Last Shelter: Survival

Last Shelter: Survival

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-02-19
  • Current Version: 1.250.098
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 206.29 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 8 313


-Real Time Nation vs. Nation post-apocalyptic strategy war game. Join now! Your Country needs you! [Last Shelter: Survival] is a Massive Multi-Player, Real-Time strategy war game. The player will take upon the role of a leader of a small settlement in a world devastated by a zombie apocalypse. Build your own wasteland empire, train your troops, recruit legendary heroes and join your allies in the non-ending war even in the end of humanity. To befriend or to plunder, the choice is yours! Unique Features -World Wide War Real-time combat against players across the world, lead your country to greatness -Realistic Graphics The Map, The World, Your City, The Units, The Heroes, Everything just seems, REAL -Build Your Wasteland Empire Absolute Freedom City Building, upgrade your facilities, research your technologies, train your troops and recruit powerful heroes to strengthen your empire! -Hero System Whether you like to engage your enemies at a distance, take them on at close quarters, or you enjoy developing your base at home, there are TONS of heroes that can help you with just that! -Strategic Gameplay One set of units just simply cannot dominate, Fighters, Shooters and Vehicles, You have to know your enemy and yourself to walk the battlefield of this world. -Alliance Warfare Whether it’s going against different servers, or fighting for the title of the president at home, your alliance will always be backing you up, as long as you find the right people of course. [Real Reviews] “The game is really just a platform to meet friends from all over the world.” “Ever joined a group of Russians and waged war against the entire North America? I’m American!” “Joined a Mexican alliance, learned how to speak Spanish, got raided by Turks, and Canadians came and helped us, 9/10 would play again.” Join us on Facebook



  • Fun!

    By Mrbrunner
    Having Fun!
  • It has become all about the money

    By Luis M. A.
    First I want to say that I love the game. I also want to say that as a business man I understand that the game has to make money, anyone that thinks otherwise is just fooling themselves. But with the new upgrades and the S2 hero it has become somewhat abusive. Recently I’ve spent around $1300 to obtain these heroes and ended up with only 2, that’s just ridiculous. Like I’ve said, I don’t mind spending money, but in something that gives me back a return. This exaggeration is leading me to a decision of quitting something that gave me great satisfaction. Sincerely I hope something is done to fix this greediness.
  • First time

    By Advancedzkiller
    First time playing
  • So so

    By Daedalus1066
    Not a bad game
  • G

    By walt b 3
    Great Game
  • Greatest game EVAR🙄

    By Sniper14245587
    Greatest game EVAR!!!💩
  • Pretty Fun

    By Funnnn!!!!!
    Just started out but it’s pretty fun. No glitches or anything annoying.
  • New just starting out. Seems fun so far

    By Chittumspine
    New just starting out. Seems fun so far!!!
  • Awesome!!

    By king03rae
    I’m addicted to this game !! It’s amazing and I can play it for hours!! I can’t get enough!
  • Pay as you play

    By buck71usa
    Same old pay as you play game
  • Great Game

    By Trav1968
    This is the best game ever!
  • Makes you review

    By Mitchdirchwitch
    I don’t know what to say... don’t trust a book by its cover.
  • Undecided

    By Whatisgoingonhere
    Too early to tell if it’s good or not.
  • Okay

    By Daniii3567
  • Great game to pass time

    By legend_35
    Seems ok to start. I feel like there will be a lot of time invested.
  • Meh

    By jdbdheheifnf
    Just another build game.
  • Hdhsjs

    By jdhdebh
    So far so good
  • Just started

    By JasperAnthrax
    I see in the pictures they have stolen character models from The Walking Dead and the Resident Evil series which I’m sure is copyright infringement. Other than that it seems in much like a command and conquer style survival game
  • Game

    By beaujk
    Not bad so far.
  • Cool

    By Alex Bolch
    Pretty cool
  • Cheating

    By ouyangzhanhong
    This game isn’t fear to everyone, some people doesn’t need to pay the money for buying packages. Never try this game.
  • Amazing

    By Catruchamaya
    Addictive game, first game I ever spend real money!!!
  • Cool

    By QSK coltrain
    Fun game
  • Commend

    By KingBawi
    Interesting so far
  • Awesome!

    By Philip199177
    Great game!
  • Boring

    By nylsson
  • Don’t waste your money

    By TheDikCheeze
    Don’t waste your money
  • We will see

    By Castradomas
    This game got my attention so I’m giving it a try. So far so good. I’ll write another in week or so.
  • Ya

    By Keigfootball34
  • Fun

    By TurnerMom07
    Great game. Still has a few bugs but overall fun.
  • Nice

    By Mohibullah Salimi
    Nice game
  • Great

    By Arch Angel Michael
    I really like this game but don’t be so expensive with the upgrades
  • Awesome game

    By Gene EmmieDh
    It gets better if you work at it. You must check your mail for messages it’s very important. Join an alliance and stay in touch with your commander. Come join the(ALL)alliance and fight side by side with us.
  • Very strategic and addicting!

    By Carey EuphemialU
    Very good game, but when playing, you need to keep looking for some strategy, so that you can quickly grow. Otherwise, you will waste a lot of resources and time. The fun of the game also lies here, and it is precisely because of this that I am infatuated with it.
  • Been playing a long time

    By Ovvxgheystpyqnrqljl
    Hello! the gameplay consist in tactical fighting.every person can conquer the other players. This is a great work. As result, this is one of the best mobile games!
  • I love the game it cool

    By Murray Baker5m
    Generally speaking this is a very good game and worthes playing. But I think you need to improve the cash efficiency because we are all in bad need of cash.
  • Looks cool

    By Gemma Needhamhi
    Its fun and I play daily I enjoy the game I really dont have any complaints but one that I will get to at the end. The balance between free to play players and pay to win players is decent I like that you can achieve the same results wether you pay or play the gameplay is pretty good this is the first game of this style that Ive been able to get into. This is an addition for the support team any time there is a bug noticed yall fix it asap and then throw a bunch of compensation our way mistakes happen and you guys make up for it thank you support staff and everyone else for this game
  • Really fun and great time killer

    By Darren Noah81
    Though it’s a virtual world but made a lot of new friends that have the same common interest and the finding the same fun in the game, awesome!
  • Yhis game is awskme

    By Scott ScrippsGnvt1U
    I started playing this all because a co-worker of mine was playing and I thought I’d check it out. I have never played a war game so I wasn’t sure if I would stick to it but 3 months later I’m still obsessed! I play every single day, multiple hours a day. This is unlike a lot of war games seeing as tho you can do everything in the game without playing any real money. But heck, even if you do spend some of your own money you can get a lot for a little. I have built a lot of friendships and enjoy playing with all the different people you meet. The different events that start at any given time (and happen often) are a lot of fun to participate in. It keeps the game fresh and fun. The only thing I wish was different was how long some buildings take to upgrade.That’s the hardest part of the game. But if waiting is my only complaint then I think things are going alright. If you want a game . I promise you it will not disappoint!!
  • Its a fun game to play with your friends

    By Sandra ArmstrongSw
    I have had this game for 3 months now and it is awesome I HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ok and I think you will like it to I love how there are things to do every day and that you don’t run out of things to do and when you get in a guild it just makes everything better
  • This game is Awesome. Man!

    By Murray TonyQIqDa1
    Ive been playing the game for about 3 weeks. Gameplay, strategy, and players are wonderful. Game is not money hungry as it gives you game currency through quests and other events. This is not a pay to win game. I highly recommend it!
  • Very addictive

    By Christine BessieaSAX4k
    This game is amazing! I’ve been playing for around one years and I’m still addicted! I just have a cool idea that would be an amazing addition to the game. It could be sooooo cool if you could move the view of your base 360 degrees, similar to simcity build it. This would allow you to see buildings from new angles and just make the game better overall! I have been wanting this for a long time.
  • Good

    By PrinC_P
  • Game

    By Jakepm79
    It’s ok
  • Review

    By MartilloN
    The game looks interesting and I can’t wait to get to higher levels.
  • Jury Still Out

    By Shanzeyo
    Just starting. This seems to be a long-term game. You build and wait, build and wait.
  • Good Game

    By luvbugcass
    Good Game
  • 30 minute tutorial and not as advertised

    By Andy236752
    Not a 1st person shooter like advertised, also took 30 minutes to get though the tutorial.
  • Thumbs up

    By Joey13ST13
    Fun game