers • Upgrade and sign up for new services • Track support requests • Check network speed And much more…



  • Easy to pay my bill!

    By Mary AE
    Just installed this app when I was going to pay my Windstream landline bill. It asked if I wanted to add the app to my cell phone and I said yes. It was so easy to pay my bill. This is how I will be doing it every month now! Thank you Windstream for making it easy for me.
  • Easy to Pay Bill Now

    By SophieA12
    As I recall the app was tedious to set up, but manageable. Now I can pay my bill with a couple of clicks as I stay far away from any and every auto-pay.
  • Super easy

    By christined1741
    Love the new app! Super easy and fast!
  • All good

    By atnite
    All good
  • Love the app

    By ELR49
    Easy to use. Much nicer to navigate than the website.
  • Great!

    By Ren92818
    Very simple and easy to use. Loooove the app!!😍
  • MyWin review

    By Dyanta
    I love that fact that I do not have deal with automated services or a lousy customer service rep. It’s easy and convenient. I love it I wish I could pay all my bills like this.
  • Very happy with windstream and the app!!!

    By Akharrell
    Always very helpful and friendly and the app is easy to use!
  • Much easier to pay!

    By Jeeper51
    After spending an hour trying to login to my account online I remember this app. In a matter of seconds I had my bill paid and never did get logged in on the Internet.
  • I love

    By troyapr
    More easy to make the payment
  • Won’t sync

    By FortheOceans77
    I can’t get the app to sync and ended up having to pay through the website.
  • Syncing no options

    By Amber Thibodeau
    App stays on splash screen. Says syncing forever. When I did work I gave no option to save credit card for future payments. No option to bowl current of past bills and view any account information. It’s bad enough Windstream is the worst service I have ever had but to not have normal options on the app for my account. Less than one star if I could rate. Update. I still can not move past syncing screen. I want to pay my bill but Windstream is not allowing me to!
  • Great

    By Sweetlova
    I love it..
  • Doesn’t work

    By foxtrot unicorn charlie kilo
    Went to pay my bill on the website and redirected to the app. Hasn’t let me even sign in for five days now.
  • Not working

    By 69panther
    I have the app downloaded but I’m unable to get into it. It keeps saying syncing data. Had to go to my email notice and go in that way. What hood us the app, if I can’t get into it?😡
  • Syncing....

    By Background character A
    App is stuck on Syncing screen. Can’t access my account, and the website brings me to the app.
  • Love it!

    By union county mom
    Super wick and easy!
  • Ok

    By algc48
    The app is ok until you decide to change it. That’s when I have a problem.
  • Payments

    By peggy aldridge
    So easy. I love it
  • Synching Data

    By Ashley Larissa
    The app isn’t fully opening. It says synching data at the bottom of the screen and doesn’t do anything else. 20 minutes of synching and I closed it out.
  • Nice app

    By svd99
    Fast and easy bill pay
  • Poor App Design

    By Ken04 Thompson
    The developer of this app doesn’t understand how to write a decent IOS app. It doesn’t even support password managers
  • Unable to set up autopay

    By awuppy
    This my second attempt to write a review. Apparently my nickname is taken. I’ve tried at least 6. I can’t set up auto pay which I’ve had set up for several years. The old method was easy and quick. Your new easier method won’t work. I’ve tried for over an hour.
  • No finger print log in

    By Dwkuhl
    Downloaded the new Windstream app and noticed first thing it does not let you log in using finger print for passcode. I guess the little eyeball thing out to the side is for facial recognition. Still a lot of people use older iPhones than the X model or newer. Have not tried to pay a bill but will try that when the bill is due.
  • Junk

    By superwacher
    No option to pay. Current charges says $0 when it’s actually $more than it’s worth. It’s funny what we humans waste our money on
  • Thanks For (FIXING)The Missing Features!

    By mwblank
    ⭕️ (NOW FIXED) Does Not Show Account Number. ⭕️ (NOW FIXED)Does Not Show Phone Number. ⭕️ (NOW FIXED) Does Not Provide PDF View & Download of Billing Statements.
  • Unable to Pay On Time

    By Mimayamor
    The App was not showing current bill and had no option to pay the amount that was due until the DAY OF the deadline and because I was busy yesterday, I was not able to pay it on time. I just realized that there was a bill due but I was late a day! This is unacceptable! Can you please find another app developer that can resolve this issue? Other companies can do it. I am not happy that you allow this to happen. I usually pay my bills at least a week before they are due because I don’t know how busy it could be for me on different days. Your app is NOT user friendly and ridiculously unhelpful! Oh, and I did set up auto pay through the app. Nothing happened! What are you guys thinking?! Don’t you want to get paid on time? How many customers do you have? If you have 45,000 high speed internet customers paying an average of $80, you will be missing about $70,000 a day on interest if they can’t pay on time. If they pay ahead of time, your money is making interests those days you were not even supposed to have our money. Please get a good app developer and pay him/her/them a good amount. It’s an investment worth paying for.
  • Excellent app

    By Hsuccuen. Whducufhbe
    App works as functions. I have no issues! :)
  • App

    By Ilovebordercollies
    I added this app & now logged on & it still doesn’t work. I pay all my bills on line & I always have a problem with yours!
  • Won’t work

    By Jbondi
    I can’t pay my bill app won’t even load and when it would before it says my balance is 0
  • Unable to pay

    By Lurly01
    I signed into my account online to pay my bill and I was redirected to the my win page. When I tried to pay online my only option was to download the app or sign out. I downloaded the app and it shows that I owe $0.00 due Jan. 28, but when I scroll down it says current charges are my usual monthly bill amount. There is no option for me to pay my bill. I have tried every page on the app and still no option to pay so I guess I will just say thanks windstream for taking care of my bill this month. That was an awesome surprise.
  • Won’t work

    By Meech7686
    Won’t let you pay bill. Now won’t even load and open. Worst app ever. Let us pay on the website again
  • Horrible App

    By MarginalSatisfiedCustomer
    About useless. The website is more functional than accessing through app. Will be deleting.
  • No Pay Now Option Available

    By Unhappy WIND
    It would be very helpful to have the PAY NOW button available on the app if WINDSTREAM requires this to be the only way to make payments to your bill. Needs to be fixed ASAP or I will move my service to INFINITY.
  • Horrible

    By frustrated x million
    Constantly changing . Forced to get app to pay bill. I don’t need another app on my phone. Signing in a nightmare never recognizes password. Piece of junk. Windstream live customer service no better.
  • App is junk does not work

    By try Kohler
    Windstream never fails to disappoint. The only option I have for internet. The app works just like my internet. It doesn’t. Now I can not pay my way overprice internet bill for the crap of service I get. Only downside living in rural area, no options and get expensive junk.
  • Really?

    By BCLD
    How do I supposed to pay my bill if the APP doesn’t work?!?!?
  • You're killin me smalls

    By Goobagob
    Dear Windstream, Please get your junk together - you guys are the worst!! At first I was excited that you guys finally updated into something better- I wasn't surprised when the app wasn't working. Once again, a HUGE disappointment.
  • Never connects to server

    By lawshondra
    This crap doesn’t work! I rather it had stayed where it was initially because not like others I’m not like everyone else with thousands or millions in the bank and don’t care if somebody or company takes out a few hundred, but I have other bills that come out of my account and I have to see how to balance