Game of Sultans

Game of Sultans

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-08-04
  • Current Version: 1.7.01
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 272.79 MB
  • Developer: Mechanist
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 10 607


You are a king! Now rule like a king! Game of Sultans is an exciting new empire simulation RPG game in which you get to experience the life of a Sultan – a king of Europe and the Middle East! Every detail has been attended to so that players can immerse themselves in brutal wars, military strategy, flirtatious romance, empire management, political intrigue, and more! Key Features: - Become a Sultan – Experience an empire at your command! - Assemble your harem – Romance beautiful and influential queens! - Recruit warlords – Rally a fiersome council of historical viziers! - Raise a family – Lovingly raise your children from childbirth to young adults! - Join PvP – Marshal your armies against other players worldwide! - Forge alliances – Make friends and enemies, join the good fight! - Turkish Coffee – Drink, chat, then listen as the fortuneteller interprets each cup! The Ottoman Empire was a time of great change, remembered for its brutal conquests, romance, creativity, prosperity, wars, rebellions, love, marriage, and great coffee! Follow and like us on Facebook! Facebook: If you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions, please feel free to contact us! E-mail:



  • Lack of diversity

    By latruetuesday
    How long dose it take to add a skin tone slider. People tire of having to play as a white man by default.
  • Ads

    By EmpressAurora
    Good game. Easy to get addicted to. But the ads you see on social media is nothing like it.
  • Amazing

    By Chloerogga
    Ahead of its time 🤣🤣🤣
  • Rewards

    By sheltonlnc
    So great to have so many achievements and rewards but why do you have to click so many things to get then why cant we just enjoy the game and no5 spend 10 minutes clicking things with red dots?????😥
  • Addicted and I’m glad

    By Mythycal girl
    Oh I’m just soo addicted! It’s an awesome game and you level up pretty fast, I just downloaded it yesterday and I’m on a huge level. The part I don’t like is that to masquerade, visit consort, and upgrade your children you have to pay!!! I think they should change that... anyway, other than that Addicted!!
  • Bait and Switch Advertising

    By mononga111
    After seeing these ads nonstop for a couple months I finally gave in and downloaded it. It’s nothing like it’s advertised, it’s a completely different game.
  • Advertisements are Lying

    By Brenna Brotzman
    I always get advertisements for this game to play as a female who climbs the hierarchy of the haram, much like Royal Chaos, however the game never gives you an option to play as a female character. I now report every advertisements I see on every platform as false advertising and misleading. Screw this game.
  • Easy yet Confusing

    By Not tellin' my name
    This game is nothing like it is advertised, and to find what you’re looking for is extremely confusing and takes forever. The battles you play are super easy but it’s just so boring. Horrible game
  • Disappointed

    By snuffed out creater
    Whenever I get to finally ask a consort to marry me, the cutscene comes and the two dialogue boxes show for only a few seconds and I can’t even get to read he text. Also I’ve been seeing the adds for this game. Where is the drama amongst the harem and gradual change in how consorts look? That’s why I got the game but it’s not at all like how it’s advertised.
  • Would rate higher

    By arayach
    The game is fun to play but customer support is terrible. I have tried to contact them several times I regards to missing rewards but have received no response. I would rate this game much higher if not for this ongoing issue.
  • Love it

    By shelly6918
    I really like the game. I have recently noticed in cross server chat that some established players would like switch servers but not lose their current progress they. I wouldn’t mind seeing that happen in the next update. It would allow players to be with friends on other servers. Could we have a cross server Union War but instead of servers close to the server one you are playing in example AS15 vs AS65. This would make for great competition. What also bothers some players is that the same group of players or Unions always winning because of big spender. Others feel discouraged by this. It’s really disappointing when you see the same Union winning on one server AS65 they don’t let anyone else win. Other players have noticed they are to the point of leaving the game or server. We don’t have enough players in the game as it because of the Union Dark Souls.
  • Misleading Ads

    By RPGs 4 life
    I deleted this game mostly out of boredom a week back and it’s still bothering me that I keep seeing ads that portray it as being able to play male and female characters. I understand you don’t have them YET, but if you don’t have female characters yet, don’t advertise that you do, it’s dishonest and literally false advertising.
  • Me

    By Elani 1971
    Worst game ever!! You have a million things to collect but can ONLY ONLY collect one at a time!! Not a thousand at a time but literally actually ONLY ONE AT A TIME!!! It takes FOREVER to do anything because you can only collect anything in the game one at a time!!!
  • Misleading Adds

    By Alvérie
    It’s a decent game and I found it funny how people got into literally selling your kids but I got one issue. The adds I want THOSE as the game not what that game actually is! There’s one up rn with a woman heavily pregnant and two women plotting against her. Then in the next pic the pregnant lady is in a puddle of blood calling for help!!! What happened?! Is her baby gonna die cause with that blood loss she will. Like that would be WAY more interesting than what we really have. Decent game overall to grinding for my tastes but it’ll be fun for a bit
  • Trash

    By a.rose711
    Not only are the ads for this game extremely misogynistic and support domestic abuse, body shaming, and are straight up disgusting, the game itself is quite poorly made. Not worth your time whatsoever. I only downloaded it out of curiosity to see is the misogynistic garbage from the ads is actually in the game. But seriously don’t support this. It’s gross.
  • Horrible

    By Djsixndkdnc dn
    I played this game for a couple weeks and it has NOTHING to do with the ads. NOTHING. Its a basic boring tap game. Deleted
  • Lost ALL progress

    By CL6161
    I loved this game and played every day for over three months. I signed in this evening and my account was gone, the game forced me to start over and make a new account. I didn’t change anything with my Apple ID and I was connected to Game Center. Just disappointing, I won’t be continuing to play after this.
  • App Support

    By Gray Mcneil
    I’ve been trying for a couple of days to reach someone. I can’t get out of my union. It won’t let me disband or transfer. I’m stuck.
  • Glitch lost my character

    By Wc121212
    One fine morning I wake up and see my character is changed and in a new server and I can’t seem to restore my progress. Messaged and emailed the developers for two days with no response. -_-
  • Love it but expensive

    By Moira529
    Addicting game I love it but takes too much money to keep playing and too much lag especially during busy events
  • Glitchy on when you Reech level 4 of not to you good

    By Frisk and Friends
    When I was collecting all of the stuff it told me to click collect all items I did and stopped and I deleted it so ya
  • User of the game

    By baby k🙃😝😜🤪
    This game was really boring when I first started out, then the game got interesting once my character had if first child. Which was like exciting because I could marry that child off as it got older. Then one day the game had glitched out then I got mad because if was frustrating because they game was just keep glitching. So you asked for my comment I will just advise you not to download this game. To be honest you’ll need internet for this game and then you have to wait a while for it to load which like come on you don’t to wait that long for a game.
  • Highly Addictive

    By Madame Serenity
    Love the game! I only joined at first to get coins for another game but then it grew on me. I was just recently made union leader. If you find yourself looking for one to join head my way. We are “Majestic” Union ID #201540076
  • Don’t Bother

    By Like-Ponies
    Listen, first of all, the ads are annoying and stupid and nothing like the actual game. The actual game is a strategy tap and fight game, nothing to do with the women at all? Also the tutorial is useless. The screen is too dark to even see what you’re not tapping on. It goes on forever and it got stuck like four times. I played for maybe five minutes and just deleted it. There are better strategy tap and fight games. This one is stupid.
  • Active community, addicting game!

    By bralliwalk
    So, I’ll start off by agreeing with other reviews: this game is addicting. Especially at first! The other players are pretty encouraging and active (nice if you’re bored and want interaction). GoS has so much potential to be a #1 ranking free game, which is killer. IMO, it would be nice to see several things implemented into the game. For instance, I was so excited to get Ceren and Teri as consorts, but was let down as soon as they had kids.. they all look the same! Seeing individual consorts with their own specific traits/“genes” when having heirs would be fantastic! It’s also kind of rough accumulating enough items to level/feed your heirs. There should be more ways to win those special items. It would also be neat to have some sort of profile with each user where they can broadcast, within their friends, a status of sorts. Making each player profile more personalized would be awesome, too. All of these reviews have other great recommendations and we’re so excited to play and see updates! Xoxo
  • Some fun features, but requires money

    By Breemystic
    This game has some fun features and is addictive and really pulls you in. However, you will not be at the top in competitions or rankings or earn any medals if you do not put hundreds and thousands of dollars in the game. If that doesn’t matter to you, then have fun or if you have and want to spend that kind of money, then have fun. You were warned.
  • Good enough

    By BluBalloon!
    This game is nothing like the video ad describes. There are no ugly kids and no consort drama. I’m still hooked though...good enough.
  • Amazing!!!! But........

    By Alice korner
    This was amazing!!! But I think you need more arak plans and you need to make it so we loose more often. I never loose!!! One more thing why do you have to pay to visit your wife!!! But if your thinking of getting this game,it is amazing.
  • An idea

    By yoo6754
    Why not do a game just like this one but for European, Viking or knight style?
  • Stupid update

    By BlueJae513
    I love this game so much, I play it at home at work when I’m with family and friends. It is my absolute favorite game but now it’s requiring I update it in the App Store but it keeps trying to charge my card and it won’t even tell me how much. The worst part is I can’t play the game anymore, when I open the game it just prompts me to update it
  • Fraud

    By Itzzsisibabiie
    I spent my money on this game and lost EVERYTHING! I was simply trying to bind/link my account to my Game Center account and the game restarted on me. I tried contacting your email only to find out that it was FAKE because not even two seconds after I sent the email it came right back saying host or domain name not found. Never playing this game again and I’ll be contacting Apple to to tell them about your fraudulent actions.
  • Tough love

    By Sultan_Mom
    This game is amazing and I adore it so much. But the latest update has been difficult. It doesn’t let me use Vanquish yet and I’ve waited several days hoping it would. Kinda unhappy with that so please help! Other people have also had issues with the snow not being gone yet.
  • Invite code 2gmcz752w5288

    By Zeerozee
    Pretty good game. It passes the time. Just wish there was more to do to keep me more active in it.
  • Fav game

    By DeWhat2.0
    I honestly don’t know if people actually read these, but I absolutely love this game. There’s a lot going on and keeps me pretty entertained. 10/10 recommended by DeWhat!
  • I got this game to laugh at it

    By citcurgcirzfvtzyezoyrdoyc
    I mostly got this because Danny Gonzalez reviewed it Dumb game ;—;
  • The only way to excel

    By Niknikka
    The only way to excel in this game is to pay your way up. Top players run the monarchy don’t try to step on their toes he will not be able to make progress. I still like the game though lots of Drama
  • Good game

    By flatassedhoe
    I really like this game but I wish you could have more interaction with the kids like it advertises on ads. This was the main reason I got it cuz the ads made but seem like your choices with how to deal with decisions in regards to your kids changed them. It’s a fun game and I play it daily but I think there was a bit of false advertising going on.
  • Love the game

    By madngold
    I haven’t played amy other game for so long and it’s really fun. The developers keep it interesting with lots of opportunity for rewards. Just one suggestion: please make more options for different children characters, and maybe that they can do more than just add to empire power.
  • 100% addicted!!

    By dontdoit18
    This game is AMAZING and it’s the 1 thing I look forward to at the end of a long day! I don’t have any complaints but would like to see the consorts have the ability to acquire more charm as this happens slowly. Maybe for every time they are visited they could acquire 1 charm and 1 intimacy? Or maybe every other time they acquire 1 or the other? I can’t afford to purchase upgrades so play the game without, but it does make slow going through. It would also be nice to see the sultan acquire power points for not just the campaigns but also for having his heirs marry off and each time a vizier reaches a milestone, like hitting the level 100 or level 150 etc. otherwise it’s a game like no other and I LOVE it!!
  • Could be better

    By Unseeliedragon
    So I like the game, it’s fun to participate in unions and do the quests. But I wish they could put the higher players on a different server. Not bashing them, but everyone knows who’s going to get the new warrior before the event ends, it happens every time. Mainly cause they buy and spend money like crazy. Not fair to those who are lower level or not spending money. They don’t get even close to winning cause a certain group of players are always in the top spots.
  • Enjoy the game

    By Greengoatherder
    I enjoy the game. There is a lot to do. Since it isn't historically accurate anyway I'd love to see an option to be a female sultan.
  • I'm a fan

    By Justlissnbd
    I wasn't holding much hope for this game and I reluctantly downloaded it just to try it. I love it. They are quick to fix any bugs and there's enough going on in the game so you don't get bored- but not so much that it's overwhelming.
  • Suggestion

    By Chicatheanimatronic
    I think there should be a way to pay gems to skip a quest I been stuck on quest 101 for weeks because I can’t catch the hunting event on time I feel stuck forever...
  • Annoying Ads

    By Chiqui89
    I downloaded the game and played for a few hours before I got bored with it. However, Facebook constantly supports ads for this game that do not accurately portray what the game is really like. It’s annoying
  • Wish we could gift friends

    By RemyJawn
    I love this game, it’s awesome I just wish we could gift friends so that they can get diamonds as much as I do. Sharing is caring?
  • Love it!

    By jennylynnrn
    Love this game! Addicting and fun. Met some great people in game as well. Developers - thank you for listening to the players also when it comes to updates and fixes. You rock!
  • Hilarious Reviews

    By Kieera Darkdust
    No, this game is nothing like the advertisements. I find it quite amusing that so many people would come here to complain instead of complaining in the platform that the ads were displayed upon. I’ve seen it in a few places and you can mark it offensive there. Or try to complain to the company directly. As far as it giving females poor self image, I am a mother and I felt that it was up to me to raise both my sons and daughters to know themselves and to instill a positive sense of self esteem in them. Not rely on media for that information. Also it IS called Game Of Sultans, not Game Of Consorts. Don’t you people actually look at the images or read gameplay descriptions before downloading? And no one FORCES you to spend money. That’s YOUR choice. Do you think that these companies can run these games and put out updates for free? Sure I would rather buy a game instead of the in game purchases. But, I honestly wouldn’t have downloaded it had it not been free. Now for my review, I started playing a couple of days ago because I saw the ads everywhere. I’m having a lot of fun. The players that I’ve encountered have been great and if I do run into the occasional asshat, there is a block player option. There’s a lot to do and I’m leveling up well for free. Will I spend money? When I have it I will. Give it a try before you make assumptions. You might be pleasantly surprised. Constructive criticism time. The biggest thing that I would like to see is a better tutorial, and an FAQ, possibly a dictionary with an image to title to description. Secondly, I wish the Consorts were a larger part of the story. Wives have always influenced their husbands throughout time. (Especially if they look like these ladies.) Maybe choose whether to play as a consort or the sultan. Her job would be to see to the needs of the people, to settle in new consorts, to organize the education and care of the children. Also, I wish it was a bit more customizable, even if it’s just choosing an outfit. I would like to see a larger variety of children’s appearances. Lastly, I’d love a version of this game that plays from a female angle. I’m thinking a fictional matriarchal society with male consorts, female advisors, manservants instead of maids. I’d play that game.
  • Fun game, but....

    By betheverdeen513
    The game itself is fun, but what I was bothered by was the ever constant vulgarity in the chat box drove me crazy. It was insulting and annoying to see. If it was hidden, it wouldn’t have bothered me so much.
  • Players are rude

    By trisawatops
    I had only two days of experience in this game and in my union, I receive a message from the team leader. “Why did you not join the war?” At this point, I did not know how to join or what it was and then received this- “If you do not answer I will remove you from the union.” I had calmly explained the situation and then ten minutes later I see that I have been removed. Although I do understand the team leader may be able to remove us, it was a bit unfair and people need to be understanding.