Among Us!

Among Us!

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-07-25
  • Current Version: 2021.6.30
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 373.19 MB
  • Developer: InnerSloth LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 13.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 608 525


Play online or over local WiFi with 4-15 players as you attempt to prep your spaceship for departure, but beware as one will be an impostor bent on killing everyone! Crewmates can win by completing all tasks or discovering and voting the impostor off the ship. The Impostor can use sabotage to cause chaos, making for easier kills and better alibis.



  • Among us

    By kiane505
    They just ruin the game I didn't like it from the start but it was okay you can write name
  • Kinda sus

    By please add this song
    I like saying sus and this game invented that word it’s good game
  • Amog Us

    By DaEmster05
    This game trash
  • Complain

    By Yursus09754
    Hay among us developers now I’ve been playing this game for a while now and I just have to say it’s very good but sometimes the game doesn’t let me type and I get voted out a lot because of this and it get annoying after a while and I have to delete the app and reinstall it so can you plz fix this thank you
  • Get a better update

    By anicanspup
    I love the game and all but I do not like the new chatting system I liked the one where you actually typed it but you could update it and put a sensor on the chat where it lets you only type certain things cause barely anyone says anything now they just vote and it’s just not fun :/ thank you for reading this!
  • Bring chat back

    By its super auoer great fam
    Yo among us can y’all bring the chat back where we can text whatever we want
  • Why do you have to pay to chat

    I’m sorry I do like the game but it is stupid you have to pay to chat there is already like idk 20 or so skins to buy not the mention the accessories all of which all cost around 3 to 4 bucks which isn’t a problem, I don’t find a point in you charging a buck or two just to talk to other players.
  • Everything is great but there’s a problem i had recently.

    By saejsjs
    Like it says in the title…Everything is great. I love the game, I had it since December! I deleted it at around late april because I lost interest cuz I didn’t have any friends left who wanted to play and things happened between us. Ok, I’m rambling too much. I re downloaded it early July and I was surprised at how different things we’re with the font changes, the animations, some other stuff. I really love the new changes even though it doesn’t give me nostalgia. • • The PROBLEM I know that it’s not just me and not the wifi because my wifi is good and I had like 2 other people in public lobbies talk about it. The problem is… when it says the game starts, it takes me to a black screen and the screen doesn’t last 1-3 seconds like it usually does… the black screen literally take like 8-10 seconds to load and then it goes to the “shhhh” screen then shows if you’re imposter or not… It only happens at the beginning. I’d appreciate if the devs would check that out. I wanna play more among us without that issue getting in the way.
  • 2/5 I don’t like the new update…

    By z zbsjdhusj
    Hi I hate this new season or update I don’t like how we can’t spell what we wanna spell And I don’t like how we have To have some kind or Sign in Pasaword or email so yea bye
  • Great game but needs a few things

    By Nori4576373
    I love this game and it is very fun but quick chat is too hard. I remember when we could type freely and it was a lot easier to communicate. Last I played no one typed in the chat. player the letters were too tacky but I like the player capacity expansion. Please get rid of quickchat.
  • Awful game

    By darbybirdlaw
    Connects undesirable adults with children
  • Can i hqve regular text

    By veyttrx
  • I wish I could say it worked great

    By Makenzie9128
    I wish I could say it worked great but ever since it got its airship update it won’t let me load into any servers. When I enter a code or tap find game it will just load and never stop loading the same thing happens when I try to create a game. I love among us. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? It is very disappointing and unsatisfactory.
  • what the heck ya’ll

    By Bethk28
    ok i remember playing this back in october and the app was so fun and we all got to talk to each other and say anything we wanted but now we can’t and the app is too confusing and now you need an account to change your name???? this is so stupid 0 stars out of 5
  • Best game ever

    By Kiersten Ward12345
    Get this game TRUST ME
  • Sus

    By flag koi Co CB F Chf
    Amon us
  • Fix your game

    By SirNBA22
    Game not fun with these new updates can communicate good my name isn’t even customizable game is bland hope they fix the game or they might end up like 2k21
  • Hi

    So this game is very fun but I think it’s Jank that we have to put in a email just to change our name and just say what we want to say it kinda take most of the fun out of the game anyway byyyyye
  • Yeeee

    By Tagger12496
  • HELP

    By h0rnyforanimeguyz
    Recently, I have been noticing that I’m being watched. I can barely sleep and am too scared to leave my house. One night I was getting up for a midnight snack when I saw a crew mate attacking my refrigerator. I screamed and ran. I pushed the crew mate away and ran up the stairs. Before I could think there where ten crew mates on me. They kidnapped me and have been forcing me to play among us for days this is my only way of communicating with the outside world please, send help!🍓🐢💅⛓🕹
  • The age restriction is stupid

    By 22bryan
    Put in the wrong age and can’t fix it now just stupid and hard now.
  • Good but one thing

    By really good bit
    Among us is a very fun strategy game and I highly recommend it. There is just one thing that is not good. It’s quick chat you can say a lot of things with quick chat but there is still so many things that you need to say an among us game to find the imposter. Maybe make it a little less strict and maybe you can make words that you can’t say like swearing no discrimination no fighting like words that are related to that
  • Bug

    By roblox is better 2332
    I wanted to play with my friend but it has to much bugs if you like to be bored play among us
  • I wish

    I wish you didn’t have to choose what you can say I would like to be able to type again… pls explain
  • Was fun but......

    By jut234
    The server is awful. Never letting me join or my friends join when I host a game. I can be connected to WiFi or have 5G and it still won’t work. Plus the chat update is horrible! InnerSloth is working to sloooow 🤦🏽‍♂️
  • Used to be my favorite, now it’s terrible

    By JellybeanJean11
    I’m sorry, but I prefer the time where we could actually chat ourselves instead of having a limited vocabulary. We can’t even say “What?”. Nobody can change their name anymore, which is inconvenient. You have to look all over you’re screen to find names since the limit chat doesn’t offer colors to pick from. No one is going to confirm they are adults. That is because some people don’t support randomly giving out their credit /debit card info or their SSN to a game their children play. If you want to download a whole other game to change your name, (Among us 2), go for it. I used to love this game, but I absolutely have to use my Apple ID. This means no matter what my birthday is in the game, I am considered a minor. Sorry, but this is not my idea of fun.
  • Worst game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By sargag
    ever since I played among us i hated it
  • .

    By caroliNavenva
    Antes era bueno, esa actualización la regó
  • among us

    By orbfirndirrn
    nobody plays this game anymore
  • Favorite game except

    By Madison :o)
    Can you please make the chat where you can actually talk by your own instead of the button thingy???
  • This game {used} to be fun until you weren’t even able to play it

    By i cant tell me name XD
    ok so I used to like this game until they made it too we’re you haft to make an account and I really want you guys to get rid of that because my parents won’t allow for me to use there email to set up an account and I was kinda disappointed that I couldn’t play so please allow playing without setting it up with an email <3
  • Among us

    By king_Otter
  • I want Hockey mask

    By sijsdhchejks
    Or in other words the Jason mask because I don’t have it in my hats but my friends do!!!😠😤 Also the game is good :) E
  • a little sus

    By puppylover101!☺️
  • This would make the game better again

    By Mr meme.
    Let us name again please and type now that we cant it isn’t what it used to be
  • Review

    By rafael16552
  • I really annoupyed

    By supresoft
    Developers of among us please listen up take off the accounts Because I just want to play the game not get the account and do it LET ME PLAY AMONG US FREELY OR ELSE IM GIVING YOU JUST A STAR OKAY good 😡
  • IOS Update

    By yo.babygirl.kara
    Not fair that you have to have a certain IOS to be able to play. My phone won’t allow me to update
  • Dumb

    By Amazing Beast aw gamelsome
    I’m under 13 it does not let me because I am on apple worst game ever
  • I used to like this game but…

    By Roar-berry
    When the update came out I was excited to see what had changed, BUT the reviews immediately dropped. From a 5/5 to a 4.5/5. I wondered why and played it. So after playing it I could see why the ratings had dropped. First off, You can’t change your name! I thought the game wasn’t working at first but then it kept not working, I can see how this update would keep people from having inappropriate names BUT, the way how it worked before (it wouldn’t let you play if it was a inappropriate name) worked, you could’ve made it so that you couldn’t put spaces or something. Secondly, how the fast chat stuff works was cool UNTIL, they made it so you couldn’t type (yet again I can see how that could keep inappropriate stuff from happening) but it makes the game so boring. And also whenever I wanna play with my friends I can’t talk to them with the chat, and it takes awhile to find the right words :/ I don’t like the new update, MAYBE change those 2 problems (changing name, and chatting) back to normal, please (you’d get better reviews too 😉)
  • One of the best games in the world

    By fairy dust rainbow🧚🏼‍♀️🌈
    Among us is so Mach fun I can’t stop playing the game but it’s kinda sad the we can’t create are own name unless we sign in with are e-mail but other than that so much fun I play with my friend every day and love being imposter
  • You should add the submerge map

    By little frog1
  • Pretty good but

    By Salangsun
    I can’t even download it I had it but it got deleted
  • (insert funny sus joke)

    Love the game, it’s just been smeared in such a thick coat of irony that’s its hard to enjoy like I did when I first got it
  • My review on among us

    By buckshot nick
    I like the game but it needs something taken out. I’m talking about quick chat now I play in of free and quick chat and no one uses quick chat. Also if my friends are guests let them use free chat anyways let everyone use free chat because there are people who aren’t able to make an account and are stuck with the worst chat system I have ever seen I want among us to be good again so fix the quick chat thing and by fix it I mean take out quick chat please
  • Bing Banning Needs to be Banned

    By Ari123576
    Let me start by saying I love this game. It is so addicting. I have had it for about a year now and frequently play. That being said, a trend has began that people call "binge banning" when people ban a bunch of people from a room for absolutely no reason. It is so irritating it makes me want to stop playing because it happens ALL THE TIME now. It is ridiculous. A feature needs to be added where if you ban 5 people, you get kicked from the room because half the rooms I join I get banned from before I even say anything. My name is not inappropriate or vulgar. These people just ban because they can and it ruins the game. I try to find good settings for 10 minutes and once I finally find a room I like, I get banned for no reason. It makes me not even want to try to play anymore
  • Updates👎🏻👎🏻

    By nala.hyman 116
    We should be able to say what we want to but if someone says something bad we have to report it! Just because some people have used that opportunity wrongly we all shouldn’t get punished!!!!
  • Update ruined everything

    By horseygirl1837573828475
    I want the old chat back
  • Pee pee poo poo

    By Ineedaclevernickname
    Poo pee Poo pee Poo pee Poo pee Poo pee Poo pee