BitLife - Life Simulator

BitLife - Life Simulator

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-09-30
  • Current Version: 1.18.1
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 85.50 MB
  • Developer: Candywriter, LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Rating Count: 554 982


How will you live your BitLife? Will you try to make all the right choices in an attempt to become a model citizen sometime before you die? You could marry the man/woman of your dreams, have kids, and pick up a good job along the way. Or will you make choices that horrify your parents? You could descend into a life of crime, start prison riots, smuggle duffle bags, and cheat on your spouse. It's all up to you...



  • Random Events Are The Worst

    By katy_d
    All around a pretty good game. Holds tour attention with some lives being more challenging than others. However, they trigger these random (often negative) events. You get notified with a push notification and if you don’t see it, well you’re out of luck. The game seems to generate them between 11pm and 12am. Well, I work at 6am, so I’m not awake during those times. I enjoy the game, but I may delete it because of the time these events are triggered.
  • It’s fine.

    By W0rldS0up
    That’s all.
  • Ad

    By xsusiisid
    This is a great game and it is really fun, but I feel like there are just so many ads and every other year you’ll get an ad and it’s like you have to pay to play the game...
  • Please add this! Love ya!

    By Deezus Christ
    I really REALLY like this game and so I was wondering if we could change our name nick name/ when we are famous! Oh and can we actually have the costum thing happen to us randomly in game? As in make your own cenario then put whitch age you would want it to happen in just for the people who want to have the cenerio they made happen in game much love! Ps-can we be able to teach our kids stuff? You can choose whitch things
  • Amazing game, a few ideas

    By fgssknevdgxckwmsbvejdidlwjd
    Great game so far and can't put it down! Would be nice though if there was more variety to the type of crimes you can commit, or even being able to have your career be in illegal fields like drug smuggling and gun running. Would add a whole new dimension to the game I feel.
  • Fun and addictive🤩

    By A e s t h e t i c 🌟
    I would be so addicted to this game, it really changes your mood from bad to good and a good time killer. Here is some stuff I would like to see added though: -The people you play can go through puberty. -When you to a hookup and end up having a baby you can start dating the person you had a hookup with. -You can start your own business. That’s pretty much it.
  • Luxurious life is needs to be expanded

    By _cloudofmystery
    🛩🛩🛩🛩 , 🚁🚁🚁🚁 , 🛥⛴🛥⛴🛥⛴ , 🗾🗾🗾🗾🗾🗾 please addd these planes helicopters yatchs and islands to purchase
  • too many ads

    By fairy.kid
    so many ads now. it’s terrible.
  • A total Ripoff of the original you bought

    By Instlife was Robbed
    The game is sold but the company has built their success off the backs of InstCoffee, a 2 man team who created the idea with Instlife. All the features that Bitlife has had were part of Instlife, with less adds at the expense of only a slightly more blank interface. I wish that Instlife made it to IOS first.
  • A suggestion

    By Cyfer Lie
    I love it but I have a suggestion on start new life in settings can you add Birthday like this there are the 12 months and their days and like at age 12-15 put in middle school
  • The

    By @avafrancisca (follow me peep)
    It’s the best
  • Lotta things wrong and right

    By a game reviwer
    Well the games fun and there’s a lot of things to do but I have have issues. In one life I was doing emigrating a lot after growing up in USA. I went the same places Iraq, France, Germany and more. After having many kids o wanted to go back to us ya we’ll all four went in different country’s because for 30-40 years I couldn’t move to America. How come your parents can be insanely religious and be cool with you gay. Like why have that bar then. I’ve once was a guy with over 600 thousand cash with a car and a huge house but have been denied adoptions. Another thing is I don’t like how you need to be a bit citizen to go any where else but a animal shelter to get to pets. It be fine for the exotic ones but really I need to pay to get a pass to go to a pet store.
  • Suggestions

    By Calleigh M.
    I love this game so much but I was thinking you could name your family members (parents, siblings and such). I understand if it won’t happen but it’s just a suggestion.
  • More jobs

    By Darkseeyadams02
    The game is amazing but it would be super cool if you could become the president or something to that effect.
  • Utterly Addictive

    By Lee Robinett
    At first I was skeptical. I got an ad on amino for this, and decided to give it a whirl since it seemed different than other story games. And O-M-G! It’s amazing! Not only does the gameplay make you feel as if you’re [seriously] fast pace living somebody’s life, there are SO many options! The life of a sexual deviant, a famous serial killer, or even a millionaire if you play your cards right! By far it’s the most addictive game I’ve ever played. I also LOVE it’s respect and options directed towards the LGBT community. You’re able to be FTM or MTF transgender, and have realistic backlash or acceptance from family or lovers. You can come out as gay, and realistically your popularity gets affected by which country you pick. It’s just a piece of art really. I’d suggest it to any of my friends, and the membership is only three to five dollars unlike SIMS or story games that extort you for special currency or monthly payment. The ads often times include mini-games and stuff too, so it isn’t too boring or bothersome. A solid 10/10, good work.
  • Love this app and I have an idea!

    By hollyheart19
    I’ve played BitLife since around the time it came out. I love it so much that I bought bitizenship!! I love that you can live on as your kids, but I wish there was a way to live as one of your children before they’re all grown up. I’d love to switch to being my kid while they’re still young, because by the time my character dies and I’m able to live on as my child, they’re already grown up, usually already 50-70 years old. I wish I could live as them while they’re younger so you could build their career and have kids and such but by the time your main character dies the kids are already too old for kids and have a job/retired. I really hope someone in the company sees this and maybe considers it! I think it would be a great idea to have an option to switch to your kids once you retire or reach a certain age.
  • amazing omg so cool

    By BriennaSheyne
    I love this app but I came up with an idea to improve it. Jobs dant have much impact on your bitlife like sure you get money and you get a few optins but it dosent have things like war or deployment in the military. Anouther idea is that you can add more jobs like firmen or officers and can you the PRESEDENT i just though that would be cool a nd you could be in a kind of battle to become president agounst the others.
  • Great but there’s room for more.

    By MiraBeifong
    Options for twins triplets, IVF of quadruplets or quintuplets? How about owning more than one house or apt and being able to rent for higher income (como real estate tycoon). Possibly more college careers (journalism? Linguistics? Idk)
  • Bit life

    By girl60020
    I think you should be about to take ur kids to the doctor and hook up with ur gf or bf or husband or wife. And I feel that when u move away to another state or country u should be able to visit your family. Also you should be able to move your family with u when u move. Also when your parents die when your young I think you should go live in a group home, get adopted, or with another family member.
  • Great mobile game, but a few things

    By Appdude2000
    Believe me when I say that I put in a bunch of hours into this game. Living a simulated life where I can do pretty much whatever I want? Heck yes! Just two things really bother me... So I like the idea to continue as your child (or children) when your character eventually dies, but whenever you start as them, they don’t have any kind of property on them. It’s extra, I know, but it’d be a little more realistic if you could start them off with maybe a house and a car without the need to inherit it through a singular testament. Also, as far as your homosexual children go, if they’re gay and they’re STILL married/engaged/dating a person of the opposite sex, I don’t think they should stay with them for long since they like the same gender. I’m not trying to sound homophobic or anything, but maybe after 1 or 2 years of them coming out of the closet if they’re going out with someone of the opposite sex, then have it be a little more realistic by having them break up or divorce that person. It’s a bit sad, yes, but it’s also a little realistic as I’m pretty sure gay people don’t want to go out with the opposite gender Other than that, I’m really loving this app
  • Social Media

    By Sky17221
    Did the social media button leave or is that just my game because I can’t find it???? Game is great not going to nick pick though I am on the same page with most of the suggestions
  • Game

    By CeeLatricee
    It’s a fun game but can you upgrade it to where when you become a grandparent you can take grandchildren on a trip and also make it to where you can buy your own children cars when they pass driving test
  • Good app but one problem...

    By puppygirl724
    Bit Life is a super fun app and I love it. You get to make your own choices and much more. On Bit life you can really do whatever you want, even if you would never or would definitely do it. There are also different badges you can try to earn. But the only problem is when someone attacks you(in bit life) the red flashing screen is sort of alarming and I sometimes cover my screen when it is possible of that happening. I Jump a little when that Shows up sometimes. For example the other day I was relaxing on my bed and playing bit life, until my screen was flashing red and my phone was buzzing, I got so startled it was sort of funny. Please fix that one problem. Other than that Bit life is going good, thank you for your time.
  • Love it!!!

    By chelseyroseray
    Spend too much time on it😅
  • Read this!

    By Who cares550
    Hi BitLife developers! You probably won’t see this, but I want to say that BitLife is just an incredible experience!! I love the content BitLife gives you and the scenarios too! I have some requests you could use in an update! First of all, I think you should be able to add Custom Families! You could add up to three siblings and up to three pets! Also, please consider getting rid of having your father unknown. It may be an offensive or sad to some people who don’t have a father. Also, I think you should be able to have after school activities for people who are school. But maybe sometimes your parents say no to you joining an activity! Those are my requests for what should be added and have a great day! Signed, Abby
  • Improvements

    By Lol me and life
    I think when someone does something in your game you should be able to true to pursuade them through sex, you should also be able to choose what you look like at start up and have two gf/bf at the same time. I know this might sound bad but if you can get addicted to something then why not be able to choose when you have it like aucohaul you should have an option to drink it, include seasons and holidays, add days and the player can choose how many days they want to skip, pay off your dealer in gambling, meet friends in school, date your teacher, bf before 14, move to different cities during gameplay, more mini games!!! That’s pretty much all I have, this game is amazing and I’m glad every update isn’t just bug fixes, best game ever
  • Best Game Ever!!!

    By Alicia no Keys 😂😂
    I spend hours playing this game and I’m always excited for updates however I have one suggestion, we should have the option to move from state to state if we’re living in the US. We should also have the right to travel to the state where our parents or other relatives are having a funeral but other than that the game is really great
  • Hi

    By Anti land is great
    I love bit life. It's the best. You should definitely download it!!!!
  • Good but I wish

    By imlieingitsa1
    Really love the game but I just wish that u can have a option to congratulate ur family like when they finish college and retire
  • Too many ads

    By dude.dude_12
    I love the game, I think it is very addicting. But, there shouldn't be an add after every life and sometimes having them 2-3 times per life. It makes me get off the game because I cannot enjoy it if I have to watch an add every 20 years. Then I just get sick of it

    By jakaylaissocool
    😂😂😂😂I love the game , could you have usable to adopt twins , because gay couples can’t have twins 👯 or triplets👭🕴 they just can have one but can you pls do that love your game 😍
  • Bet life

    By pluto53564345522455
    I love the game but can you add movie star in betlife for a Job and also a famous singer
  • I love BitLife

    By Dont want to be scared
    I will keep bitlife forever as long as you don’t get any scary yarn adds
  • Time Killer 💝

    By flowerpowermia09
    This game is so addictive! When there is nothing else to do, I play this game. It is so entertaining!! Sometimes, I actually relate to a handful of the games many scenarios. Good job 💗
  • Best game

    By AidanBlackout
    It’s awesome I love all the choices and I love how you can fail your drivers test rip
  • Awesome Game!

    By therealskycrew
    The game is so addictive. I could spend HOURS playing it. Here’s a couple things that I think could be interesting to add on to the game. Adding the option to adopt or buy farm animals. (cows, goats, pigs, chickens, ducks, and more) Maybe you could open a business or organization. (a rescue, a cafe, a restaurant, a store) Building your own house, maybe you could buy land or acreage and design a house. Being able to remodel your home, the condition would increase with you remodeling it. Maybe more education options and job options. Overall the game is great. Fantastic!
  • Best game ever!

    By angelavon21
    It’s so addicting and I absolutely love it
  • Love it‼️

    By Keon5
    I love the game. It would be nice if you could but Jackson Mississippi or Flowood Mississippi in this game. The overall experience is fun and entertaining😊
  • Amazing

    By Chillz_Hylian
    This game is very good! The only problem I have with this game is that you have to be a Bitizen to own any kind of pet besides the ones from the shelter.
  • A game thought for next update

    By Stuck on level one
    I think there should be new choices like for example “ Your Friend ( name choice ) invited you to a sleepover what will you do “ and the options are go to the sleepover or don’t go and then your done. Then I thought of another one. “ You found out your moving by eavesdropping by your parents room.” Their options are burst in the room in the room and argue with them or go to room and start crying. That was all my ideas I hope you liked them.😊
  • Absolutely love it!

    By Ishdhndncyrknf
    This game is super fun! It can get a little bit repetitive after a bit but the game is updated frequently so there’s always new stuff to do! I quite enjoy it and I would definitely recommend this game. However, I do have one suggestion? Could we be able to have more interactions with friends, or even have a best friend? Sometimes your character having friends is acknowledged in the game, but they barely play a role and it feels a little weird to have friends that you have no idea about. So maybe a few interactions where you can go out with friends or chat with them? Thanks! <3
  • The best game ever

    By hhrnfh
    It is amazing games you can do anything you want
  • Love it

    By Isaiahtay
    Bit life is a very cool game I love playing it and that I have a suggestion would you ever consider making career choice of being president a lot of lives I play they some times says that my daughter or son could become president

    By ElizaHamiltonHolly
    So I LOVE BitLife it is awesome and a great time killer! YOU NEED THIS APP! It’s so good! The best app I’ve had on my phone! 🤩
  • BitLife

    By julbug_08
    It’s great it makes me laugh . It entertains me I love to tell my friends the funny stories
  • Love this game; some deaths are disturbing

    By Jazzy Symoné
    I can play this game forever, I love it. The only thing that bothers me is some of the deaths. They’re extreme and can be triggering and disturbing. I had a 6 year old die from a mass shooting, which is something currently plaguing America. But also, that’s just disturbing to read in a game.
  • Great game, just a few recommendations

    By Jeslyn Jones
    I love this game, it’s super addicting and fun! It can save you from boredom and I get very pleased when I see there’s an update! I appreciate how hard the team is working! Keep it up! I know you guys are being bombarded with comments, but I would like to make a suggestion. Can people have different eye colors? So, BitLife I was the person icon with the brown hair and olive skin color, I married the red head character and our kids were just straight up red head with blue eyes. I like the already existing diversity but if the eye colors were more realistic that would be great! (Example, well, my story I shared, I would like it if their child had maybe brown hair but blue eyes instead so it inherits both mom and dad genes. Also, I have been wondering, why can’t the kids see theirs aunt(s), uncle(s), cousins or grand-dad(s) or grand-mom(s). Besides that, I really like this game! Thank you for taking the time to read this. (Also more fame options would be great!)
  • Changes

    By Bryelle F
    I love the game but maybe we could have some changes like for your kids to be able to see their cousins and for you to be able to move to a different city than your hometown like when you get older. Also i wish that their were more thing to do with the kids and teens and that there were more realistic things when it comes to school. Also I want to ask if a mom has a baby with a one night stand she should be able to give the baby her last name not the dads because she’s gonna raise the baby
  • BitLife

    By madibl23
    I think you should make it so you have more twins and triplets and if you get IVF you Could have anywhere from 4-6 kids at a time. Also I think you should be able to play sports in high school and make friends that you can chat with. Also more physical features like braces freckles acne and curly straight hair and etc. also you could be able to change your hair color or be fat or skinny and be able to work out or get surgery for it. I hope you reply because I love the game already but this would make it sooo much more enjoyable. Thanks!!