Bills Organizer & Reminder

Bills Organizer & Reminder

  • Category: Finance
  • Release Date: 2018-05-18
  • Current Version: 1.2.21
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 71.82 MB
  • Developer: Dennis Kruta
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 1 022


With Bills Organizer & Reminder you can say NO to late payment fees, penalties and low credit score! The main idea of the app is to give you tool that lets you track and manage all your bills in one place. Bills Organizer & Reminder has dashboard-style views that allow you quickly see approaching bills, and it sends payment reminders for upcoming bills before due date. Never miss bill payment and always pay all your bills on time! Main app features: - Different views: Upcoming Bills, Paid Bills, Accounts, Account Bills, Calendar View, Chart View, Settings, etc. - App allows you create recurring bills with different billing periods (weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly etc.) and one time bills as well. - Bills Organizer & Reminder sends payment reminders regardless whether the app is open or closed. - Mark bill as paid from within notification without starting the app. - Calendar gives you monthly view with payment statuses of bills. - Chart lets you analyze your spending over any period of time. - Bills Organizer & Reminder synchronizes data across all your iOS devices. - Secure access to the app with Passcode, Touch ID or Face ID of your device. - App icon’s badge shows you number of upcoming bills. - Accounts management. - Bills Organizer & Reminder allows you to export all your bills into CSV file. - When you create or update account enter website URL. And later when you record bill payment click Payment URL link on the bill’s payment page to easy navigate to website and pay your bill. - Advanced bill editing capability lets you update selected bill and all future bills as well. If you accidentally mark bill as paid you can easily mark it as unpaid. - Auto Pay Bill feature becomes really handy when you have automatically paid bill and want the app to automatically mark the bill as paid on the due date. - Upcoming Bills view displays total amount of unpaid bills by month and week. - Paid Bills view displays total amount of paid bills by month. - Bills Organizer & Reminder gives you ability to manually backup and restore data from iCloud or your device, if you want to save snapshot of data at some given point in time. - Customization of default options: reminder time, reminder start date, badge, currency, authentication, start screen, etc. - Categories Management feature allows you to create, edit and remove categories. - Record bill payments in Bills Organizer & Reminder app and see payments full history at any time. - User friendly interface. Please feel free to contact us at for any feedback, questions and new features request. ********************************** - You get Bills Organizer & Reminder app with full set of features (not a trial/limited app) that lets you manage up to five accounts for free. If you need to create more accounts then you can buy one-time “Unlimited Accounts” ($2.99) feature within the app at any time. - Bills Organizer & Reminder displays ads. To disable ads in the app you can buy one-time “No Ads” ($1.99) feature within the app at any time. **********************************



  • Like to see a tweak

    By danielseattletheone
    I like the app so far pretty functional, one thing I would like to see is a separate basic checking account balance tracking system. I would like it to minus the amounts for cash paid on bills and then add deposits. I do not want an account that syncs with my checking, just one I can do manually. Otherwise I have really enjoyed the app and will continue monitoring bills with it. Good luck
  • Not working

    By M_inc0
    I have had this app for the last couple of months and not it doesn’t open anymore. Get’s stuck on the initially screen with the logo App, please fix this. I paid for the premium service and it’s truly bothering not being able to use it.
  • Doesn’t do anything but give ads

    By its up to u in the end really
    Doesn’t even work don’t even download
  • Easiest bill app ever

    By posygirl
    If your only goal, which is mine - to pay your bills on time - this app does exactly that. It has some minimal tracking. It’s not over complicated. one does not have to fill out all the account information for the app to do what it is suppose to. easy way to check what bills have been paid and track due dates. This was all I need - know, who to pay, when and how much - date paid and how much. Easy peezy. It is well worth the few bucks the full version cost.
  • Who the hell only has 5 bills??

    By Crystalbrianna1
    Can’t post more than 5 bills on this app. Waste of time.
  • What The Heck?

    By Steele Imaging
    I open the app for the first time and you want me to rate it? I haven’t even used it. Pass. Next. Dear developer. If you can’t design an app that doesn’t immediately ask for a review before it is even used, don’t ask me to hit cancel and do it a month later. Here is a thought.... approach the issue a different way... “what is the best end experience for a user?” Not... “how can we immediately get great ratings as fast as possible.” How about that grand novel idea.
  • Better than a dry-erase board

    By dp142119
    I used to keep track of my paid bills on a dry-erase board and this app is way better. Easy to set up and it reminds me of upcoming bills each month. A few simple entries and the bill resets for next month. Not a money hog either. Recommended!
  • So far so good

    By Bubzzy Wubbzy
    At first glance, the app is good!just been using it for a few days. Can I suggest though to have added features such as partial payments and payday additions? Perhaps they are there and just haven’t figured out how to do the actions. 😀
  • Waste of time unless you wanna pay

    By Dw_85687
    I spent several minutes adding bills only to find out I had to pay more money to add the rest of my bills. Waste of time
  • App a Purchase

    By Pancha50
    I just purchased this app and I do not like. It does not allow you to sync to another iPad without paying for it again.
  • Needs more features

    By guadalupemd
    I’ve been looking for an app that allows me To put all my bills in one app But this only allows 5 bill payments to be recorded
  • In Russian

    By Otix_Nixon
    Updated app and it’s now in Russian with no ability to switch language.
  • Stopped working after a couple of months

    By Opihiman707
    This app worked well enough initially, but stopped working completely recently. It’s had some hiccups since I installed it a couple of months ago, but now won’t even open on my iPhone 7.
  • Meh

    By mehlele
    Was liking it for the most part, but you can only add 5 bills per month until you have to pay for it.
  • Won’t even open

    By awayskimburlee
    I’ve used this app for awhile now, it’s okay. Used to every time I tried to put I paid a bill it would close itself out. Now it won’t even let me open the app. Smh
  • Nice unless you can’t access it

    By phend13
    This has really helped me organize my bills and figure out what I need to plan for each month, however, it doesn’t open consistently making it unreliable. I cant always access the info when I need to which gets very aggravating.
  • Simple & Great

    By hlevolve2
    I’ve only been using the app for a couple of days and this coming month (Feb 2019) will be the true test of the push notifications and functionality of the app but so far I like it a lot. It has plenty of information and makes it simple to see the total due for a given month and when everything will be coming due. I like that they offer updates pretty frequently and when contacted with a couple of feature ideas they responded quickly that they would look into them. I’ll update my review if anything changes but I found my new bill reminder app for the moment! I have used a ton of apps and the developers always seem to drop the ball and stop supporting the app after a year or two so hopefully that won’t be the case here and they can just continue to improve. FaceID works great and I like that they have local as well as iCloud backup of data.
  • Theres a catch...

    By HinkleA
    Seems promising but after putting in a few bills it wants you to pay for more space. Don't list your app as free if its not free. The only thing you succeed in is wasting my time.
  • Crashes

    By Beampie
    I was entering my bills and the program crashed. I lost all entries
  • Best app for bills!

    By Lolilisa12
    I was looking for an app that does exactly what this app does. This app doesn’t require from you to link your app accounts to bank accounts, I can update my bills the way I need, app reminds me when my bills are due, it allows me to record my payments and analyze my expenses. Love this app!!!
  • Good app

    By Foxbaby13
    It is the closest to what I was looking for but today I was trying to add some of my January bills and the calendar is stuck on December. I tried to email to developers and that didn’t go anywhere also. How do I plan my bills without getting a new account each time? I already have the accounts! Please fix this and I’ll revise my review for 5 stars!
  • Simple to use

    By Absteryetenden
    Simplicity. Easiest bill app I’ve used and I love how easy it is to use.
  • Really helpful app!

    By Dzianis Vladimirovich
    This app is exactly what I was looking for. Unlike some other similar apps that I tried, it has lots of necessary features. I most like app’s unique design and simplicity of using it. Developers, you did great job!!!
  • Outstanding

    By AlexLiggon
    This app works great and keeps me in check over all my bills.
  • Awesome app!

    By Ryan Rodner
    This app is one of the best bills managing apps I’ve ever used. Stunning and intuitive user interface, lots of functions. It gets job done and saves me a lot of time in keeping up with all my bills. I recommend this app as a must have app on your iPhone.
  • Deleted

    By Ladybug4179
    Tried to enter my bills, but the app shut down every time I tried to pick the category.
  • Good App

    By Lexi MRP
    I wanted a simple app for paying my bills and reminders. Your app is simple to use. Thanks MRP
  • Great app

    By Bee06082
    I like this app. I kept track of my bills on an excel spreadsheet. I really like all the details I can add per bill. I like reminders and pie chart.
  • Almost There!

    By Leemah G
    This is a great app! Pluses: 1) Colorful and pleasing to look at. 2) User-friendly. 3) Good layout (screens, buttons, etc.) 4) Plenty of Settings options to customize view Minuses: 1) Crashes often. 2) Can’t copy repeat (not recurring) bills with different amounts. Requires manual set-up for each one or toggle copying and pasting. 3) Would like recurring icon and/or autopay icon on Bills screen, maybe beside Category icon Nice job!
  • Easy to use

    By daria skavansky
    Great app, it makes my life much easier!
  • Won’t open at all

    By Daysfirstlight
    Keeps shutting down
  • Missing functionality

    By MRY Sociable
    Good start. Basic use of iOS capabilities. Biggest issues I noticed: hassle to delete an individual payment or bill instance & app does not support making installments on an individual bill. Recommend consideration of adding swipe to delete individual bills without having to edit them one-by-one under account. Also recommend allowing multiple payments on a single bill, for example, if $300 is due on the 1st, allow the user to input split payments like $150, $100, & $50 throughout the month, respectively, instead of just the "amount due or greater."
  • Almost perfect

    By soramy39
    I just got this app. As I started adding more bills I really like the layout. So easy to use. And the info really stands out so you can be aware of your spending. My only problem is as I am trying to add a new bill the app keeps shutting down then I have to start over. Please fix this. I really like this app.
  • I like this app!

    By Victor Gonzalo
    The app is great help for managing and paying my bills on time. I installed this app because I missed payments for few bills, and this negatively affected my credit score. Now Bills Organizer reminds me about approaching bills, and I hope I never miss payment again. I would definitely recommend this app.
  • Great app

    By Rebecca Svenson
    Love this app! Very useful and easy to use.
  • Good app

    By Anthony Duatis
    App perfectly meets what I need to organize all my bills. This app has a lot of features, and it allows me create semi-monthly recurring bills that many other similar apps don’t. Thumbs Up!
  • Awesome

    By Kristy Vitucini
    The app is very easy to use, it makes keeping up with bills so much easier.
  • Excellent app!

    By John Kettler
    So far I like this app. It helps me a lot to manage all my bills.