Helix Jump

Helix Jump

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-02-10
  • Current Version: 3.6.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 338.84 MB
  • Developer: Voodoo
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 1 446 417


Exciting adventure of the bouncing ball through the helix tower labyrinth. One-tap easy-to-learn controls, rich visual effects and addictive gameplay mechanics.



  • Hexjump

    By s he dhebgduxhsyhdgd
    This game is good it gives you a Challenge!!!so you should. Get this game!!!
  • Kind a good game

    By Ihgusiwjwh
    This game is kind of good but it will lose you and if you do make it to the end but use at the end it will not take that thing so if you do you win just try your best because the game will not allow you to win not even if you just missed so yeah
  • My review

    By Hejelhssi
    This was the best game ever no glitches, late updates, and it has the best colors ever.
  • A good time waster

    By ☠️🎥
    If you are bored get this game.
  • Good dame

    By Gg🥰😍🥰
    Lots of ads
  • To much adds

    By ridijxbsusisbdebebsixjxb
  • Awesome

    By panda reviews123 123
    This game is awesome! I rate it 5 starts, but sometimes there are too many ads.But you can buy the remove ads for only $2.99! I definitely recommend this great game!
  • Glitching issues

    By jennernut
    I enjoy playing this game. However, recently it’s been glitching every 5 seconds and because of the glitches (if not timed) it will make you lose the round.
  • Yay

    By 🥸😞☹️😡
    I like it but it randomly deleted i was at level 91
  • One thing

    By player35367
    It’s so good but one thing it’s amazing how they give you a skip to skip a bout 20 levels I really recommend this for stress ❤️
  • Review

    By bugga dugga ding dong
    This game is oddly satisfying, would recommend
  • Game reviewer 📲📱💻⌨️🖥

    By gamer girl😏
    I give this game a one star because it always freezes and glitch to make me loose the game but that’s no fair the developer that made this game needs to make some changes
  • Now requires constant data connection

    By Propete1602
    Can’t play this game without internet connection, e.g. when traveling or on a plane. Disappointing.
  • Nope

    By queen tutt 07
    Horrible glitches needs update ASAP
  • Amazing

    By Bellalynrose2019
    It is so amazing and fun
  • Glitchy

    By Jaws🌺🌸
    I saw the adds about this game and totally wanted to try it, the first few levels were fun and I really enjoyed it but when I got to level four it started glitching and constantly made me restart without even losing. And on top of that it would glitch so hard the app would even shut down. For me it also had a lot a lot of adds. I like the whole premise of the game but the glitching and the adds just made the app a total loss.
  • Game

    By msskdn
    This game made me die when i was almost done with the level. DURING HISPANIC HERITAGE MONTH???
  • Fun but ads not fun

    By joysayno
    it’s a rlly fun game but whenever there is an ad i close it and then open it so that i don’t see the ads that are veryyyy long

    By oogoo gaga
    I got this game before a 24 hour long trip and it’s what i did most of the drive!!
  • Kinda disappointing

    By kayloni jackson
    So the game is great it’s very addictive but.. when u get to a certain point of the game it’s start to freeze and act very slow so if u can pls fix that and add more colors and balls please and thank you
  • Good

    By shy and Mj
    It’s fun just lots of adds but good game
  • fix this asap

    By Baby Giiinaaa
    would be better if the score didn’t reset after each level 🙃🙃
  • Come on

    By starttheclock
    I got this game about two weeks ago and it wasn’t great sure the levels were kind or challenging but it was so glitchy and that made it hard to play so fix it please 😊🤨😌
  • It is cool

    By pooppins37
    You get so addictive with this game
  • The Most Important Review

    By slug princess
    I woke up this early morning ready for another miserable day. I woefully got up and at’em with great sorrow. But you see then I remembered. I remembered something so great that you won’t even be able to fathom such greatness. Prepare your self to hear the greatest happening of your life. For you will never be the same. And if your sure you can handle it then go on, keep reading…. I have the game helix jump! My my! Oh what a great reason to shout for joy… but seriously though. I’m on level 1518 and I unlocked everything and I play for an average of 30 minutes a day. And tbh the levels could be repeated and I don’t even notice. But I’m sure that’s not the case… anyways I highly recommend This game for it can turn even the darkest of days into the brightest. Have a wonderous day, and remember I care about you and so does helix jump!!! XOXO get this game!!
  • Too many ads

    By jm1233333
    Great game but way too many ads u spend more time waiting for the ads to pass than u do playing
  • Yzhj so

    By Jp Helix master
    What’s up love you’re Butter game
  • Play it now it’s so good when your like mad play this game it will make you better

    By sofia_luvdust
    So much better
  • Really good but too many ads

    By Christian_Rod
    This game is addictive and I love it but there is one problem that messes it all up and that is the ads well they might be annoying for me.
  • Don’t waste your time

    By emiizzy
    SO MANY ADS. Literally after 2 games or dying two times you get an ad. It’s very annoying, there’s no point in playing when half the time spent is watching ads
  • Asal

    By ksksjsjsjkwks
    Why it doesn't work?
  • You changed

    By RayRai01
    Other reviews have stated most of my concerns already. All I want to say is that you changed this game A WHOLE lot to where we constantly have to watch ads. Passing through levels have never been so course. It’s almost impossible to pass some. As soon as I lose a level, there goes an ad I have to watch.
  • Meh

    By America_ntfd
    The game gets kinda boring if you continue playing- ✨💀✋🏼
  • Was better before

    By Mysty_Da_Wolf
    So at first when I got this game, it was exciting and great. You’d keep your core at the top til you’d lose. I had a high score of a 1.7 mil. Now the game is not as good because every new level, your score goes back to 0 at the start of a new level. It doesn’t add up anymore ;-;. And then with the arrow going towards the chest and constant adds. It’s just the same. It’s still a good game but the newer features don’t make it as exciting. The game cover with the neon, if that was an actual map/theme that’d be cool.
  • Helix jump

    By syd111511
    Helix jump is the best app ever!!
  • Very hard game

    By The ARIACAT
    It is very hard and there is WAY too many adds!
  • Fun game but…

    By Love2playroblox
    Helix Jump is so fun but the ads. There are so many ads after like,you fail they will show. So if you don’t like a lot of ads i encourage you to find a different game. Hope they can fix the problem soon so more put will enjoy the game.
  • My opinion

    By King tick-tock tick-tock
    This game is special to me because my mom used to play it and I wanna be just like my mom but I didn’t start playing it just because my mom dead because it’s actually pretty fun I didn’t get a five because the only thing I really don’t like about it is on the ads I’m not complaining though it’s a really good game to relieve a little stress 🥰🥰🥰
  • Very Addicting

    By GhostStrobes
    Super fun game use airplane mode to block ads
  • Very good game

    By A muia oi shindayu
    It’s very fun to play and all around great but the reason it’s a 4 is that at the start of the game it takes about a minute to stop lagging and finish loading the level, also when it says watch a ad to continue playing when you die it’s unskipable and makes you restart so it lies so you watch a ad
  • Game glitches

    By aaaalyn
    Been playing this game for a few days now and will not stop glitching takes for ever to open freezes occasionally I have tried restarting my phone and the app. Sometimes fixes the problem sometimes doesn’t
  • Purchased ad removal

    By yourmomgoestocollege😒
    Purchased the ad removal and when I downloaded the game again yesterday, my purchase will not restore and it did not save my progress even though the game is linked to Game Center! So frustrating!
  • Bad

    By bobe04
    It’s way too glitchy at the high levels starting at 400
  • I love it

    By rillaboomshield
    I could play this game for hours u need to get it and it is free if it had no adds I would give it six star
  • You should get it

    By SleeveyWonder
    It’s amazing it’s so addicting I love it so much but the ads are not it . Me and my brother use to race you canFinish first . It been while since I have played this but i’m re-downloading it. I literally can’t wait!! I’m sitting in the car waiting for it to download I can’t wait. Peace out 🤩✌🏽
  • Love this game

    By rosied123456789014
    I love this game it’s a 90000,000/9000,000
  • my review with helix jump

    By jdhbfnd
    Helix jump is amazing! There are so many levels
  • Why just why

    By 303 R055
    Why does the game throw confetti at you when you DIE. This game is also the best. It doesn’t show me the second chance thing or whatever. I recommend this game. Just it’s confusing. -Peppa Pig
  • Adds

    By bruhallthesetaken
    Way too many adds don’t recommend for impatient people