Rise of Civilizations

Rise of Civilizations

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-09-20
  • Current Version: 1.0.1216
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 435.10 MB
  • Developer: Lilith Games
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 13 042


8 Civilizations, 27 Heroes, Real Warfare From the depths of obscurity to the peaks of legend, you will be the author of your civilization's history. Will you launch epic wars and conquer the entire world? Or rise up as a virtuous leader renowned for your sagacity? Will you set off to explore the unknown as a pioneer? Or dedicate yourself to helping your own people? Only time will tell... ***Features*** #Real-Time Battles# Battles are not pre-calculated but happen in real time on the map. Anyone can join or leave a battle at any time, allowing true RTS gameplay. See an ally being attacked right in your backyard? Send some troops to help your buddy out, or launch a surprise counterattack on the attacker’s city. #Seamless World Map# All in-game action takes place on a single, enormous map inhabited by players and NPC characters. No isolated bases or separate battle screens. Never before seen on mobile “infinite zoom” feature allows you to transition freely between the world view and individual cities or barbarian outposts. Map features include natural obstructions such as rivers and mountain ranges and strategic passes that must be captured to gain entrance to neighboring regions. #Eight Unique Civilizations# Choose from one of 8 historical civilizations (more to come!) and guide your civilization from a lone clan into a great power. Each civilization has its own architecture, unique units, and special advantages. #Exploration & Investigation# The world of Rise of Civilizations is covered in thick fog. Dispatch scouts to explore this mysterious land and uncover the hidden treasure within. Investigate lost temples, barbarian fortresses, mysterious caves, and tribal villages, gather intelligence on your enemies, and prepare yourself for the ultimate clash! #Unrestricted Troop Movements# New orders can be issued to troops at any time, offering limitless strategic possibilities. Launch a feint at an enemy city, then circle back and meet up with your alliance army to capture a pass. Dispatch troops to collect lumber from a nearby forest and have them pick off a few barbarian clans along the way. Forces can also be split up between multiple commanders so that you can engage in multiple actions simultaneously. #Alliance System# Full set of alliance features allow players to help one another: alliance chat with built-in translation function, officer roles, map indicators to coordinate strategies, and more! Alliances can expand their territory to gain resources, capture mountain passes and barbarian outposts to strengthen their position, and work together to unlock group achievements. #Conquer the Kingdom# Fight alongside your alliance to take control of this vast kingdom. Clash with other players and use superior tactics to emerge victorious in a MMO strategy battle royale. Rise to the top and you and your civilization will be written down in your kingdom’s history! #RPG Commanders# Call upon dozens of historical figures who will serve as your trustworthy commanders, from Julius Caesar and Sun Tzu to Joan of Arc and Kusunoki Masashige. Level up your commanders by defeating barbarians and sending them into battles, then upgrade their abilities using an RPG style talent tree and skill system. *Expedition Mode *Infinite Zoom--never before seen on mobile! *Scouting *Espionage *Kingdom Progression *Civilization Specific Cities *Stunning Graphics *3D Character Models And more… Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/riseofcivilizations/



  • Could be better!

    By cvick12
    The game is really cool although it could be better. First Real money shouldn’t be involved it makes the game completely unfair for people that are trying to play a free game. If you are not willing to pay real money in this game you will never be able to successfully compete with those that do. Also they are missing two of the most important ancient civilizations ever! Egypt being one of the first actual civilizations. and Greece shaped the whole western world from language to democracy to academics, the base of every single subject we learn today from math to science to philosophy is Greek! Not to mention some of the most amazing commanders the world has ever seen... obviously whoever worked on and invented this game didn’t actually too much about history.. you can check yourself that all the commander information is straight copy and pasted from Wikipedia lol.
  • great!

    By YourFunnyDog
    I don't usually like these kinds of games but i am very addicted to this one.

    By brkffjv
    Great game, but y’all need to change it back to the old chat! Nobody likes it and it’s dumb. Please and thank you!
  • Amazing but...

    By Happybookreader
    I’m leaving a low star with hopes the developers will read it. This game is super fun and easy to learn the mechanics of it all. That said, after about a month of play reality if the game has set in. The level of real politic that happens in this game is unreal. My alliance was infiltrated by a high level governor from another alliance and made leader because he seemed he knew what he was doing. Long story short, in about a week I found out he is basically working as an operative for another alliance using two account to sow discontent and pull players out of my alliance to a more powerful alliance. So now we have a player who basically threatens all the players in our alliance that his main alliance will destroy us we don’t play ball, not cool. We can’t get rid of him and he basically has complete control now. I have no doubt that this is going on everywhere in the game in every server. I doubt they will, but I would like to hope the developers would find a way to deal with this. Additionally after you get above 13th level the amount of time goes way up. And those at the top levels and power are likely spending massive amounts of real money to get there. If you are at a lower level, or play casually, this game will quickly become a nightmare.
  • Good good

    By For Peres sake
    Good good
  • Great game until

    By BearMCN
    Great until you have to contact support and they don’t answer! I’ll be requesting a refund for the money I put into this game since support is nonexistent.
  • Great game

    By nuggstar12
    Very fun
  • Hi

    By mohammad___mzs
    Hi, this is a great game and has a powerful server, but for this fantastic game it's not possible to transfer an account from ios to Android. There is a big weakness. Thank you.
  • A fun game BUT disappointing

    By isabeldt
    This game is fun, it’s pretty, it’s entertaining but it lacks many important things. Like a good end goal. Also at first you can play without buying anything and they offer you packages at very low prices. Once you start growing, everything becomes very hard to achieve like training, leveling up, research, building, heros, etc. Unless you spend a lot of money. As you go up the game requires a lot more of everything and if you want to have high power you have to spend a lot. The game has a very short life span. I’m very disappointed, I joined just 45 days ago, I’ve spent thousands of dollars in upgrading my city and my heros and the game is almost at the end in the server where I am. The developers did not think carefully about creating a long term game. They have changed three times the talents and skills of the heros. The game lags a lot too. And worst of all, they allow players with low power to change servers which causes groups of players to move to a new server with power already and grow faster than new players, very quickly taking control of the server. The game requires the player to pay millions in resources each time you want to go up a level, or heal, or train, or practically do anything once you start getting passed the lower levels, i don’t see how it is possible to play it without spending some serious money. An example is the research, as soon as you get to high level military research one level can take you 137 days to complete, the game doesn’t even last that long in one server, you can only get to that level by buying speed ups of course and A LOT of them. For example a 30 day speed up can cost $60. The high level military research has many many levels, you do the math. The worst is that after all the money that players could spend, the game gets to the end and in my case the end is facing a monopoly of top two alliances that moved from another server with some power already so the new players cant never catch up with them and they now control the server. Why didn’t the developers think of this flaw in the game? It’s not a fair game because players with some power can start in a new server and control that server. The game levels are only three gates levels that alliances have to control and pass and then you got to the middle, really? That’s it. Why not make many levels of passes so that at least the players can have a longer game play? I don’t mind paying to play and I pay a lot usually but I do not like it when I feel the game company is taking too much and not giving back to the player enough. Isabel
  • Are you serious?

    By rafg86
    This game is perfect...except one stupid thing. A few hours ago I had about 60,000 power and lost about 10,000 and now have 49,000 power. I am really mad because of this.That power isn’t easy to get.PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Well done

    By Scryptx89
    Great game, would love to see Egypt as an option to pick.
  • Great mobile game

    By NickIowaFan
    You can lost in this game for hours on end. I love it is mobile so people who have activities all the time can actually have some enjoyment. There are things they need to improve upon, but the hours of enjoyment I get out of this game over rules that for now.
  • Good game

    By Deadfish68
    I do enjoy this. It is worth playing.
  • Addicted.

    By nostalgiacatv
    This game is great. I don’t care what you say.
  • A lot of fun!!

    By Flobot the Robot
    Very addicting!
  • Starts fun but overall becomes stagnant

    By Clumsyhamster
    So the game starts out quite fun. New things to do and areas to explore. Building your city and so forth. Generally the game has very smooth operations which is great. Once you get to a certain level, 10/11, then things start to slow down greatly. 12 hrs here, 7 there, a few days, etc. This is where things start to become stagnant and very monotonous. So you set everything up to build and find you now have nothing to do for 10 hrs. So what now? Once you get higher level things start taking days/weeks. Gets boring at this point and you haven’t any drive to continue. You could buy but the pricing for stuff is VERY expensive. I play but am probably going to stop here shortly since it’s to slow to do anything after awhile and the pricing is beyond reasonable.
  • Good game

    By nvt phu
    Nice graphic and game play
  • Don’t spend money on the recharge review event.

    By akaiiiiii
    I do love this game a lot, but I feel like the latest recharge reward event messed up, or perhaps I am the only person having such problem: Basically I purchased a $30 bundle that includes 7000 gems in it, but I am not getting my rewards. And based on the description on the event page, it says “only gems earned directly through recharges and bundle purchases will count towards the total”; therefore, I believe I should be qualify for the rewards. Then I contacted the RoC customer service in game about the problem, but the GM didn’t answer my question but just keep copy-and-pasting this description to me, and fail to explain how my purchase isnt qualify for the rewards.
  • Customer service needs a little work.

    By Pppppppppppopooppl
    Yeah so I recently contacted customer service through the app and was able to chat with GM Joey, well I shouldn’t even say chat. I explained my problem and then almost a full 24 hours later got a reply, stating that I did not explain my situation clear enough and should send screen shots of the problem which I did and explained in even greater detail the problem. Joey if you are reading this please reply and help me figure out my problem.
  • Great game

    By big oso blanco
    Great game The only issues I’ve had were telling me my version was outdated even though the Apple store didn’t have a update for it(still let me play though). And I wish you could delete a character. Other than that it’s a good game that has kept me playing
  • Great game

    By gamepwm
    Excellent game. Very easy to start,
  • Farming Game.?.

    By Cliff - 3
    Just so you don’t waste a month playing and figure this out later...It’s a real time sink since you have to check in every hour and send out all your Commanders on a resource run...It is just continuous resource farming and takes forever to save up since you need millions and will be collecting them 200k at a time...(My review is “don’t bother”) and try something else...
  • Amazing game

    By dead6566
    Brings me back to days when I played this on windows 98 . One suggestion you should open up a different type of store that’s available all the time with teleports and such it would make it easier for people who stupidly teleported to other areas right in the beginning
  • I’m Addicted

    By Chocksmeister
    I’m really am addicted to this game. The last game I have played that I got addicted on was World of Warcraft. But I got old with wife and a kid so I can only pay on occasions or whenever I have time. Thank goodness this game gives me the chance to play and still take care of real life. However, the in-game purchases are really stupidly expensive. There’s a little bit of imbalance to the game but overall, great job to the developers. Been waiting for such a game like this.
  • “Special Privileges”

    By poetic.bs
    I’m trying to buy special privileges in the vip menu but the screen gets stuck on a “payment in...” screen and it doesn’t load anything I’ve waited and stared at my screen hoping I can finally buy what I wanted but it wouldn’t load :( and the idea with the passes me and my alliance can’t teleport to any other part of the kingdom without taking over that pass like you know? Frustrating.

    By emmillyyrosee
    This game is no different than any other game in it's class however with this game you have no customer support, no help from the game designers, pay to win players with kill events who will repeatedly burn your lower level city to the point it's unplayable and no safeguard in place. And if all that isn't bad enough there is no filter in the chats. There is so much harrassment, sexual harrassment, threats of rape and violence, pornographic material, racist, and biggotted comments to ruin the last little fun this game had. The pay to win will spend thousands going up to millions of power while everyone else is at 400k getting burned. When you report these issues to their Facebook as they direct everyone to do they won't respond. With screenshots and proof of harrassment and cheating they will sit back and do nothing. But why would they there are players spending 10k in a day. This gaming company does not care about it's average everyday player. Only the high ball customers get their attention.
  • Great game

    By Dark lord 18383
    This game is by far the best game app game in my opinion, I recommend it to everyone
  • Upgrade time is slow

    By getsome1292
    I am only at level 6 and it takes 5 hours to upgrade town hall at 99 it’s going to take 5 years but all in all good game
  • Amazing game ever

    By bborx2b
    Hey guys try this game ....I ever look for. Great graphic and details ..
  • Amazing

    By Sjostedt
    I love this app! It goes through ages with upgrading town halls. You fight you collect and you gain power. It truly is amazing
  • Best game ever

    By 127561romanater
    Very good game so many new things you can do
  • Hi

    By thicinu
    Good game
  • Awesome

    By BoonieX
    After a few minuets of playing this game quickly became my favorite game
  • Don’t play unless you want to spend a lot of money

    By This game has problems!!!
    Don’t play this game unless you want to be victimized by the numerous people who have spent hundreds of dollars to create massive armies to torture you. When they do, you will either be forced to spend lots of cash to catch back up, or else you will fall further behind and continue to be preyed upon. A total waste of time and energy. Stay away. You have been warned.
  • Good Game with new features to enjoy

    By MillVision
    Awesome game after many Kingdom games i have played so far this one really made me play 24hrs
  • Rampant hate speech, racism and hardcore pornographic avatars.

    By BulldogsNRaptor
    I can’t recall a game of recent history from the App Store where blatant racism, hate speech, pornographic images and threats of rape are so prevalent, yet when they get reported including screen shots nothing is done. Making apple aware of these issues seems to be the only solution at this point.
  • Updates

    By ThousandCookies
    Next update you guys should put in a base layout editor, it would help a lot with making the bases come to life. Overall I like the game a lot though it took my attention off any other games.
  • Best game out there

    By Meeeellle
    I love playing this game with my friends, great game overall.
  • Cheat to win

    By Jonny N.
    This game requires zero skill. Only a hefty wallet or people who hack and exploit the game to “win”. This app should be investigated for fraudulent activity and allows for its player to break Apples terms of service within game conduct. The art is great but it’s a facade for a large scheme to steal your money and does not deserve your time or wallet. All the reviews that have claimed it’s a pay to win are more than right. It should be removed from the App Store.
  • Don’t play this game.

    By raggarey
    There is no game balance. Don’t waste your time if you do not intend to pay money. Do not let your kids play this game. They will get harassed with offensive racist messages.
  • Addictive Game but...

    By slamper66
    I love this game, but there need to be some major changes. Lower level classes are getting attacked by higher levels for kill events or resources. Could you please find a way to limit this? Or find a way that we can have an equal ground with these high levels?
  • Interested in money but won’t monitor sexually explicit or inappropriate comments.

    By Travel alarm clock.
    This game is fun, but the level of sexually explicit chat and text allowed have completely ruined it for me. When the moderator or owner start booting people who can’t control their sexually inappropriate comments I will play again.
  • Good

    By hdjgfjdufvht
  • Love it but a few suggestions.

    By CatNerd3
    I love it so far. It’s an amazing, addicting game especially for my busy schedule. I have a few suggestions though. I think a duel center for alliances would be great idea where you can fight your members like you do with barbarians. No one gets hurt and we can test out our commanders and troops. It would be a fun competition amongst your allies. The gap between f2p and p2w is a bit unfair honestly. I understand it makes money, but it’s leave a lot of free to play players feeling hopeless especially after the Joan nerf. Maybe create separate servers or something to give f2p players a fighting chance against P2W. You’re pretty much at the mercy of p2w players and you have to hope they want to peace and not to destroy the whole server. Other then that I enjoy this game a lot.
  • Game Good Customer Support is Bad

    By RoC Dissatisfied
    I love the game but the customer support is very bad. They updated the game last week and I lost over 100k t4 troops that I was killing me Guardians with. That is the equivalent of a couple hundred dollars down the drain. Still waiting for any kind of compensation....
  • One of the best

    By I love mice
    One of the best games I have ever played I love it keep up the good work!!!
  • Good game

    By BjmBjmVek
    Game very funny
  • The worst game ever created by a human being.

    By •Papa franku•
    There are several reasons why this game is worst. First of all- gameplay is cancer. Second reason-THE ADDS ON YOUTUBE THAT MAKES ME WANT TO KILL MY SELF. Third-the graphics. Hope this game will get broke or will be deleted.
  • Be ready for battle

    By Where do these stairs go?!?
    Great game to play, can get really sucked into the game. So much to do, so little time to do it. Join an alliance right away, but be ready to fight other alliances as well.