Idle Zombies

Idle Zombies

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-08-05
  • Current Version: 1.1.20
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 142.88 MB
  • Developer: Lion Studios
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 28 167


The zombies are invading and only you can defend the cities from total destruction! Surround the gate with the best arsonal you can afford. Swipe away at the zombies with your knife for some extra punch! The more zombies you eliminate the better the guns you can afford! Battle legendary bosses and travel to different cities to defend mankind in this epic idle game. This heartstopping, easy to play, but tough to master zombie tycoon game will test your swiping, focus and tapping skills. Unlock crazy weapons such as an electric fence, air raids, and even a mighty DOG! Can you become the ultimate zombie slayer and save the city? This action packed idle defense game will test your grit. The relentless zombie horde keep coming and it’s up to you to defend the city! How far can you make it? Do you have what it takes to take them down? Upgrade your artillery with the money you earn from slaying the waves of zombies. Travel through space and time defending different locations from the onslaught. The further you get the more challenging the game becomes! Start your adventure now! The one thing you have to ask yourself is: can you handle the CRAZY MODE? Game Features: 1. Crazy Mode This idle game has non-stop adrenaline filled action, and that’s not even mentioning the Crazy Mode. The horde gets stronger and harder. An alarm will go off if they get too close to the gate. Can you stay calm and defend the city? Or will you lose? 2. Battle legendary monsters Gotta slay them all! It will take everything you got to take down the huge epic boss monsters invading the cities! 3. Log on for amazing gifts Need some help progressing? The more you play and defend, the better your rewards you get. 4. Level up your items The more you kill the more money you make. The more you earn the better your equipment becomes. Only then will you become the best zombie slayer in town. 5. Free to play with no WIFI needed! Swipe and tap anytime, anywhere for free! No internet connection is needed! 6. Unique skills and weapons to Unlock! Need help pushing back those zombies? Unlock special abilities like airstrikes or an electric fence to evaporate the dead. Don’t forget the nukes. It's time to become the hero you were destined to become and start defending the world. This is the best incremental zombie simulation there is. Never miss a dull moment with this easy to learn and easy to play game that is almost IMPOSSIBLE to master. Use your guns and knives to slay that horde! Start your mission and never stop destroying! Can you face the walking dead? Visit if have any feedback, need help on beating a level or have any awesome ideas you would like to see in the game! From the Studio that brought you Happy Glass, Flip Trickster and Love Balls! Follow us to get news and updates on our other Award Winning titles;



  • Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaddddd game

    By jnjdhhdjw
    Hot garbage HOT garbage
  • Boss at game

    By Jadethebeastatidlezombiez
    This game is so great I’m a.boss at it😎
  • I make the best option

    By gftghhfgghhfvgg
    I’ll like the way the game works
  • My fav

    By dudesnack
    This is my favorite game on earth I wish I can play for ever every day on at vacaition We wanted to the whol week thank you for making this wonderful wonderful app Your the best
  • Money?

    By An Epic Player
    Every time I press the get money button it does not give me money if you come across this you can do NOTHING ABOUT IT I don’t like it at all.
  • Begging for money.

    By EliteRevolution
    Kinda pathetic tbh, the developers appear to just be begging for your money. If you don’t allow them to see all of your data they put up a text box and giant triangle you can’t get rid of. Lame gameplay no incentive. Cash grabbing developers should feel disappointed in themselves.
  • Idle Bugs

    By 35UEMM
    Idling with the app closed does not allow you to progress. You only gain one level when you open the app. Even if you have the game open the progress bar gets stuck.
  • Awesome

    By Fb6_nica
    It’s a great and fun game! Love it
  • Freezes all the time once you’re high level. Can no longer even open the app.

    By Juuuuuuuuuuuss
    Can’t upgrade the turrets past 6000 or the game freezes. How is this not fixed. Spent $10 and now can’t open the app at all.
  • App crashes

    By monarchp1004
    Got gold to get crazy mode turned on to lvl 4 and it all disappeared back to off. It happened twice. Annoyed losing all my progress and time spent. Time to delete.
  • To the creators of, “idle zombie”

    By imaokkit
    This is such an interesting game! I just downloaded it a few hours ago and I’m already super rich! Just a few things think I would like: maybe a shop where you can buy your knifes, because I have to keep spending my money on the same (no offense) useless knife it barely does any damage! And maybe there can be a co-op mode with your turrets and other people’s on the internet! And i wish we could make friends on this app, a dear friend of mine suggested this game and we wish there was friends, I hope you take my ideas into consideration and i apologize if this is very long, keep up the good work! -anynonomous
  • Bug

    By Madcow balloons
    When you claim all from the world page it only does 2x the amount instead of 5x like it shows. Like I get 1.47ag and I click 5x with ad. It only gives me 2.94 ag instead of 7.53ag
  • I love this

    By zeemmppeerr
    Solo fun try it
  • Great

    By jeuseslover2010
    This game is soooooooooooooooo fun
  • Idle zombies

    By 2006colin
    It is a verry fun game and I love it
  • Literally begging you for money

    By wsdrvgk
    Im not gonna say much just that almost every option to upgrade something other than the main stuff is an in app purchase, also who spends money on an idle game especially $3 on a tiny upgrade
  • Boring. Cookie cutter.

    By Some1had2sayit
    I progressed 25 levels in 5-10 minutes. That’s way too fast. By the time I was trying to take satisfaction in beating 1 level, I had already beaten 2 more. And I’m sure the game will hit a sudden pay wall where I make no progress all of a sudden. This game needs serious rebalancing. And it needs more interesting weapons. You can’t make every new weapon a machine gun. That’s just showing no ingenuity. But at least ads don’t pop up. They’re optional. So I watched a few to support the dev. Idk if there’s a battery saving mode, but that would be a great option. It heats up my phone way too fast. It’s sad that a phone battery lasts 1-3 hours (on lowest brightness) on apps like these, yet my Nintendo 3ds can play at full brightness for 4-5 hours and easily double if brightness is on low.
  • Do not play

    By jhgvihgv
    It crashes my game every single time I get on it
  • Why

    By shawn d cates
    Won’t let it download to my phone keep saying waiting I have enough storage too
  • Great game

    By qwertybossop
    fun and love tha
  • Poijgewwass7guhg crfdz 4#rsdijlpjiloEwefh

    By iuytqqDvjnc ng uh6bjjii
    Httfbnjko,m,, vzzryukpljujjgxc vbzEgkodt7p.l.llk yhjub yhvhb b
  • Great game

    By Strawberro1995
  • Awesome

    By Bug123hhfbjjhgfufd
    This game is so cool
  • Zombie

    By k_chiz11
    I would give it 5 stars but every thing cost money
  • Amazing game but has one issue...

    By Whyarestick
    So I got this game about a week or so ago and I love it. I’ve always been into games like this,and one of the best aspects is that it makes a great toilet game!🤣 but seriously if I where to give this a rating of stars it would be a Six our of five. But it does have some flaws I’m struggling in London because every thing is kinda expensive then in San Francisco it goes from 20 billion to 120 billion! So maybe make some things a little cheaper?
  • Wow

    By Kåsch
  • Good game

    By aislyndad
    It a good game it an easy game to play
  • Bought the in app purchase for no ads

    By bosssarge
    I bought two separate packs that had no ads in the pack however whenever I click on something that makes me watch an add like a buff or double loot there’s still ads so what good is the no ads thing for really
  • Claim ads do not work

    By Shanetrain923
    Xextra claim ads do not work.
  • I love idle zombies

    By Malybou
    I love this game cuz it’s so cheap and I’m a pro already and i like killing zombies.
  • After 1 day, every button tap crashes

    By Dahnyo
    Played for a solid day and was addicted. Gun levels got so high that every calculation slash button tap crashes Game now. Glad I didn’t buy any IAP~
  • Game is good

    By john9764
  • Easy gameplay and addictive!

    By Bobbydubcity
    Love it!
  • It’s ok

    By gameingdudeyt
    I like it
  • Nice but could be better

    By Elsparkodiablo
    This is a pretty good game but try to make it so you can automatically collect the money, that would be amazing! Also please add stuff like mini bosses like ice zombies or fire zombies phantom zombies, all just that kind of stuff!
  • Soorenavzf

    By ibuhui hk hilu
  • cool

    By daddyshawn7282
    great game
  • Fun

    By about12341234
    When you are gone it still gets you money
  • London needs work

    By Shadowalker1390
    Would give it more stars but one of my torrents in London suddenly went from level 20 to level -100000 or something like that
  • Actually Fun

    By ChapesSs
    This game actually pretty fun despite constant noise If you have the volume up

    By LagFx
    I can’t go into my S weapons the game freezes every time and i can’t watch ads to level up my weapons once they get too high of a level or else the game freezes and crashes!
  • Doesn’t Open, Just has black screen

    By TestCord
    I got to all cities to the highest reset on each. Bought dogs in all cities and got gold to have them auto work. Issue is, I purchased ALL available guns and upgraded ALL my guns in SF and London to the 6,000+ range...doesnt allow you to manually upgrade after a certain point. So for London, I attempted to max the guns to the point where it glitches and no manual upgrade is possible...then I used the upgrade option to level all weapons +100....once I tried that, the game no longer loads. I emailed Lion studios, and of course, no response. Great.
  • Just another Pay2Win

    By c0zm1k
    Legitimate time killer, but after not playing for 3 days, then checking the “dog houses” I had only accrued 3 rewards for something that generates a reward every 4 seconds in one area, where other areas had accrued 120,000+ rewards. Level advancement is lackluster at best, once you reach level 30, you have to increase the “Chaos” mode. Most areas unlock this at level 35, but you have to pay in gold, or pay $10 for the city unlock. It’s a perpetual cycle, but considering how many ads you have to watch just to earn a few gold bars here and there, on top of buying the cities, you could easily pump hundreds of dollars into this game, and for what? There is not nearly enough content to justify how much money you can spend for all the bells and whistles. On top of this, offline earnings were in the AO range at one point, but after substantially increasing offline duration and earnings % amounts, I now only earn in the AK range? Probably biggest waste of money on in-app purchases I’ve ever spent. Download and play all you want, but don’t bother spending your money here.
  • Fun till u get far into it

    By inorz
    Would really like an update to speed up the instant killing waves but getting no where, maybe like a 2x button not the pay to get more exp with crazy mode
  • Can’t go past lvl 74

    By Dekr909
    It’s an ok game. No point to it but it’s pretty cool to pass the time and check up on every other day. Deleting the game because I been stuck in lvl 74 in the first city and it’s already been about a week. My guns are a high enough level that I kill the zombies as soon as they appear but my progress bar never fills up.
  • He. H d

    By id ei wpksi199@ieu
    Vengeance and the check
  • Amazing

    By aiden011810
    It’s fun and like you are rich at one point. Also it’s amusing
  • Really fun! One glitch

    By DrakoVasalias
    I’ve been playing this game for two days and LOVE It! It’s a fun game and is probably one of the best idle games ever made. The one issue that I have with it is that when you level a gun up past level 6600 (easier than you’d think. Again, I’m on day two), the game freezes. For those of you who don’t know, when leveling up modified weapons, you have the option to either pay in game money for upgrades like any other game or you can watch an ad to level it up a lot at one time without paying for the upgrade. Once you get the weapon to around level 6600, if you play the ad, the ad will freeze and you won’t be able to increase in the levels. I did this with multiple weapons all to the same effect. This effects the damage of the weapon and the amount of money that you get so there’s not really anywhere to go at that point. I feel like I’m done 2 days in because I can’t progress. Again, really fun game, but please solve that issue. Thanks!
  • Pretty good little game

    By Contemporary player
    As far as free games go on the App Store this is pretty much the best I’ve seen. Its fun to manage all your stuff it feels rewarding too when you get your dogs and such leveled up. Ads are more consensual and not just forced on you to make the devs more money. 9/10 on App Store but 5 stars