Find My Headphones & Earbuds

Find My Headphones & Earbuds

  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2018-03-24
  • Current Version: 1.5.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 1.54 MB
  • Developer: Bickster LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 1 922


Find My Headphones & Earbuds directs you to your lost headphones, earbuds, or headset. Use Bluetooth signal strength to lead you to the area of your lost device! The app's scanner can track Bluetooth 4.0 devices that are powered on and emitting a Bluetooth signal. BENEFITS • Avoid spending hundreds of dollars replacing your lost Bluetooth headphones • Make finding your device fun, not stressful. Find My Headphones uses the Cold, Warm, Hot game to track your devices • Use this Bluetooth headphones scanner any time you or your friends misplace your headphones • Extremely easy to use. Anyone, any age, can navigate the app. Step by step instructions included • Fantastic app support. Contact us if you need help Downloading the app before losing your device is not required. Download now - every minute counts before your battery runs out! Walking slowly with Find My Headphones is the key to tracking your lost Bluetooth headphones or earbuds. Please contact support before posting a negative review or asking questions in a review. We cannot respond to questions posted in a review. Love our app? Please leave us a 5 star review! Bluetooth Scanner Features • Can track any wireless headphones broadcasting a Bluetooth Low Energy signal within range • Works indoors and outdoors • Displays the last time your device was seen by our app • Extremely user friendly and easy to use. Technical knowledge of your devices not required! *Find My Headphones & Earbuds is not intended to give you the exact location but will tell you the area where your headphones are hiding. *Devices must be powered on and emitting a Bluetooth signal to be track. This app does not use GPS, device must be in Bluetooth range to be tracked.



  • In the case

    By bull cra$p
    It would be great if we could find them in the case.
  • No.

    By k icndkdjsnskaofbskcoamsn
    It can’t find air pods in the case or just the case and you have to look around because it only lets you see if it is hot cold or worm. If you lost it somewhere far away you probably won’t find them
  • Great App

    By Lucy.24😸
    I had lost one of my AirPods and I was able to easily find it. I would definitely recommend this app to anyone because it is so much better to pay $5 rather than pay $170 for new ones.
  • Doesn’t work

    By GBTC
    It says, after you buy it that only finds AirPods if they are outside the case - and they even say, “it’s in the description.” It is not and I would like an instant refund. Really misleading.
  • Omg worst app ever

    By Gabrielle Tait
    This app doesn’t work at all!!!! It’s a scam and is completely stupid!!!! All the good reviews are probably from them!!!! It dosent work and is stupid!!!! Don’t waste your money!!!!
  • 5 Stars

    By Patty Smack
    So I was in the car on a road trip and I was in the backseat I opened up my AirPods case and one of my AirPods fell out in the trunk I then told my parents and we pulled over at a gas station to my amazement I found this app. I recommend this app to anybody!
  • Don’t download

    By Aclogan01
    This is a waste of money. It doesn’t work
  • I didn’t read before I got the app

    By bilsylv
    My iPhone AirPod were still in their case. Unfortunately one can’t find them with this app. So it isn’t the apps fault. I would like my $ back.
  • Best app ever!

    By SerpilOn
    This is worth every cent. Found my AirPods within minutes!! Led me right to it!
  • Frustrated

    By drgetyg
    Gives no clue as to direction signal comes from. Just says cold and rarely picks up a signal
  • Works miraculously

    By Jagless
    I had sat out on the porch today and my AirPod was in my pocket… I’ll never do that again… And as I slouch down the AirPod slipped out of my pocket and I didn’t know. I searched and searched and about five minutes later, I found it on my porch chair waiting for me. Amazing!
  • Don’t buy this it’s a waste of money

    By lomg shlong
    I lost one of my air pods while sleeping. So I thought to myself why spend another 150 bucks when I could just spend 5.99.... turns out that was a waste of money and time. The app doesn’t even work. It says warmer and hot no matter how far away I am from my headphones and I did not help my find my air pod at all. I do not recommend this app to anyone, especially for 5.99
  • It actually works

    By Lcw5566
    I was cleaning out my car and dumping stuff into my garbage can with my AirPods in when I started talking to my mom and got distracted and lost my left airpod. I went a couple of hours without knowing where it was so I downloaded this app and eventually tracked it to my garage where apparently I accidentally threw my AirPod into the trash with all the stuff from my car. If I hadn’t downloaded this app it would have gotten picked up by the garbage men in a couple days and I would have never been able to find it again. Highly recommend this app to find your missing AirPods!
  • It’s not working

    By ndbbdgdjsvshsb
    I didn’t work for me. I’m mad I wasted 6 dollars on this thing! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
  • Unbelievable!!!

    By gh7xtof
    When I downloaded the App I was skeptical but decided to give it a try. It located it under the fridge, so we moved the fridge but still didn’t see it. We tilted the fridge and it felt on the floor. Magically. There it was!
  • good app!

    By outstanding 2019
    good app , expensive!!
  • Works as promised

    By dbnh2019
    Lost one ear bud while weed whacking Worked very similar to an avalanche beacon quickly zoned in great instructions too worth every penny
  • Shocking but it worked great

    By mpeters102
    Totally worth a shot. I followed the instructions exactly and found it within minutes. You have to know the general area or it’s probably not going to work for you

    By jackien9
    I lost my AirPod. SINGULAR AIRPOD. at school. I was so sad and looked for an hour but no luck. I went home and downloaded this app. I went back to school and FOUND THE AIRPOD. THE APP SAID I WAS GETTING HOT. Thank you to this app. thank you to all the supporters. this has been an amazing journey. Major shoutout to my lefty AirPod for being found!!!😭
  • Crap

    By bythkiy549
    Don’t get this total waste of money. I had my headphones right on top of it and it didn’t recognize them
  • Great app

    By Lucy ma belle
    Great app!!! I found my airpods!! thanks
  • App don’t work

    By arck engel
    This app is total garbage a waste of money does not perform as advertised.It says hot when it should say cold and cold when it should say hot.Do not buy I don’t know who’s giving this app 5stars but its a lie.
  • Did not work

    By aepp626
    Purchased this app to find my AirPods and it did not work. I walked around me bedroom slowly with the app open as it says to do and it never picked them up. I later found them in my room without the app
  • 100% works

    By alyssa719491
    I lost my left AirPod after coming back from the gym and spent 30 min looking for them in my house because I knew I brought them with me. After panicking for so long I decided to purchase this app and I eventually found my AirPod under the couch! It actually works and I recommend for anyone who has lost their AirPods or any Bluetooth device. Best 5.99 I’ve spent!
  • Lost my AirPods

    By sextwes
    I was on a 10 hr drive and I was using my AirPods to listen to music, I ended up accidentally falling asleep (I was a passenger). One of my AirPods was missing from my ear when I woke up. I looked everywhere in the car for several hours, I kept coming back outside and looking over again throughout the day. Randomly I decided to search into google “is there any way to find my lost AirPods” and this app showed up. I decided to give it a try even though it wasn’t free because I thought it may work and I saw it worked for other people to find theirs. I downloaded the app, started using it and it found them right away and I eventually found them 20 minutes later! I would have never been able to find them without this app, they were stuck wedged behind a back seat
  • It didn’t work for me

    By M•I•R•A•J•A
    Unknowingly one of my AirPods must have went flying out when I dropped the case in my office. After retracing my steps and searching frantically everywhere since the last time I used them I started searching the internet for ideas. That is how I found this app. Immediately upon turning the app on it recognized my Bluetooth enabled Canon camera which was about 100 feet away out in my car. It also recognized my neighbors tv and Bluetooth sound bar. I was super stoked this was going to work! I took the remaining AirPod out of the case and it found that. I put that pod back in the case and closed it. Restarted the app and retraced my steps all throughout my house, car, yard, etc. After a long while searching, I finally I gave up. I figured I must’ve lost it somewhere else. Then in a random course of events my kid came into my office and asked me for a glue stick for a little art project he was working on. When I took the lid off it went flying. He said “I’ll get it!” He squeezed into a tight spot and picked up the lid and also came out with my missing AirPod in hand. Needless to say I was ecstatic. But I wondered why the app picked up my neighbors equipment and my camera way out in my car but not the AirPod I was looking for in the same room I was standing in. I thought maybe the battery was dead on the pod but it showed that it was still at 100% battery when plugging it in. So I have no idea why but this app did not help me at all in this case. $6 for an app that didn’t work for me. 🤑
  • 10/10 would NOT recommend

    By bdignxlhdmgxyl
    I walked around my room for about an hour trying to find my AirPods and I couldn’t for the life of me the app would freeze and not work.Either I’m going crazy or this app is a waste of money!
  • Crap

    By kkppppppppppppp
    Does not find eirpods. I’m paid for nothing!!!!
  • Bird70

    By Bird7068
    This app is awesome. It does an amazing job of finding my one AirPod. I was constantly losing it so when I lost it this time, I asked on the internet to see what to do. I found the app and was glad to pay the price. It found my AirPod.. They won’t get lost anymore.
  • Waste of money

    By Letoile0414
    The app is useless, you will find the headphones faster with your eyes then with this app.
  • Junk

    By rickf222
    I couldn't find earphones when I just tried to see if the app would work when I knew where they were.
  • i wasted my money lol

    i couldn’t find my airpods, and i didn’t have a lot of time to look for them, so i made the impulsive decision to buy this app. After spending the 5.99 and going onto the app, it said it couldn’t find airpods that were still in the case. so i wasted 6 dollars on this app smh
  • Misleading!

    By BrianB74
    This app picks up Bluetooth signal that’s all! In fact, it will pick up every Bluetooth signal around regardless of whether it’s yours or not. If you lose something in the woods this may be your app but if you lost it in a populated area forget it!!! You’ll never find it using this app.
  • I couldn’t find my EarPods

    By chicafrompc1
    I couldn’t find my EarPods and have to order more. Useless app
  • It keeps freezing and it doesn’t help

    By txmdrake
    I bought this expecting it could help find my missing bud but it keeps leading me back to my case it doesn’t work at all
  • Gardening

    By Brad 56
    Wearing my AirPods while gardening they fell in the soil and got tilled under I could narrow it down to about 6 ft.² and I raked until I found them took five minutes right app
  • Great tool

    By Ashana43
    Worked as stated and was worth the purchase and peace of mind. I recommend.
  • Terrible - Get this S**t off the App Store!!!

    By MegaReviewGenius
    With AirPods if you lost them and they are not connected to Bluetooth (When the case is closed they disconnect) you can’t find them. I don’t recommend this app for AirPod users!
  • Awful

    By sugdehbd
    Just scamed me out of my money because I lost the case with the AirPods in it. Thanks a lot... awful app SMH
  • How do I get my money back

    By name____
    I downloaded the app to get my AirPods but you can’t find them if they are in the case so I have no use for the app and it says that I get a full refund if I don’t find them so how would I get them back?
  • Works

    By georgia.hilburn
    This app literally works the best 😙😙😙love it it works
  • Doesn’t work

    By TGuise2
    Waste of money...
  • Idk

    By Something monkey
    Well to start they don’t say that if you have your AirPods are in their case it won’t work 🤷🏻‍♀️😡 can i get my money back
  • It really works (I am not a bot)

    By Ramon 7074
    Found my headphones in under a min!!!
  • Refund

    By Hello1o1
    I didn’t find my airpods, how can I get a refund?
  • It works!!

    By Mom's boy
    Found one in less than a minute. (;
  • Last one airpod

    By jjdhhehshcg
    Thank you the app works perfect on that air pod in 10 seconds. But another app didn’t work but then I said screw it I’ll pay five dollars and the app is perfect
  • I said AirPods not iphoneeee

    By manorrrys
    It showed me were my phone not my freaking AirPods
  • please help me

    By hannah kojouri
    my airpod won’t connect to my bluetooth, it is out of the case and i’m positive it’s in the house i’m in. i have moved around the house and it still wouldn’t connect to bluetooth. what do i do?