Tennis Clash:Game of Champions

Tennis Clash:Game of Champions

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-10-26
  • Current Version: 1.2.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 241.85 MB
  • Developer: Wildlife Studios
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 52 516


Are you a sports fan? Perhaps a tennis aficionado? Then you've found the definitive tennis experience on mobile you've been looking for! Tennis Clash is a fast paced tennis game that fits all ages! Controls are really simple and intuitive, you only need to swipe in order to play, leaving you able to even play it with only one hand if you want to. But don't mistake it for being only a casual game! High tier gameplay can get really complex and becoming the best will require a lot of practice in order to master the game. Tennis Clash Features: - Play with your friends in fun real-time matches - Amazing next-gen graphics - Intuitive controls that are easy to learn, but hard to master - Enter real-time tournaments to challenge your skill against the best! - Unlock amateur, semi-pro and pro tennis players - Assemble the best available team: choose the best coach and fitness trainer for your squad! - Unlock new arenas: Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, Moscow and much more! Links to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy can be found below. Privacy Policy: Terms of use:



  • This game is a scam

    By jack'dsux
    This game is obviously designed to make you want to spend money. The match ups make no sense whatsoever and I don’t believe them. Why would someone with such a high rating be playing in a 200 coin match? I have a feeling that whoever you are playing is playing for a higher amount. I deleted this absolute garbage app designed to sucker you out of money. Hey game developers, you are pure trash.
  • 5
    By 대마왕2878
  • Pay or don’t play

    By Soud85
    You will be paired with players way higher than you in level , the wait to open bags is too long, the cost of fast opening is very high , I don’t recommend it!
  • Best Tennis game for everyone

    By Smokinoel
    It’s good game for everyone to play. Easy concept and the graphics are so crisp. I love it!!
  • Oddly Addicting!

    By Jasmine Noel P.
    Honestly, this game seemed kind of stupid when I stumbled upon it. But once I gave it a try I couldn’t put it down! Give it a shot, you might just be as surprised as I was. ☺️
  • NEVER liked games like these, but this one is a win!

    By kawaiikitty213
    Super fun and great time passer 👍🏻
  • Ugh.

    By Andydazzle
    Very inconsistent. Nothing makes sense. I’ll have better stats and for some reason the other person has magical powers to get to every winner or all of a sudden i have bricks on my feet and can’t take two steps to a ball. Also, I find the players to be jerks. Lots of laughing at me during the game or sarcastic “thanks!” After they win. I’ve even gotten a few “good lucks” during matches when I’ve been down. Gross. Bully behavior.
  • Can do better

    By 09153672
    Good game play but the match line-ups are shocking. You start off good then everyone you get paired against is at least 10-20 points better than you. The game crashes all the time and stalls mid play.
  • You should able to select skills to improve.

    By Natebizzo
    Not waiting for random equipments. And Horrible match making. Match you with scared player who pays just to be good. Then Why need extra boost to win a match? Just go skill for skills. Most sissy players pays to win. It is a pay to win games once you get to higher level. Game of sissy.
  • Bad matchmaking and you need to pay

    By Обманутый игрок!!! !!! !!! !!!
    Initially it was fun to play, but after couple of games I realized it’s impossible to win due to pay-to-win model. App is forcing you to spend money and honestly, quite a lot of money.
  • Don’t waste your time

    By JP-95
    This game has such promise. Sometimes it’s amazing. The problem comes with massive inconsistency. Ball stoking is all over the place. The same swipe can go perfectly one time and sail in to the stands the next. The Glitching is awful. If the person your playing had poor connection it effects you more the the other player. Could be a great game if not for the constant inconsistent game play.
  • Super fun until it’s not anymore

    By DeckAstyle
    This game is really fun and addicting. Great graphics and mechanics. The problem is once you’ve played enough to start leveling up, you start getting consistently matched against people that are better than you and the only way to continue to level up, or even just not run out of coins every day, is to start paying for upgrades.
  • Ok

    By jonathan gsgsgdggdgsgsgdgdh
    Well on the ad it said a lot of ya have a good time and I don’t have a lot of money for you but you don’t know how to make a game you want it but it’s not the ysame was a good thing you to make a good time with you guys you have the same problem you don’t know what to tell ya I love ya you guys don’t have to do that I know I love ya but you know I love you I love ya I know you have to do a great thing you don’t know how I love him but I love him so he is my love and he looks like he he was ugly like if you saw him but a good game like I loved it but I love him so much and I don’t have any good thing to him and I don’t have a lot going on him but he is so cool and he looks good I don’t know how to make you feel sorry for the tryouts I don’t know what I want to do but I’m not going on the day I don’t have any good thing I know I don’t know how to do it I don’t have any ones that you don’t know I love him but I know I don’t know how to do it and I know I don’t know how to do that I know I love you and you know what I want you
  • User manual

    By Kaunte
    I still don’t know how to serve, and can’t find any instructions anywhere.
  • Bad controls

    By Sethtacular1
    The physics and controls of this game make no sense. There are much better tennis games out there.
  • Horrible game

    By jdjfjfjcjfjf
    Unless you pay for the stupid game you have no chance at advancing. Don’t waste your time.
  • Good game

    By ryanhotdog1528
    This is a good game
  • Best app

    By Arcmad
    Sooooo much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Fun but frustrating!

    By Standydan
    Game challenges you to use different strategies against opponents ranked higher. The frustration comes from slow development of your player. This is why I give game two stars.
  • Great game, room to improve

    By PawnchisPilot
    This game is a lot of fun and I've put some time into it. One of the most frustrating things for me is the unfair matchups. Lately, I'm going up against players who completely eclipse me in Total Power (Total Power is a sum of your player abilities, which can be improved using different equipment like shoes, rackets, strings, grips, sweat bands, etc.). For example, my Total Power is 110 and I'm playing against others who have a Total Power of 168, 161, and 159 in matches where 110 is completely appropriate. If I was playing on the upper levels, I would understand this. But I'm not. With this gross imbalance, I stand no chance against these players. This is really the ONLY thing that I don't like about this game. Otherwise, it really is a ton of fun when the opponent is of the same skill set.
  • Horrible matching system

    By cgr125
    Totally pay to win game, even at lower levels, the game will match you against a far superior opponent. This was fun for about a day, then got old quick.
  • Deleted after a few days

    By Taylor1719
    Takes forever to get coins, and you need coins to do everything like upgrade your character and racket. You have to spend coins in order to enter tournaments, but if you lose you lose your coins and you just end up getting stuck in a cycle where you can’t play any tournaments or upgrade your character to get better against opponents who have better stats than you!
  • Fix Match Making

    By Player83663
    This is a wonderful fun game, but it’s very difficult to play online when I’m a beginner and I’m playing in the beginners league and I get a very high level player in my match and then it just becomes very difficult to play against them when they have so much better stats than I do. This is definitely a 5 star type game but the matchmaking must be better so players can go against someone on their skill level.
  • Good game but....

    By lilboythigger
    This game is great, I love to play it when I have free time. But it is kinda broken. I have a level 14 volley and I lose volleys to level 3 volleys. Just seems a little broken 😐
  • Pay to play

    By LucasBaudry
    Fun game but the customization process is too difficult. You get paired with people based on matching trophy levels rather than skill levels so people who bought things that boost their gameplay can easily be paired with new players, making advancement difficulty. Also, this game is far too much of a pay-to-play game in which buying certain objects make you virtually unbeatable.
  • Terrible, zero balance

    By Habiizle2016
    Terrible game, don’t waste time or energy, zero balance, all some idiots have to do is max out one of their skills and it’s over, I.e. max out serve or forehand, takes the fun out of the game, waste of time.
  • Game Keeps Crashing

    By Himynamisloganyhebutthead2001
    The app keeps crashing when I try to play. Whenever I reopen the app the opponent gets free points since it crashes for me. I tried updating the app and closing it. I’m on latest IOS update and I shutdown my phone to see if will change. Please fix this bug.
  • Inconsistent

    By cruecrew73
    Very inconsistent. Can beat someone 10 points higher than me but can’t score a point on someone 20 points lower. Happens all the time

    It’s as simple as this: spend cash and one will do least, for awhile that is. The less you spend, the more your player “declines” over time. Yes, it should be the other way around, but it’s not. Oh, and then there are the hacks that some players OBVIOUSLY use. I cannot even begin to speculate just how many times I have lost to a player with 40 LESS points (20 points less ON SERVE ALONE) who “somehow” has a serve that’s so fast, that the ball is nearly invisible. How is it that a player with a serve score of 9 can crush an ace that is 5 times faster than a serve score of 35?? Tell me the theory on that one?? ABSOLUTE MONEY PIT!
  • Problem

    By Mta m
    Hi, when game is going to search , it‘s confusing 😡😡😡😡😡😡
  • The most frustrating game .

    By jcjsn
    Design to make money. Get ready to spend dollars if you want to keep going. You’ll keep losing and force you to spend money . Do yourself a favor and uninstall.
  • Stupidest Mechanics Ever

    By kdjshegsa
    When there is a tennis game, you should be able to do anything like in real tennis. This game does not. What kind of game doesn’t allow you to lob the ball? The only way to win is just by pure luck. You are only allowed to swipe up and only hit the ball hard, but if the opposing player is at the net you are only allowed to hit it back at him and not even allowed to lob it.
  • All if the creators can go to hell

    By gnusvn
    Worst game ever
  • Pure pay-to-play

    By Testym
    You’ll win your first few matches, and that’s it. Opponents with allegedly lower power rankings will have clear-cut advantages (faster, more powerful, etc.) making it impossible to move past level 1. At least they could be honest about it.
  • Great game but extremely unfair some matches.

    By Joey Daynes
    You guys need to balance the stats of people you play against. I have 15 backhand 12 forehand and I will play people with 30 forehand and 24 backhand. It’s not even fair because you can’t even get to the ball it goes so fast. PLEASE FIX THIS
  • Bad

    By love birde
    The player cannot move quickly across the pitch
  • Tennis blast

    By Ryan bbbb
    It’s fun and exciting and you don’t have to spend money to excel
  • It’s just awesome

    By meistaylor
    LOL its awesome for beginners!
  • Lol

    By Alehhhhhh
    How can this game have 5 stars if almost everyone complains about their match-making?!?! Btw: they are right, the match-making doesnt make any sense. I bought a few times coins etc, and when i had a nice amount of coins, i got only super strong players, with much higher stats. Even when i switched to lower tours. Its impossible to win coins in this game. You win 1 time and lose 3 times. This game wants only your money (i know all games does) but with this game its toooo obviously. Deleted!!! And if you are smart, do the same. You CAN’T win!!
  • so unbalanced

    By HONllli
    So unbalanced
  • Addicted

    By Me&I0824
    Can I be you tennis ball??
  • Geared for money

    By Fasdollas
    This is a fun game, however, it’s geared for you to pay money to be able to play against better players. My backhand is ranked 19 and forehand at 11 and this game has me playing against people who have forehand’s and backhands of 29. RIGGED MATCHING!!!! PLEASE FIX THE ALGORITHM FOR MATCHING!!!!
  • Eh

    By Jpwcono
    Fun but pairings are SUPER unfair
  • Not a game of skill.

    By LexTalionis53
    Fun for a little while but I seem to frequently get matched against players with tons of power-ups and simply don't stand a chance. Nice graphics, smooth gameplay. Occasional unresponsiveness when trying to get my player to move but I think this probably also has to do with not having enough power-ups. I might play a few more days but I feel like I've gotten my fill of enjoyment/frustration from this game.
  • Matchmaking

    By Miamiheat1235643
    Matchmaking is so frustrating. Puts you up against people who crush you no matter what you do.
  • Great game, bad matching.

    By Spitfire69a
    It’s a great game but the players you play with are often a lot more powerful and is impossible to beat because of their skill. The worst is the player kaito which is just about impossible to beat. I’ve been playing for about a month and have yet to unlock more characters or even some of the basic items.
  • Tennis Clash bad Minecraft good

    By Mae Scott
    That is all
  • Quickly Apparent Pay 2 Win

    By PunchingBag
    The game plays quick and easy and is fun. Graphically speaking it is very sharp. So, why the score of 1 Star 🌟? Because, luckily very early on, it becomes painfully aware that this game is pay to win.
  • Will not spend another dime on this game!!!

    By JisGQ
    Spent more than $30 for level ups and this game feels like it’s rigged so that you can spend more money!!!