Textr - Second Phone Number

Textr - Second Phone Number

  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2018-03-19
  • Current Version: 1.4.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 58.11 MB
  • Developer: GhostCall
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 2 436


Textr app gives you a free anonymous second phone number to protect your real phone number and caller id. Text to someone in peace. Plus get a new 2nd phone number when you download right now. With Textr, you can text freely to a date, someone you are buying and selling with on Craigslist, Etsy, Ebay, or any online ecommerce sites or listings. Protect your identity and caller id today. Terms & Conditions: https://www.freetexting.me/tos.html Privacy Policy: https://www.freetexting.me/privacy.html



  • This app is horrible!

    By B Sampson
    The app would not open the entire time until the plan expired then all of a sudden, poof it’s open and now the money I paid to use it is gone. Really? I’m supposed to pay again when I never received what I paid for the first go round? I think NOT!
  • What the heck

    By Thejoker2016171
    I spent about 9.98 to get hundred credit and they weren’t given to me so I am just wondering if I can get it cus the support doesn’t work
  • Go

    By jsjsjbsjsjs
  • App won’t load

    By Abberooney
    I have tried to open this app multiple times and it won’t open
  • Garbage

    By ahmemk
    Please don’t wast you money this service doesn’t work at all even customer service never respond for the issues
  • Ripped off!

    By Rachqel
    I payed for the contact name and I tested to see if it would work on my friend and they said who is this and I said well what does it say and it just said a number not the name are u kidding me! 👺
  • Option to buy only number for text

    By sadmansamee
    May i have options to buy only number for text message only with cheaper price??
  • Trash...........

    By Dboys187
    Straight garbage and sad that prank dial and text and call app for Android is free but here u have to pay and advertise as free. Just another reason to choose and like android over crappy iPhone.
  • Network Issues

    By AntiEXboyfriend
    The app keeps saying it is having network issues ever time I try and use the app .
  • It doesn’t work

    By fsmilwaukee
    I spent $3.99 for a month of having a number. I was billed but cannot send or receive messages or calls. If I go to the account option, I am asked to buy a month of service for an additional $3.99. This is a junk app. I think most of the positive reviews are fraudulent. It simply doesn’t work and will steal your money. I fear night now be charged $3.99 a month on autorenew. The app is just not worth the headache or the money. I was ripped off.
  • The app doesn’t work

    By Cipriano Cosmetics
    I haven’t been able to use this app from the second I bought it, I would like to get my money back.
  • Unsupported numbers

    By Littleolivia
    Numbers sold can’t be used anywhere.
  • Network Issue

    By KNorton2
    Says network issue. App won’t open. I have the latest version.
  • Crap app

    By OneCube6112
    I downloaded this for a prank call app to have a second phone number and it doesn’t work and if you were to use it then you have to buy credits for every message 😂😂😂 crappiest app ever don’t get it people
  • Con

    By unknownweirdness
    It won’t let me access my account to change anything
  • Does not work

    By jfjdjjrjx
    So I got the PrankDial app, and it told me to download Textr. I did, but the app does not turn on. All it says is no connection, but all my other apps work.
  • Register

    Every time I try to register it always ends up saying registration error and I already deleted it about 3 times.
  • Keeps closing out on me can’t send or open messages

    By Howiana
    It’s not good
  • Buying

    By lalililililil
    Please make my app free, because I don’t have the right age to have a credit card
  • I dont get it

    By fingannoyed
    How to i get a fake number? Where are the directions?!???!?
  • Network issue?

    By Manidym
    Everytime I open app it says network issue and my network is fine!! And I have the latest update of the app and it’s still not working
  • Easy to use, value for money, and works great with Prankdial!

    By A alhye
    I recently discovered this app from prankdial website. It was advertised as an app which can give you a second phone number at a reasonable cost. I looked up online and tried few other apps like burner and sideline. However, this app seems to do the same thing and it’s cheaper. Trial version allows you text but not a phone call. At least, a few free minutes would have been great. i definitely recommend this app to people who needs a second number to manage privacy in social media.

    By flowersof5
    They took my money and I cannot contact them the app will not work at all. I wouldn’t recommend this app to anybody
  • Doesn’t Work

    By Poojena
    Always says network issue when I open the app.
  • Poor service

    By jennabj91919191
    Purchased more credits twice and both times it took my money by said error reported and didn’t give me my credits. Emailed company and never heard from them
  • Scam

    By triumph14
    App is horrible and is supposed to work with the prank dial app but does not. I have credits remaining and can not use them because the app crashes when I am prompted to pick a number. Don’t be pranked by this app!! Stay away!!
  • Credits not showing up

    By mariahazel
    I accidentally purchased two sets of credits and only one of them showed up. The app keeps telling me it’s not accepting my report. I jut want my money back
  • Do not download

    By QveenXylan
    It makes you pay for this stupid thing when you could easily download text now and completely free tf 🙄🙄😡
  • Fun

    By east tx farm girl
    Fun to mess with people.
  • Boring

    By fortnit18
    It doesn't even work soon. Don't download this app
  • Scam app

    By cykascam
    Worse app ever it just need money nothing else
  • Great but..

    By jajaswaze
    Doesn’t let you call with the free trial
  • Prank dail

    By pickle hesd
    Is there anything wrong with the app? I downloaded prank down. And they highly recommend this app but it does not select the number I created? I feel like I have wasted money on an app that does not work can you please help!!

    By christonce
    I used this app to text my friend as a prank and an hour later the same number texted me saying “I see you don’t think your hiding well!! 👀 “ I am so freaked out please someone help me with this problem.
  • Can’t open

    By Sydneylee123
    “Network issue” but there isn’t one
  • Not working

    By wasteocash
    I bought credits and was charged twice for them but never got any credit. It doesn’t work, very disappointing.
  • Register failed

    By CamaroGod
    It doesn’t let me register when I log into the app.. it says register failed and I’ve put all then correct information.
  • Wow so bad

    By noway7777
    This app doesn’t allow u to press the numeric keys on a call. They make u sign up for a phone number then give u zero minutes so u have to buy again.
  • Network Issue

    By TBelloJr
    I haven’t been able to open up the app in a few days. It keeps saying ‘network issue.’ I’ve read some of the reviews where the developer says to they fixed it the issue and to download the new version. Well, I’ve deleted the app, reinstalled it and still getting the same ‘network issue’ message. I have the latest version on my phone so I don’t know what to do next.
  • No answer

    By separ45
    I purchased a number to use with a Pranking up, and the confirmation text is not coming in. Very disappointed since I made a purchase and it does not work.
  • Problems

    By Eunicecook69
    I got this app from being on a prank call app and it put me to this app to get a phone number to use on my phone when I calling the prank calls well you can’t even make a call and use this number this is for texting only so I was ripped off by the PrankDial app and buy this app
  • No Response from Support

    By parajojo
    Can’t cancel my account!

    By KenzieSeibert
    The app will give you free credits, however after that you have to buy more. I purchased however after charging my account, the app claimed it “could process my credits” and still hasn’t given me the 50 credits I paid for.
  • Prank Dail

    By Just tryna have fun
    Hi you know the app PrankDial? Yeah I have to use this app to make that app useful... well anyways for some reason I can’t the text doesn’t come through I can text real friends but the verification codes that companies send to the phone number don’t come through I have not bought any credits I just wanted a “free” phone number for like one prank so can you and Prank Dial I figure this crap out...
  • Can’t even open the APP!!

    By Krusty bizzuck
    I downloaded this app with the intent to use, yet I cant even open the app! I’ve deleted and re-downloaded multiple time and still get the same message “network issue”. What a joke.

    By Prankster555
    This app was probably made for pranking, right?
  • Not free texting

    By platour22
    Advertised as unlimited free texting. It’s not. You have to pay and it’s stupidly over priced. .05 a text
  • Network issue

    By Debbiebri
    I downloaded app this morning and it says network issue. Obviously you do t have issue fixed
  • Network issue

    By 11659o
    Downloaded the latest version and still say network issue...