Game of Sultans

Game of Sultans

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-08-04
  • Current Version: 1.5.06
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 263.28 MB
  • Developer: Mechanist
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 10 191


You are a king! Now rule like a king! Game of Sultans is an exciting new empire simulation RPG game in which you get to experience the life of a Sultan – a king of Europe and the Middle East! Every detail has been attended to so that players can immerse themselves in brutal wars, military strategy, flirtatious romance, empire management, political intrigue, and more! Key Features: - Become a Sultan – Experience an empire at your command! - Assemble your harem – Romance beautiful and influential queens! - Recruit warlords – Rally a fiersome council of historical viziers! - Raise a family – Lovingly raise your children from childbirth to young adults! - Join PvP – Marshal your armies against other players worldwide! - Forge alliances – Make friends and enemies, join the good fight! - Turkish Coffee – Drink, chat, then listen as the fortuneteller interprets each cup! The Ottoman Empire was a time of great change, remembered for its brutal conquests, romance, creativity, prosperity, wars, rebellions, love, marriage, and great coffee! Follow and like us on Facebook! Facebook: If you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions, please feel free to contact us! E-mail:



  • ???

    By HSK💁
    why are there white people
  • Sexist.

    By Jojo xini
    Adds are offensive and inappropriate. The adds show women being judged by their looks, enslaved, and even beaten by the sultan. I am personally offended by the images shown in the adds.

    By Dandelionns
    Pleassssse give us an opt out of CSC. I hate it and I hate that it defaults to that when I open chat. It would be nice to have push notifications when we get new private chats.

    By Angry Angry Hippos
    I loved this game it was so fun! But they just added a cross server chat so now the helpful nice chat with friendly people has turned into a nerdy tinder party. It’s full of people making you feel uncomfortable and saying things that should not be said at all!!! They’ve ruined this game with this chat. DO NOOOOOTTTTT DOWNLOAD!!!
  • Can’t access all free features

    By Masterx585
    Game’s been great, but there seems to be a few glitches. Scores aren’t being calculated correctly and daily diamonds from ads aren’t available most of the time.
  • Disappointing

    By MerelyRN
    This is not the saucy interactive story that was advertised, instead you get a slow glitchy battle game.
  • Accidentally deleted app

    By kaiiiii21
    I accidentally deleted the app and now my game process is all lost. Please help me recover it in some way.
  • buggy

    By tuexss
    latest version registers all taps with a downshift when strava is recording , so you have to tap much higher than the actual button as shown. I guess nobody tested this app was active location usage from different app in the background
  • Addictive

    By Christineeeeeeeeeeeethn
    The game is great, there is numerous task making it interesting. The campaign is a drag, wish there was a short cut button. I can’t seems to make purchases though, it keep saying tip failed. Weird.
  • Less lifelike after update

    By Seberris
    This game has been really fun. The content is good and they keep the game challenging. However I just discovered that they eliminated the “breathing” aspect of the characters in game. Previously all of the persons in the game were lifelike due to some kind of repetitive motion- breathing or dancing- and after this update that no longer happens. I hope this is fixed because I really enjoyed that aspect of the game. It made it feel more interactive and made it easier for the player to suspend disbelief. Please return this to the game.
  • Excruciating

    By Abergine
    This game has a lot of promise. It looks beautiful, the graphics are well done, but there is nothing to do. It’s a level grinding game with no actual outcome. You’re just competing with people over who can level grind the hardest. I tried the game for two weeks, but there was no excitement in it.
  • War predictions take too long

    By CasinoAngel
    There’s nothing worse than predictions taking like 48 hours. There is NO reason for that prediction stage to take so long. Rewards claims for war should be extended and predictions should be lowered.
  • One of Best Games I’ve Played!

    By YoursTruly,DHK
    I absolutely love this game!! Their newest update was a couple of days ago and I have nothing to complain about. It keeps you active and wanting more. Who doesn’t want to have 6-10 wives and countless kids! So many ways to get rewards and challenges! You can even play different servers (meaning you can play in more then 1 game)!! The more active you are, the stronger you and your Empire grows!
  • Offensive ads

    By ???>:
    The ads are quite offensive and I think if you were to change them you would get more players.
  • Game Of Sultans

    By vmsm1989
    Love this game, can’t put it down.. now I have my husband, my son and later my sister joining the game.. can’t wait for all the fun we are going to have together.
  • Possible Sequel

    By Charles DeLeo
    Hey, this is a great game! I understand the Byzantines are the enemy, but is it possible that there will be a sequel just for them?
  • Please add...

    By Mason3r529
    This is my favorite game right now but once you start to get heirs and consorts, you get them very quickly. I would really like it you could add more varieties of looks for the heirs. Also please add more Consorts in the game. The last thing is once you have one heir you have that gender of heir for a while and then it keeps swapping. Those are all of the thing that I would like to happen to this app. Great app!!!🤗😍😆
  • Nothing like the adds

    By AmyJeeps
    Nothing like the Advertisements
  • cool game but...

    By juice wrId
    cool game but i dont really like it
  • Started good got boring

    By Tblack87
    If you don’t spend cash in this game things can get boring and it takes incredibly long to really advance after you get close to level 50 I have not spent any in game money yet and I have gotten to level 47 and now things have kinda stalled a bit. And I have been playing daily evryday and check a few times a day for few weeks now I think I’ve put too much time in this not enough progress. And I should have read the reviews before hand because I felt the same way about the ONLY BLACK consort who is merely a fashion designer who doesn’t produce mixed children. There was def a time before racism this world thinks racism was from the beginning there were def times where there were both black and white royalty so there should be some skin color variety. And I’m def going to read more reviews before I invest in any game. I don’t think developers really think about the gamer world and how much money they lose by small promotional advertising mistakes and by not doing their research on history you bound to leave certain cultures out. Hopefully this developer will read the reviews of its players and make some adjustments other than that I think I’ll give this game a break
  • Drugs, Rape and Hate Speech

    By bken12345
    I love this game, however I do NOT recommend it. The description says 9+, but DO NOT let your children or teens come near this game — the chat, especially cross server — is toxic. My server is great, we have minimal drama, etc, but you are assigned to a chat server randomly — and what I’ve seen from the others in cross server event chats is highly disturbing. Talk of sex acts, drugs, hate speech and racial slurs and even rape jokes. Support and the mods do nothing about it. There is no option to mute cross server chat or even local chat, and you need it to play the game anyway. In addition gameplay itself has some issues. Each server is dominated by a few big unions. They stomp over the smaller players and unions. The game should be tiered for things like painting.
  • Good game.

    By Ashleywtf
    Would like to see an auto battle feature for campaign mode.
  • Love the game, having a problem

    By BatmansGirliegirl
    I love this game! I play it everyday, no mater what time it is. But, I just recently transferred to a newer phone. And all of my progress isn’t there anymore. It was transferred through the iCloud and everything, all of my people, army, children are gone. Other then that, it’s a really great game. I have fun with the battles and the hunts, this is a game that I’ve suggested to my friends to play.
  • Good game, but...

    By DarthArwen
    I really enjoyed this game until I got to the union wars. The larger unions form alliances and team up on the weaker unions so they never even have a chance. I think it would be better of the union wars just had an attack button and your viziers attack a random union in your group (kind of like the pvp arena). There's too much room for manipulation and bullying in the current system.
  • Totally same as everyone’s crappy war game

    By JessEul90
    Want to play a war game you lose if you don’t spend real $$$!!! This is just as awful as the rest, they just hide it til your sultan reaches level 3,at least a months worth of free no $$ time. Don’t waist your $$ or time!! There are way better games with cooler graphics if you want to spend real $$
  • A good game, however...

    By Blu Bubu
    I like this game. Despite the at times troubling ads viewed through other websites, the game itself is actually rather tame and relaxing to play. You can collect your resources whenever you’re able and then relax and leave it without having to feel stressed over constantly watching the game. There’s actually a variety of lovely wives you can get, they all marry you by choice, and each has their own interests and personality, and if you’re lucky they’ll bare you children. Checking it three or four times a day isn’t a problem for me; I’ve been playing about a month or so, maybe two now and have still been pretty successful at leveling up. However, I still have some issues, as well as some suggestions. I disagree with many other reviewers when it comes to having a female sultan - I don’t think it’s necessary, it would change a lot about the game in terms of the harem and having children, and Sultans are usually male anyway... despite this, there is one place I wish there were more women in in the game. And that’s the viziers. Recently the game makers have been making an effort to add female viziers in cross-server events, which I appreciate! But the issue with this is... the only people who ever win cross server events are the people at the top of the leader board, who got there via spending money, which (though I’ve spent money on this game) few people have the resources to do, at least to the same extent. There needs to be either more events that can actually be won by people without spending money to level up to godly proportions, or they should actually offer lady viziers in game in other ways besides events, or something... I’m not sure. The game isn’t completely historically accurate, obviously, and doesn’t seem to take place in a specific time period, so I don’t see why there can’t at least be ONE lady vizier the general public has a chance of getting. I’d personally be a very happy player if I could at least have one! :) That being said, I have a few suggestions: It would be nice if there were a button or option in game besides auto-Levy (which I haven’t yet gotten, I’m only VIP2, still need to spend money... I assume it only clears them all out when you’re there to click it) maybe at a certain level, where your Levies automatically get cleared out even while you’re not playing the game. If implemented this would be much more convenient for people who can’t play so frequently throughout the day. Secondly, I wish there were more that could be done with your heirs. Because once they’re grown and married, you can’t do anything with them. Why not? Even while they’re children, it would be fun to have options to help them study, or play with them, rather than just “develop” them. Maybe once they’re married you can check up on them, or maybe they still have training, etc...? Either way, it would be cool to have some kind of legacy, and since you marry your heirs to other players, it would offer more player-to-player interaction apart from battling in the arena. Third, it would be lovely to have more consorts! There are several you can get via masquerading, but within the first two or so weeks I was playing, I already got all of them. (Besides those offered for higher levels of VIP.) Although I didn’t always agree with the ads, one thing I liked about some of them was it suggested you could pick up girls off the street and take them home/help them, rather than only the high society girls who are your actual wives. It would be nice if there could be more interacting done at that level, like with the actual citizens of your empire, even if it’s only to try and get more consorts. Maybe a part in-game where your citizens come to you requesting help for certain issues (starving family, etc) and offer gifts in return? Either way, it would be nice to see more lovely ladies in game! That’s about all I have to suggest. TLDR; It’s a great game, and the gameplay is relaxing, easy, and fun. Still, fun games can always be improved. Even if you don’t implement my suggestions, I still very much enjoy playing your game in my free time. :) Hope it helps!
  • It would be amazing to play as a female sultan

    By LimitlessOne23
    I love the game’s concept and beautiful artwork and I don’t mind playing as a male character, but as a female it would be so much fun to play as a female sultan with a male harem! I’ve heard a lot of interest in this from my friends as well. There are so few options for this kind of gameplay out on the market and yet so many people interested, myself included! The game is addicting as is, but this would make it so much more!
  • hey kids

    By Sans01725
    hello kids it is me, your father in law twice removed, to tell you that if you don’t download this game NOW you will be grounded!!! you hear that gamer boys! no fortnight for you! also tell your mom i’m leaving. thanks!
  • Need to control the public chats!

    By DRLefevre
    The game itself is awesome but seriously get control of the public chats. I’ve had to just start blocking people left and right. People talking about their d!cks and everything else under the sun gets really old when I’m just trying to play my game in peace. Fix it.
  • Unsatisfied

    By Angie💘
    Every since the new update the game won’t load on my phone and when does load the game freezes constantly.
  • Devs and Mods are playing as normal players

    By Br1ghtsp0t
    This game is great, and I’m not against the cutthroat nature of the game. I do take issue with the fact that beta testers, mods and possibly even devs are in the game - overpowered, with access to more resources than anyone else has - and seem to be creating drama between characters over real life issues in order to create in game grudges that make people spend more money on in game resources to fight one another. I have seen people’s real life information shared by game moderators both in game and on the game’s Facebook page, and the customer service refuse to in any way deal with the moderator. That happened to a player who’d spent more than $7k on the what’s likely to happen to me? Thanks but no thanks. I’ll spend money when I’m spending it to get better in the game because I want to, and not to fight people with free access to items so I can never hope to compete.
  • Grr

    By jgdssfvgtfccfghj
    I had this game and receiver all the consorts and had tons of kids. Sadly my needed repair and I had to redownload all my games. All my other games let me bring back to the spots I was at. This is the only game I have to start new. Not sure if I’m gonna continue I’m so upset.
  • Pay to win

    By "FrAnKi3"
    Need I say more, you got the dough. Then this is the game for you. They have special characters only the top of that event can win. For our server? That is the only person that wins every challenge. A VIP 10 who can blow the money they got. Great for them, bad for someone who can’t dish out the $$$$
  • Great game

    By Kaydawn07
    Love this game but I just purchased a chest for 99 cents and it said it was successful but I did not get my rewards! Please fix this..
  • Racist!!!!

    By Rhyoung92
    The one black consort doesn’t even produce black children, she has white kids. This may be okay for people who aren’t of color but for those who are, this is an insult. This game is okay, it could be better. It’ll be better if it wasn’t for the creators prejudice. I wouldn’t suggest this game to anyone.
  • the newborn son is too ugly

    By chad aka step papa
  • Bring your dough

    By Guire4
    I enjoy this game, have met some great people. It’s pure p2w which I understand and am fine with. However, it has grown to really cater to the very, very few. The last two batches of new characters are so exclusive it could be 6 months or more before the top person on your server earns them. Chances of the “willing to pay be not super rich people” getting them are 0 and f2p well, this game is not for them if they want a lot of things. To me, if you have updates, sure add your mega elite rewards, but at least add in something’s for. Everyone else.
  • Best game yet

    By NeomorphNewcomer
    If I put this game in one word, it would be AWESOME!!!
  • No way to log in to app from a new phone!

    By DelaPrado
    I had been playing for quite some time- put money and time into the game. I was a Master Sultan IV and my phone broke! New phone and can't recover my game- it started from the beginning! I even switched to my old server- nope!! Really not happy with this at all! Developers really need to fix this issue!!!!!!
  • great game! but..

    By Apersonwritingareview-1243
    there’s a glitch right now that does not remove the red notification dot from the lamp event, no matter what has been redeemed. also, I wish we had the ability to un-combine items, because when I was new at the game I had a surplus of vizier clothes and combined them into the elder vizier clothes for no reason. overall amazing game though! addicting and entertaining
  • Don’t believe the ads

    By Minaoleiwan
    The ads they kept bombarding me with on Instagram were misleading. They made it seem like it was a game focused on a girl being a slave or a mistress by the choices she makes in life. I downloaded the game and played it for at least 2 hours worth. Nothing like that. Waste of a time.
  • Fun but glitchy

    By H.beth.25
    I was having fun playing this game but when I got a new phone it deleted all my progress! Not about to start over since everything is timed and depends on daily play. My other issue is that the moderators did nothing to stop bullying on the chats. I’m not talking teasing or cursing, I’m talking about players telling 14 year olds they should get raped. Players not being involved with chat for days because others harassed them to tears. And after reporting it, moderators do nothing because the people doing the harassment were pay to play. I know I could just chose not to look at chats but in my opinion stuff like that is too far and should have been dealt with. Plus since everything is mostly timed, chat is a lot of the actual game. Probably a blessing in disguise the game got deleted.
  • Where are my ugly children

    By Father Gumwad
    I was promised ugly children in the advertisements my eyeballs were forced to view. I have not bore witness to a single ugly child or ugly wife. If I can’t have an ugly daughter named Thumbo, then my time is being severely wasted. I want an ugly family pronto. Justice for Thumbo
  • Sultan love

    By Kikyo Mibu
    Great game, add me 2gc469gbm1438
  • It’s enjoyable

    By Skarlitt
    Just need friends. Can anyone add me: 2fwu2yrqrjbyp
  • Horrible customer service

    By eddyrathie
    I really like this game, I find it fun and engaging, but I have been trying to get ahold of Customer service for TWO WEEKS now and they refuse to answer me. I know that I’m going through the right channels because I know others who play the game who have received replies through customer service. I’m so frustrated with their lack of reply.
  • Cannot choose the consort

    By Hniecalista
    The game has many potential but the thing that bother me alot is the skin for children and also we cannot choose our consort it’s automatically and randomly. The player should be able to choose which woman they want to choose to be their consort instead of giving the woman randomly
  • Yes please

    By 1031764
    I love this game
  • Horrible just plan evil

    By Ffffghffssgbfdxgfddgvf
    The game isn’t very good and it gets boring very fast. Also the ui is far from good. Finally the ads are nasty. This app should be taken down just for the adds. They are offensive and they fat shame kids.