• Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-11-15
  • Current Version: 1.0.25
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 278.50 MB
  • Developer: Mattel163 Limited
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 35 811


Play the world’s number one card game in a whole new way in UNO!™ The classic card game comes to your mobile device with all-new rules, tournaments, modes of play and much more! Whether you’re at home, on the go, an UNO veteran or completely new, UNO!™ is the ultimate competitive family-friendly game! Ready. Set. UNO!™ - Play classic UNO™ or select from a variety of new rules to play in real-time matches - Compete in tournaments and events to win rewards and top the leaderboards - Partner up, play in 2v2 mode and collaborate to win - Connect anytime, anywhere with friends from around the world FEATURES The Classic Game at your Fingertips New to UNO!™ or wanting to play your favorite card game? Tap Quick Play and start up a new game with classic UNO™ rules. Play anytime, anywhere you can connect! Rule Your Room In Room Mode, invite friends and set up your own house rules. Play new cards like “Discard All” to remove one color completely from your hand or rules like “Stack” and watch your friends pile cards into their hands. This is the ultimate family-friendly mobile party experience that makes it easy for anyone to join! Buddy Up Find a friend and partner up to battle in 2v2 mode! Help each other reduce your hand (or your partner’s) to zero as quickly as possible to beat the other team! Connect, Chat, Yell UNO!™ Easily connect with friends, chat with others during a match or yell UNO™ into your device when you’re about to win. Strategize with friends or cheer others on! Real-Time Matches Galore Compete in tournaments and special events to win awesome rewards! Top the leaderboards and show-off to your friends! Go Wild – No, Really. This no-holds-barred mode is the ultimate UNO!™ challenge. House rules on, two deck play and winnings up to 80 times what you put in! But beware, in this wild scenario, you win big or go home empty handed! Are you up for the challenge? Visit our official site at Follow us on Facebook for more updates:



  • Perfect game

    By QueenIce37489
    I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!! The avatars are cool and the gameplay. There is not a problem at all!! I think you developers have done so much hard work and I thank you for the game and don't listen to the people who don't love this game as much as I do because they are wrong and thanks again and Uno players I hope you enjoy the game.
  • 5 stars but right now i would give t a 2

    By Tony SavidgeGaming
    Okay so on story mode, 30 Is so hard. Some people are playing just to win. And that needs to stop. Make it so you can pass 30.
  • Casino (NEVER win)

    By davapplluv
    When your account has a lot of money, you only lose so when I’m happy from doing well, they want me to do a complete U-turn and it makes me extremely depressed. This game is absolutely the worst and at this point I almost feel suicidal. Do not get it unless you want to become an extremely intense chain smoker or die early in life!!!
  • Win

    By 1234🤓
    I seem to win a lot with teammates and by myself but it still cool.
  • Character

    By Emmajean1025
    First, this is my favorite game by far! I absolutely love it so much. I only have one complaint. I bought some diamonds so that I could buy a character. I picked the character and the profile picture changed but not the actual person. This is giving me OCD! I was wondering if this was a glitch or something that is permanent? -thanks-
  • Fun game

    By epicgamerxx
    This game is really fun
  • Micro transaction filled garbage

    By Probably negative
    Can’t even play with a friend without watching 5 ads first. Terrible game.
  • Awesome just like real uno literally!!🥰

    By Jaqui G.
    Only complaint is that when a plus four card is thrown out and it’s your turn you have to guess if the other player may have a certain color card if not you get hit automatically other than that I’m obsessed I’ve recommended this to my friends!
  • No brown avatars

    By Weatherman554
    I like the game but sometimes it has a hard time starting up
  • Game cheats

    By Toonesi
    Just when you get a lot of coins they force you to lose. Constantly giving others draw 4s just to make you lose. And when time is close to running out, you draw a lot of action cards which make you lose more coins
  • Poorly designed

    By Unsub2Morgz
    The game is rigged so you lose more than you win because of an 18 coin fee for playing a match. If you win, you win 18 less than you’re supposed to, and if you lose, you lose 18 more than you’re supposed to. And when I played a draw 4 card I drew 4 cards instead of my opponent. Too many pop ups when you open the game. Having different card values is the stupidest thing ever, like I had 1 card left and someone else has 6 cards yet they still win because of the point system. This point system is made so you have the worst experience losing coins. Everything in this game is just poorly planned and designed. Avoid this game. —————————————————— A great alternative to this stupid app is ROBLOX UNO. Install the ROBLOX app, create a free account, search ROBLOX UNO in the games and play. What it has to offer vs this UNO: - No coin system, unlimited play - Single player mode that doesn’t require something stupid like a room key - You are not punished for losing - no pop ups - Doesn’t want to take your money - is not rigged - the confusing “+4 challenging” is optional - no time limit - no point value system What it retains from UNO: - Custom UNO rules: stacking, 7-0, etc. - it’s free to play - the classic UNO experience
  • Fortine

    By Poowizard
    I played it and it was fun but I didn’t like the profile pic stuff.
  • This game is good, but is lacking some things.

    By RockNormal
    I’m going to start this review nicely as this game is a great way to pass the time. There’s story mode and a lot of cool online features. But one thing that is lacking or could be better is the fun room opportunities. I love playing Uno with my family, especially in the room mode, but I always have to use a room key to host a game with my family. And to get those keys is challenging, they’re hard to get and buying them costs way more than what I have. So at least, please allow room keys to be also purchasable with coins or remove room keys entirely because this is a good game, and I want to be able to play with my family.
  • Easy and fun

    By R3dmist88
    Quick to pick up and fun/easy to play. I havent encountered any bugs with it of problems yet.
  • Why pay to play with friends?

    So I was playing this game uno right? And I go to create a room with me and my friend. But turns out you have to get (ROOM KEYS) in order to play with your friend. Like really? You gunna pay to play a game with your friend when the game itself is free? Any way my point is, come on man, you shouldn’t have to pay to get room keys in order to create rooms to play with friends. Besides that it’s a pretty ok game
  • Good

    By tae1947
    I love it
  • A few issues...

    By Sullyhogs1
    Let me start off by saying that this is a great game and that I play it all the time, so if I could give this a four-and-a-half star review, I surely would. The gameplay is fun, each mode has its own defined traits that make it unique, and the game is able to keep me interested for hours. In spite of the game’s fun factor, I have three major issues that need to be addressed. 1. Sound bugs — I cannot tell you how many times in this game that the sound has stopped for no reason during a game and then comes back extremely loud after a few seconds. This usually happens when I call UNO before placing my second to last card in the middle of the table. The sound just cuts out. Some might say that it’s my phone’s problem and not the app’s program, but this has never happened on any other app that’s installed on my brand new iPhone XR. Please take notice of this, devs, it’s getting really annoying. 2. Microtransactions — Come on, guys. Does this really have to be said? The game is UNO. This isn’t a big AAA game for the XBOX One or the PS4, this is a classic card game that can be interpreted in many different ways. Hell, even in the former case, microtransactions shouldn’t be implemented. Just take the coin system out and make the app $2.99 or something. 3. Profile images — This is my last issues with the game. I know users can use our profile picture from Facebook, but please take away those God awful default ones with the weird looking people and just let people upload our own profile images from the start. Those are my only issues with the game. Otherwise, I love it a lot. Keep up with the great work, devs!
  • UNO

    By Leo tarted
    Great game and great people
  • Not inclusive.

    By lailaxcute
    When you get to pick a character, there’s literally one browned skin girl, and of course she has to have two big puffs in her hair. And there’s only one browned skin boy. This is disgusting to see how we’re still in 2019 and there’s only only option for us people of color to choose from. Get it together.
  • Na

    By Kye-
  • Cool game

    By the true talker
    I mean, it’s uno lol but it’s fun to play. I came back from California and this game kept me busy.
  • Don’t even bother downloading

    By JLB13haj
    Wanted to play uno with some friends and didn’t have the cards and not very multiplayer friendly try to make you pay to play so it’s pointless
  • 3 mins?

    By Tobyguilmon
    I’m little disappointed how short the games are, 3 mins. Is there a longer version where you can play with friends?
  • My third review

    By DeanDean
    I love this game and addicted to it. But you can’t play it very long without spending at least $3.99 or $6.99. They give you 300 free coins up to twice a day. But depending how unlucky you are, that will last only 15 minutes. I guess I’m going to delete this app and stick to playing UNO on my laptop. I paid $2.99 for that version and can play all day. Mattel163 are greedy jerks!
  • Falla en el juego

    By Laly😍💕
    Hola buenas, quiero expresar mi enojo y también explicarles la falla del juego son las 4:21 am. Mientras casi ganamos una ronda mi pareja y yo, resulta que una de nuestros oponentes no contenía una carta de color amarillo le habíamos dado algunos pases luego ella lanzó un +4 y cambió color y la pregunta fue que si ella tenía carta de color amarillo y como sabíamos que ella no tenía yo elegí que (no) pero aún así me dio las 4 cartas y me lo a hecho dos veces este juego hasta que me enoje y lo desinstale gracias y buenas noches😴ptt: Arreglen su falla😒
  • Designed to make you lose

    By Victoriabanderia22
    Please tell me why tf you have shields 🛡 if I’m just going to lose my coins anyway?! I USED THE SHIELD AND LOST -600 coins to a person who had 4 draw 4 cards. This game definitely cheats. I have proof this happened. FIX THIS DAMM GAME!
  • Fix bugs and needs more options on game play rules

    By NikTheTrik
    Read title
  • Game is hehehe eh eheh heh every eh

    By GiovannaME
    I stress about stress before there’s even stress to stress about
  • I’m-getting-vapor-wave-banned-

    By UnoFuckingSucks
    Vapor wave is getting banned you twats.
  • Love this game

    By Spades4me
    In regards to Uno Universe it is a great addition to the game however, can I please make some suggestions: 1. Uno Universe should start each player with more energy points to enjoy the story line; also there should be ways to collect and win energy to continue playing ( maybe utilizing the cat and dog) 2. The tasks for the paws should also be obtainable (Play 9 cards @ once, win in first place, and play 2 +4). Maybe only one or two tasks are obtainable. 3. The option to exchange paws one time after you view your hand or swap with other players. 4. During the matched games, team mates should be able to gain paws for each other.
  • Uno

    By Rochelle721
    Great online game!!😀
  • So unfair and pushy

    By Fashionguru411
    I run out of money in UNO! A lot so I bought the VIP 1 and special beginners deal the bank thing I got for getting VIP1 cost $4 to open!!! That’s so unfair because I’m the one who even bought it and I worked hard to fill it up with money!! I advise everyone not to play this game if you don’t like to spend money on apps or if gambling isn’t your thing. The game is so under developed that your profile picture that you buy for 9 diamonds doesn’t even match your profile character. The game is super fun but what they have to offer isn’t worth a penny...
  • It’s ok

    By 2359230633
    This games overall is really fun , but sometimes if someone lays down a +4 on you it will ask you “do you think so and so has this colored card” and if you choose no and you get it wrong it will give you +4 cards but if you choose yes and get it wrong you’ll get +6 cards.Other than that this app is great!
  • It’s VERY fun but has problems

    This is a really fun game. There are different ways to play and you can play with friends. But my problems with the game are how when you put down a draw +4 card it makes you draw the cards and not the next player. It also has a timer which is stupid, because why would you want that the point of the game is to loose all your cards so why end the game when everyone still has them. The other thing is how the wining places are set like if the game ended and someone won and you have two cards and some has more than you you might not be second place which is so stupid.
  • Not enough ways to get coins

    By Cat man12321
    The only way to get a decent amount of coin is to buy them and that’s not fair. I enjoy the game but can never play because I don’t have coins...
  • Designed to loose

    By SyncereSoUptown
    Is just me or do you loose way more than winning?! I’m reading some of the comments and man I can’t get up to 1000 coins to save my life. I gain 900 and here UNO comes to bail me out with 300. Come on man it’s addictive but Jesus I feel like you designed the app so people can loose all their coins and have to pay for some more. Not happening I guess I will stick to spades. Even though having a bad hand I can still win with spades.
  • Nintendo Switch

    By fern072
    UNO player link for the Nintendo Switch please 🙏.
  • Don’t get

    By Summergametoday
    Why do we need these room keys ???? I have 35k but I can’t spend it in the store on stuff I need . Also it seems like the only way to earn diamonds is to buy them, otherwise you might get 1-2 diamonds per win and then have to use it to by pass for chapters. This last update was a mistake , it’s not fun anymore . Who does this ?????
  • Love this game, but....

    By Court0510
    I wish we could have 10 quick phrases instead of only 6. I’m hooked on this game! I play it every single day throughout the day! Can’t get enough!

    By boys2714
    Revise 7/10/19. Why is it when we press yess on the 4+ card we get a miss when the person that played it has the color? YOU NEED TO FIX THAT, IT’S ANNOYING CAN U PLZ PUT A “BLOCK” BUTTON so we can block those morons that do not know how to play.
  • Noob lol

    By EpiPenLover
    Whoever tf made this game probably made it with their eyes glued to a skateboard, and tf are room keys bruh no one cares.
  • Terrible

    By Sweetness33!
    Absolutely terrible it doesn’t even have 7-0
  • Bring the old uno back!!

    By Mashgamer123
    Gonna be honest this game is alright but before it changed a lot this game was amazing. But now it seems like a kids version and I get it a lot of kids are playing this game , but it’s just that the old uno brought the cool characters and the vibe. All the old tournaments after you win you would have a purple through platinum thing around your character and is so disappointing to see after 2 years of not playing this game and coming back to it, it’s basically just like club penguin getting removed then turned into club penguin island which many thought it was a rip of version of the original game (even though I kinda liked it but it also got removed) and this is what it’s like so with that being said... Being at this game for years It’s would be nice to bring the old music back and animation aswell. So... Those are the reasons why I want a lot of the things back from the old uno.
  • Hate. This. Game.

    By Ld5788
    Yes I got addicted and I play it daily. However, this game clearly has algorithms, and if you start winning too much it goes on a losing streak. Coins cost money if you run out so I’m sure that’s how they make their bucks but if you guys can’t be fair in the game then it’s not worth playing because the system deliberately gives you bad cards for like 10 rounds. Additionally, the matches should be based on skill level. There are “newbies” who don’t know how to play and they totally make you lose in 2v2. The worst part is when you’re playing teams, if your teammate doesn’t have enough coins to cover the total loss, YOU get stuck with their portion. That’s not right. They should go into negative and you should only lose your half. Hate it. Deleting it.
  • Team chat

    By loui8872253
    The game is fun. It will be much better if there was a typing chat option and the voice option where you can only talk to your team during an 2v2 or openly during an individual game.
  • Use to be better

    By robar1
    I use to love this game which is why it gets a star. But i just played a round where the computer play had all skips, a draw 4, and one numbered card. Their teammate had multiple Skips as well and I had no wilds. This needs to be corrected for me to keep playing.
  • Great, but

    By 1ManMiner
    It’s a great game but there are two things I have problems with. The first is that you lose as many coins as the winner gets, which I guess is to simulate gambling irl, but it’s still annoying. And my second problem is that when I played uno, if the person before you placed down a +2 or a +4 card, you could use one from your hand to pass it along to the next person with the new added value. I’m not sure if that was just house rules, but that’s how I’ve played it and I think others will enjoy it too. Other than that, you’ve made a great game!
  • Scratch cards

    By LNiggi
    Lately, the scratch cards always give the least amount available, no matter which one I pick. Coincidence? I don’t think so. The game now feels stacked against the player. Are you taking notes from Vegas? Please go back to the more fair, random reward system.
  • Uno is okay

    By @lexz
    I wish that uno had no coins or anything to earn, and you could just play to have fun. Also it was hard for me to play with my friends, since it was hard to find them on the system.But, I do like that it is a multiplayer game with no bots in it. And to add on to that, Uno pretty well replicates the actually card game. Although I’d rather get the card game, it is still a decent game.