BitLife - Life Simulator

BitLife - Life Simulator

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-09-30
  • Current Version: 1.25
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 104.26 MB
  • Developer: Candywriter, LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 753 852


How will you live your BitLife? Will you try to make all the right choices in an attempt to become a model citizen sometime before you die? You could marry the man/woman of your dreams, have kids, and pick up a good job along the way. Or will you make choices that horrify your parents? You could descend into a life of crime, start prison riots, smuggle duffle bags, and cheat on your spouse. It's all up to you...



  • I LOVE this game but I wish there were more things added to it!

    By hdidhdhx
    i Love this game but i think that there should be royal family’s you could be born into or you could marry somebody in a royal family or if you have famous parents you could be born with a little bit of fame
  • So much fun!

    By Yilvinn
    I kid you not, whenever there’s a new update, I update IMMEDIATELY. And that’s saying something because I’m lazy with my updates XD. Anyways, I love love love any and all of your updates, and I have a few ideas I’d like to share! I’d love it if there were an option to do different eras, like medieval times for example, or even be born to a famous person, like an actor or even royalty(the royalty one’s high up on my list, I’m a medieval nerd). Another thing is I’ve gotten where I’ve been adopted, but it’s at age 0. So I thought, “what if we could spend the first few years of our life in an adoption service? Be adopted later in life?” That would be cool! And maybe even the option to personally ask your parents for a pet you want(because your kids can do this) instead of waiting for them to go out a offer one to you. Anyways, those were just some ideas I’ve had floating in my head, and I’d love it if you added some of them in! Really good game guys, keep up the good work!
  • Fun

    By euxhbeiai
    This is a fun game. But every time is the same so it’s not boring and it opens up an exciting realm of possibilities! Download if you’re bored you won’t regret it
  • Add some stuff

    By yep.thatmimi
    The game is great ! I love it , but could you add home schooling ? And also can you add when we have a family it could show what kinda of house we have , and it could say we could run away or something like that
  • This game is really great but can use a little more

    By I want dog face..............
    For starters ,the game it great with little to no flaws but I just think so much more could be added. And I know how long it takes to create a mobile game, especially one so pristine as BitLife, so me being a coding and app development Student I know it takes time but if you guys ever get around to it I would love to see professional sports come to the game and maybe hobbies on the profiles of your relations to make gifting easier.and also I feel we should be able to pay a visit to the salon and spa a bit younger (maybe 15). Thanks for taking the time to read my review I hope you take some of my ideas into consideration. Thanks
  • Why you buy out InstLife

    By xlhdkh bmhflyh
    It was so much better in the way of everything was accessible in this game the cool stuff is locked behind paywalls and ads it’s a shame
  • Great Game!

    By Badlilpyt
    My boyfriend and I love playing this game! We find it’s a really fun way to pass the time and cheer up after a long day. I feel like it would be cool if there could be interactions with coworkers and supervisors like how it is in school. Overall though, this is one of the first games I’ve ever actually spent money on and I honestly don’t regret it. Keep up the great work!
  • Awesome Game!

    By Jollyckhris
    Its a awesome game but when you play soorts it doesn’t make sense on when u graduate college why cant we go into the league. Come on make it more realistic.
  • Enjoying the game

    By Soljiunnie!
    I've been really enjoying the game but I thought that there were some ideas that could potentially be added to BitLife. Custody: I was thinking that maybe that when you divorce your spouse (or vice versa) that there would be an option to file for Sole, Legal, and Physical Custody of your child I was also thinking that when your parents divorce that (if you're between 14-17) you have a choice as to which parent you want to go with. Jobs: I had a few ideas to add more jobs in the game I was thinking about being able to be a Pro athlete And being able to be a YouTuber. Seasons: After the Halloween Update I was thinking that it would be a good idea to add seasons. Like being able to celebrate major holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving. Etc And smaller holidays like Valentine's Day, Easter etc. And so that you know the seasons change, I was thinking that at the top of the screen where the name of this game is, I could change colors and something g associated with the season. So if it’s winter, instead of red, it’d be blue with snowflakes and/or you could add seasonal activities so when it's Fall, You can have the opportunity to jump in leaves, or when it's Spring, you have to Opportunity to "Spring Clean". Natural Disasters: I think that with some of the natural disasters in the game already you should be able to deal with them firsthand, instead of only hearing about it happening in other countries. Strength Bar: I think that there should be a strength bar indicating how buff you are. So if you go to the gym a lot you would be able to see how strong you are and it would also indicate and higher the chance of winning a fight/beating a person up. This would be under or above the health bar. Amusement parks: I think that having the option to go to an amusement park would be fun. And while you're there, a scenario could pop up asking what ride you want to get on, what souvenir you want to get, what mascot you want to take a picture with etc. Phone: I saw someone else suggested this and I think it would be a good idea also. I think that you should be able to call or text your friends and hang out with them and even have the ability to communicate with your family and boyfriend/girlfriend, and that you'd be able to break up with them through text. But like I said, I'm really enjoying playing this game but these were just a few of my ideas for it. Thanks for reading all of this 😂
  • Job & Gang/Criminal Ideas

    By Hayden <3
    In the recent update we’re allowed to play sports for the school teams. I feel like we should be able to come out of college or even high school, and play in the NFL, MLB, NBA and so on. Just an idea for future jobs or something. For the Military add like Basic Training, and after so much experience you’re asked/recruited to join Special Forces, add more stuff than just trying to clear a Mine Field! Please. Maybe add stuff like we can become a Hitman & work for however much money they’re offering! Rob Banks, etc. We should be able to join Gangs out of Prison, and recruit for Gangs in and Out of Prison.
  • WOW

    By Jb gal
    okay, WOAH. this game is so addictive. it's super original, gets updates very often, and is really entertaining. bitlife is an amazing game, the dev team is incredible and i hope to see more fun updates coming soon :)
  • Crime 🔫🔫🔫💵💵💵

    By ok122344
    The crime in this game is already great but I think that it has a lot more potential. I think that this game should have a mafia update. Since you can already join gangs in prison, I think that you should be able to join gangs on the outside. I also think that if you join a gang, you can have a specific job. Such as bank robber, enforcer, lieutenant, capo, and mob boss. I think that the more the gang is respected the more that the jobs pay. If you are the mob boss you should be able to expand your criminal empire into other cities, states, etc. If say your the mob boss Or you can be an independent drug dealer, bank robber, hitmen etc. I also think that you should be able to own guns, like pistols. I think that you should be able to order hits on people. Different types of robbery, such as, robbing banks, gas stations, stores, and random people on the street. I think that the crime in BitLife is great, but it has so much potential.
  • Tbh

    By eoiam
    Honestly I used to see ads of BitLife all the time and I used to think it was just a random stupid new game because whenever I would see ads of brand new games that had good ratings, I would download & play them & then after a few days they would become so dull & boring to me then I would delete them. But however, when I finally decided to download & try BitLife, I loved it! This is such a great game that all those times I thought this game would be stupid, I was really missing out. Please keep making more updates, I love this game:)
  • Pro

    By dawson dheigrdbkfuf
    I really love the game BitLife I have been playing it for almost 3 years and it just keeps getting better and better. But I would like to suggest now that you have given is the option to play sports through high school and college that we should have the option to go pro if we are good enough athletes. Please respond on if this could be a option or not.
  • Great game, I have a few suggestions though

    By Diverjulia
    I love this game! it's so addicting and it lets your character choose to be many different things. I would like it even more if you could design your character though and choose your characters pronouns. You should also add an option where you can run away and live on your own away from your family before you move out as an adult or before going to college. I think that these features would really improve the game. Again, great game! Keep up the good work! 👍🏼
  • 5 stars

    By Hey Peepos
    Really good app. Me and my friends play it all the time. It is really addictive. I personally think that when your parents die after your born you get adopted as well as when your born (idk if it can happen but it never happened to me). I also think if your murdered you can play as a ghost or the person who murdered you so you can see what happened to them or haunt them for revenge. Or play as your parents to see how they cope over your death. Here are my suggestions I hope you can add this in the game. 🙂
  • Really like it!

    By cakeepop
    It’s almost addicting lol. It’s a great way for me to pass time and relax. I agree with the other review saying we should have an option to customize the character icon! I agree their should be more jobs that bring you fame such as pro athlete etc.
  • Ideas!

    By ncityverse
    Got the bitizenship since I want to support the game as well! I got a few ideas. You should have the option to cut people off your life if you have a real bad relationship with them. So they won’t be in your tab. ALSO when divorce happens we get to fight over custody of children. Or if you have a one night stan and they end up preggo that opens up a whole new thing (custody, visits, heck even have to pay child support (we are trying to be realistic here) whole bunch of drama!With the famous route you should definitely stay famous even if you grow old. People trying to use you for fame, rivals, training, touring, concerts. But I know not all can be done but thank you for your hard work!!
  • LOVE!

    By BitLife2125
    BitLife is absolutely one of my favorite games to play. Honestly, my only favorite games! There are so many things to do in BitLife and so many things coming out. One of my ideas is to be in a royal family! One of my other ideas is to put some dads on child support. No matter if these got added or not, BitLife will always be one of my favorite games and I’m excited to see what will be in the new update. Now time to see if Maria Ross can afford that tummy tuck!
  • drug trafficking (crime)

    By yvngsach
    You should be able to traffic drugs at will instead of it being a random event
  • Should add Teslas

    By Lilacheartpaw
    This game really needs Teslas but overall I really really really really really really really really really really really really really love this game
  • BitLife review

    By kawaiifit
    BitLife is awesome! It would be even better though if we could have royals. For example if we were born into royalty, married royalty, etc. Also when you have twin children you can only have identical ones (same gender). A great addition to the game would be to make fraternal twins one boy and one girl. The same thing goes for triplets.
  • Name change

    By ertyach123
    Can you add where you can change the name during a certain age if u don’t like the name? That would really make me happy
  • Heaven and hell

    By boss art
    This is a big demand but I would that that it would be so cool if we had heaven and hell as an option. So when you die you could have p the option to continue in the after life. And once you wanted to start a new life there can be a button where you can start a new life. I haven't really thought it out that much but I just thought I would be a good/fun idea that I would like in the game. Thx
  • Bitlife

    By kingdayo9
    Bitlife is fun 🚫🧢but I was wondering if you can add a few extra careers such as a politician or a professional athlete. That would make the game even better.
  • I love bitlife just a few suggestions

    By im not 9 but im 8
    Hello devs i just have few things I want you guys to add.I may want and afterlife .so when you die you can either go to hell or heaven.And can you also make it for you to see and listen to members of family.also can you make uncles cousins and grandparents?that would be great.though I still like the game.
  • Love the new update!

    By Mayva26
    Now with the update all my characters won’t always become teen parents when they date in middle school!
  • Love it! More more more!!

    By samd5453
    This is one of my favorite games, and my absolute favorite thing is when updates come out. I’ve been playing since the beginning and I have a few ideas that I think would really benefit the game. For example, friends! I think having best friends, ex friends or maybe even friends with benefits would be a great idea! Friends could be made through the gym, work, school or maybe even prison. Likewise, It would be awesome to have more of a say in your children’s lives, maybe the player could arrange a marriage for their child, choose to buy them a car, choose which school they enroll their children in (I.e all girls, all boys), and speaking of schools maybe add the option to send them to military or boarding schools. These are just some ideas I came up with on the spot but I really think it would add a lot to the game. Overall great app though.
  • Great game but needs room for improvement

    By Almighty Wesley
    This is a fun, great, and addictive game to play but needs a lot more improvement, so this is my wish list for this game: You should be able to become an famous athlete🏀🏈⚽️⚾️🌟 (you should be able to see stats and get awards You can become valedictorian when you graduate 🎓 Let you become famous when your in a famous family like the royal family, or the presidents family, or just an movie star family👪👨‍👩‍👧👑🌟 You should be able to die , if someone murders you 🔪🔫 Options for you to simulate for like a day, a week , a month, or a year📅 You should be able to interact with teachers and buy pets without Bitizen The "Work Harder" option is not enough because it feels like working at an office job There are jobs that you can become famous in real life but can't in BitLife🌟 Salary increase because there are jobs in real life that makes more money than in BitLife 💵 The being captain of your school team doesn't really make you good (just saying) Should be able to see or choose your religion ✝✡☪ Can be able to keep your fame while you "retire" from that job because in real life there are famous people who don't do what they do but still are famous ⭐️ Can be able to see full body (doesn't have to be emoji) and when we get plastic surgery or an haircut , our face at least should change Shouldn't take long to be a pop star🎤🌟 Getting rid of work experience because some jobs don't need work experience You should be famous as an college athlete if your playing at top level and if you seek to be an athlete you can get drafted. Using real universities. More career choices More crimes You should be able to be in a street gang like 🅱loods or Cri🅿️s Should be able to shop for clothes or phones or good stuff like that📱🖥⌚️👕👖👟 Should be able to run for president. Choose which drugs or drinks you can drink💉🚬💊🍺🍷🍸 More majors More higher educations Being able to call or text or just have a phone.📱 Add a strength bar 💪🏾 There are different types of music professions 🎤 Being able to see or interact with your advanced relatives. (Cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents , godparents etc.) Being able to be a YouTuber 🔴⚪️▶️ Less ads🎥 This game needs a lot more improvement but overall it's an very great game. (Hope you put these stuff in the game) Sincerely your #1 player, Wesley
  • Great app

    By austin8395
    Absolutely love the app. Play it almost daily to pass time when I have free time. You can’t play the same way twice, and that’s the beauty of it. The only difference I would make is to have the ability to use a financial advisor to invest money. Right now the only way to increase capital is to buy real estate, but the stock market would be fun. Especially if there is significant risk involved.
  • It keeps getting better

    By eiekdjghwkwovufjeejdncj
    The game is good and fun as it is, and the constant updates make it even better but it has so much more potential, like I wish you could advance a couple of days, weeks, or months and not just one year.
  • Great! Suggestions though.

    By FierceFunnyReveiws
    Okay, so BitLife was the only game I’ve ever wanted, and the only game I’ve nagged my mom to get. She gave it to me ^•^. But anyways, BitLife is a very funny and popular game. Here are some suggestions ^-^ So you know how it’s those ransoms messages usually talking about war? Maybe there could be certain states, countries etc. with war going on. You could hide, grab whatever food, or fight in the war (yes i know the suggestion is already there but this could be apart of it.) I also think you should add aunties, uncles, cousins, grandparents and all of that. Mainly because when my mom died, she adopted me and my adopted dad wasn’t there, so I had no one to grow up with. So maybe the aunt or uncle could adopt you and it would be just like stepparents. Another thing to be a court where if you commit a crime, they could hold you in court and what you respond with determines death, life, years, months, days, not guilty AND COMMUNITY SERVICE! Another could be being born by a famous person. Like I lived a life without even knowing my mom was famous. She was a dirty web star (but we won’t chat about that uWu) and had a bunch of money. So instead of us just living not knowing how successful our mom dad or parents are, we should know. Another thing is maybe we could live in a medieval time where greek gods lived, or something like that. Or maybe a royal life where we could be a princess or prince or be in line for queen or king. Another thing (last thing I promise *~*) is a christmas job. Maybe we could be Santa, Gidget (his wife lol) or his elf helpers. I don’t know, just maybe doing something as a kid or in the holiday category. Hopefully you read all this (if you did props 2 you T•T) and maybe consider some ideas! Thanks for reading Sincerely ~Lyxia (ly•za)
  • Great but...

    By xxembercaprixx
  • More Things

    By Vollygirl12
    More Options You Could Do - You should have LGBT parents - You could spend time in and out of the orphanage/ foster care - Do things with your step brother/sister 😏 - Be able to run away from home
  • Needs one more thing

    By Mr. Raymond Luxury Yacht
    Hello I want to tell you I would like you to add the way, can you ever win the lottery? I also wish you could message someone and then it would put you so you could type in words.Thank you if you answer the question and make those ideas in the game.also could you be able to choose a religion???
  • Some ideas😀😄

    By knightmarekid
    Ok I love the game it so realistic and fun. I would love ❤️ to give some ideas. Like adding more sport Careers such as basketball, football, baseball, and soccer when you are really good at that sport and play sports in college and you can make it to things like the NBA. Please listen to my ideas.
  • Great game just one suggestion

    By Ruksu83
    I love this game its super funny and addictive i spent many hours playing this game. I was wondering if a boxing career would be good cause then we can use the high school boxing club to use
  • Good and addictive

    By Avatr48385-58382
    Ok I love this app so much and the increasing updates getting the bitlife citizenship is worth it
  • Yes

    By supa cool (jk im lonely😭)
    All I’m gonna say is that it’s a good game
  • Love the game

    By pearhick
    Love the game and all the new updates I have one idea though.... What if we were put up for adaption or abandon later in life if we choose we can look for our old parents or at least see how they are doing!
  • Rikki Trowe

    By TriviaCritic
    I approve of sex
  • Suggestion!!!Sports

    By Aaron = GOAT BRUH
    I love BITLIFE!!!It has many things to do. You can literally become famous.You also can go to jail and join gangs and get jobs while in the system.YOU CAN EVEN BECOME A CLOWN.I like this game a lot and I’ll just cut to the chase. First, a good addition to this game could be becoming a athlete.Since, our community can go to school and play sports of all kinds. Such as Basketball,Football,Wresting,Soccer,Track,Swimming,and even play Baseball.So why can’t we go pro?(also boxing and MMA would be good). If you are an successful actor you can do commercials for millions and get paid millions for your job.You should be able to do the same for being an athlete.Sports should be a major in college and if your good enough you can get an sports job.
  • It is unique

    By The Pangercs
  • Great and funny 😂

    By vernon ginerich
    Maybe you guys should add a thing where you can become a superhero and like get powers for free though I’m not paying for a bitizenship.
  • I think you should add more options

    By mbc_33
    I think you should maybe add where you can buy your children cars, and where if you play a certain sport in school, you can become a pro-soccer player or something like that. That is one of my suggestions.

    By Jaycie Jace Summer Wagner
    Game is pretty real and fun to play! That’s all you need to know
  • wonderful game, some ideas

    By _AiyaBear_
    firstly, i adore this game. it's a real life saver on airplanes. that being said, i have a few ideas on how to make it more fun. -professional sports, or athletic careers -hair color and haircut choices -custom character icons !!! -more cliques and clubs -more career options thank you for making such a wonderful game !!
  • Comment 🥺

    By Queen3403
    Thank you 🙏 for making this amazing 😉 app!!!
  • I love this game!

    By Sophia_100_gamer
    I have many different ideas!! I love this game and want more!!! I want to be able to Mary into or be born into royalty. Also I want job opportunity’s for becoming governor, Vice President, or even president! It will be so much fun! Also I would like voting! Every 4 years there should be a vote! I love this game and I hope that you consider these fun ideas.